Directory Submission Sites In 2023 | Best List {240+}

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In this article we have featured Directory Submission Sites Using a Directory Submission site for generating high-quality backlinks is the most used Off-Page SEO technique. It helps boost the ranking of the website in Google and on many other search engines.

It is a methodology comprised of the submission of website links or URLs, including all website information in a web directory under a particular category. You can choose from free directory submission sites or pay as per your choice and preference.

Obtaining a backlink on these directory submission sites is one of the most advantageous SEO methods as it aids gain traffic on the website, which further helps your website progress. In fact, SEO experts also recommend directory submission methods for enhancing the SEO search.

Free Directory Submission Sites List

Directory Submission Sites

What are Directory Submission Sites?

It is effortless to understand about these sites if you know what a telephone directory does. In directory submission sites, instead of telephone numbers, there are numerous website links and information. This data is classified in various directories as per the niche or section they belong to.

The major benefit of these websites is that they boost the search engine’s ranking, which eventually increases the traffic. The primary role of web directories is to enable website owners to submit their website’s information on the web directory.

Types of Directory Submissions

Majorly, there are three types of directory submissions; let us have a brief look at them:

  • Basic Directory Submission- In this single URL, a single description and various titles are submitted to distinct categories.
  • Manual Directory Submission- In this program, several descriptions are worked for multiple titles and one URL.
  • Multiple Directory Submission- For this, numerous internal URLs of the identical website with various titles and descriptions are submitted.

Advantages of Web Directory Submission in SEO

1. One-way links. Search engines place a premium on one-way links rather than reciprocal links, and directories are a great way to obtain those valuable one-way links. Search engines also place great value on links from sites that are well-established and are relevant to your market niche. Since directories allow you to place your listing in the categories that most closely fit with your product or service, you can rest assured that search engines will consider these links relevant. And you have the option of choosing older, more well-established directories that will show search engines that your links come from authoritative websites.

2. Search engine listings. Once you submit your site to a directory and your site is listed, it will only be a matter of days before the major search engines begin listing your URL as well. Robots are constantly searching for new websites and will find your website fast if it is listed in a directory.

3. Keyword relevance. Having your site listed in a web directory can help build keyword relevance, which in turn results in more traffic to your website.

4. Brand awareness. Directory submission is essential for increasing brand awareness.

5. Affordability. Directory submission is one of the most affordable SEO strategies you can find. Many directories will list your site for free, and even those sites that charge to list your site don’t charge a prohibitive amount. Directory submission is easily one of the most economically reasonable ways to address link popularity, brand awareness, and keyword targeting for your website.

240+ Directory Submission Sites List (2021)

Here is the list of Free High-Quality Directory Submission Sites List and paid sites to choose from: Website
3. Gigantic
4. Advertise
6. Finder
8. Rectang
9. Blog
10. Iskin
11. Blogs
12. Active Search
13. My Green
14. Website
15. Free Web
16. Search
18. Scrub The
19. Touch
20. Biz
22. Alive
24. Web
26. Online
28. New
30. Pegas US
32. Elite sites
34. All Free
36. Synergy
38. Online
39. Cyprus
40. The Free
41. 1Webs
43. Free Website
44. General Shopping
46. H
47. Busy
49. Think
50. Add
51. Britain
52. Wales
53. Voyeur.Asia
54. Bizz
55. Pegas US
56. Evolving
57. 247 Web
59. Baikal
61. General Business Web
62. Add
65. Thales
66. We Web
69. Moms
70. Pro-Link
71. The Web
72. Top Sites Web
73. Tiny Dino
75. Pro-Link
76. Secret Search Engine
78. Ranch
79. Press
81. Internet Web
82. Hot
83. Brown
84. Directory
85. Directory
87. Nex US
88. Intel
89. SEO Directory
90. URL
92. PR8
93. Canada Web
94. Become
95. Add Your Links
97. Websites
98. Deeplinks
99. Quality Internet
102. Infrasec
103. The Directory
104. Link
105. A-List
106. Free Directory
107. Directory
108. Website
109. Tags
110. Quick
111. Information
113. Tags
114. Latest
115. World Web
116. Web To
117. Liked
120. Link Add
121. Abraham
122. Link
123. Triple
124. SEO Directory
125. Free To Prank
126. USA Websites
127. All States USA
129. Direct My
130. Shop in
131. Suggest
132. Submit
134. Search
135. Anaximander
136. Business
137. All States USA
138. The Great
139. The Net
140. Luton
141. PR 3
142. Great
143. Enter
144. UK Local
146. USA Websites
148. King of The
149. Hit Web
151. Sean
154. Zebra
155. Digital Eve
156. URL
157. List Your
159. Enter
160. Ldm
161. Ads For
162. Directory
163. Advert
164. Deep
166. Above All
169. Add Link
170. Cool
172. Tele
173. Norstar
174. Cafe At
175. Blog
176. Exclusive Web
177. Online Web Directory
178. Online Internet
179. James Long
180. Sound
181. Best SEO
182. Directory
184. Real Player
185. Ecc
186. Directory
188. Cultuur
190. More
191. The Visit
192. Info
193. A
194. Add Link
195. Free Web
197. Best Free
201. Texas
202. Cyndi’s List
203. Submit Express
204. Scrub The Web
205. Active Search Results
206. True Local
207. Giga Blast
208. Hot vs Not
209. Free Index
210. 192
211. Links Live
212. Brown Book
213. Gype
214. Free Website Directory
215. NI Business Info
216. Pegas US Directory
217. R Directory
218. Hot Frog
219. High Rank Directory
220. Pegas US Directory
221. 1 ABC
222. Botid
223. Crazy Leaf Design
224. Rampant Scotland
225. Alive Directory
226. Charity Choice
227. D Look
228. Puppy URL
229. The Good Web Guide
230. WWW
231. Search Europe
232. Start Local
233. Submit Link N URL
234. Direct Link
235. Sites Web Directory
236. Link Add URL
237. Pro-Link Directory
238. Triple Directory
239. My Green Corner
240. Pro-Link Directory

Conclusion: Directory Submission Sites

Directory submission remains a useful link-building technique that enhances any website’s SEO. And other than this, it likewise increases the ranking of a website by 30%.Also, directory submissions are helpful if you utilize high-quality & niche-relevant directory submission sites besides other strategies.

Verify a directory submission site by checking if the foremost page & internal pages are indexed. Don’t simply submit to any random directory website.

Fill out all the details like descriptions, links, add photos, phone numbers, and everything required!

That is the appropriate way to do directory submission.

Always remember that the directory submission will begin showing the result after a few months. Therefore, you need to have patience to get the desired outcomes.


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