Carlos Santana MasterClass Review 2023: What Can You Expect From It??

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The online training company MasterClass has announced that Carlos Santana will offer its first online course exclusively through its platform.

In his class, the 50th Master Class, Santana will teach the students how to approach the guitar to create various lighting sounds touching the audience.

“It’s an honor to present my masterclass where I share the influences and musical and spiritual moments of my life that have shaped my work, my songs, and my heart in my career,” said Santana.

“I hope that my class will inspire you to a new musical and spiritual greatness by crystallizing your identity as a musician and as a person.”

Bottom Line Upfront: Carlos Santana is a guitarist and songwriter who has been recognized by many as one of music’s most influential figures. It will provide you with a great foundation for your musical journey.

He was born, raised and still resides his home country Mexico where he began playing guitar at age nine with lessons given by local musicians before moving abroad later on to pursue higher education opportunities.

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Detailed About Carlos Santana MasterClass Review

“Calling Carlos Santana an icon of music would be an understatement,” said David Rogier, co-founder, and CEO of MasterClass.

“We are honored to launch our 50 Masterclass with one of the best guitar legends in the world and share their bold, unmistakable, and melodies that take gender into our hearts.

We hope that this class will inspire the next generation of sacred music artists. ”

According to Masterclass “Carlos Santana, the many facets of spirituality and philosophy will explore the guitar to help students become authentic and expressionist artists.

Students expect an introspective look at Santana’s unique approach to the guitar, from writing and implementing a tune to incorporating various genres in his music, including the tips to lead a guitar.

Group and even a leadership expression stand guitar.

Carlos Santana MasterClass Review

“Santana also provides information about his iconic songs, including” Oye Como Va “” Black Magic Woman “and” Smooth “.

The guitar enthusiasts at all levels from his extensive knowledge of the story benefit from music and influences that challenge the sexes.

“By demonstrating their approach to composition, improvisation and lead guitar, they also deepen their own understanding of how to listen to music and convey emotions in their own game”.

With two new masterclasses, you can now learn to play guitar with Carlos Santana and Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine.

The master class on the art and soul of Santana’s guitar, launched yesterday, “interrupts her creative process and teaches her spiritual approach to music” and covers the following:

  • How to draw several styles and musical influences.
  • How to decode and use the music you hear to improve the way you play.
  • Exercise ideas in the style of the great blues musicians.
  • How it combines harmonies with rhythmic accents.
  • His approach to writing a melody for guitar.
  • To create a dialogue between the parts of the guitar when writing songs.
  • Tips to lead a group and build trust with group members.

In Tom Morello’s electric guitar class, you learn the riffs, rhythms, and solos that began your career in 26 video lessons.

The course covers everything from music theory for beginners to improvisation, solo, and fast-paced games, and develops an appreciation for words and melodies.

Each class costs 90 USD. For $ 180 you will receive an annual pass for the 45 courses in the Carlos Santana MasterClass Review Catalog.

Carlos Santana Masterclass Review: Learn the art and the soul of the guitar

Carlos Santana has touched the hearts of the public since his group made a name for themselves at the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

Since then, the legendary guitarist has won 10 Grammy Awards for his ever-evolving sounds, his global mix of musical influences, and his multi-generational appeal.

teach a lesson

In the masterclass, Carlos Santana on the art and the soul of the guitar Carlos analyzes his creative process and teaches his spiritual approach to music and playing with the heart.

Discover how emotions, artistic expressions, and musical styles are combined to create sounds beyond the boundaries of gender and to connect directly with the audience.

With more than 2 hours of video and a personal notebook for each chapter, Carlos brings you the following:

  • Play with more confidence.
  • How to discover music that is already in you.
  • Your approach to connect deeply with listeners.
  • How to draw several music styles and influences.
  • How to unlock the music you hear and use it to improve your playing
  • Exercise ideas in the style of great blues musicians.
  • How it combines harmonies with rhythmic accents.
  • His approach to writing a guitar melody.
  • To create a dialogue between the parts of the guitar when writing songs.
  • Tips to lead a group and build trust with group members

Find the heart of your sound

With 10 Grammy Awards and nearly 50 years on the stage, Carlos Santana teaches his spiritual approach to the guitar.

Discover how emotions, artistic expressions, and musical styles from around the world are combined to create a sound that transcends genres and connects with audiences.

Join Carlos in his studio and analyze his process note by note to discover the soul of your sound.





Get to know your new teacher: guitarist Carlos Santana, who won a Grammy Award. In your first lesson, Carlos shows you the main goal of the music and asks you to decide what role you want to play in order to make it happen.


Practice as a musical offer.

Discover Carlos’s strategies to familiarize himself with his instrument and become more competent and self-confident as an artist.


Enter the note

The key to accessing the heart of a listener through music is “enter the note”. Carlos teaches you to put everything you have in everything you play.


Find your sound

How does it sound? Learn to combine your influences and dive into yourself to discover your unique voice on the guitar.


A global musical Rolodex.

Carlos challenges you to think beyond the Western concept of classical music and explore some of his favorite musical influences from around the world.


Learn blue

If you can play blues, you can play everything. Carlos shares his view of the masters of blues and offers techniques that fill your game with passion.


Open your ears for the beat

The rhythm is the background of the melody. Carlos teaches you what he has learned by watching the conga players and incorporating other rhythmic traditions into his music.


The melody is outstanding.

Learn how Carlos composes a melody that makes the listener think.


Music beyond the page

Music is everywhere. Carlos teaches you to inspire you in the music of people, voices, and everything that you live in the world around you.


Direct and play as a group.

Carlos shows you his approach to building a passionate group, playing with singers, and participating in generous and rewarding artistic collaborations.

Carlos Santana MasterClass Review - lesson


Play live: Connect to the handset

Discover Carlos’s approach of seducing an audience, connecting with them on an individual level, and guiding them through a captivating performance.


Guitars, amplifiers, and sustain.

Examine Carlos’s guitars and amps and discover how he brings his famous stamina to the stage.


Continue your transformation

At the end of his masterclass, Carlos encourages him to make the transition from a part-time musician to a full-time artist.


Bonus: techniques

Carlos gives additional tips on how to use the selection to maximize impact and keep track of time and reminds him to include them in his practice.


Bonus: the wisdom to live for it

Carlos has amassed a treasure of wisdom throughout his life and career. He shares his unique perspective on the importance of music and the importance of helping others.


Bonus: Music as a language

Carlos Santana explores the universal language of music and its connection between time and space.

“Herbie Hancock and I talked about it in the early ’80s, and some people want to know what kind of pianos, guitars, amps or microphones we use, but for us, the most important thing a young musician can say to us is,” Why not ask what I thought and felt before I wrote this note? Carlos Santana explains the guiding principle that led him to his first online seminar.

“You have to go to the note to make people shiver, to make them cry and laugh.” It’s like church: The Holy Spirit comes in, then you get goosebumps and start crying and laughing, and you do not even know why.

It’s like a woman when she has a baby. It hurts, but then they see the baby and start laughing.

In December, the winner of several Grammy awards together with the online learning company MasterClass has developed his own program “Carlos Santana teaches the art and the soul of the guitar” in which students can study their unique musical approach Rich career is part of a new unconventional program.

The class comes to Santana at the beginning of a difficult year, who wants to celebrate Woodstock’s birthdays and his return in 1999 during his tour and stay in Las Vegas.

“There are things that are very important: passion, emotions, and feelings,” he says, meditating on the continued success of the psychedelic blues band from San Francisco. So many years ago “Without these three, it’s not music, it’s just sound.”

Carlos Santana MasterClass Review - guide how to play tone

What was your original goal when the opportunity presented itself for your own master class?

I do not know much about chord changes in written music.

My dad taught me to read music, but enough to enter. So it was a great opportunity to share with the budding musicians the other side of the sheet that the blues musicians taught me about melody and rhythm. ,

Before going to see Ray Vaughan, Stevie played “Riviera Paradise” and listened to Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Albert King, and Wes Montgomery in the same tone.

Tony Bennett said, “If you take a person, that means flying, if you take many people, it’s research.”

As Wayne Shorter said, it’s about “incorporating mind and soul into the physical vibration of the sound”. Whitney Houston sounds like a legion of angels, not just one.

This is what I want to present to my master class people: how to breathe deeply and get something out of the sky that is beyond time and gravity.

These are the things that I have tried to present to the viewer.

Some things come and go, but others are immortal, like “God Bless the Child” by Billie Holiday and A Love Supreme by Coltrane.

I have not talked much about entertainment because I do not know much about it, but I know how to penetrate people’s hearts, penetrate their skin, and make them believe that light.

They have looked after many of the biggest stars of the jam band scene, from Trey Anastasio to Derek Trucks to Robert Randolph. What is the most important lesson you have taught them?

Derek Trucks is an old soul who knows everything we talk about. He knows everything, from Roland Kirk to Coltrane.

Quinn Sullivan is a student of Buddy Guy. For Quinn Sullivan or other young people, I would say, “It’s not about having 20 pedals on the floor, it’s just about disconnecting it all from the power grid and going straight to the amp.

Carlos Santana MasterClass Review - work hard

Let your sound come from your legs, your calves, your limbs, your ribs, your heart, your fingers. When you play that note, people stop attracting your attention.

It is not the volume; It is the dimension of passion, emotion, and feeling.

If you look at these karate films, you will see the people who can catch a fly with their chopsticks.

You should do that when playing music. They should tie up the listener and tie them up immediately.

In his MasterClass, he also gives advice on how to become a successful bandleader.

What is the key to maintaining a unified group?

You have to play a lively and believable tune while having enough self-confidence to lead like an alpha wolf.

You have to lead the group, which is the rest of the musicians, to a place that is not a desert where you do not run out of water. You are to bring the musicians of your group to a place where there is always milk and honey.

When I look at all executives, whether Art Blakey, Miles Davis, or Buddy Rich, they all have the courage and tenacity, the spirit, you can also improvise, and the music you play will be very valuable and important.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of his stellar appearance at Woodstock and his 20th Supernatural record.

Do you always think of milestones in these moments?

I see Tony Bennett, Plácido Domingo, and Buddy Guy saying, “They have no problem with their dynamic music at their age.” It’s effective, efficient, and meaningful music.

Some people have done the best they could 50 years ago and kept it going without ever going anywhere, like on a jukebox in the Twilight Zone of the 1950s.

That never interested me because Miles, Herbie [Hancock], Bill Graham, and Clive Davis taught me that it’s still possible to be relevant, even on the radio, even if they let you in. It is really important to have this inner clarity and external trust. Not arrogance, but trust.

I do not want to hang around with people saying,

“It’s in the bible” and “Nothing new under the sun”. When I see children, everything is new and innocent. So, if you really are in your heart, you will find that every sunset and every sunrise is different.

Every time you love it is different.

So I plunge into my innocence. When I play “Black Magic Woman,” I remember the first time I played in a parking lot in Fresno. Gregg [Rolie] said, “I have this song that we can do with luck”.

Even then I had a bit of Rolodex and a portfolio of different things, so I started playing Wes Montgomery and Otis Rush and thought, “What would they do?” This is the first time I’ve played it and kept the innocence of the first time.

The chemistry of the musicians of the original band is still intact.

We can be in the same room and start playing, and no one tells anyone what to do or what not to do.

Your mind, your soul, your fingers go to this place, which, as Wayne Shorter would say, is “completely new, completely familiar”.

Carlos Santana MasterClass Review - prepare yourself for big music

I never thought that guitar lessons could be so spiritual.

And I do not use the spiritual path, it is a kind of spirituality that is accessible to all, especially for guitarists.

In other words, identifying yourself as spiritual or religious anyway will be even more of a bonus to you, and this master class will really appeal to you.

I’ve loved listening to the techniques that come out of your head, and the exercises that Carlos uses for himself are divine. You will want to try them out immediately and you will probably lose an entire afternoon if you do so.

The breath is mainly part of the access to the invisible. If you can breathe properly, you can do the incredible and the impossible.

The module for entering the note was a real pleasure.

What I really like about this masterclass is playing with Santana at the same time and trying to copy her fingers.

What I also noticed after the first two lessons is how things happen at the same time.

This master class is not a class for things to do.

I had an absolute explosion, but the real value was to repeat the lessons over and over and really try to pick up on Carlos’s message and purpose.

The module on how to enter the note is divided into two parts: body, mind, soul, heart, and important elements. This lesson is meant to bring these five components together, the same as Santana’s Miles Davis and Charlie Parker, in a note.

If you do not enter the note, you will not get into people’s hearts.

What’s really cool is when Carlos tries to show the note and then within the note.

This really puts you in an area of ​​pure joy, musically, musically, and spiritually.

Carlos Santana hopes that you will teach the spiritual art of folding notes, full of recommendations from records that exemplify the most powerful and intellectual album notes.

The sound research module is a wonderful lesson interlude, always extremely important, where we hear a bit, listen to Carlos breathing their influences and listen to their advice, as we can do the same to arrive at our own sound. ,

I particularly appreciated his way of knowing the language of other musicians and integrating them into their practice sessions so that you can discover something new.

Another of my personal favorites (hard to choose, to be honest) was the creation of a global Rolodex for the music.

Deepen the musical influences of Santana, music from countries as diverse as Africa, the Caribbean, South America, Hawaii, and the Pacific Islands, to pre-Columbian America and classical composers such as Stravinsky and Segovia.

I especially liked it when Santana dived deep into African music.

Carlos Santana MasterClass Review - heart of your sound

One thing is certain, leave this lesson to explore with many new and immediately start your own music world of the composition of music tracks Rolodex.

This master class is a fun way to spend lazy weekend afternoons.

There was also a complete blues module on learning, which I had the pleasure to see because I have experienced a great blues in the last few months, watching programs and listening to blues constantly.

It was a fascinating module because it was assumed that most blues songs are structurally identical, then Carlos goes on to show how, even if they have the same structure, blues songs vary greatly and you can play them.

Carlos Santana shows us the timeless blues riffs and the unique elements of form.

And as with all modules, there is a lot of practical work here. One of them resembles the style of Lightnin, Hopkins, Jimmy Reed, John Lee Hooker one and the other to Peter Green.

Dipping into different artists is such that not only does a lot of learning in this masterclass, but it is also a music education class.

Carlos Santana MasterClass Review Pricing Plans

There are two ways by which you can purchase a MasterClass, a single MasterClass, and an All-Access Pass for any of the gurus on the platform.

Carlos Santana MasterClass Review - pricing

  • Single MasterClass: $90
  • All-Access Pass: $180 per year

The All-Access Pass comes in real handy when you wish to take more than one MasterClass, so this means that there is no limit on the number of MasterClasses on the All-Access Pass.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is also available for any of the Carlos Santana MasterClass Review packages you purchase and you will get a complete refund of the amount in case you are not satisfied with their services.

Carlos Santana MasterClass Review

Getting up close and personal with Carlos Santana is a gift from the guitar gods! Enjoying every word!  -John W.

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to take lessons from a master like Carlos Santana. Being schooled in classical music which is rigid and exact, it is a breath of fresh air to experience a musician who loves, and performs from the soul. A legend who is willing to share his passion for music from within! Mr. Santana was my inspiration into the reality of MASTERCLASS   -Kelly M.

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Access your MasterClass exercises anyplace quickly by downloading the MasterClass application for your iOS or Android gadget for free from the App Store and Play Store. Save exercises as top choices, modify the playback speed and watch them whenever you need to.

FAQs | Carlos Santana MasterClass Review

🙋‍♀️ Is MasterClass Worth The Money?

The answer depends on what kind of educational experience you are planning ahead to get. If you want to learn independently, then MasterClass is the perfect option for you. All of the classes are perfectly organized and filled with information. As a result, you can learn your favorite subject at your own pace. You can get either one episode at a time, or you can binge-watch a whole course series just like you do on Netflix. The quality of their course is also pretty high, and the instructions have credibility. So you can be sure that you are experiencing quality learning. Also, it does not cost you way too much. So yes, it is definitely worth your money.

🤷‍♂️ How Much Does MasterClass Cost?

There are two plans that MasterClass has. You can either go for the individual to pass or go with the all-access pass. With the individual pass, you will only be able to access one course at a single time. Also, each course costs you $90. While the all-access pass costs you $180 in a year and it allows you to browse all the website content without any restrictions.

✅ Does MasterClass Give Any Certificates?

As of now, MasterClass does not offer any certificate to their students on course completion. However, they do send their students an email confirming that they have completed the course. The email will feature a congratulatory message along with some tips on how to further use the site to continue your studies.

🔥 Does MasterClass Have A Free Trial?

MasterClass used to provide a free trial in the past. However, back in August 2018, they stopped giving out free trials. And this is no longer available.

🤔 Is MaterClass Any Good?

In a single sentence answer, yes, the MasterClass is good. You will get a comprehensive video course from a world-class successful person in their specific field. So you already know that you are going to get quality information. Also, the website covers a wide range of topics. The topics range from tennis to comedy to acting to singing to writing. Also, the website is bringing new topics now and then. Plus, with just a one-year subscription, you will get to access different topics and learn something new. Also, it is pretty affordable compared to many platforms available out there.

Conclusion: Carlos Santana MasterClass Review 2023:

This course is not just for you alone.

Of course, it’s good to be alone, spend time with Carlos Santana, play and learn and be happy.

But halfway, I play a bit too strong and my girlfriend came and saw part of the course with Carlos playing incredible blues reef and she just said “wow”. It is not music, but I loved the course.

Another thing I really like about this course is its uniqueness.

For example, there is a module to open ears for the rhythm.

Obviously, this is an extremely important topic, especially for beginners, and you’ve probably already met in one way or another if you’ve already attended another class or guitar class.

But Carlos Santana’s approach to learning the rhythm is unique, entertaining, and far more rewarding than any other method he has found, for in this way he learned the rhythm of the players. African conga and classical music.

Of course, this rhythm lesson is meant for beginners (although it’s fascinating that you like them and good with the guitar), but then the next lesson goes one step further and is aimed at a middle level. and advanced guitarists.

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