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Larry Page Net Worth 2024 | Salary, Cars, House, Income

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Larry Page Net Worth 2024: summery

  • In December 2019, Larry Page stepped down from his role as CEO of Alphabet, the company that is the parent of Google. The page will continue to serve on the board of directors and is the company’s majority shareholder.
  • In 1998, he and Sergey Brin, who was also a student at Stanford at the time, established Google.
    Along with Brin, Page was responsible for the development of the algorithm known as PageRank, which is used by Google’s search engine.
  • Page served as CEO of Google until 2001, when Eric Schmidt took over, and then again from 2011 until 2015, when he became CEO of Google’s new parent company, Alphabet. Schmidt took over as CEO of Google in 2001.
  • He was a founding investor in the space exploration business Planetary Resources and is currently sponsoring the “flying vehicle” startups Kitty Hawk and Opener in addition to being an investor in Planetary Resources.

Larry Page net worth

What Is Larry Page net worth And Salary?

Larry Page is an American entrepreneur who has a net worth of a billion dollars because of the fact that he started the company Google. As of the time this article was written, Larry Page Net Worth was estimated to be $103 billion.

The most famous accomplishment of Larry Page is his role as co-founder and former CEO of the online behemoth Alphabet.

Alphabet is the parent company of multiple subsidiary firms, one of which being the search engine Google. While each of them was pursuing their Ph.D. degrees at Stanford, Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google together.

Larry Page Net worth

Name Larry Page
Larry Page Net Worth Net Worth (2022) $131 Billion
Larry Page Net Worth In Indian Rupees Rs. 9.90 Lakh Crore
Profession American business magnate, computer scientist, and Internet entrepreneur
Monthly Income And Salary $1 Billion +
Yearly Income And Salary $8 Billion +
Yearly Salary In Indian Rupees Rs.60,000 Crore +

Early Life

On March 26, 1973, Larry Page was born in East Lansing, Michigan, which is best known as the location of Michigan State University. It has been said that his grandfather, Carl Victor Page Sr., was a pioneer in the field of computer science.

In his early years, Larry enjoyed tinkering with computers and constructing various contraptions. Between the years 1975 and 1979, he was a student at Okemos Montessori School. Following that, he received his diploma from East Lansing High School in the year 1991.

While Larry was still in high school, he spent two summers at an art camp known as the Interlochen Center for the Arts, where he focused on improving his skills on the saxophone.

At the University of Michigan, where he studied computer engineering during his undergraduate career, he was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science.

Google IPO

On August 20, 2004, Google became a publicly traded corporation under the leadership of CEO Eric Schmidt. Schmidt had been brought in to transform the firm into a legitimate enterprise. Before Larry took over as CEO in 2011, Schmidt had served in that capacity since the company’s founding.

He held the position of CEO until December 2019, when he and Sergey both decided to stand down from their roles with the firm.

They continue to control a majority of the business and are on the board, but neither one of them works for the company on a day-to-day basis. Sundar Pichai took over as CEO after he was ousted. Revenue for the corporation currently tops more than 130 billion dollars annually.

He is presently one of the wealthiest persons in the world as well as one of the wealthiest online entrepreneurs in the history of the internet.

In 2004, Larry Page was awarded the Maxim Foundation Prize as well as received an honorary MBA from IE Business School.

Other professional groups have also recognized Larry Page for his achievements (the highest award available in the field of engineering).

In addition to that, he is a Fellow of the Marconi Foundation at Columbia University, and he just received an honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Michigan. Page, along with Google co-founder and close friend Sergey Brin, is deeply involved in a wide variety of charitable activities.

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In 1995, while Larry was a student at Stanford, he crossed paths with Sergey Brin, a researcher who was working on a project.

By the year 1996, Larry and Sergey had already developed their very first search engine, which they dubbed “BackRub,” and it ran only on servers located at Stanford for a number of months.

The two individuals made the decision that they wish to make their concept into existence, and Andy Bechtolsheim, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, contributed significantly to this endeavor by giving them a cheque for one hundred thousand dollars.

The year 1998 marked the beginning of the company’s existence, and that same year, the name was changed to the illustrious moniker that it still has to this day:

Google. In 2001, Eric Schmidt was promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer, and the other employees were given the title of President of Technology or President of Products.

Orkut, a social networking website, and Google Desktop Search were both introduced by the website in the year 2004. They then proceeded to hold the Initial Public Offering later on in that same year, which immediately resulted in them becoming billionaires.

2005 was the year that saw the release of Google Maps, Google Reader, and Blogger Mobile, in addition to the company’s acquisition of YouTube.

In 2007, Google worked together with China Mobile and on a project. At the same time, the company inked an agreement to make Google’s educational tools accessible to students in Kenya and Rwanda.

They introduced Google Sites in 2008, which was the most recent version of Google Earth. The following year, in 2009, they introduced Google Latitude, which was yet another version of Google Earth, as well as Google Ventures.

The Google Apps Marketplace was built by the company in 2010, and in 2011 Larry Page was appointed as the company’s new CEO. Eric Schmidt was promoted to the position of executive chairman.

As of the month of July 2022, Larry Page Net Worth of $103 billion, placing him among the top ten wealthiest people on the planet.

Page and Brin have taken a step back from their roles at Google and Alphabet.

Page and Brin began working on Google in 1996 while they were both Ph.D. students at Stanford University.

At the time, there was an unofficial “third founder” who helped them get the firm off the ground but left before it became a corporation. It has quickly become the website with the most visitors on the entire planet.

The alphabet was established as a holding company by the two individuals in 2015. Its primary function is to oversee the operations of Google as well as its other businesses, such as Waymo, DeepMind, and Sidewalk Labs.

Page took over as chief executive officer of the new corporation, while Brin was elected president of the business. Page chose Sundar Pichai to succeed him as CEO of Google and he accepted the position.

In 2019, Page and Brin declared their intention to leave Alphabet, and they nominated Pichai as CEO of the company.

According to a report by Hugh Langley of Insider, Pichai continues to have regular consultations with the cofounders, despite the fact that they have taken a more hands-off attitude.

Larry Page Net Worth Summary

Because of his roughly 6% investment in Alphabet, Larry Page Net Worth is $103 billion attributable to the company. As a result of their ownership of super-voting shares, Larry and Sergey have control over 51% of the voting rights in the corporation.

Since the first public offering of the firm in 2004, Larry has disposed of almost $9 billion worth of shares in both Alphabet and Google.

Page is the owner of shares in Alphabet’s Class A, Class B, and Class C, with his holdings encompassing 20 million shares of the company’s Class C stock. The Carl Victor Page Memorial Fund, which is part of Larry’s family foundation, has jurisdiction over assets valued at more than one billion dollars’ worth that were contributed by Larry.


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