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eCommerce Website Design Inspiration for [year]

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eCommerce store is the way to go in the future. If you have a product and you want to sell it. There’s no better way to that than by opening a website. eCommerce website design can be tricky because it involves a lot of research, user-experience analysis and customer-intent study.

Below design examples will inspire you in designing your e-commerce website in 2020.

Simply Chocolate

An experience that you would remember, there’s no other way to describe the layout of this amazing e-commerce website. Unlike most e-stores, this website has its entire store contents on the home page and you just have to scroll down to see.

This simple design quirk makes it quite easy and after that the magic begins as you scroll down and the effects take over.

Ingredients of every single bar of chocolate and other information start to flow by seamlessly. You can even unwrap the chocolate by clicking n it and with chocolate in its full glory; you will get also see more descriptive content about its nutritious value and ingredients.

All these visuals make it quite a delicious experience to dive into.


Langly ecommerce website design

Langly is store for camera accessories and they specialize in selling the products with high endurance that are required by photographers who often sat their sails for far off lands. Their product appeal to people who like to hike on a mountain before sunrise or go deep inside a jungle for an adventure and their website brings together all these elements.

The website has a navigation bar at you with menu which provides you with many options. You can view all products in shop or get directly to your preferred category. They make sure the incredible photographs don’t let you get away. Some animations are thrown here and there and the website is as good as it gets with constant focus on the products.

Kylie Cosmetics

kylie cosmetics

This is one brand whose name has been uttered in front of you in your life at least once. The famous Kardashian family has a rather big social media following and they utilize that advantage very well. The name of this cosmetic brand is after the fashionable Kylie Jenner. The website is as colorful as it gets.

This website is unique as it has the promotion of a big celebrity as it is her own brand and also her super model sister. The website is generally visited through the social media links and works very well in support. This website has many sections and designed in such a way that the customer sees something amazing while buying anything else.


Kvell is the perfect example of how you can match the product with the design of the website. The brand is famous for selling basic furniture in very minimalistic designs.  The website follows the same pattern as images are not too big and the space which isn’t required is simply of white background.

The website is also full of straight lines like the furniture.

Other irks include when you go into the shopping area where you can get more description about a particular product by just moving the mouse pointer over it. Not that hard to do and simply clever.

The same can be said about the check out pages where the illusion of some sort of progress bar is present which confirms the customer how many steps are remaining giving them a fair idea of the purchasing process.


bellroy site design example

Bellroy is a wallet making company that beliefs in introducing some innovation in the market. Their website also follows the suit by having some innovative and rather interesting features. They have a certain ‘Slim You Wallet’ page which tells you how much narrow your wallet can get in comparison with some other brands or normal wallets.

The comparison page comes with a slider and this helps in getting to your perfect wallet depending upon the number of things you carry. This is designed cleverly as you can see the comparison and not help but think how good a offering you are getting.



This website is a perfect example of how big an e-commerce store can get. The website is designed to show its complexity and all the things that they have to offer. The website has all the options that you look for with navigation bars and categories and subcategories to various pages that go deeper into the site.

ASOS gets massive associations with social media influencers to promote their items. The descriptive content along with the products is a good addition. The simple things of social media links and other checkout related animation are also present. What gets the cake is that the strategy to introduce trends works well with this website.

100% Pure

The design of the website is generally closer to what product the website is offering. 100% Pure is not different in this case. The design here is kept simple and some style is added along with descriptive content.

The navigation is designed in such a way that a customer needing something can get there in various ways.

This can seem complex to first-time users but doesn’t seem a big deal. The sections are also designed in a way that they attract you with different headings. You also get various subcategories that let users get to their filtered results with the desired output. To top it all off, they also have their own beauty blog, where the content is managed in accordance with the website.


Grovemade ecommerce site

Grovemade is known for the office related equipment and accessories. They make most of their products from wood. The website is also designed in a way that you make feel a little personal with all the equipment.

The images shown remind customers of having their personal office or working space at the home.

The website is unique in a way that every product has a segment where the product is shown in positions with other items and how that would look in your office. The navigation menu is collapsible and the sub-categories are present for a better navigation through the site.


The hunt for comfortable underwear takes us to foreign lands or probably a website. MeUndies made a name for itself by selling the most comfortable underwear that you could find.

The approach of the company is simple; provide the customers with what they need hopefully with a little flair. That’s what they also do with their website.

The website is a little retro style designed with the homepage leading the way to different sections and wherever the customer wants to go. After choosing a particular style or color, the option to filter results is also present on the left side bar.

Since the product they are selling is a basic one but a necessary object, the same is felt with the website by users. The website does not make it complicated and anyone can have the undergarments to their choice.

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Wrapping Up

You can create an e-commerce store in so many ways and that’s what makes it so difficult. There is no perfect formula for success but you can check off some points for a better working website. With all these examples, you can build a successful e-commerce store.


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