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Dan Brown Masterclass Review 2024: Should You Really Buy It ?? READ

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Dan Brown Masterclass


I took Dan Brown's Masterclass and it's fantastic! He shares amazing storytelling tips and personal insights. The lessons are super easy to understand and the exercises really help improve your writing. Whether you're new or experienced, this class is a must-try for any aspiring writer. I loved it!

Out of 10


  • Engaging storytelling tips.
  • Dan Brown's personal insights.
  • Easy-to-understand lessons.
  • Interactive assignments.
  • Accessible for all skill levels.


  • It Includes spoilers if you haven’t read Dan’s books
  • Navigation through Workbook can be hard


Price: $ 180

Hey everyone! Today, I’m super excited to share my thoughts on the Dan Brown Masterclass. If you love thrilling stories and mysteries, you’ve probably heard of Dan Brown, the author of “The Da Vinci Code“.

I was curious to see what tips and secrets he would reveal about writing. So, I signed up for his Masterclass. Let me tell you, it’s been an eye-opening journey!

I’m here to give you the lowdown on what this class is like and whether it’s worth your time and money. As a fan of his books, I was eager to dive in and learn directly from the master himself.

Keep reading as I break down what I learned and how it might help you in your writing adventures!

Dan Brown Masterclass Review

Bottom Line Upfront:

I highly recommend the Dan Brown Masterclass! If you’re into writing or just love Dan Brown’s books, you’ve got to try this out.

Dan shares awesome tips on crafting thrilling stories. It’s easy to follow and super helpful.

Dan Brown Masterclass Review

Whether you’re a beginner or have been writing for a while, this class is a game-changer.

It’s like getting a peek into the mind of a best-selling author. So, don’t wait, give it a go and see how it can help you in your writing journey. Trust me, it’s worth it. Try it now!

Try Out Dan Brown Masterclass Now.

Dan Brown Masterclass Summary

Attribute Details
📘 Course Name Dan Brown Masterclass
👨‍🏫 Instructor(s) Dan Brown
🎞️ Class Length 19 video lessons (approximately 4 hours)
📚 Category Writing, Arts & Entertainment
👥 Target Audience Aspiring writers, thriller writing enthusiasts
⏰ Time Duration 4 hours
🌟 Rating 8.5 Out Of 10
💰 Pricing $90 (single class), $180 (All-Access Pass)
🎉 Overall Experience The Dan Brown Masterclass is highly praised for its in-depth exploration of thriller writing, taught by the acclaimed author himself. The course offers valuable insights into crafting compelling narratives, developing characters, and building suspense, making it an essential resource for aspiring writers and fans of the genre.

About Dan Brown

Author Dan Brown has seen a number of books become bestsellers. The Angels and Demons Trilogy and The Da Vinci Code are two of his most well-known works of fiction.

Dan Brown

In 2005, Time magazine named him one of the 100 people who had the most influence that year.

Over a million copies of his third novel, The Lost Symbol, were purchased on its first day of release, making it the adult book that has ever sold the most copies in a single day.

About the MasterClass Program

“Online classes developed for individuals with varying degrees of experience.” MasterClass was established in 2015 and currently offers more than 100 educational films with content provided by more than 80 specialists considered to be world-renowned in their respective professions.


These are not obscure academics; instead, they are well-known figures in their respective fields, such as Anna Wintour, Danny Elfman, and even Christina Aguilera. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that competent care will be provided for you.

You have the option of gaining access to courses on an individual basis or subscribing to the website in its entirety.

The all-access pass is an annual subscription that gives you the ability to explore any of the courses that are offered on the internet, ranging from business to cookery.

Dan Brown MasterClass Overview

Let me explain what you can expect to receive from a MasterClass in the event that you have never attended one before.

You will begin with a collection of video sessions that have been previously filmed. In this particular instance, there are nineteen films totaling approximately four hours of instructional content.

Dan Brown MasterClass Overview

Be sure to get the wonderfully built PDF workbook, which provides chapter recaps, supplementary material, opportunities to take your learning further, writing activities so that you can practice the skills that Brown teaches, and some absolutely fantastic

resource connections. Simply utilizing the links provided in the workbook, I was able to populate a whole tab on my computer with my faves.

In addition, the Dan Brown seminar has a supplementary component, which I discovered to be of exceptional interest.

You will find a worksheet in Chapter Ten of the workbook that will help you design the structure of your novel by utilizing what you learned from Brown during the class. The directions are broken down into step-by-step format.

Daniel Gerhard Brown – The thriller master!

His novels have achieved cult status among the masses due to their signature recurring themes of cryptography, keys, symbols, codes, art, and conspiracy theories. Most of his works are treasure hunts set in a 24-hour period and feature the lead character, Langdon.

Daniel Gerhard Brown – The thriller master

His novels that have included historical themes and Christianity as motifs have also generated some controversy.

Dan Brown’s books have garnered widespread critical and commercial acclaim and have been translated into 57 languages.

He has sold over 200 million copies as of 2012. Three of his top-selling novels have also been adapted into films, namely “Angels & Demons (2000)”, “The Da Vinci Code (2003)”, “The Bald Book” (2006), and “Inferno (2013)”.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I might earn a commission if you click on a link and sign up for something. 

Let’s Enter the Dan Brown Masterclass!

Dan Brown is here with his exclusive Masterclass that is packed with secret symbols and high-stakes suspense due to which his best-selling thrillers have sold more than 250 million copies around the globe, including his career-defining and one of the world’s best-selling novels, The Da Vinci Code.

Dan Brown’s Masterclass is a step-by-step process for turning ideas into gripping narratives.

Learn all the ideas and methods Dan himself uses to craft amazing thrillers by researching like a pro, crafting characters, and sustaining suspense all the way to a dramatic surprise ending.

Dan Brown Lesson Schedule

Dan Brown’s Masterclass has been neatly divided into 20 lessons, which give you a step-by-step breakdown of how to write the perfect captivating thriller like Brown does.

dan brown thriller

1. Introduction

The reputed and respected best-selling author Dan Brown gives his first lessons on suspense, laying out the practical takeaways you’ll get in his class. Dan Brown’s introduction is great and masterful.

He starts by pointing out that when you write a book, you are actually not writing just one book.

It will be viewed differently by any reader who picks up your novel. Each of you can see your characters differently and get something special from reading them.

This is fantastic news because it means that, regardless of your writing style, you will still find an audience for your work. So, everybody is able to write a book.

2. The Anatomy of a Thriller

All sales are made up of the same components, something that Dan still believed. In this lesson, he will show you the basic components that any compelling story requires.

When he writes a thriller, he states that he pays attention to the 3 cs:

  • The contract-the commitment that you give to the reader. For starters, you’ll find out if Jackal will succeed in killing his victim or if the lawyer escapes from the corporate law firm when you read this book.
  • The crucible is another way to ensure that you do not cause your characters to wander. Everyone needs to be set on their path to keep them contained and on that path.
  • The clock- You need to build a time constraint for your character while writing a thriller. For starters, a bomb will go off if he or she does not solve the puzzle by midnight. This is part of the suspense-building process and ensures that the thriller is reasonably fast-paced.

This will also include Dan’s personal checklist to produce some of the most popular thrillers in history, which he follows.

3. Finding the Idea

You need to think of a great idea to write a strong and captivating thriller, and Dan is here to teach you how to find big ideas.

Finding the Idea

Learn how to pick the right subject for your book, and from the expert himself, find the moral dilemma to shape the crux of your story.

Anything may be. Dive in and find out what you can about it if anything catches your eye. Go online, chat with people in that area who are interested. Only make sure that you are serious about it.

It is a very long process to write a novel, so you need to pick a topic that will keep you engaged.

Try scanning the news as well. Pause and find out more when something catches your attention. The possibilities are that an idea for your novel would ignite the tale that caught your attention.

4. Choosing Locations

Dan Brown Masterclass Review- research

The right locations can frame your book and bring texture to your writing. Just be careful not to spend too much time describing them; you don’t want sections of your book to read like a travel blog.

So, in this section, you will learn how to build the structure of your book, creating interest and generating suspense using location.

5. Creating Heroes and Villains

An incredibly important factor in creating the perfect thriller is creating a hero that your readers can identify with on a human level.

Dan teaches his techniques on how complex villains can be produced that serve as catalysts for action and conflict. They have to be trustworthy.

You need to implement them in the correct way as well. With a boom, villains have to be introduced.

It causes instant stress. Dan offers a few realistic approaches to help you understand how this can be achieved. He’s doing the same for his heroes.

Dan Brown shares terrific shortcuts. Ways to encourage the writing process for yourself.

6. Universal Character Tools

Universal Character Tools

His character tools section contains some of the best ones, which will help you learn how to develop authentic secondary characters and how to strategically design relationships between characters as Dan shares valuable tips to maximize conflict and drive the plot.

7. Character Case Study: The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code is a novel that catapulted Dan’s stardom.

In this lesson, he takes a detailed look at the characters from his best-selling novel to illustrate how to create suspense and propel the narrative using different character types.

8. Research, Part 1

Research, Part 1

Research is an extremely vital tool and the most important part of Dan Brown’s creative process. Here he teaches you how to bring specificity and authenticity to your writing using on-location research and subject-matter experts.

9. Research, Part 2

Learn how Dan uncovers the shocking connections between seemingly unrelated elements in his stories as he goes deeper into his research process.

10. Building a Story From the Ground Up

Building a Story From the Ground Up

Dan provides a step-by-step guide to transforming your vision into a captivating thriller as he walks you through his entire process of building a story, from the initial idea to the final chapter.

11. Creating Suspense, Part 1

Dan explains how paragraphs create suspense that will keep readers turning the pages using parallel plotlines and dramatic opening using his novel, Origin, and exclusive content.

12. Creating Suspense, Part 2

Dan teaches you his strategies to craft cliffhangers and pulls your readers into your scenes in a way that will leave them on the edge of their seats.

13. Writing Chapters and Scenes

Learn Dan’s guiding principles on how to develop stand-out, big moments and manipulate tension and release by moving from an outline into a first draft.

Dan Brown Masterclass Review-editing and rewriting

14. Selecting and Utilizing Point of View

Dan teaches you how to maximize suspense, withhold information, and reveal character by strategically using the narrative point of view.

15. Exposition and Dialogue

Learn how to write dialogue that communicates essential information by crafting an exposition that appeals to your reader’s senses while simultaneously revealing character.


16. Editing and Rewriting

Dan demonstrates how to strengthen your project through revision and shares his practical system for tracking the status of an edit.

Editing and Rewriting

17. Protecting Your Process

Dan applies one very basic and simple philosophy to all his works: “Protect the process, and the results will take care of themselves.” On the basis of this ideology, Dan teaches you how to structure your writing habits and beat writer’s block in a way that maximizes your creative output.

18. Life As A Writer

Persistence is an important tool if you want to become something like Dan Brown. In this lesson, Dan shares tips on how to build a team that believes in you and teaches you how to write a query letter that will stand out in agency slush piles.

19. The Secret of Secrets

This is the final chapter, where Dan provides parting words of wisdom and encouragement. Do not miss out on this one as he breaks the suspense and reveals the never-before-seen artifact he promised to share in the first lesson of his class.

Dan Brown Masterclass Review

How much do you need to pay? Masterclass Prices

A single Masterclass of Dan Brown will cost you $90, while the All-Access Pass will cost you $180 per year if you wish to take more than one Masterclass. There is no limit on the number of Masterclasses if you purchase the All-Access Pass.

Dan Brown Masterclass Review-pricing

In case you are not satisfied with their services, you can get a complete refund of your purchase, as all the packages on Masterclass come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Masterclass FAQs 

🙋‍♀️ Is MasterClass Worth The Money?

The answer depends on what kind of educational experience you are planning ahead to get. If you want to learn independently, then MasterClass is the perfect option for you. All of the classes are perfectly organized and filled with information. As a result, you can learn your favorite subject at your own pace. You can get either one episode at a time, or you can binge-watch a whole course series just like you do on Netflix. The quality of their course is also pretty high, and the instructions have credibility. So you can be sure that you are experiencing quality learning. Also, it does not cost you way too much. So yes, it is definitely worth your money.

🤷‍♂️ How Much Does MasterClass Cost?

There are two plans that MasterClass has. You can either go for the individual pass or go with the all-access pass. With the individual pass, you will only be able to access one course at a single time. Also, each course costs you $90. The all-access pass costs you $180 a year, and it allows you to browse all the website content without any restrictions.

✅ Does MasterClass Give Any Certificates?

As of now, MasterClass does not offer any certificate to their students on course completion. However, they do send their students an email confirming that they have completed the course. The email will feature a congratulatory message along with some tips on how to further use the site to continue your studies.

🔥 Does MasterClass Have A Free Trial?

MasterClass used to provide a free trial in the past. However, back in August 2018, they stopped giving out free trials. And this is no longer available.

🤔 Is MaterClass Any Good?

In a single sentence answer, yes, the MasterClass is good. You will get a comprehensive video course from a world-class, successful person in their specific field. So you already know that you are going to get quality information. Also, the website covers a wide range of topics. The topics range from tennis to comedy to acting to singing to writing. Also, the website is bringing new topics now and then. Plus, with just a one-year subscription, you will get to access different topics and learn something new. Also, it is pretty affordable compared to many platforms available out there.

Why do we love Dan Brown’s Masterclass? 5 REASONS?

1. Doing the research for your thriller

This was a tricky aspect of the course for me. When you do your research, it is very difficult to know where to start. It feels so intimidating.

So, I was happy to hear Dan admit this and explain how to remove some of the pressure.

I cannot tell, hand on heart, that after listening to Dan, I completely understand this part of the process. But I know what I’ve heard is going to make things a lot easier.

2. Learn how to create tension when writing a thriller

dan brown casestudy

A perfect way to come up with a concept that works for a thriller is to find a moral grey area. You should allow both sides of these fascinating dilemmas to be portrayed and explored by your characters.

With Angels and Devil, Dan did this. Partly because it is such a controversial topic, he picked religion as his topic. The planet is doing a lot of good, but it can also have a negative effect.

3. Create suspense for a thriller

Throughout the entire course, Dan constantly talks about building suspense. It’s so necessary. You will note how necessary it is to create little cliffhangers as you go through these videos.

Dan is a master at attracting and pushing the reader to keep turning the page. Even if it is 2 am and they are so sleepy that they keep nodding off, you want your reader not to be able to put your book down.

4. Extra learning materials

Like all courses at, you get loads of extras. By reading my complete review, you will find out more about them. You can also find out about the all-access pass from there, which is excellent value for money.

The content of these additional tools varies from course to course, but I’m very happy to tell you that the workbook for Dan Brown is fantastic.

In the video, it contains everything and a lot more besides.

His working hours department is also outstanding. The fact that I can get my writing questions answered by Dan Brown himself, probably, still surprises and pleases me.

5. Really helpful case studies

Dan Brown gives examples in the course to allow the listener to fully appreciate what he is telling them. This is quite useful, as are the complete case studies he gives.

Dan Brown Masterclass Review

He gave me so many ideas that I got a whopping headache!! Good job and now I’ve got work to do!

My ultimate goal is to write a series of private eye novels set in Orlando, Florida. Dan’s lesson is spot on as I have lived there in the past and plan on moving back. I am very familiar with the city but thanks to Dan’s teachings I will not turn my books into a travel guide and keep my focus on the characters. Many thanks Dan.  –Dale U.

Dan Brown Masterclass Reddit

byu/filmguerilla from discussion

byu/filmguerilla from discussion

byu/AnneCreative from discussion

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Conclusion | Dan Brown Masterclass Review 2024

Dan shares loads of extra tips throughout the course. Become, for example, a voracious reader. The more you read, the better it will become for your own writing, especially if you concentrate on the genre you want to write.

These extra tips are invaluable, and a lot of them are there. I’ve been through this course twice and the workbook many times already, and I still see stuff that I’ve missed.

Register today to get access to exclusive materials and learn the step-by-step process by best-selling author Dan Brown in his first-ever online class to turn concepts into page-turning novels.

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