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Gina Rinehart Net Worth 2024 | Is She The Australia’s richest Women?

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In this article, we have featured Gina Rinehart Net Worth 2024


  • Gina Rinehart, a native of Australia and the country’s wealthiest resident, amassed her fortune through the mining of iron ore.
  • Rinehart, who was the daughter of the prominent iron-ore explorer Lang Hancock, resurrected the financially struggling business that her late father had started, Hancock Prospecting.
  • The Roy Hill mining project, which began exports to Asia in 2015, is Hancock’s most valuable asset. Exports began in that year.
  • The mining billionaire also has a network of farms spread across Australia, making him the country’s second-largest cattle producer.
  • In 1992, Rinehart was promoted to the position of executive chairwoman of Hancock Prospecting.

Gina Rinehart Net Worth

Gina Rinehart Early Life: 

Gina Rinehart was born on February 9th, 1954 in the city of Perth, which is located in Australia. She is a solitary offspring, being the only child of her parents, Lang Hancock and Hope Margaret Nicholas. Gina and her parents made their home in Nunyerry, which is located 42 kilometers to the north of Wittenoom, till she became four years old. After that, the family relocated to Mulga Downs, which is located in Pilbara. In subsequent years, Rinehart was a student at the boarding school for girls located in Perth known as St. Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls. She only spent a short time at the University of Sydney studying economics before she dropped out to begin working for her father. During her time working for her father, she developed a comprehensive understanding of the Pilbara iron-ore business. Rinehart would eventually be responsible for resurrecting the HPPL company and transforming it into one of the most prosperous privately held businesses in Australian history.

Gina Rinehart Career:

After her father passed away in March 1992, Rinehart succeeded him as Executive Chairman of Hancock Prospecting Pty Limited (HPPL) and the HPPL Group of enterprises. She submitted her application for housing at the Roy Hill Tenements five months following the death of her father.

She did this by concentrating on developing Roy Hill and Hancock Prospective underdeveloped reserves, generating cash through joint venture partnerships, and turning the leases into mines that produced revenue for the company once she bought them in 1993.

Hancock Prospecting presently holds a fifty percent ownership stake in Hope Downs and is entitled to fifty percent of the total revenues made by the 4 Hope Downs Mine. In 1999, the government of Western Australia bestowed upon the clan the honor of having a mountain range named after them.

Gina Rinehart Investments

In 2010, Rinehart made investments in various media businesses, becoming the most important shareholder in Fairfax Media and acquiring a sizeable portion of Ten Network Holdings. Rinehart was given the title of the wealthiest person in Australia for the first first time in 2011, and she still holds that distinction. According to what was documented in 2012,

After passing Christy Walton in terms of wealth, Gina Rinehart became the richest woman in the world. Nevertheless, Rinehart was listed as the fourth richest woman in the world in the year 2013, and as the sixth richest woman in the world in the year 2014.

Forbes ranked Rinehart as the 37th most powerful woman in the world in 2015, which is a modest drop from 2013 and 2014, when she was ranked as the 27th and 16th most powerful woman, respectively.

In 2015, she was placed 37th. In the latter part of 2015, Rinehart made the purchase of Fossil Downs Station, which had been available for sale for the very first time in 133 years.

It is estimated that it is worth somewhere between $25 and $30 million. Eight months after she received $7.9 billion in funding, she made plans to open the massive Roy Hill mine in October 2015, which was just eight months after she had secured the funding.

In October of 2016, it was reported that Hancock Prospecting had reached an agreement to invest in the mining business Sirius Minerals, which is situated in the United Kingdom.

Her fortune has multiplied by a factor of ten since 1992 when she first began speaking out against the plans of the federal government of Australia to impose new taxes on the mining industry. The current mining boom that was powered by coal and iron ore has provided a significant lift to her bottom line.

Gina Rinehart Personal Life

Rinehart’s personal life began when she was 19 years old and she met an Englishman named Greg Milton in Wittenoom in 1973, where they were both working.

Around this time, Milton decided to adopt an older family name and became known professionally as Hayward. In 1976, they welcomed a son named John Langley, and the following year, they welcomed a daughter named Bianca Hope. In 1981, the couple filed for divorce.

In 1983, she wed Frank Rinehart, a corporate lawyer, and executive at Arco, in Las Vegas. Frank Rinehart was her second husband. As a reward for his service in the United States Army, Rinehart was awarded a full tuition scholarship to Harvard.

In spite of the fact that he worked both full-time and part-time jobs throughout his time at Harvard, he was able to graduate with the highest honors from both Harvard College and Harvard Law School.

The couple welcomed two children into the world, a daughter named Hope and a daughter named Ginia who was born in 1986 and 1987, respectively.

When he passed away in 1990, it was a tragic and heartbreaking conclusion to their marriage. Rinehart and Rose Porteous, who had been estranged from Lang Hancock but later became his widow, were engaged in a legal battle beginning in 1992 regarding Hancock’s death and his insolvent estate.

It took 14 years to finally put an end to the ordeal. Since 2014, Rinehart’s relationship with both her son John and her daughter Bianca has been strained, and she did not attend either of their weddings. Rinehart did not attend either of her children’s weddings.

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Conclusion: Gina Rinehart Net Worth

She owns opulent properties in a number of cities across Australia, as well as an entire fleet of opulent automobiles and a private jet for trips. She contributes much to charitable causes, although she plays down the significance of her work.

It is rumored that Rinehart funded the building of an orphanage in Cambodia, demonstrating her dedication to the advancement of women’s rights.

In addition to this, she is very active in the fight against human trafficking and provides financial support for the education of deserving and underprivileged young women.


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