Stephen Curry Masterclass Review 2023: Is it Really Worth To Invest ??

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In this post we’ll talk about Stephen Curry Masterclass Review, Basketball is a sport that millions of people in this world follow. Boys and girls of all ages fancy the sport and keenly follow globally acclaimed basketball events and tournaments like NBA and WNBA.

Bottom Line: Stephen Curry Masterclass is one of the best masterclasses we’ve seen for shooting & ball-handling. The masterclass of Stephen Curry is a must for any Basketball player.

He takes you through the training program that made him into an excellent shooter, ball-handler, and player of the world level.

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Talking of NBA, boys adore the sport like hell and idolize so many of the players who become stars as they perform on that platform. One such internationally admired NBA star is Stephen Curry!

A highly decorated player of the sport, Curry has been appreciated for his skills with 29 awards, in just 11 years as a pro player. The list includes being an NBA All-Star 6 times. His rise up the ranks has been remarkable.

He has achieved so much throughout his sporting career that today he is ready to tell the world how it is done!

So, unsurprisingly Stephen Curry has started his own Masterclass to teach people to become basketball pros like him. All you have to do is to put in the work, get your mechanics right, and practice until everything you need becomes second nature.

There’s so much more to his Shooting, Ball handling, and Scoring Masterclass. Let’s dig deeper into it!

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Table of Contents

Stephen Curry Masterclass Review: Shooting, Ball handling, and Scoring

Stephen Curry Masterclass consists of 17 topics covering the basics and advanced game techniques relating to their mechanics. He also analyses NBA footage to unravel the various moves used by the pros.

Here are the various basketball techniques an aspiring player should know.

Curry teaches shooting, ball-handling, and scoring a basket. Shooting is the attempt at throwing a ball and scoring a basket. Ball handling is as the name suggests the handling of a ball, dribbling, and having control over the ball.

It is the most essential part of playing well in Curry’s words and having effortless control over the movement of a ball and body movements required to perform different moves is what sets apart the casuals from professional players.

More about Stephen Curry’s Masterclass!

Stephen Curry is considered one of basketball’s greatest scorers ever and has legitimized three-pointers as an efficient tactic now used by many teams.

A player faces the basket to his right. Players keep the ball on the dominant hand’s fingertips and the other hand supports the ball’s foot.

Before extending it quickly for a powerful shot, the dominant hand is pulled back slowly. Players will hop for a shot that is more accurate. Curry advises filling the hips and moving by the arches.

“To maximize the quickest release possible for you, lock in on the path of the ball it takes from your catch at the ready position to your final release points.”

These are just a few general methods of becoming a better shooter suggested by Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry Masterclass Lesson Plans!

Curry’s coaching program consists of three classes on shooting, which are the second third, and fourth classes.

The introductory class is aimed at encouraging players who feel they are novices and aren’t sure if they have it in them to be the most valuable player, as Curry himself had a similar mindset before two life-changing events which lead to him becoming a successful NBA player.

Class 1: Introduction

Just like any other Masterclass, Curry’s course starts with a crisp introduction chapter where he starts the class by sharing two turning points in his personal transformation from “nervous” junior varsity player to NBA champion.

Class 2: Shooting — Stance, Alignment, and Mechanics

Curry breaks down his shooting techniques. He provides a detailed analysis of his ball game. He talks about the stance which he uses, the alignment of his body and the ball, and the mechanics of shooting.

The stance is the position of the body, the position of feet and hands are the most crucial to the game. The body should be aligned to the basket. The physics is necessary for players to understand to try different shots.

Class 3: Form Shooting Practice

Understanding the mechanics is the first step to being a good shooter.

The following steps consist of using them in the court to have a better sense of it. Curry teaches players how to practice on the court to improve consistently and get a better feel of the play. This leads to the transformation which players seek.

Class 4: Shooting off the Catch

Players familiar with the catch and shoot mechanic understand the huge difference it can make to their ability to score.

Basketball is a dynamic game that requires shooting on the fly whenever a player has the ball and is close to and inside the three-pointer line and team play enables opportunities that can arise anytime.

Passing and shooting is a mechanic used by successful players. It puts them in a position to score at a moment’s notice. This class teaches how Curry shoots when he receives a pass.

Scoring is frequently mentioned above, and it is the goal of the game to score points. The team which has the most points wins the match, which is akin to runs in cricket and goals in football.

Basketball has three-pointers, two-pointers, and one pointer which reward the aforementioned number of points.

Three-pointers are scored from outside the three-pointer line, a two-pointer is scored when the shot is taken from inside the line and one pointer is scored during foul play where the player who is fouled is awarded an attempt at shooting from inside the line.

With players from the two teams standing in the blocks along the sides of the free-throw lane and back behind the free-throw shooter and they cannot enter the lane till the shot is taken and the tally is determined.

Class 5: Ball-Handling: Foundations

Ball handling is required to become a good shooter as it requires control over the ball which lends itself to accurate shots and putting the right amount of force on the ball during shooting depending on the player’s position in the court.

Curry teaches the right positions and posture during ball handling when the ball is in a player’s hands and how to practice being in posture during the game.

These are stationary ball handling mechanics to ease into it.

Stephen Curry Masterclass Review

Class 6: Shooting off the Dribble, Part 1

When players build a strong foundation in ball handling and shooting, they can begin to combine them. It is the way the game is played similar to how a football shoots at the goal while he is dribbling the ball.

It’s a necessary part of the game, to score while dribbling during the heat of the game because basketball is a dynamic game.

The only time that is not applicable is during foul play, and a good player has to know how to score during the two situations.

Still, the chances of foul play during a game are limited while endless possibilities can be created during regular play.

It’s also important to note that foul play baskets are one pointer while regular play baskets are two and three-pointers.

Class 7: Ball-Handling: On the Move

Ball handling foundations should be strong before a player starts practicing ball handling on the move, and here Curry teaches the meta of the game.

This is where players understand what to keep in mind while taking the dribble on the move by practicing running dribble and using their feet to move swiftly while retaining control over the ball.

Class 8: Shooting off the Dribble, Part 2

Keeping ball handling on the move in mind, Curry teaches how to combine movement, dribble, and shooting to take accurate shots when the player is on the run, which is the main purpose of a scorer.

Curry uses his movements and foot positioning in shooting off the dribble.

The player should combine the East to West movement, which is moving between the sidelines, with North to South movements, which is moving towards the basket, and position their feet such that they can constantly remain on the move and are never cornered in a disadvantageous position.

It is also to take advantage of the opponent when they are in a disadvantageous position.

He shows such a clip in an introductory clip where he is on the attack and a defending opponent has his lead foot right in front of Curry so he takes advantage of the situation and takes an angle towards the basket where the defender cannot follow him.

Class 9: Creating Space from Your Defender

Curry shows how to create space from defenders to comfortably dribble and move forwards while not risking giving the ball away and being in a compromised position with his practice partner Brandon.

It is safe to keep a distance from the defender so the ball is not within his reach and the player can change the direction of his movement and not get blocked by the defender as well as to have a focus towards the basket.

Stephen Curry Masterclass Techniques

Class 10: Film Session: Creating Space and Beating Your Defender

The knowledge of how to create space from a defender is not enough by itself, and here Curry shows footage of real matches and players in the NBA analyzing the techniques used by defenders and showing ways to exploit them using mechanics from previous classes.

They are footage of him using the mechanics to overcome his defenders and keep the ball in his hands.

Class 11: Ball Screens

Curry encourages and teaches using ball screens for team play with concepts, techniques, and practice tips for effective and legal blocking methods and to use screens done by teammates to the player’s advantage.

Class 12: Film Session: Ball Screens

The knowledge of ball screens is not enough, as it requires lots of practice and studying to master. Curry shows real-life footage of himself using these techniques in the game to open up play. He analyses them to show the correct way to use them.

Class 13: Scoring at the Rim

The class is targeted towards keeping the ball in control, pouring over the defenses, and scoring.

The rim is the centerpiece of the game, and it really boils down to having the ball put inside the rim preferably beyond the three-pointer which requires fantastic ball-handling skills, and this is class 13 because ball-handling skills come first and ball handling is the game.

Class 14: Off Screens: Curl, Pop, and Fade

Curl, pop, and fade are scoring techniques when coming off of screens with no ball in hand. Curry uses these techniques and teaches how to score when a defender is onto a player when the player has the ball.

Curry’s coaching consists of five classes to become a good ball-handler, with two of them involving a combination of the dribble and shooting a ball as these are put to use together to score.

Class 15: Ball-Handling: Overloading

Curry didn’t become a fantastic ball-handler till he started overloading himself while in practice with two basketballs and a tennis ball.

Overloading is the approach to understanding ball handling by requiring players to dribble and control multiple balls on the court.

The two basketballs by themselves would be a fair challenge but a small tennis ball takes it to a whole other ball game. Curry teaches ways to practice with his routine to make players more confident ball handlers and make faster decisions.

There are two classes that are on ball screening.

A ball screen is when an offensive player legally blocks the path of a defender to open up the path to another offensive player to take his desired course of action such as passing the ball to another player and taking a shot.

Good basketball teams set very good screens. They open up the offense in many ways.

Class 16: Pregame Preparation

Mental preparation for the game is necessary. Curry teaches ways to practice ball handling to build up confidence before the game.

Class 17: Conclusion: The Journey Towards Perfection

Curry shows players ways to continue their journey to hone their skills further and encourages them to push themselves to become the best.

Stephen Curry Training

My favorite portions of the course!

I have not always been a big fan of basketball, however going through Stephen’s Masterclass, generated a keen interest in me.

Curry has tactfully broken down all the necessary skills into 17 well-planned chapters to help you up to your game! The entire Masterclass creates impressive imagery of the sport, and there are certain portions of the course that I truly loved.

Having the perfect control of your basketball!

Stephen is focussing on body posture in both of these videos. He tells you and does so in-depth, what role you need to take on. Often to what an insane degree would sound like.

For eg, in other exercises make sure you don’t move your nose too much. If you do this your head is in the wrong position, which means your weight is not distributed properly.

He has written a step-by-step ball handling guide in the workbook. It’s designed to be able to follow and support players at all levels. He shows you how to do it in his shot-ready video:

  • Catch the ball shot-ready
  • Move your body to meet the ball
  • Maintain a consistent ball path
  • How to avoid some common catching and shooting mistakes

Stance, alignment, and mechanics!

As in other sports, the secret to success is to build a solid base. So, beginning with the basics, Stephen. Explaining, for example, that all 10 toes have to be aligned to face the hoop.

His is a carefully thought out, in-depth way of teaching.

Masterclass Stephen is designed to dip in and out. It’s almost like having a top-class coach next to you. In this video, he shows you the following things to do:

  • Shoot from the ground up
  • The right way to load your lower body
  • How to avoid lower body stance and mechanics mistakes
  • The right way to position your hands
  • Where to aim when shooting
  • Avoiding the most common mistakes players make while releasing the basketball smoothly 

What I Liked About Stephen Curry Masterclass

The explanation of strategies and procedures with pictures provided himself was quite useful, which contributed to the good learning experience.

The training provided a lot of useful information, including fundamentals, techniques, and even some footwork movements that participants should remember to keep in mind when they are playing.

In general, it was well worth the investment of both my time and money because, in addition to Steph Curry’s MasterClass, I took additional classes that focused on a variety of specialized topics.

Because I had the All-Access Pass, I was able to enroll in as many classes as I liked.

Why Should You Take a Lesson from Stephen Curry on Shooting, Handling the Ball, and Scoring?

All young basketball players share a particular quality that sets them apart from one another. They start at the top of the players’ lists and work their way down as they search for mentors.

The fact that Stephen Curry is the best basketball player in the world right now makes him an ideal candidate for the roles of mentor and educator.

Since he was a young boy, Stephen has been an example to look up to because he consistently brings out the best in his colleagues and in himself. He possesses all of the qualities necessary to alter the viewpoints and levels of confidence held by the students in the class.

He has an awareness of the fundamental qualities necessary for achievement in the basketball industry. And he only teaches the abilities, methods, and approaches in the class that are capable of assisting students in becoming more proficient.

How Much Does Stephen Curry Masterclass cost?

Curry’s coaching program can be bought for $90 and as part of the All-Access Pass which gives access to multiple classes by several Masterclass teachers for $180 per year. Get the pass with Masterclass Coupon Code.

Stephen Curry MasterclassReview-pricing

A single purchase is a one-time purchase for permanent access.

Why should you go for Stephen Curry’s Masterclass? 

I used my all-access pass to take just over half of the 80 odd Masterclasses on the platform. There is no way I could afford to do this by personally purchasing every course.

The all-access pass allows you full access to each Masterclass, at the same price you would pay if you had taken two separate courses. Buying it means you can really explore your curiosity and feed it.

Using masterclass, I’ve learned how to cook, gained a view of the film and music industries from an insider, and found out how the most successful businessmen and women in the world operate. Plus, besides, much more. I would never have been able to do anything without my all-access card, so I highly suggest that you treat yourself to one.

The thing that this does has helped me to identify a good course and instructor when I see one. Stephen offers the platform’s best Masterclass. He’s an outstanding teacher.

His instructions are clear and concise, and he carefully paced his delivery. He also provides a diverse range of learning materials and techniques. This enables you to learn in a way that is best for you.

Stephen Curry Masterclass Review 

All of us have ups and downs in our life history … recognize them is the most importan part and Face it with AMP make the difference!  -Pablo L.


My son and I had the privilege of meeting Stephen Curry at a basketball camp about 5 years ago. He was a perfect gentleman, fully engaged with the kids, and as much a class act off the court as he is on. We are both thrilled to see this class being offered!

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FAQs | Stephen Curry Masterclass 2023

🤔What does Stephen Curry Masterclass consists of ?

Stephen Curry Masterclass consists of 17 topics covering the basics and advanced game techniques relating to their mechanics. He also analyses NBA footage to unravel the various moves used by the pros.

👉Who is Stephen Curry ?

Stephen Curry is considered one of basketball’s greatest scorers ever and has legitimized three-pointers as an efficient tactic now used by many teams.

🤷‍♀️Why should you go for Stephen Curry’s Masterclass?

I used my all-access pass to take just over half of the 80 odd Masterclasses on the platform. There is no way I could afford to do this by personally purchasing every course.

💁What is MasterClass?

MasterClass is the streaming platform that makes it possible for anyone to watch or listen to hundreds of video lessons taught by 100+ of the world’s best.

📺 Where can I watch Stephen Curry’s Masterclass?

With MasterClass, you can learn and be inspired anytime, anywhere, including your smartphone, personal computer, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku streaming media players. You can even download your favorite lessons and watch on the plane or listen during your commute in audio-only mode

Conclusion: Is Stephen Curry Masterclass 2023 Worth Your Money?

The masterclass of Stephen Curry is a must for any Basketball player. He takes you through the training program that made him into an excellent shooter, ball-handler, and player of the world level.

One of the great aspects of this course is the Stephen offers in-depth training activities. He has produced 12 staggered training sessions in his workbook. They are designed to take any player from zero to professional.

Those training programs would be especially useful to intermediate players.

Step-by-step, Stephen Curry will show you every move. Then, share a series of exercises with you to hone each.

This masterclass in basketball essentially teaches you how to become the best player possible.

Stephen Curry Masterclass On Social Media 


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