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How To Increase WordPress Plugin Downloads?

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Plugins for WordPress are a great way to add to the core features of the WordPress Platform. This is why WordPress is still the most popular Content Management System (CMS). If you are the owner of a WordPress plugin or a marketer who is trying to sell more of your WordPress plugin, you might feel good about the size of your target market, which is somewhere between 75 and 80 million websites.

Even though WordPress has a lot of users, it will be hard to market your plugins for a number of reasons.
Without a good marketing plan, you might only get a few downloads a day. If you want to sell an upgrade for a higher price, you won’t have a big enough audience to make money.

There used to be a small section on about how to market your plugin, but it has since been taken down. That’s why I put this guide together.

In this guide, you’ll find a simple plan for promoting your plugin that you can use again and again. You can use this method, again and again, to get people to download more.

Perform SEO on your plugin page.

Every plugin receives a page on, which is a highly authoritative and well-known website. If handled appropriately, this can be one of your most useful marketing assets.

With appropriate keyword research, you may discover all of the terms that people use when looking for a solution such as your plugin. All you have to do is add these terms in the description of your plugin and you’ll rank for them. That implies your plugin will receive more Google traffic every day.

Don’t overlook SEO as a marketing channel because of its consistent ability to increase visitors (and downloads).

Advertising Instrument for Businesses Selling WordPress Plugin

Possibilities exist that you sell a WordPress Plugin on your website. You must have a free version in the WordPress Repository, and you may have a PRO version on your website, just like with any other WordPress plugins.

You must display the number of times your FREE edition has been downloaded to clients in order to persuade them to purchase the PRO version. Once you make this information available, potential consumers can decide if the Free version will suffice for them or if they would like to purchase the PRO version.

Put your plugin on an online market.

You can sell your plugin on your own website, but you can also use some great marketplaces to increase your sales and downloads. Choosing the right market could increase the number of people who download your plugin more than any other method here.

Begin buiding your email list.

When you direct people to the announcement post, you have the opportunity to add some background information on the plugin. Anyone who wants to download it will also visit the plugin’s website on and try it out.

The other key reason for directing people to your website is to add them to your email list.


It can be difficult to comprehend if you’re new to internet marketing. Particularly content marketing can be really perplexing.

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