Serena Williams Masterclass Review 2023 | Is It Worth For Tennis Players?

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In this post, we’ll talk about Serena Williams Masterclass Review. Serena Jameka Williams is an American tennis player. The women’s tennis federation (WTA) reached the world rankings eight times between 2002 and 2017.

Bottom Line: Serena Williams Masterclass is one of the best masterclasses we’ve seen for tennis. Serena obviously knows how to fight, and her basic explanations are easy to understand.

She insists that you have to master these basic principles through many exercises instead of looking for more analytical instructions if your keystrokes do not work well.

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She reached the top of the rankings on July 8, 2002. For the sixth time, she won the ranking in 186 consecutive weeks This corresponds to the record of Steffi Graf.

Overall, she has been number 1 for 319 weeks, taking third place in the “open era” between the players behind Graf and Martina Navratilova.

Serena Williams has most Grand Slam titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles in combination with active players. Their top 39 titles occupy third place in the list of all times and second place in the Open: 23 singles, 14 women, and two mixed doubles.

She is the youngest player to win all four Grand Slam titles at the same time (2002-03 and 2014-15) and the third player to do so twice after Rod Laver and Graf. She is also the last player to win a Grand Slam title on any surface (hard, clay and grass) in a calendar year.

Together with her sister Venus, she is the newest player to win the four titles of the Women’s Grand Slam (2009-10).

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serena williams masterclass

Her total of 23 Grand Slam singles titles is the record for most victories in Grand Slam tournaments at the time of the Open, and he is second on the list ever behind Margaret Court.

She won a record of 13 Grand Slam titles on a hard court. Williams holds the Open Era record for most of the Australian Open titles and shares the Open Era record for most of the US Open titles with Chris Evert.

He also holds the all-time record for most individual women’s games won in 337 big games.

Personal Opinion On Serena Williams Masterclass 

Overall, I enjoyed the Serena Williams Masterclass. Serena is an engaging teacher and has a lot of great advice to offer. The course is well-organized and provides a lot of helpful information.

Williams is an incredible athlete and her MasterClass is full of great information for tennis players of all levels. However, I found that some of the drills were too challenging for me and weren’t appropriate for my current level of play.

That said, it’s not perfect. Some of the exercises require special equipment or a partner, which may be difficult for some people to replicate. And while the course is great for beginners, it could also be useful for more experienced players who want to refine their skills.

However, there are also some drawbacks to consider. For one, the price tag is rather high compared to other online courses. Additionally, this course may not be suitable for everyone – particularly those who are not already familiar with tennis. Overall, though, I thought this was an excellent course and it gave me a lot of insight into what it takes to be a champion tennis player.


  • An exclusive look at the training routines of one of the greatest tennis players in the world
  • Includes discussions on issues that are rarely included in other sports courses.
  • Lessons that can be applied to mentality and motivation that are universal
  • Teaching that is charismatic as well as engaging


  • A few lessons felt unstructured
  • Some techniques could be expanded upon

Serena Williams Early Life

Serena Williams was born in Saginaw, Michigan, by Oracene Price and Richard Williams, and is the youngest of five daughters prize. She also has at least seven half-brothers and sisters. When the kids were little, the family moved to Compton, California, where Williams started playing tennis at the age of four.

Her father brought up Serena and her sister Venus at home. While she and her mother later became official coaches, other mentors helped her understand the game, including Richard Williams, a man named Compton, who gave his father’s name and later founded the Venus and Serena American Tennis Championships.

When Williams was nine years old, she and her family moved from Compton to West Palm Beach, Florida to attend Rick Macci’s Tennis Academy. Macci has started offering additional training.

International Recognition

In 1995 she became a professional tennis player. Out of 304th place, the way to rank was opened in the top 100 on the 99th place, No. beat 7 in the world and number 4 in the world before the semi-final place loses 1 world. 5

In 1998, his tennis career began with a mixed doubles win at Wimbledon and the US Open. The sisters won two more titles in doubles. Finished the ranking of the year at position 20.

In 1999 she won a double victory with his sister at the French Open & Us Open.

It also surpassed Martina Hingis and became the winner of the finals of the singles tournament of the US Open Grand Slam, the second African American woman ever to win. She finished the year with the world No. 4 rank.

Serena Williams Masterclass Review- awards

In 2000, William’s sisters not only won the first Wimbledon title but also maintained their first victory at the Sydney Olympics, where they won a gold medal in doubles.

The following year, they created the story of winning the doubles title at the Australian Open, the fifth-doubles team will win all four doubles title Grand Slam women. He lost the US Open against his sister Venus in the final.

At the end of the year, his ranking was ranked No. 1 in the world rankings. 6

The year 2002 was spectacular for Serena, who won the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. In the final of these three Grand Slam Championships, he beat his sister Venus Williams.

As a result of these victories, she did not pocket the world. 1 rank, dethrones his sister from first place. He teamed with Venus Williams to win the women’s doubles title at Wimbledon.

In 2003 she won the Australian Open and prevailed against his sister again in the final. By winning the Australian Open she succeeded as the only fifth woman the rare feat of getting all single Grand Slam titles at the same time.

The other authors of this exploit are Maureen Connolly Brinker, Margaret Court, Steffi Graf, and Martina Navratilova.

This exploit has been described by the press as “Serena Slam”. She also won doubles titles at the Australian Open in collaboration with her sister.

Serena Williams Masterclass Review 2023

The lesson begins with an introduction in which Serena explains that she hopes her lessons will allow the viewer to have a better game on each forehead, from the right side to the back and the mental side of the sport.

She also describes the general configuration of the classes, with pictures of Serena’s training mixed with official games she has played in the past.

Serena’s Masterclass Course Comes With 10 lessons Module:

  • Introduction
  • Groundstroke Fundamentals
  • Mastering Groundstrokes
  • Controlling the Court
  • Mental Toughness
  • NetPlay
  • Training
  • Game Day
  • Making of a Winner
  • The Serve

Then the real tennis lessons begin, starting with the basics of bashing, followed by their mastery. Serena explains her methods in detail and is supported by excellent slow-motion shots of her training, which immediately put her words on the tennis court into action. Your top advice on bottom hits successfully?

Topspin, Topspin, and even more Topspin. She explains that as a long-standing specialist, she still has a lot to do to improve this department and that she needs to equip her back with a more even lapel.

The foundations are followed by more advanced techniques such as footwork, back, and posture. In this area, the humor element comes into play. Serena laughs and explains how she beats her opponent’s back with big breasts because it’s harder for her to get her arms right in position.

Below are sections on Terrain Control, Mental Resistance, Networking, and Training. Serena talks about turning the defense into an attack and saving shots for a simple winner.

The most important element is anticipation, which recommends training with speed exercises.

An interesting idea he shares is that the most logical option seems to be to hit the weaker side of the opponent, but this shot is recommended to her strong side as they are not used to it and he throws them back.

As long as you do not do too much, keep it vigilant and guess what you will do.

Serena calls 70% mental tennis. She explains, in order to gain mental strength, it is important to think only at one point and not to think about the score. Just one point and focus on it.

The section about the network game is not very extensive. Serena is not known for her careers on the network.

However, it explains how you can get rid of your opponent on the Internet and that it is most important to take part in volleyball and keep your head. low. in the ball.

The training section starts with Serena and tells them what started as a girl. After that, she explains that she does the fieldwork with different exercises, game situations, and fitness exercises, but that she also mixes with dance. , Stay in shape, because it is more comfortable than running. Finally, she shares her eating habits, which are also very important in staying in shape.

Serena Williams Masterclass Review- how to start

The final classes cover the day’s routines, goals, and motivations, and finally, the service that is Serena’s most impressive factor, being and being the best female server of all time 5’9 “Serena explains how she looks at the games and what makes her go out again and again so she can win all those Grand Slam tournaments.

She thinks the service is the best one of the hardest hits tennis has to do is not be able to use your opponent’s rhythm Generate everything yourself, it generally describes its service technology and its indicators will certainly improve its own service, the advice The Serena MasterClass provides a sensitive insight into the Serena spirit and will certainly not only beginners but also those who know it wants to be of use the mentality of a legendary athlete.

Learn Serena GroundStrokes Shots

After the introduction, the first two lessons focus on success in the groundstrokes. We all know that these are Serena’s weapons, as they can easily touch and undo the winners as soon as they are in a good position.

Here are some important instructions from Serena that I really liked. These are real gems to learn the strokes if you really pay attention to what she says.

She asks the observer:

  • As you prepare, turn right and use your weight when shooting if you strike to the right instead of using your arm frequently.
  • During the aftercare, hold your elbow up so that you can easily lift the ball over the net.
  • Finish the long chase as this will help you to play the ball deep.
  • Keep your head steady even after contact, as you will stay in balance throughout the movement
  • To improve your two-handed setback, have someone feed you balls and only beat them with your non-dominant hand (left for the right-handed), as the opposite applies only to your non-dominant hand.

Serena’s Tips on Mental Toughness

Serena believes that 70% of top tennis is mental and claims that she won all Grand Slam finals because she is mentally very tough.

Serena Williams Masterclass Review- mental toughness

Here are some golden nuggets from this section:

  • Take the lead of your opponent so that he begins to doubt his ability to win this game.
  • Being physically fit can lift your mental game to a whole new level.
  • Imagine that you are down at 3.30 pm and have a second service in practice.
  • When you try to get back to the game, remember that this is not the end of the world: take a deep breath and play step by step.
  • Eliminate the fear by hitting the ball as hard as possible. Even if you miss a few shots, the fear will eventually disappear.
  • Stay very serious and focused during the training, and it’s the same mentality that gets transferred to the games.
  • Being angry prevents you from thinking clearly. Therefore, it is essential that you calm down.
  • Forget the mistakes; Do not keep it in your head, but learn it.

About Masterclass

The masterclass is an exclusive online education platform created in 2015 by Aaron Rasmussen and film editor and director David Rogier in 2015 that allows students and learners from across the globe to connect with leading creative professionals Entrepreneur, top influencers, and award-winning personalities from the art industry including Oscar award and Grammy award-winning filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, Multi-billion dollar grossing directors, and many more.


Masters at Masterclass

The masterclass is a great way of learning online from top creators as it brings in the best influencers from the art industry under one platform.

The platform gives you the opportunity to learn various forms of arts like Creative Writing, Photography, Directing, Cooking Techniques, Acting, Music, and much more from an elite list of masters like:

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Serena Williams Tennis
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R.L. Stine Writing

And many more!

Masterclass Pricing Plans

There are two ways by which you can purchase a Masterclass, a single Masterclass and an All-Access Pass for any of the gurus on the platform.


  • Single Masterclass: $90
  • All-Access Pass: $180 per year

The All-Access Pass comes in real handy when you wish to take more than one Masterclass, so this means that there is no limit on the number of Masterclasses on the All-Access Pass. Buy this pass with Masterclass Coupon Code.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is also available for any of the Masterclass packages you purchase and you will get a complete refund of the amount in case you are not satisfied with their services.

Mobile apps: Access Serena Williams MasterClass on the go

Access your Masterclass lessons anywhere on the go by downloading the Masterclass app for your iOS or Android device for free from the App Store and Play Store. Save lessons as favorites, adjust the playback speed and watch them anytime you want to.

Serena Williams Masterclass Review

Serena Williams Masterclass Review

Super excited to be learning from the G.O.A.T.!!!! I am totally new to tennis (two lessons in) and am pumped to learn all I can!  -Tash M.

I am so excited to take this Master Class. I have had the opportunity to take The Bollettieri Method! I am interested to see how Miss Serena expands on Mr. Bollettieri’s coaching. Such an honor to learn from the best.  -John H.

FAQs | Serena Williams MasterClass Review

🤔 Is MasterClass Worth The Money?

The answer depends on what kind of educational experience you are planning ahead to get. If you want to learn independently, then MasterClass is the perfect option for you. All of the classes are perfectly organized and filled with information. As a result, you can learn your favorite subject at your own pace. You can get either one episode at a time, or you can binge-watch a whole course series just like you do on Netflix. The quality of their course is also pretty high, and the instructions have credibility. So you can be sure that you are experiencing quality learning. Also, it does not cost you way too much. So yes, it is definitely worth your money.

🙋‍♀️ How Much Does MasterClass Cost?

There are two plans that MasterClass has. You can either go for the individual to pass or go with the all-access pass. With the individual pass, you will only be able to access one course at a single time. Also, each course costs you $90. While the all-access pass costs you $180 in a year and it allows you to browse all the website content without any restrictions.

🤷‍♂️ Does MasterClass Give Any Certificates?

As of now, MasterClass does not offer any certificate to their students on course completion. However, they do send their students an email confirming that they have completed the course. The email will feature a congratulatory message along with some tips on how to further use the site to continue your studies.

✅ Does MasterClass Have A Free Trial?

MasterClass used to provide a free trial in the past. However, back in August 2018, they stopped giving out free trials. And this is no longer available.

🔥 Is MaterClass Any Good?

In a single sentence answer, yes, the MasterClass is good. You will get a comprehensive video course from a world-class successful person in their specific field. So you already know that you are going to get quality information. Also, the website covers a wide range of topics. The topics range from tennis to comedy to acting to singing to writing. Also, the website is bringing new topics now and then. Plus, with just a one-year subscription, you will get to access different topics and learn something new. Also, it is pretty affordable compared to many platforms available out there.

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Conclusion: Serena Williams MasterClass Review 2023

The Serena Williams Masterclass Course includes many more sections and very useful tips for improving your game. I have only mentioned those who have really excelled and because of their simplicity can quickly apply them to your game.

In this class, Serena does not analyze every part of her technique by gradually subdividing it. So it’s very complicated what you can find on YouTube today.

There are many online tennis instructors who, in their quest to simplify the game, analyze every detail of the best technique and unfortunately make it much more complicated than it is.

Serena Williams Masterclass Review- is it worth?

Serena obviously knows how to fight, and her basic explanations are easy to understand.

However, she insists that you have to master these basic principles through many exercises instead of looking for more analytical instructions if your keystrokes do not work well.

To sum up, I was pleasantly surprised by Serena’s willingness to take an informative video course and so generously dealt with her time and tips on how to handle pressure and how she works, how to prepare matches, and much more.

I hope you like Serena Williams MasterClass Review 2023 and let me know if you have been part of Serena Williams MasterClass how is your experience please share in the comments below!

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