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Checklist to Choose Best Shared Hosting 2024

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Even though you might have to shift to a VPS or dedicated server as time progresses, shared hosting is suitable for a newbie blogger or internet marketer!

Of course, various factors, such as the relatively lower price range, flexibility of usage, etc, account for the trend, and the trend is quite sensible as well.

Just because of the lower requirements, you can see that the number of shared hosting providers is extremely high than that of VPS or dedicated since the latter is having an extensive requirement of infrastructure and management costs.

Due to the proliferating number of such companies, decision-making has become quite a tedious task when you have to select a shared hosting for your blog or website.

We hope you know that shared hosting is the web hosting method, in which the company hosts several websites on the same server through sharing of resources as well as the IP address, and so shared hosting has a lot of problems as well.

However, in order to find the best shared hosting service for you, what you have to do is creating a checklist of factors that should be considered for the selection process.

In this article, we will tell you notable ones of such factors. We are sure that you would able to get the best, shared hosting company if you put these factors in the front position of your checklist.

Reliability and Trustiness of Provider

As a passionate web-based professional, you will never love to see your website in a non-functioning condition due to the issues from the websites. Neither you will like to see an ‘account suspended’ message when you open the home page of your website.

Therefore, before checking the technical section of hosting, such as the server performance or resource availability, you should be careful enough to check the reliability of the hosting service provider.

In other words of simplicity, you can follow some renowned brands in the web hosting industry, and they would be giving the most reliable service as reputation is a kind of obligation towards customers.

However, even if it is a new company, you have the responsibility to ensure the trustiness of the company.

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Customer Support

Customer support is perhaps one of the prominent reasons, why people tend to choose shared hosting rather than the VPS or dedicated server.

Through customer service, you can solve your issues, get expert advice, and do a lot of things using the support of the customer support team of the hosting provider even if you do not actually know the task.

In that sense, you should confirm that the company has a good customer support record and different methods to contact.

For instance, HostGator offers customer support through various methods while some of the other providers do not do so. For the sake of fixing issues while using the server, you should be aware of the presence of a good support team in the provider.

Resources and Availability

After all, you should check how many resources are accessible in your hosting account.
Your primary concern should be the disk space and bandwidth because these two things are going to affect you regardless of the bulkiness of your site or blog. Preferably, it is good to go for an unlimited plan, as you will have no problems in dealing with both these factors.
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