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We decided to write an in-depth Elementor Review despite the overwhelming market of WordPress Page Builders because we had heard a lot about it and how the company boasts millions of installs in just four years.

I’m not a big fan of WordPress page builders because they can be restrictive, but Elementor was different. It was.

Elementor is a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to create a website in minutes. It has powerful features such as importing content from other websites, adding an unlimited number of sliders, and embedding YouTube videos with a single click.

So that’s why I’ve written this review to walk you through the features, prices, pros and cons, and alternatives to see if they’re the ones you’re looking for.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Elementor, founded in 2016, is one of the most popular page builders, with over 5 million installs in just four years and 94% positive ratings on WordPress.org. Elementor is an excellent page builder plugin that replaces the standard WordPress editor with a live frontend editor, allowing you to create complex layouts visually and design your website in real-time without switching between the editor and the preview mode.

The best thing about this page builder is its simplicity, pre-made templates, and free version, which does almost everything a paid plan would do in any other page builder.

Elementor customer reviews and testimonials

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Table of Contents

Is Elementor Worth It?

Elementor is one of the most user-friendly and powerful WordPress plugins I’ve ever used. It includes all blocks and templates, making it simple to edit and copy/paste content. The feature-rich free plan is adequate for many personal and even business websites.
If you want an easy-to-use WordPress plugin with all of the features you need, Elementor is the plugin for you!

What is Elementor? 

Elementor review

As commented in the image above, the world’s leading WordPress Website Builder. That is true to some extent.

Elementor is a fantastic WordPress drag-and-drop page builder plugin. The experience of using Elementor is similar to that of using Wix or Squarespace.

The best part is that no coding knowledge is required, and you can build a site from scratch or use one of the many ready-made templates.

To summarize, it is a perfect treat for someone with no coding knowledge.

I did a good job with the look of my WordPress site using Elementor. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to, which is fantastic for you if you don’t know anything about coding.

We also understand how important it is to understand what you are getting yourself into.

Let me give you a general idea of how things will be laid out for you, neat and sweet.

In a nutshell, here’s why Elementor website builder is the best WordPress page builder:

Content Area

  • Your own space for beautiful artwork
  • Grey dotted lines separate the theme area from the content area

Widgets and Elements

  • Essential building blocks for page design
  • Analogous to bricks for building a house


  • Allows for making changes, clearing doubts, undoing changes
  • Additional option for previewing design on various devices
  • Additional options available

💥 Elementor Pros and cons 

Elementor is software that is forthright about its benefits, features, and flaws. They have developers working on their systems daily so that they can expect daily improvements.

👍 Pros:

#1 Ease of Use

Elementor is one of the most user-friendly page builders.

As previously stated, non-technical individuals can create robust pages and designs without using codes. To make them, you don’t have to be an expert in CSS, HTML, or PHP.

When you enter the Elementor live editor, you can choose from various page templates or a block from the template library to build the pages you want.

#2: Customizable Options

What makes Elementor my personal favorite is its flexible, customizable options. Elementor is the only page builder and editor that offers complete customization without limiting the user’s control.

#3: Free editor

One of the reasons I was interested in starting with Elementor was because of its free license. You can upgrade to a pro plan even if you have a large website. This is because Elementor’s free version only includes a limited number of plugins.

#4: Value for Money

Elementor provides excellent value for money. You can get rid of all the plugins and widgets that would cost you more than $100 per year for just $59 per year.

#5: Inline text editing

You will reflect changes to the page as soon as you save them. Elementor includes an inline text editing or live preview feature that allows you to make real-time changes.

#6:  Theme library 

Elementor also includes a theme builder and a WooCommerce builder. These two are the most popular and frequently used builders. Having these builders on board helps users finish their work as quickly as possible.

#7: Extensive integration capabilities

Along with these benefits, Elementor would provide you with many fair integration capabilities with fantastic marketing tools and software. Elementor currently integrates with over 20 different software and marketing tools.

Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, MailChimp, and Hubspot are marketing tools you can integrate. Aside from that, the page builder integrates with plugins such as Rank math and Social network tools.

#8: Responsive design  

One of the main reasons why people prefer these page builders is their responsive design. We’ve all experienced the frustration of making changes to the desktop or mobile version only to discover that the design needs to be corrected.

Elementor includes a responsive editor.

👎 Cons:

#1: Performance issues

I wouldn’t say the site is frequently slow, but there appear to be some performance issues with the Elementor plugin. According to some customer reviews, the Elementor editor is slower than the Gutenberg editor.

But it was all right with me.

#2: Customer Support

Customers frequently complain that they need to receive adequate support from the customer service team and that they take too long to respond to their work or queries.

💥Who is Elementor Best Suited For? 

Elementor is software best suited for page builders because it provides many free features and resources.

This page is recommended for people passionate about design who want to create their page without coding, HTML, or CSS.

Who Is Elementor For

It also allows you to move content around to get the best adjustment and detail in the features. This page also assists you in becoming the master of your work.

If you do not have a degree in design or any other digital design forum, you are still qualified to understand how the Elementor software works.

You can create your page and be your designer without relying on anyone else.

Basic Elementor Features

Now that you’ve seen an overview of Elementor let’s dive into some of the platform’s basic features.

These features are available in paid and free versions and are also provided by its top competitors. Let us see how Elementor performs.

Page Builder

You can make changes to your page and see them in real-time with Elementor’s drag-and-drop page builder. You can change everything from the smallest detail, such as the color of a button, to the largest, such as background images.

Images, buttons, and texts are examples of modules that you can drag and drop to the desired location. The Pro version unlocks additional modules such as pricing lists, media carousels, etc.

All of this with 0 lines of c


Elementor navigator- elementor review

I can’t thank you enough for how much this feature has helped me! So, what exactly does it do?

When you have layers upon layers of elements, it’s easy to get lost, and editing it again is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The editing bar for all such modules is automatically displayed by right-clicking on the element and selecting Navigator.

300+ Ready-made Page Templates

Elementor website templates- elementor review '

You don’t always want to start from scratch when creating pages.

If you want to do only some things yourself, use the pre-made Elementor templates to save time. Don’t worry; these templates can also be edited, allowing you to customize and tweak them to your liking.

Your website will not only be uniform throughout with the pre-made template library and template kits, but it will also be up and running in minutes!


Elementor blocks templatess

Blocks are a smaller version of page templates that allow you to add premade sections to your page and customize them.

The free version includes over a hundred blocks, including About Us, FAQs, and testimonials.

With the Pro version, you get more blocks to customize your page. Blocks, too, can be customized to your liking.


These templates are provided as a free page design, which you can import and modify as needed.

Text Editor

This Elementor feature allows you to edit text fonts and colors on your page directly.

This makes the platform more efficient and convenient, and it saves you from having to open another window, edit, save, and then reload the text! 

Mobile Responsive Previews and Designs control

Elementor mobile editor page review

Mobile devices (excluding tablets) accounted for 54.8 percent of global website traffic in the first quarter of 2021.

With so many users accessing various pages simply by scrolling through their phones, you can only do this with a mobile version of your site!

So it’s great that, in addition to the standard Desktop view, Elementor has Tablet and Mobile viewing versions.

You can work on all three versions simultaneously without affecting the others. Believe me, this will save you a lot of time, but stay focused while exploring.

Elementor also allows you to preview your changes and designs as you make them. You can switch between devices to see how your design will look in different designs.

What distinguishes Elementor from others is that it allows users to show or hide widgets as they see fit. You should hide an image or any widget to make your mobile device more responsive. However, this change will only affect mobile devices.

Version History

If, like me, you ruin something that is already perfect by pushing it too far, and this feature will be a godsend!

Sometimes you edit so much that you need to figure out how far Ctrl + Z will get you! So, should you start from scratch?

Certainly not! You can restore everything to your preferred older version using the History panel. Click a button to restore it!

WordPress Compatibility

This versatile and adaptable page builder allows you to work seamlessly with free and paid WordPress themes. The most popular and compatible theme among users is the Astra theme.

Unique Elementor Features

The above features are most common among the market’s top page builders. Here are the features that set Elementor apart from the competition. The following features are only available to Pro subscribers.

Theme Builder

Elementor-Theme Buider

Though the page builder provides access to many modules for customizing your page and themes, it has limitations.

Break those rules with the Elementor Theme Builder, which allows you to customize every page detail imaginable, including but not limited to page headers and footers and error page customization.

With this useful feature, you can let your design bone sing!

WooCommerce Builder

Elementor-WooCommerce Builder

WooCommerce is an ideal e-commerce platform. So, why not use the WooCommerce Builder to add an online store to your page? You will also have access to over 15 premium WooCommerce widgets to customize and edit!

PopUp Builder

Want a nice little popup to welcome users to your page, or want a popup to display the amazing offers on your site?

This is a possibility with the Elementor popup builder, which lets you create the perfect popup with smooth animations. You can even select target audiences! Sounds great? Try it right now! 

Form Builder

Want to add a personal touch to the contact page?

Elementor form builder widget

WooCommerce is an ideal e-commerce platform.

So, why not use the WooCommerce Builder to add an online store to your page? You will also have access to over 15 premium WooCommerce widgets to customize and edit!

Global Widgets/Modules

I recently put myself through a significant challenge. Consider this. You’ve launched your ideal little website.

The same widgets run seamlessly across multiple pages, and everything looks great. But hold on! That button is the wrong color! Blunder!

Should you change the module on each page?

Nope. The global widget feature takes care of it for you! You have to edit once; the magic will take care of the rest. Whew! I was overjoyed!


Look no further if you want to take things to the next level and aggressively create marketing campaigns and strategies!
With Elementor’s adaptable integrations, you can access add-ons provided by marketing platforms such as Zapier, MailChimp, Drip, and so on.
Elementor integrates with third-party marketing tools, WordPress plugins, and social networks.
So get out and explore to find the best of both (or multiple) worlds!
Elementor builder integrations- elementor pro review

So get exploring to unlock the best of both (or multiple) worlds!

Role Access

Your ideas will clash if you work with a team of creative developers!

You want to avoid multiple people moving various items, jeopardizing your valuable site, and giving you a headache!
You can easily assign access controls to different users using the role manager feature. Only some cooks will spoil the broth with this

Elementor ingredient!

This is not the end of the story! If I keep listing all of the features here, it will become a never-ending pit!

According to my experience, these are the most useful features. There are numerous features that I will give you the opportunity and fun to explore!

Elementor Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?  

Still reeling from all those features and wondering how much of a hole you’ll burn in your pocket? I have an answer that will make you happy! It is free! I’m not joking!

Elementor Pricing

Okay, there is a Pro version with three pricing packages available, but the free version gave me nearly 90% of the features that Elementor offers. But if you have the money, you should go for the paid version to get that 10% advantage!

Here’s what’s included in the free version:

  • Can be used on unlimited sites
  • Complete access to the drag-and-drop page builder
  • More than 40  basic widgets
  • More than 30 basic templates
  • Around 100 block templates for testimonials, ‘about the team’ and other basics.

The Pro version is available at three different price points and is available as an annual subscription. All three versions offer the same features, and pricing varies depending on the number of sites you can use Elementor. The three packages are as follows:

Essential Plan: 

  • The annual cost of $59
  • Valid for a single website
  • Access to 100+ widgets
  • Access to 300+ templates
  • Includes 10+ template kits for use throughout your website
  • Includes a theme built specifically for your website
  • Includes a builder for customizing WooCommerce pages
  • Includes a builder for creating pop-ups
  • 24/7 support and updates are available throughout the year.

Expert Plan: 

  • The annual cost of $199
  • Valid for use on up to 25 websites
  • Access to 100+ widgets
  • Access to 300+ templates
  • Includes 10+ template kits for use throughout your website
  • Includes a theme built specifically for your website
  • Includes a builder for customizing WooCommerce pages
  • Includes a builder for creating pop-ups
  • Access to Elementor’s expert network profile.

Agency Plan: 

  • The plan costs $999 per year.
  • You can use it for up to 1000 websites.
  • Offers access to 100+ widgets and 300+ templates.
  • Includes 10+ template kits for building your web pages.
  • Includes a theme builder and a WooCommerce builder.
  • Also includes a popup builder.
  • Includes 24/7 premium support and updates throughout the year.
  • Access to Elementor’s expert’s network profile.

In addition to these amazing bonus features, you also get access to a 24×7 customer support team, who can even help you by remotely accessing your Elementor dashboard. All these plans come with a thirty-day money-back offer. So try the Pro version in peace, and if you aren’t satisfied with it, you can unsubscribe and continue with the free version. 

Elementor Customer Support

With the vast variety of features that Elementor has to offer, it is only natural to feel a little lost at times. With a large number of amateurs beginning to delve into the world of web design, the question arises, is the customer support any good? 

It is! Elementor provides you with tons of resources to get started, such as documented questions and answers from existing customers and an array of informative video tutorials that you can follow step by step and easily get the hang of. 

In addition to this, you are also given the opportunity to connect to web designers and creators who used Elementor as a platform to get started.

You can directly chat with them, and get handy tips and tricks, to help your page stand out amongst the crowd, or just connect with them to build the community.

And what if you run into a problem, which you just cannot find the answer for, on their blog? Not to worry!

They have a responsive 24×7 customer support team that will be at your beck and call and save you some invaluable time. This option is however only available for Pro subscribers, and not for the free version.

Regular updates and additional features are available on Elementor, which for me was a big plus.


It means that they are actually listening to our problems and suggestions, and doing something about it! Elementor is not only a great platform for web designing, but it also has a supportive community

How to use Elementor?

Elementor is a plugin from WordPress that requires the user to install and activate in order to use it just like another plugin you have used before.

After this, you can access the settings panel or choose to go to your WordPress and set up a new fresh one! Soon after this step, the next ones pretty much take you along without much confusion but it starts with an option of editing with Elementor.

This will take you straight to the next page which is the Elementor user interface.

This is the main page that has the test page access and other various feature introductions. The main parts of this page vary from the main canvas all through it to the page which helps you publish your work.

The main canvas or the main front page is the one where you can put and adjust the content blocks that you have. The parts of the content that are for usage will also be available here. 

The settings of Elementor that range from color and fonts to alignment and so on are accessed here. Through this page,  the user can come back to check the elements of the content that they are using.

There are global settings for each page that you work on and those can be reached through this page. The history of this page can also be accessed.

To build a basic page on Elementor, the user is required to be thorough with the page structure or to simply out it, the functional ranks of the page.  A single page can have multiple numbers of sections in it.

Each section of the page can have columns and not just one but again, multiple numbers of columns. Each of these columns can have more than one element of content.

Each element of content can be styled in their own manner and have their uniqueness. The hierarchical structure goes from page to section to column to content and lastly to styling.  

To start off the page, you can use a template from the settings or just start with a plain section. This new section further allows you to give rise to the rest of the lower parts of the hierarchical structure mentioned earlier.

Once this content block is ready to place,  you can adjust the details and its presentation.

This is done with the help of the three main tabs that are content, styling, and advanced. Using these to build on your content block individually therefore working to perfection on each of these aspects.

This will help you get the best content block out of your creative ideas. Elementor is relatively easy software to use. Once you work with it, the rest comes out easy.

Is Elementor Easy To Learn? 

This is a page that is very efficient and crisp about its instructions and takes into account the larger majority of the crowd that finds the learning of coding languages and so on difficult. It has a visual drag and drop system that makes most of the work easier.

Elementor-Ease Of Use

The wide array of elements put forth for you gives you a larger number of choices which helps you come up with the best design for your project. It is also easy to adjust your give better detailing to your content block using the drag and drop method and the main canvas. 

As it requires no coding and no computer language, most users consider Elementor as an asset and they claim that it has made their stress with the work much lesser than it was. With specific hierarchical structures, it is easy to organize the content on the website as well.

Top 5 Best Elementor Alternatives 2023

Now that you know what Elementor is all about, you might be wondering if there is something better out there.

After all, the best entrepreneurs and creators do not settle for the first tool they come across. Or are you here in the section, as the cons of the pros and cons list, put you off a lot?

Whatever may be the reason, here is a list of four alternatives, that are on-par with the features that Elementor brings to the table. 

1. Beaver Builder

beaver builder review- elementor alternative

Launched in the year 2014, Beaver Builder is a leader in the arena of WordPress page builders. It is well known for the pretty stable and consistent core features that have helped it in establishing a loyal base of followers.

Though the core plugin is a page builder for the individual content pieces, it also has a separate official extension that supports complete theme building like the Elementor.

All in all, it is a great alternative when it comes to designing the entire theme or the individual pages.

It is easy to use, offers a large variety of templates and widgets, and you can have your website up and running within five minutes, with this flexible page builder.

It is a great option for beginners, who do not want tons of features that will leave them confused. Operating this platform is not rocket science, and you can use it through sheer common sense and no coding knowledge! 

This fresh new kid on the block may not offer as many free page templates and modules as compared to Elementor, but it does offer a faster page loading time.

It also boasts of its special onboarding panel, which makes it faster and more efficient. Some unique modules that you may find with Beaver Builder, are icon groups and post carousels. 

If you are looking for a faster page loading speed and better performance and are not that focused on the page aesthetics, you can use Beaver Builder to create something simple and minimal. The pricing for the premium version ranges from $99-$300 per year. 

2. Divi Builder 

divi theme

Divi is one of the most popular alternatives of Elementor when it comes to design flexibility. You get to lay hands on various styles and design rules through its interface.

It also offers numerous useful features like find/replace, copy/paste styles, and a lot more. This option is thus a great alternative for all those who are focused on the designers interested in adding a lot of effects and styles. It can work as both a simple plugin for a page builder as well as a WordPress theme.

The Divi Builder platform doesn’t come with a free version. But, is it worth paying for? Divi Builder offers all the benefits that Elementor has to offer, plus a lot more additional customizable features. It may take a little longer to get a grasp of, but it’s totally worth it in the end. 

The themes offered on this drag-and-drop builder are not just more in number, but they also look professional and beautiful. This popular platform offers an excellent and responsive customer support system, with an extensive network of documented articles. 

If you want to stand out in the block, with clean aesthetics and create a unique brand for yourself without all the hassle of hiring a professional or doing it yourself, this simple and easy page builder will fit your needs like a glove.

Pricing for Divi Builder, ranges from $89-$249 per year, with a thirty-day money-back guarantee. 

3. Themify Builder

If you want something that is even more affordable as compared to Elementor, you can try out Themify Builder. Though quite new in the field of page builders, Themify has shown that it can reach great heights quickly, and is becoming increasingly popular among web creators.

Elementor Alternatives- Themify Builder

It offers a plethora of out of the box features, to guide you on your way towards creating an eye-catching web page or blog. The Themify Builder has great themes and templates, with creative and unique designs.

If you are not particularly fond of the live preview offered by Elementor, you can use the Themify Builder, where you can turn the front-end editing mode off. 

If you are a beginner and aren’t sure of your capabilities, you should definitely go for Themify Builder. It doesn’t overwhelm you with its features and customizations and is super easy to use.

The best part is that it is completely free, and if you want the premium version, it just costs $39 per year. The premium version offers an add-on bundle to advance your creativity. 

4. SiteOrigin Page Builder 

If you have a few coding tricks up your sleeves and don’t want to pay a page builder for shortcodes, then head on to the SiteOrigin Page Builder.

It is cheap, efficient, and you end up with a clean, professional-looking website! 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to build the page or blog from scratch, as the builder comes with more than 25 pre-designed templates, customized fonts, and modules. You can however use a few lines of code to tweak these pre-made designs and make it unique to your brand. 

The basic version of the page builder doesn’t cost a penny, and if you want access to some premium features, you just have to pay a mere $29 per year.

Yes, it is that affordable!

As it is comparatively new as compared to the big guns such as Elementor and Divi Builder, it is constantly adding new features and customizations. I can’t wait to see how this builder develops in the future! 

5. WPBakery Builder

Sounds yum? Though it is a bit of a costlier alternative to Elementor, the WPBakery Builder brings a lot to the table, when it comes to page designing and editing.

It is popular among users due to its built-in features that increase the reach of your page, such as SEO instructions. 

WPBakery Builder-Overview

The best part about this builder is that it offers multilingual support!

It offers a lot of unique features that help it stand out in this list, such as customizable skins, WooCommerce compatibility, and a library of captivating pre-made templates.

WPBakery Builder is focused on helping you create a unique brand identity, with its SEO information and over 200 add-ons. It is more focussed on creating an aesthetically pleasing page. Its pricing ranges from $45 to $245 and there’s no free version available.

They also boast of a responsive and quick customer support team that will lend you a helping hand on your page building journey. So if you run into any unforeseen obstacle, feel free to drop them a query through the mail, chat, or phone!

Read the WpBakery vs Elementor Comparison in one of our posts. 

Elementor Customer Reviews & Testimonials 

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Reddit users often share their reviews about Elementor:

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Elementor review reddit

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FAQs About Elementor Review

🤷‍♀️What happens if I deactivate Elementor?

If you were a user of the Elementor Pro, deletion or deactivation of the account will result in the complete loss of all the designs that are advanced and made with Elementor Pro features and designs. However, if one uses the free version of Elementor, they will be able to save their designs. Such a situation can be readily avoided by using the auto-renewal option that yearly renews your account.

☞What happens if you don’t renew your license after one year of using Elementor Pro? Will, it still work?

If there’s a case of non-renewal that is if you have by any chance turned off the auto-renewal, the designs you have made will be as they were and in the case of features, if they are used in Pro, will function as they used to and this is the situation only if the versions of both Elementor Free and Elementor Pro remain in the exact same manner as before.

🙋‍♂️ Does Elementor slow down your site?

Elementor is a great software that can be used in most systems and for most areas especially because of its class and elegant style of builders. However, there have been several cases where the loading time of the software is a lot and takes some time to start up. This also results in bad user experience and therefore bad feedback. It is also possible that such a situation can result in the bouncing off of rates of your site and therefore significantly and disturbingly decrease the google ranking.

💯 Is it the Best WordPress Page Builder?

Yes, it is. Elementor is famous for a reason - it is unquestionably one of the finest page builders for WordPress. If you wish to try it out, you may do so by downloading the free version from WordPress.org. Then, upgrade to Elementor Pro to unlock all of Elementor's features.

⁉️ Do I need to know HTML/CSS to use Elementor?

No, you don’t. that is the best part of Elementor.

✅What is the best add-on for Elementor?

There are a lot but if you're an Elementor user looking to augment the core page builder's functionality with creative components and widgets, Essential Addons is worth a try. Additionally, Essential Addons includes robust customer assistance in the form of live chat and ticket support to help you resolve any problems.

🙌Who Is Elementor Best Suited To?

Elementor is a WordPress page builder that utilizes drag-and-drop functionality. This plugin enables you to build visually appealing pages via the use of a visual editor. It's intended to let you rapidly create dynamic websites. This WordPress plugin is a one-stop shop, allowing you to manage all aspects of your website's design from a single platform. So, it is important for anyone with a website.

⭐️What are some of the advantages of Elementor?

sional widgets and features at a glance. Templates and blocks of superior quality Create shapes visually and combine them smoothly. Theme Builder enables you to completely modify your theme. With Elementor Pro Theme Builder, you are no longer limited by the limits of your theme.

👏 Is Elementor Right For You / What do I need to use Elementor?

Yes, it definitely is. Elementor is the greatest, simplest, all-in-one solution for anybody who wants to create websites fast and easily without having to modify any code. It is the most popular page builder for WordPress, owing to its simple 'drag and drops' interface.

😊 What's the difference between Elementor (free) and Elementor Pro?

The free edition of Elementor provides an infinite number of design options. However, Elementor Pro equips you with additional professional tools that streamline your process and increase conversions and revenues.

Elementor Review 2023: Is This Page Builder Worth The Hype? 

The Elementor software is one that is used among most of my acquaintances. The system itself has many quirks and it saves a lot of time brainstorming for ideas.

The features provided in it help come up with the best designs in a limited amount of time. The themes and builders of this software are especially the best. 

The price range for these is also worth concerning when it comes to the design-saving and safety aspects of the project.

There are several options to remind you of your renewal options which completely takes the idea of having to deactivate or delete your account because of payment issues.

Despite the several flaws that their system might have had, they are way stronger than before. They work towards and for their clients and in the best efforts to make the experience of the users most memorable and to offer them designs that cannot be argued with. 

For anybody who chooses to continue in design or work with something related to the same, Elementor is a very good start.

Elementor Popular Videos 

Elementor On Social Media


I am Higginbotham who has always loved expressing himself and wished to reach out to the masses by expressing my opinions. My aim is to educate the people about the most popular page builders which they can use to build beautiful WordPress based websites and landing pages. I share my experience and knowledge about WordPress on MegaBlogging.

6 thoughts on “Elementor Review 2023: Is It the Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin?”

  1. With the help of Elementor, I created a website for my company in just a few hours and not days of wasting my time. It’s an extremely fast page builder. The best part about it is that it does not require any coding solution to build any website. It’s very easy to implement different sections of a page such as images, text blocks, forms, etc.

    It’s a superb page builder. Great thing invented!

  2. I tried using Elementor Pro and I would say that it’s something that’s defined the best out there!
    Elementor Pro features a well-executed, modern user interface. It includes a selection of high-quality templates. You can get these templates in your page and then customize them accordingly.

    Another key feature of Elementor Pro is its elements. To upgrade your content, the Elementor Pro elements include counters, Google Maps, image carousels, icon boxes, and plenty more.

  3. Elementor has brought a great change in the WordPress platform by providing every user with easy to use website builder.

    Elementor makes website building far easier than directly making it on WordPress. It also has some unique features.  

    Its Pro version is also equipped with more advanced tools than its free version which makes website building very easy. I strongly recommend trying Elementor at least once and I’m sure you’ll not regret it!

  4. Elementor is a free web designer module for WordPress. Basically, it’s anything but an intuitive interface for WordPress

    You can pick an instant format or assemble your own element rich site with components you can put any place you like – no coding information required.

  5. I’ve tried some of page builders plugins during past years and with all the experience I loved Elementor due to the facts that:
    A. It has a very Simple Interface, unlike others.
    B. Drag and Drop Builder works exceptionally well.
    C. The themes responsive with PC, Mobile, Tablets which means it works multi platform.
    D. It lets you create custom themes.
    E. It helps you with real-time editing and previews.

  6. There are things that I figure Elementor ought to work on like :
    Need more implicit block templates
    Need more intgrations with another administrations.

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