Themeisle Review 2022: Is It the Best Premium WordPress Theme Store?

ThemeIsle Review
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A lot of us are quietly baffled about the right choice of the theme for your website. From customizing options to designing and to make the use of the right tools, these WordPress themes play an important part in the appearance of your website.

People with zero IT knowledge may also need assistance if the website design is complicated. If you are just starting, go for the free or cheap WordPress theme and there are thousands of them that make it difficult for you to choose the best theme provider. Lately, I have found one of the best and elegant themes for the WordPress site.


Themeisle is a premium WordPress theme shop that gives you beautiful, well-coded, and attractive themes for your WordPress site. Themeisle was started first back in 2012 in Thailand with little money and skills.

The company promises to give highly converting themes and plugins with various features and almost no coding skills required.



💰  Price


😍  Pros

Easy to use and Mobile Responsive

😩  Cons

The VIP premium theme plan is a bit expensive.


Themeisle is a suitable theme store for your WordPress site. If you have just started and wish to have an elegant and beautiful interface of your site with the sacrifice of customer support, the free themes are the best to choose. However, if you need more functionalities and features, you can switch to premium themes.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

ThemeIsle Review 2022: Is It the Best Premium WordPress Theme Shop?


Themeisle was started by a team of experts who started the popular site CodeInWP– the site where you can take your own personal Photoshop designs, send them in, and have them turned into a full-fledged WordPress theme that rocks out. The most distinguishing feature is its transparency and the availability of the themes for WordPress.

ThemeIsle Features:

Let’s have a look at the features of Themeisle:

  • Various Themes To Choose: Themeisle offers the flexibility to choose a number of themes and all of them are unique in their kind. These themes are designed to target certain specific industries or niches. These free WordPress themes for Themeisle are broadly divided into E-commerce, Blogging, Business and Elementor Themes. It has a total of 24 themes with 6 child themes. The themes are quite responsive and you can try and run free themes on your WordPress site.



  • Designed for only Specific Uses: The company targets specific markets and also offers common themes or multi-purpose themes like Neve and Hestia. The perk of having a targeted theme is that it gives the design that suits your industry and also offers various premium plugins that suit your theme. The best part is these Themeisle also offers a good range of plugins that can be used with these themes. So, to increase the functionality of your themes, it seems to offer plugins that are worthy.
  • Live Preview of Themes: When you preview a live theme, you can use preview the theme by using their Front-end theme option but also use the backend theme option to see each option that the theme offers. You can potentially look at each of the themes on various screens and look if that fits with the mobile devices. These themes are usually mobile optimized.


  • Easy Upgrades: What I loved about the Themeisle, even more, is that it gives a free version of each of the themes. It gives the lite version of all the available themes with limited features. Once you have tried them and if it suits you, you can upgrade to the paid version with more features included in it. So, if you aren’t looking for this theme, you can try the lite version of the other.
  • Mobile Responsive: If your site is not mobile-friendly, then certainly you are going to lose a major part of your sales. Thus, Themeisle keeps this thing in mind and offers themes that are mobile responsive. These themes are suited for mobile, desktop as well as Tablets.
  • Wide Range of Plugins: To accompany these themes, there are a number of plugins each associated with the Themeisle themes. These plugins give extra functionality to your themes. Themeisle plugins include various functions such as the RSS Feeds, Visualizer table, and graphs editor, and the WP Product Review which turns your article into a review with rich snippets, pros and cons, and extra ratings.


Themeisle Themes

Themeisle has currently the best themes that are affordable and offer intuitive designs. It has around 10 themes in the shop which can be used as a premium one. Some of them are for the free or lite version with some features. Let’s have a look at the best WordPress themes for your business available in Themeisle.

1. Neve


Neve is a flagship theme for the fleet of Themeisle. It is fast and lightweight and highly compatible with AMP. The company has labeled it as one of the favorite and most popular themes offering user-friendly features.

Neve has an interface much like a simple editor tool. You need no coding skills to design a website with this theme. The key features of Neve are:

  • It integrates seamlessly with Gutenberg and various other page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer.
  • To keep up with the Google SERPs, this theme keeps your website mobile responsive and makes sure it fits with all kinds of devices.
  • 200+ Video Tutorials are available here to learn about this premium theme.
  • Last, but not least, the theme creates a site that is SEO optimized and the uptime is high always so that you can rank better than the others.

2. Hestia Pro

Hestia is another premium theme that is a one-page theme and perfect for any business. The Hestia theme is available for any type of business; some of them are Hestia e-commerce, Hestia Pro Coffee Shop, Hestia Pro Gym, Hestia Vet Center, and Hestia Energy panels.

Hestia comes compatible with than WooCommerce and creates your main page of the site elegant. You can add sections to it. One of the significant sections I noticed in Hestia is a unique Portfolio and Pricing section.

3. ShopIsle

Shoplsle is a clean and minimalistic theme offered by Themeisle. It is an elegant theme that makes creating an online store fairly easy task, as it does not require any coding skills. The thing I liked most about Shoplsle is its neat and clean design and the ease with which it can be implemented. If you are someone who likes giving a personal look to your store, then Shoplsle should be your choice.

Shoplsle offers an awesome customization feature with which you can adjust your store’s colors, design details, and much more. And you can even see these changes in real-time, making it more convenient to add a personal touch to your website.


Themeisle Free themes:

I have found some great themes that are free and would work if you are just starting. These include; Hestia, Neve, Fagri, Orfeo, ShopIsle, Jinsy Magazine, Zillah and various others. These themes are specific and designed for all kinds of business.

Themeisle Premium Plugins:

As I mentioned earlier, Themeisle offers quite a good amount of high-quality plugins that will increase the functionality of your themes and make your website more responsive and interactive. The premium plugins that you can buy from Themeisle are:

1. Visualizer

As we know, today, a website that interacts with users and is more visually compelling has a much better chance of converting viewers into customers. But how can you make your website more attractive and responsive?


The answer is, Visualizer. Apart from high-quality themes, Themeisle also offers a plugin, Visualizer, that can be efficiently be used in your website to embed responsive and interactive tables and graphs. You can use Visualizer on any WordPress post or page. This plugin comes with a set of twelve graph types and a bunch of responsive tables that will surely help you enhance your website design for your readers.

So, you can easily make your website or store more compelling to your users by embedding visual items such as tables, graphs, and more. just by implementing Visualizer.

2. Feedzy RSS Feeds


Feedzy is a simple plugin that lets you display posts from a feed on your website. It allows you to display RSS feeds in posts and pages, using simple shortcodes or widgets.

Features like unlimited RSS feed, multiple templates, and affiliate integration make it much more worth its price. You should definitely check this plugin out.

3. WP Product Review


WP Product Review plugin is a must if you are running an online store or you have a review-based website. WP Product Review helps you to transform your post into a professional-looking review page and is more likely to convert sales.

You can add multiple features to your posts, such as rating, pros and cons, affiliate links, shortcodes, and more. All these features will make your review much more professional and readers are more likely to convert into customers.

Themeisle Pricing:


The pricing for Themeisle is divided into three plans with instant access to over 10 themes and different plugins.

  • Essential plan costs $105. This plan is considered best for single websites
  • Business Plan is the most popular and costs $152 and is considered ideal for growing businesses.
  • VIP Plan would cost $235 but is only recommended if you have multiple websites.

With all the plans, Themeisle gives 1 year of support with updates and plugins. If you are still not satisfied with their design, the company gives a 30-day Money Back Guarantee to the customers.

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Themeisle Pros and Cons


  • Themeisle themes seamlessly integrate with various Page builders which can save up a lot of your time.
  • 1 Year of Free Shared Hosting plan is free with all the plans
  • Themeisle offers additional services of after-sale support, guidance, and training; this is something that most other companies were operating in the same field (the competition) lack.
  • What’s most amazing about this theme is that it gives the plugin with each theme. It holds 10 WP plugins. Some of the best plugins for Themeisle themes are Feedzy RSS Feeder, Visualizer and WP product review. WP Product review is the top rated.
  • Easy to use and Mobile Responsive



The VIP premium theme plan is a bit expensive.


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Conclusion: Is Themeisle Worth Money? 

This was my post on Themeisle review where I pointed out that why Themeisle is a suitable theme store for your WordPress site. If you have just started and wish to have an elegant and beautiful interface of your site with the sacrifice of customer support, the free themes are the best to choose. However, if you need more functionalities and features, you can switch to premium themes.

On the whole, Themeisle is a perfect WordPress theme shop that gives various premium plugins too. The customer support is appreciable and provides you assistance to purchase.

If you have used it, please leave feedback for the Themeislein the comments box!!

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