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7 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms 2024: (My Top Picks)

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This post will help you in finding Podcast Hosting Platforms. An audio series or episodes of audio documentaries in which you discuss popular subjects is known as a “podcast.”

However, due to the large file sizes of these audio files, publishing your podcast as a podcast on your website becomes incredibly challenging.

For this reason, you’ll require the greatest podcast hosting platforms. So, let’s have a look at the numerous possibilities that might assist us in realizing our goal.

7 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms 2024

Here in this list, we have picked some of the best podcast Hosting Platforms:

1. Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout comes in second place on our list of the top podcast hosting services. Buzzsprout’s features, efficiency, and convenience of use will not let you down.

The year 2009 saw the emergence of this podcast hosting service. Since then, they’ve helped more than 100,000 individuals launch podcasts.

Buzzsprout Overview - Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

If this isn’t enough for you, have a look at Capterra’s 5/5 star ratings. Using Buzzsprout’s reports, you may keep tabs on your buzz (performance).

Buzzsprout, like other top podcast hosts, offers a free plan and three premium ones. In addition, a few optional extras must be purchased individually.

2. Transistor

Transistor, as the name implies, is a top podcast publication and hosting service in the digital sphere. Transistor has become a popular podcast hosting service despite its relative youth (it began operations in 2014).

It’s all because of its fantastic features and the people behind it. You can make as many podcasts as you want with it. A lifetime subscription to Transistor does not exist.

Transistor Overview - Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

However, you may only use the app for free for the first 14 days after purchasing it. If you don’t want to pay for the service after your free trial time, you may have to do so.

3. Castos

Castos is a must-have plugin for anybody running a WordPress website. With its WordPress-based podcasting plugin, this is one of the finest podcast hosting services out there.

In addition to being the most well-known WordPress podcast hosting service, it prevents you from connecting to your Castos account and submitting the file.

Overview Of Castos

This may be done right from the WordPress dashboard. As a bonus, Castos gives you detailed analytics on how well your podcasts are doing.

As the finest podcast hosting platform with a WordPress plugin, it remains substantially less expensive than most of its competitors.

After 14 days, you may need to upgrade to a paid subscription to continue using Casta.

4. Simplecast

For seven years now, Simplecast has been simplifying the process of broadcasting and managing your podcast episodes. It’s a safe bet that he is one of the top podcast hosts out there.

There’s no need to worry if you’re unsure about using Simplecast since large names like Facebook, Twitter, and Nike all make use of it.

Simplecast Overview

Simplecast has all the tools you’ll need to get your audio podcast off the ground and keep it going. You may start and build your audio podcasts using Simplecast, which has all the functionality you need.

5. Audioboom

It is likely that if you live in Asia, you have heard about Audioboom.

In the South Asian area, it is regarded as one of the top podcast hosting services Companies like Netflix and 20th Century Fox use Audioboom’s podcast hosting services to distribute their content online.

Audioboom Overview

A month’s worth of podcasts may be uploaded to Audioboom for free. Audioboom does not provide a free plan.

However, Audioboom’s staff has come up with a number of generous price options to make up for this.

6. Podbean

Podbean is the finest podcast hosting service I’ve ever used, and I’d recommend it to anybody. It’s being utilized by podcasters of all levels, from novices to seasoned veterans.

Podbean’s credibility should be established based on this. There are no download or episode limits with Podbean.

Podbean - Free Podcast Hosting

In addition, Podbean offers podcast distribution on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms, making it easy to spread the word about your show.

Podbean has four price tiers, one of which is a free plan that never expires. The flexible price levels make it one of the greatest free podcast hosting services in the industry.

7. Blubrry

Using Blubrry as your podcast hosting platform is the safest choice if you want to launch a new podcast WordPress website.

WordPress podcasting plugin PowerPress is part of Blubrry’s Blubrry platform, which also includes podcast hosting and management.

Blubrry Podcasting

As a result, launching and growing a podcast is a cinch with all of the necessary tools in one spot.

The finest podcast hosting is a direct result of this. Podcasting on iTunes and Google Play is a cinch with Blubrry.

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Conclusion: Best Podcast Hosting Platforms 2024

To wrap things up, here are seven podcast hosting services worth considering.

If you’re just getting started with podcasting, you’ll be happy to know that most of the companies on our list provide a free option.

It would be a lot simpler and more cost-effective for you to begin. For those of you who believe I have missed a great podcast hosting site, please feel free to leave a remark.


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