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Top 15+ Best Udemy Courses To Enroll In 2024– (Handpicked)

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In this post, we have featured  Is Best Udemy Courses To Enroll In which includes detailed insights into Is Best Udemy Courses To Enroll In. So let’s dive in.

If you are a student and searching for a good course whether it is technical, software skills, or a piece of music and the graphic designing course you are in the right place. I am here to give you a detailed review of Best Udemy Courses.

If you are not familiar with Udemy and want to know more about it, I am here to give you 15 top and popular courses used worldwide by the students to study online by some excellent and amazing professionals and tutors. 

Udemy provides you with more than 70 courses if you want to learn any programming language or want to master in any drawing or photography field. Udemy provides you good support and detailed study about your desires course.

Udemy brought up a huge scheme for those people who find it harder to study their desired courses because of their busy schedule but Udemy offers you this course at a cheap price with full access to the course and many excellent features.

In this article, I am going to give you some information about every course I have found useful, and below you will know every course’s features, pricing, customer support, and reviews. 

About Udemy

Udemy is one of the best and most popular online learning platforms. There are an unimaginable number of courses available here. I can assure you, you name the course and it’ll be on Udemy.

It is not just convenient to study online but also cost-effective. All the courses on Udemy offer heavy discounts and are available at a very reasonable price. 

You’d go course-hunting anywhere around you and have to pay a hefty sum for it as well, along with having to travel back and forth daily. Udemy makes life very easy for eager learners.

All the courses are certified. You require certain qualifications and a level of knowledge before you can upload a course on Udemy, so the quality is very high. 

All the courses have a well-prepared syllabus, video tutorials, written material to study, and quizzes and assignments at the end of each session as well. You will get all the benefits of a full-time course with a Udemy course, at your convenience.

At the end of your chosen course, owing to these quizzes and assignments, you will also be assessed on your knowledge and then you’ll be given a certificate.

 So now, post-completion, you will be certified and trained to use your newly-learned skills in your field. Awesome, isn’t it! I love that Udemy makes everything so easy.

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The course-makers are wonderful and knowledgeable, the material is of international grade and helps you connect with experts globally. 

You can also get in touch with the tutors to clarify your doubts, ask for help, or even congratulate and thank them for having made a good and helpful course. So let’s jump into the details and find out a little more about Udemy as a platform itself and a few of the best courses it has to offer.

List Of The 15+ Best Udemy Course 2024

1.Complete Python Boot Camp

About Udemy Python

This course teaches you all about Python 2 and 3. You will learn advanced features of Python and cover complicated topics, understand how to create GUIs in the Jupyter Notebook System.

By the end of the course, you will be a pro at creating and designing games and applications. The average length of this course is 21 hours and 33 minutes. It consists of 22 sections and is covered in 152 lectures.

This course has 21.5 hours worth of videos that you can watch any time you wish. Once you purchase this, you will have lifetime access to it. 

Best Udemy Courses - Python Bootcamp

Python is one of the most advanced and popular languages available in courses. The Bootcamp is always there to instruct you step by step about the course even if you are a beginner in this programming language.

Starting with the basics of your course and then step by step moving in advanced topics and concepts will be helpful for you to learn in the correct sequence.

I would appreciate it that the courses and their lessons are provided in a practical sequence and test your current learning process with the quizzes, assignments, and projects.


This course is originally available for Rs. 8,640, but Udemy offers it with a 92% discount. So the amount you have to pay is just Rs. 700. There is a 30-day refund guarantee in case you do not like the course after having purchased it.


  • Complete python boot camp is much cheaper and inexpensive in comparison with the other Udemy courses. The average costs and expenses involved in Bootcamp training charge about $9,900 while the other courses cost about $75 to $ even saves our time, effort, and most importantly money.
  • It offers a great learning experience and environment. It helps you to polish and enhance your skills simply through proper training tutorials and development growth activities.


  • It does not incorporate an adequate and viable knowledge base and understanding specifically in the fields of computer science. It lacks the right and required delivery of information. It does not provide a brief and in-depth theoretical proficiency.
  • It does not offer great job or employment opportunities or placements in comparison to the Udemy courses. This is concerning my own experience.

2.Excel from Beginner to Advanced


As the name suggests, this course covers the A to Z of Microsoft Excel versions 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 as well as Excel 365. You can build a strong foundation of understanding of Excel by learning about its basic as well as advanced functions.

You will also have access to a professional Excel trainer with more than 10 years of experience to help you out in your journey of learning. This course is divided into 4 sections and has 17 hours worth of video tutorials and 2 articles.

Best Udemy Courses - MS Excel  

Python is one of the most advanced and popular languages available in courses.

The Bootcamp is always there to instruct you step by step about the course even if you are a beginner in this programming language. Starting with the basics of your course and then step by step moving in advanced topics and concepts will be helpful for you to learn in the correct sequence.

I would appreciate it that the courses and their lessons are provided in a practical sequence and test your current learning process with the quizzes, assignments, and projects.


This course is available for you at Rs. 710. Although the original price is Rs. 8,460, it is available to you at a discount of 92%. There is a 30-day refund guarantee if you do not like it after purchasing. 


  • The characteristic features of excel from beginner to advanced is fully packed and equipped with innumerable awesome, tremendous, and incredible features. I have been using this, and trust me, this course overpowers features of other courses.
  • The functionality and operation are extremely easy and susceptible. The interface is customer friendly and guesses what excel will always be one of the best and profound tools meant for spreadsheets.


  • It consists of troublesome macro features, it hampers the work and we can’t reverse and undo the changes, alterations, or modifications.
  • Some versions even create disturbances in the middle in a Haphazard way, it restricts the smooth functioning of the program and procedure which turns out to be quite annoying and upsetting.

3. Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers


This course created by the Cloud Telecom team helps you to become a trained computer programmer by learning appropriate Java skills. It has six practice tests having 602 questions in total. You will have full-time access to the course after purchasing it.

Best Udemy Courses - Java Programming

I found something interesting about this course is that the whole is designed and handled by some of the Java programmers who are not only experts but also are coders who are practically experienced in the market for the past many years.

You will also be awarded and certified after the completion of your course as a java developer. 


With an 80% discount, you get this course, which is originally priced at Rs. 3,520, at Rs. 700. There is a 30-day refund guarantee as well.


  • The course offered and taught are even available in various other translations and interpretations, which has made it extremely popular and well known among the world. Yes, it does share it’s a specialty in this respect.
  • The lessons and teachings regarding java programming help students and learners to dive deep to the core of Java development helping them in absolute understanding and comprehension. The required course is even made available to all the students and beginners.


  • Certain exercises and training are irritating, unsettling, and aggravating to finish the allotted task.
  • The video tutorials and content offered to consume a lot of data, which halts the Internet connectivity, which will eventually create some disturbances because of which we have a fear of lagging in our lessons.

4.The Complete Digital Marketing Course 12 in 1


This course created by Rob Percival, Daragh Walsh, and Codestars focuses on master digital and social media marketing strategy, SEO, Facebook, Email, and Youtube marketing strategies as well as Analytics and so much more.

It has 12 courses in one so it is your go-to choice if you want to learn all about digital marketing. 

Best Udemy Courses - Digital Marketing

The course will teach you how to create a WordPress website for your business and how to define your visitors which can help you build up your business.

The course comes with 36.5 hours of duration which includes 351 lectures with lifetime access to the course and 21 articles and a downloadable resource. The complete digital marketing course: 12 in 1 is one of the most purchased digital marketing programs by 150,000+ students. 


This course is originally priced at Rs. 8,640 but you get it at a whopping 92% discount and the discounted price is Rs. 710. There is also a 30-day refund guarantee along with it. 


  • This Udemy course will help you to get good job placements and better employment opportunities. It will even facilitate you to earn higher money. It will help you to act and behave professionally.
  • Digital marketing isn’t rigid with its work timings, as it is quite flexible and adaptable. This work can be facilitated as work from home, being present at the desired location isn’t a necessary option.


  • We tend to come dependent on so-called technological innovation. It even does not promise us privacy and safety.
  • It even creates loads of competition within domains and spheres of the digital marketing world.

5. Angular the Complete Guide 2024 Edition


Created by Maximilian Schwarzmuller, the complete Angular course will make you a pro at building amazingly responsive web applications. It covers the A to Z of the Master Angular 10.

There are 41 articles and 33.5 hours worth of video material that covers topics like developing modern and complicated web applications, understanding the architecture behind it and using it, etc.

The course is divided into 32 sections and is covered over 455 lectures with an average time of 33 hours and 34 minutes.

Best Udemy Courses - Angular

In this Udemy course, you will learn developed modern, and complex networking uses with angular 8 and you will learn from the fundamentals of uses and structure about angular 8.

As a frontend developer, you can establish an account on angular 8 and you will learn how to use Javascript and build up a single-page app. There’s no need to learn any kind of basic technical knowledge like CSS and HTML for learning this course.

The working codes, libraries for your documents are available.  


This course is available to you at Rs. 710 with a discount of 92% on its original price of Rs. 8,640, and a 30-day refund guarantee.


  • Angular the complete guide 2020 edition helps you in enabling to develop more detailed, receptive, and other web-related applications only via angular.
  • We even would be taught regarding the designated functionality and operation behind the angular course.


  • Angular is amazing for designing and constructing web applications. But the major disadvantage it comprises is regarding the option of search engine optimization.
  • The functioning behind the angular is quite difficult and different, only a person with adequate knowledge and its usage can be an expert in its operation.

6. The complete financial analyst course


This course is created by the 365 Careers team. It contains top to bottom information about Microsoft Excel, accounting, analysis of the financial statement, business, financial math, and PowerPoint.

It is quite an extensive course with 18 hours of demand video material and 13 articles. It is updated to September 2020 so you can be sure of its state-of-the-art latest and relevant material.

Best Udemy Courses - Financial Analyst

This feature mostly focuses on making your basics strong and looking forward to giving you more practical and tons of knowledge. The course comes with some interesting animations, videos, and gifs for better understanding.

You’ll start from the beginning with all your doubts clear and with good support from the tutors and case studies will be provided by the lessons and knowledge of every lesson. The price is very cheap and affordable.  


Get this course for Rs. 780 after a discount of 92% on its original price of Rs. 9,600.


  • The pros as incorporated under the financial analyst course are designed in such a way as stimulating and enabling the course to render us different ways to enhance our business, enabling us to design meaningful and informative presentations, offer a good salary. And much more.
  • It will direct you to have access to the most important and influential information we need to work with, looking after confidential information, and it will help us to reap bonuses.


  • The work included in this sphere consumes long working hours, stressful situations, immediate responses, and much more.
  • We need to focus, direct, and concentrate on every minute detail of the work with appropriate attention, alertness, and watchfulness.

7. An Entire MBA in one-course award-winning business school


This course is a revelation created by Chris Haroun. It contains all that you need to know about business management right from a start-up to an IPO. You can learn to start a company from scratch. This is the number one bestselling business course on Udemy. 

Best Udemy Courses - Entire MBA

In this course, you will study in detail the investment, banking, economics, and management of all the business-related works. The course provides you all the required concepts transparently and understandably, you also have chances to reach heights by becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The duration of this course is 8 hours with 83 lectures and 33 articles with full access to the overall course and also 65 resources download available 


Get this course at Rs. 700 which is a discounted price of 92% on Rs. 8,640.


  • The most popular and well-known MBA course will help you to understand and build the financial model, community for customers, helping in the analysis, and teaching you how to facilitate investments appropriately for your business.
  • As an MBA aspirant, this course will initially highlight the significance of management, teaching you the difference and disparity between micro and macroeconomics tutoring learners about marketing and business. It will give them a wider perspective and view in dealing with the financial or marketing world.


  • Learning about the MBA courses can fetch you higher costs and expenses, we even fear the adequate tutorial of skill development.
  • Some of the MBA students tend to gain loads of theoretical interpretation of management techniques but they forget to adopt and adapt themselves with the same traits and aspects practically.

8. Artificial Intelligence A to Z. Learn how to build an AI 


This course was designed by a large team of creators such as Hadelin de Ponteves, Kiril Eremenko, Luka Anacin, and SuperDataSaver Teams. As the name suggests it teaches you everything you need to know to understand and build an Artificial Intelligence application. It is divided into 19 sections and 120 lectures with an average duration of 16 hours and 30 minutes in total. 

Best Udemy Courses - Artificial Intelligence

If you want to learn the overall theory behind Artificial Intelligence this course is best for you, it comes with some features like depth knowledge of Q-learning, construction of AI and you can even resolve the basic problems of your surrounding utilizing AI. 


This course is available at Rs. 700 which is a discounted price of 92% on Rs. 8,640.


  • Artificial Intelligence course is an advanced, intelligent, and more progressive technique that can benefit us as users in autocorrection,

Performs tasks in a spontaneous, automated, and labor-saving way.

  • In total, artificial intelligence will help us to uncover its automated behavior, where it acts as a complete digital assistant performing the tasks for us voluntarily and mechanically faster than what a human does. In reality, it has complete robotic details and functionality. Saving our effort and most importantly time

9. The Complete Web developer 2.0


If you are willing to learn about the technologies and gain knowledge about web development then you must look forward to this course.

The course begins with all the basic languages like HTML, CSS, JS, Node, and then goes to the depth of the high-level content.

It has both theory and practical sessions which makes it convenient for beginners to learn more.

Best Udemy Courses - Web Developer

The course is not much complicated to learn, and also brings out interesting lessons to encourage the beginners, it helps you to mold your knowledge about programming skills. The course has 46 hours of duration and has amazing reviews.

It comes with 389 lectures with 71 articles and you will get full-time access to 85 downloadable resources. 


Get this course at Rs. 700 which is a discounted price of 92% on Rs. 8,640 which is the original price. 


  • As operators and web developers, we can work at our pace with work completed in any way. With proper management of work and the domestic sphere along with enhancing our productivity in each way possible.


  • Having no uniformity and designated work hours can render us lethargic behavior thus, it will disturb the work balance in our lives eventually, letting us succumb to the proper discipline.
  • Working during inadequate hours can lead to the failed submission of the client’s work at required deadlines, sometimes even rendering us overworked.

10. Flutter and Dart the Complete Edition 2024


The Udemy offers an excellent course flutter and dart complete edition which teaches you to flutter and dart skills with full guidance and from the basics.

You can also learn to construct native apps from mobile for iPhones and androids. The features available are google maps, cameras availability in devices, authentication, and many more. 

Best Udemy Courses - Flutter Dart

Not only basics but you can also learn the details and advanced features through this course. The course provides you full accessibility even after completion with 38 articles and 303 downloadable resources, the overall duration of this course is 41 hours. 


This course is available at Rs. 700 although the original price is Rs. 8,640, you get a discount of 92% with a 30-day refund guarantee as well. 


  • Through the features within the course such as hot reload, we can very effortlessly and skillfully make certain changes appropriately.
  • The features as offered within this Udemy course are very exquisite, smooth, steady, and feasible which doesn’t create loads of problems or hampers the functioning of the app.


  • Flutter isn’t a well-known and popular Udemy course till now.
  • The flutter apps do not have and are not accompanied by the web browser until now. The library as offered within flutter is quite insufficient and restrictive.

11. C plus unity game developer 2D


Learning about C++ coding and the techniques are simpler for you through this course, the language is stronger and the course starts with the fundamental knowledge and then goes to the depth of it.

I found this very useful for myself as it provides me the basic knowledge which helps me to get proper learning for advanced skills. 

Best Udemy Courses - Game Developer

You can make your 3D and 2D games version by learning the codings of this language which you can use for your portfolios, you will also learn about the lock and unlock systems. The course is overall 23.5 hours duration with 9 downloadable resources and lifetime access to the course. 


You can get this course for Rs. 740, which is a 92% discount on Rs. 8,960 with a 30-day refund guarantee. 


  • The c plus unity game developer 2d offers more comprehensive and extensive features that highlight the high-quality visuals, games, security in particular.
  • It has an awesome user interface, a wonderful tool for creating games, extremely flexible and it isn’t even expensive, equipped with a library full of awesome assets that saves time and effort.


  • Some of the aspects and features are not good enough in the development of the game, as an operator, I would want to have more updated unity features or traits.
  • Some of the versions can still be improved and enhanced.

12. Sap MM Training in Plain English


The course helps you to understand and complete the whole process of business in SAP MM, you might find yourself messed up in some of the technical words used in the programming language which are not only confusing but also hard to understand.

This course makes it easy for you to cope with those technical words and master your mind for technical languages.

Best Udemy Courses - MM Training

The course has an overall 26 hours of duration, with full access to the course and 27 downloadable resources with 1 article. You will also be certified after the completion of every course. 


Get this course for Rs. 700 which is a discounted price of 92% on the original price which is Rs. 8,640 with a 30-day refund guarantee.


  • It will help you to work with great efficiency, productivity, and will help you to fetch good placements and job opportunities.
  • It will help you to fetch good experiences, which will not only teach you how to become professional but will even enhance your career growth and performance.


  • Sometimes it doesn’t always fulfill the user’s expectations in terms of services. We as users sometimes tend to doubt or become skeptical about its legitimacy.
  • This course sometimes ends up lacking clarity and understanding as required on the part of the student. 

13. The Complete Cybersecurity Course: Network Security


If you are interested in going into the field of online cybersecurity then this course will help you to learn a lot about it, you can learn how to get access to the program, build a career in cybersecurity, will learn the hacks and techniques of programs in advance and study deeply about the security and isolation of computerized details.

The course is 12 hours duration and has full access to the course and also mobile phones and television, full support by the tutors and 1 article and 1 resource downloadable. You will get certified after finishing the course and you will also learn the up-to-date latest technical tips and tricks. 


This course is available to you at Rs. 700 which is a discounted price of 91% on the original price which is Rs. 7,680.


  • This Udemy course will help you to get good jobs and fruitful employment which will fetch you good salaries, this course will mold you in such a manner that will result in enhanced growth.
  • The cybersecurity course is going to teach you new experiences, new things that will let you grasp the valuable and informative details as needed and required. This profession is indeed high in demand.

14. The Ultimate Drawing Course from Beginner to Advanced


If you want to master drawing and arts and want to make your passion your profession then this course is for you.

The course helps you to deal with your weaknesses and helps you to learn the professional arts and you can easily achieve what you desire. You will be provided tons of art knowledge with the basics to the advanced level. 

Best Udemy Courses - Drawing Course

You will also get certified after the completion of your course.

You will have quick access to the first 11 sessions and with good guidance by the course, you can clarify your doubts. The duration of this course is 2 to 3 days and if you are not satisfied with the services by the course, a 30 days money return guarantee feature will help you to skip your course. 


Get this course at Rs. 700 which is a discounted price of 92% off on the original price which is Rs. 8,640. 


  • It will help you grasp the most basic and easy concepts of drawing, helping you to polish your skills and mastery of the art. It will eventually guide you to master your skills in the best ways possible.
  • We are going to learn the fundamental ways to make the most realistic drawings and design the masterpieces to be it knowing textures, shape, or perspective.


  • It turns out to be extremely difficult to be able to undo the changes specifically in the drawing. Redo is impossible
  • While drawing it is extremely difficult to make the layering according to the different patterns and structures. The minute details have to be kept in mind while laying with designs.

15. Ultimate Photoshop Training from Beginner to Pro


If you are interested in photoshops and editing you might have heard about Adobe at least once in your lifetime, it is an excellent and advanced tool used by every editor in the photoshop and editing field.

This course of Udemy will make you learn the tricks and hack from the beginning and in advance.

Best Udemy Courses - PhotoShop Training

During this course, you will also communicate with the experts and also work to gain practical knowledge. The course duration is 1 to 2 weeks with the support of your tutors and also you will be provided with question and answer sessions.


Get this course at Rs. 750 which is a discounted price of 92% on the original price which is Rs. 9,280 and a 30-day refund guarantee.


  • Offers a remarkable choice for the editing of the pictures, it is quite flexible and offers amazing graphic designs, vector styles, and much more to unveil.
  • Photoshop is one of the most prominent and profound editing tools ever created, it is of high market value and demand.


  • Photoshop acquires maximum space and storage. We need to have plenty of space, especially for this photoshop.
  • The functionality behind photoshop is quite complex, it will fetch information to understand the working and the way editing is carried out.

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FAQs On Udemy Courses

✅ Is the Udemy course quite legit?

Udemy is quite legit as it renders and offers us a great learning experience and opportunity to learn new traits, characteristics, and skills. These innumerable courses are excellent and most profound and prominent ones. Customers need to uncover and unleash the wonderful attributes it comprises.

🎉 Are Udemy courses free?

Udemy courses are free and sometimes are offered and rendered to customers with the little relaxation that is given at a discounted price. It offers us the best quality within this limited price base

💼 How can Udemy benefit the amateurs?

Udemy can benefit beginners and learners as they are taught certain informative and resourceful tutorials, letting you have fruitful experiences and eventually you’re going to broaden your knowledge base and brim yourself with a storehouse of information.

⚡ What are the most useful courses on udemy?

Some Top Courses on Udemy are: Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners FREE, 2021 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python, Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming.

👉 Do I get a Printable Certificate?

Yes. Most of the Udemy courses do. Some course providers ship hard copy certificate to your address

💻 What if I miss a class?

All The Udemy Classes are recorded and replayed later.

✅ What if I do not like course I purchased?

Udemy courses offer 30-Day Money Back Guaranteed.

Conclusion: Top 15+ Best Udemy Courses To Enroll In 2024

Therefore, we conclude that Udemy courses provide us with the best 20 promising guides or lessons, helping us to brim ourselves with knowledge, technicality, skills, strategic techniques, required traits, and characteristics.

Udemy has been assured and proved to be the most resourceful and legitimate. I was a user of Udemy courses and loved it while availing of one of the most prominent courses.

The pricing and features are worth the time and use. Trust me, the investment in these viable courses can lead you to gain the best skills with the best techniques.

Yet, Udemy has been the epitome of excellent and most resourceful courses, let us use them to unveil the best features it has to offer.

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