Elementor Pro Discount Code 2021: Exclusive Discount Offer (Verified)

You wake in the morning, turn on your PC and start working on your web page. You need a tool to help you with all the Website work and you stumble across Elementor. Well, guess who is bringing you the Elementor Pro Discount Code to make all that research a little joyful? 

There is lot know about Elementor and for that you can check out our detailed Elementor Review.

Yup, it is me! So, what I mentioned earlier, yeah, that is what happened with me, I have started a web page and am managing it and it has been wonderful so far and I assure you that it was only possible with the help of Elementor. 

Elementor-Discount Codes

And to make matters cheerful, I was pushed in front of these Elementor Pro Discount Codes that got me a cheaper deal for those pro plans that have been very useful. 

You know when you are working on your webpage and all of sudden you notice how normal and average your page looks? Well, that won’t be a problem with Elementor around! 

Still, wondering if this is what you want? Well, let’s proceed to see what Elementor is all about, and then, you can decide if this is the tool for you. So, shake a leg and let us get going!  

What is Elementor?

Well, Elementor is a tool and a builder plugin that is used on pages. The specialty of Elementor is that it is a dar and drop kind of plugin builder. 

Still, have difficulty understanding? Okay, let’s take an example when you own a website and are running it, you wish to make it as unique as possible. Now, you can do this with unique content, eccentric-looking pages, or both! 



Yes! But you have no clue how to manage any site building work. Well, this is where Elementor steps in to come to your rescue! 

This tool allows you to get creative with the skills you currently possess and produce some amazingly beautiful pages for your websites!

Also, this is the best option if you are in a situation where you have a limited budget, and hiring someone to help you out would not be ethical. 

Oh, and if you are working with a different WordPress theme, know that it would not be a problem. Yup, Elementor allows you to keep the design you currently have with the various plus points Elementor comes with! 

Benefits of Elementor Discount Codes

If you already sneaked a look at the Elementor pricing section, you might be wondering why you would need a coupon, when you can enjoy the features offered by Elementor for free. Well, maybe there are features offered by the Elementor Pro, that appeal to you? It could be premium themes or widgets, or it could be something as simple as the pro-panel. 

Who doesn’t want to save a few extra bucks, when they pay for something? Yes, Elementor Pro is quite affordable, when you compare it with similar platforms, but by saving up that extra cash, you can invest in additional plugins or integrations, to take your site to the top of the ladder. With the discount coupons that I’m going to tell you about, you can have the cake, and eat it too!

All you have to do is refer to some of the working coupon codes that I have mentioned in this article, apply them, and voila! You get access to the paid version of the leading page builder platform, at a discounted price. Enjoy the benefits of Elementor Pro, at even more affordable rates, and create a top-notch page, without breaking a single drop of sweat!

Before I delve into the secrets of Elementor Discount codes, let me refresh your memory, when it comes to the amazing features, Elementor has to offer.  

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  • The digital system- get the opportunity to define all your fonts and the global colors and take only a couple of minutes to apply them on your site at any place you like. You can manage the whole system from a single place here. 
  • The keys- use some of the shortcuts and perform all the simple activities in a lesser amount of time! 
  • The drag and drop- now, the easiest way to work here is using the drag and drop way, so, just go ahead and grab an element from anywhere to anywhere and give it a nice home! 

Elementor Features

  • The templates- there is an option where you can save your template and then, there is an option where you can go ahead and use the premade templates that are placed in your library. 
  • The drafts-  a model you can use if you want to publish a page but continue working on it, say, it could be like an every Saturday thing where you post one fact about the plants. You have to post that every Saturday though, right? So, it works that way. 
  • The editing- use the inline feature to type whatever you want and it directly is visible on the screen. This makes writing your content super easy! 
  • The divider- the best way to divide your content that is spread all across your page is by using the shapes available! This also makes your page strikingly brilliant! 
  • The icons- you can use the SVG icons to create some clever, light, and flexible icons. Might as well decide the size of these icons, yeah? 
  • The device size- use the feature to create a margin and padding size for all the devices you would like to work on. 
  • The preview- take a moment and preview the font you have set to see if it goes with your content and if it is the right one. 

Finding Elementor Discount Coupons

Don’t worry, to save you the hassle of finding legit coupons on your own, I have listed down some working coupon codes that I used to avail of Elementor benefits. What? You took too long to make your decision, and the coupons listed below, no longer work? Well, then I guess I better tell you how to find credible codes before you start pointing fingers! 

The answer is bafflingly simple and consists of just two words. Google Search. Just hit the search engine, and you will find tons of legit sites, with working coupon codes. Just click on a few links, choose the coupon you are on the lookout for, and verify! It’s as simple as the alphabet.

Now, if you are someone like me, and are skeptical about coupons from third party sites, you can wait for the official coupon codes released by Elementor itself. It is not a once in a blue moon event, Elementor understands the rush of customers they can get when they release coupons, and also during special events. So look out for official coupons, during special events and holidays, and you will not be disappointed.

Types of Coupons Available 

Okay, okay. I’ll not leave you biting your nails in anguish any longer! Here are the types of coupons that you may come across in your grand search for codes. These can be in the form of link-triggered deals, that automatically apply the code to your payment page, or you will find some codes that you have to enter manually.  

New User Coupon Codes – 20% to 50% off

These codes are ideal for first-time users, and cannot be availed of by those who want to renew their plans. 

Existing User Codes – 20% to 75% off

The codes are for existing users, and with them, you can get discounts for the whole plan, or for certain add-ons that you may want to purchase. 

Student Discount Codes – 25% to 50% off

If you are a student, you should definitely avail of these coupons, that are tailor-made for students. Of course, verification with a student id is required. 

Military Discount Codes – 35% to 45 % off

If you are a veteran, just trying to find an alternate source of income, Elementor has got your back. Do take advantage of these military discount codes! Again, verification is necessary.

Elementor Birthday Sale – Up to 25% off 

Keep your calendars marked for the 30th of May every year! Why? This is the day that Elementor celebrates its birthday, and there are tons of prizes to be won in addition to fun discounts! \

Black Friday Sale – Up to 30% off 

Before you head out to the hypermarket to load up your shopping cart with marked-down goodies on the event of black Friday, head up quickly to grab Elementor’s official Black Friday deals and codes! 

Thanksgiving Sale – Up to 45% off 

Ready with all your prep, to create a delicious meal, on the account of Thanksgiving? Along with your tummy and taste buds, make the developer in you happy, by grabbing the bonus deals and prizes, on Elementor

Cyber Monday Sale – Up to 25% off 

Missed that Thanksgiving sale on Elementor? Not to worry! Four days after the spectacular event, you can avail of great deals on the occasion of Cyber Monday! This sale takes place annually, so there’s no chance to miss it. 

So as you can see, there are a lot of discount coupons out there, so do not worry about missing out at all! If you fail to grab one coupon, there’s always another one, right around the corner! Some other events during which you can get official discounts, directly on the Elementor site, are Labour Day, New Year, and Halloween. 

Elementor Discount Codes

Remember how I told you that I would share some working codes, that I have used successfully? Here they are!

10% Off Coupon

Discount Code: 10FORYOU

What you get: 10% off on all Elementor Pro pricing plans so that you can choose the best plan for your site.

30% Off Coupon

Discount Code: GET30

What you get: A whopping 30% off on Elementor Pro. This code can be used by new users, and plan renewals, alike. 

$10 Purchase Discount

Discount Code: GO10

What you get: Get an immediate $10 discount on checkout, no strings attached! 

10% off on any Pro Plan

Discount Code: GU10BERG

What you get: Get an immediate 10% discount on checkout, no matter which pricing plan you choose.

10% off for new users 

Discount Code: FINDER

What you get: Avail of a flat 10% discount on your bill. This is an exclusive offer that only is beneficial to new users. 

Redeeming Elementor Coupon Codes

Now that you are equipped with the best codes out there, let me tell you the simple steps associated with redeeming the discount codes. 

Step 1 – Find and select a coupon code of your preference, from the list above.

Step 2 – Open Elementor Pro, and choose an ideal pricing plan.

Step 3 – Click on ‘Pay Now’

Step 4 – Enter the coupon code you chose, into the box, under the heading ‘discount code’

Step 5 – Cross check if a deduction has been applied to the final billing amount.

Step 6 – Enter your personal details and card details. 

That’s it, you are done! You can now relish the bonus features offered by Elementor Pro. 

Terms and Conditions for Coupons

Hey, don’t skip this part! It is equally important, as the rest! Before you select and apply any discount code or deal, do keep the following terms and conditions in mind.

  • The discount codes offered can only be used on the official Elementor Pro site, and nowhere else.
  • You cannot avail of these codes in the middle of a plan. These offers are only available when you upgrade from free to premium for the first time, or during annual plan renewal.
  • You cannot club more than one discount code together, to get a discounted price. 
  • Carefully read the discount offers, before applying for the aforementioned reason, and only choose codes that have been verified. 
  • Confirm the validity period of the coupon, as they are subject to change at any time.
  • Most of the coupons can be used only once, and cannot be re-used for the same Elementor account. 

Pros and cons

Here’s a pros and cons list, to help you with an ultimate decision:


  • Each and every part of your page can be customized with the help of the features offered by the Elementor drag-and-drop page builder.
  • Elementor integrates seamlessly with popular marketing platforms, such as WooCommerce, for added benefits.
  • The platform offers up-to-date and aesthetic themes and widgets that give your page a professional look. 
  • There are tons of plug-ins that you can add to your WordPress site, through Elementor, to give your page the edge it needs.
  • Elementor offers an excellent customer support system and documentation. You can even get in touch with web designers using the platform, to help you out with any obstacle that you may run into.


  • The number of features offered by the popular Elementor platform can be overwhelming to beginners and can take some time to explore and get used to. 
  • While the themes are updated frequently, some of its competitors offer better themes that look more professional. 
  • As there is no lifetime payment pricing option, there are a lot of benefits that are lost should you unsubscribe. Customers complain of the high maintenance costs to be endured annually, even if they do not change anything on their site.


Oh, the best part of it all is that it is free of cost! 

Well, I should probably mention that there is a pro version that consists of three plans under it because we don’t want you all confused, do we? So, yes, there is another version where you can choose to pay for all the things you will be getting, and then, there is the free version with a limited number of features. 


Let’s discuss the things the free version has to offer, shall we? 

  • First of all, you can use the free version for an unlimited amount of sites. 
  • Second of all, you get the drag and drop option for editors.
  • Third of all, the editing is wonderfully responsive too. 
  • And fourth of all, the basic widgets and the templates can be over 40 and 30 respectively. 

Now, let’s talk about all the extra things you will be getting in the pro version. But you would do well to remember that the pro version has 3 different plans, so, let’s take a quick look at them. 

The personal plan: 

  • This plan will cost you about $49 per year. 
  • You can use the plan for only one site. 
  • The number of widgets can go up to 50+. 
  • The number of templates can go up to 300+. 
  • You also get around 10+ template kits to use for your entire web page. 
  • A builder that builds themes just for you! 
  • Also a builder for your WooCommerce. 
  • Another builder for all those popups you possess. 
  • 24/7 support and updates all year long! 

The plus plan: 

  • This plan will cost you about $99 per year. 
  • You can use the plan for only 3 sites. 
  • The number of widgets can go up to 50+. 
  • The number of templates can go up to 300+. 
  • You also get around 10+ template kits to use for your entire web page. 
  • A builder that builds themes just for you! 
  • Also a builder for your WooCommerce. 
  • Another builder for all those popups you possess. 
  • 24/7 support and updates all year long! 

The expert plan: 

  • This plan will cost you about $199 per year. 
  • You can use the plan for only 1000 sites. 
  • The number of widgets can go up to 50+. 
  • The number of templates can go up to 300+. 
  • You also get around 10+ template kits to use for your entire web page. 
  • A builder that builds themes just for you! 
  • Also a builder for your WooCommerce. 
  • Another builder for all those popups you possess. 
  • 24/7 support and updates all year long!

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FAQs on Elementor Pro Discount Code  

☞When it comes to other WordPress plugins, how well does Elementor corporate?

☞Well, we are lucky because Elementor isn’t an introvert who finds it difficult to mingle with others, as it works perfectly with almost any other WordPress plugin. If you do find it incompatible with a specific plugin, let that brand know about it so that they can work it out.

☞What is the best pro plan for you?

☞We can answer this question based on the number of sites you are blogging on or are managing. If you are someone who is working on a single site, the best package for you is the personal pack. If you are someone who manages 3 sites, your best-suited plan is the plus plan. If you are working on over 3 sites but below 1000 sites, go for the expert packages.

☞Is a demo version offered by Elementor?

☞Nope, they do not offer a demo version. Although something that Elementor does offer is a money-back policy. You can decide to get a refund if you aren’t too happy with the tool within the first 30 days of your subscription.

Conclusion: Elementor Pro Discount Code 2021

Oh, aren’t we at the end of the discussion? Well, no problem. Let me conclude this review with all my happiness with Elementor and the extreme state of ecstasy because of the coupons I found that have gotten me some amazing features for a cheaper price! 

While Elementor can cost you a few bucks, it is one of the best choices one is limited to, and let me assure you, the money is all worth it! Even if you are a beginner or someone who isn’t a beginner at managing websites but has no clue on how to make your page look attractive, Elementor is your savior! 

Of course, Elementor is not the only one you have to stick with. But trust me, I truly am the pickiest person out there and have tried other platforms but only Elementor was worth sticking with. 

So, those of you who want to believe me, I will say that this tool is simple to use and makes everything else a little bit easier to work with. As for those of you who do not want to believe me, I would say the same, only with an addition of “do not take my word for it, try it yourself!”. 

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