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Hi We're Megablogging

About Us is a site where you can find all the answers to questions related to WordPress plugins, themes, and guides. We deliver actionable content that you can apply right now.

We are a team of passionate bloggers who have used WordPress for years to create stunning websites and blogs for ourselves and our clients. We have found the right software, plugins, and resources for creating a scroll-stopping, visually perfect, and constructive website that does well with viewers and search engine bots.

MegaBlogging is where we share our knowledge and experience with WordPress users of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will find something valuable and exciting on our website.

MegaBlogging has reviews for the best WordPress plugins, themes, page builders, and everything else related to blogging. MegaBloging also covers education topics where we will help you evaluate the best learning platform and online courses.


On MegaBlogging, you will find:

Our mission

We simplify the process for people worldwide to start and expand their online presence. We achieve this through our education guides, Reviews, and reliable support.

Our Goal

At, our goal is to empower you, our valued users, by simplifying your website development. We curate in-depth reviews of the best WordPress plugins, themes, and page builders to cut your development time in half. Let’s build websites that not only look awesome but also perform brilliantly for your business.

Our Team


We started our first website - Bloggersideas, on blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing. We grew to a team of 10 people and worked with several affiliate blogs.


Bloggersideas became an authority website, and started getting over 100,000 visitors a month.


We buy from domain auctions and started published content related to WordPress themes, page builders, and plugins.


We redirected to Megablogging, making it a super authority website. Now we have additional content related to Education, Blogging, and SEO.


Today, we continue to work on Megablogging, helping readers learn about tools, online courses, and blogging and upskill themselves in the world of digital marketing.

Jitendra Vaswani

Meet Jitendra, a digital marketing maestro with over 8 years of experience and a penchant for embracing the digital nomad lifestyle. He has shared his insights with audiences worldwide as a global keynote speaker. From local businesses to Fortune 500 giants, Jitendra has left his mark on diverse clients. Jitendra is not just a digital pioneer; he’s the visionary Founder of, a leading internet marketing blog, and the brains behind, a digital promotion agency. 

Aishwar Babber

Meet Aishwar, a tech lover and business whiz who started his digital journey with a profitable site in 2010.

He’s crazy about the latest gadgets and tech trends and loves chatting and blogging about them. Always curious about how things tick, Aishwar enjoys sharing his knowledge.

Starting his entrepreneurial gig at 18, Aishwar has successfully built multiple businesses, showing he knows how to get things done.

Since 2010, he’s been working alongside Jitendra, forming a powerful team like the Batman and Robin of online marketing. If Jitendra dreams it, Aishwar turns it into reality, making waves in the digital world.

Anikesh Singh

Anikesh Singh, editor-in-chief of, With experience at Yourstory, Bloggerideas, and Tweak Your Biz, excels in website building and hosting. Since 2018, Anikesh has focused on themes, website building, and WordPress at Megablogging, offering valuable insights.


Content writer, SEO, Google ADS


Trekking, Painting, Playing Volleyball

Diksha Garg

IIMC graduate Diksha, who is passionate about self-growth and online learning, has a decade-long involvement in education and entrepreneurship. At, she shares insights on online learning platforms and courses, aiding others in informed decisions.


Content writer


Reading Books, Playing chess, Traveling