Battercare Review : A Useful Product For Caring Laptop Battery 2023

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‘Laptop’ the word makes us shiver and the turn we turn is seen everywhere!

And it’s now more common than desktops and all other computing forms. Speaking about laptops the most important aspect that all of us is concerned about is the battery and its backup.

Since, we know your concern about your battery we are sharing with you an ultimate tool to optimize your battery’s usage and performance namely, BatteryCare

BatteryCare monitors the battery so that increasing its autonomy and lifetime in a smart way fruiting you with great battery back up and performance.

It works upon the principle of ‘Monitoring the cell and its discharge cycles and computing its inner maths.

Thus, a great and wider view of your battery will help you in caring for it and improving your life.

Features of Battercare Review

  • Monitors battery discharge cycles.
  • Information about notification area.
  • Whole info about the battery.
  • Automatic switching of power plans.
  • Light- size in the system.
  • Auto-updating of software.
  • A good hand over Windows Aero and demanding services.

Whats’s NEW In Version :

  • Improved internal core engine, faster memory optimization for a stable platform.
  • Cleared all execution issues which haunted the older versions such as vanishing icons.
  • Fixed bugs in CPU and Hard drive temperature readings.
  • Updated the motherboard supports, now the latest version will support intel core i3,i5,i7 ( first and second generation)
  • popup quick info bug has been fixed.
  • Old versions held a bug that made the program run a couple of twice after auto-updates. That bug is fixed in

Tool In NUTSHELL :  

  • PUBLISHER            : BatteryCare
  • VERSION                :
  • TYPE                       : Freeware
  • SIZE                        : 738.3KB
  • OS                           : Windows XP/Vista/7
  • REQUIREMENTS    : Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • RATING                  : 4.49/5.0

After eyeing through all the features and improvements in BatteryCare, We hope you all came to know the importance of such a tool in your laptop.

You could download this freeware by clicking the link given below :

Download BatteryCare

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