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Top 5 Best Evergreen Niche to Start Blogging 2024

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The world of blogging is an ever-expanding, diverse place. If you are thinking about starting your own blog, there are many options for what niche to focus on. There are several niches that have proven to be evergreen over the years and they continue to attract new readers every day. These five topics are among the best of them all!

Today, I will be discussing the 5 best evergreen niches to start blogging. Evergreen niches are a great way for new bloggers to get started and build up their audience quickly.  There are many benefits of writing about evergreen topics, but there is also some downside that you should think about before getting started. 

I hope that by the end of this post you’ll have enough information to decide whether or not an evergreen blog topic is right for you!

The world of blogging is an ever-expanding, diverse place. If you are thinking about starting your own blog, there are many options for what niche to focus on. There are several niches that have proven to be evergreen over the years and they continue to attract new readers every day.

How to Start a Successful Blog- Best Evergreen Niche to Start Blogging

People, who are looking for quick money without spending too much time on it, might think that they will start a blog and do nothing but wait. However, blogging needs constant effort and patience to be successful.

blog - Best Evergreen Niche to Start Blogging
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The first thing you must consider before starting your blog is the domain name. It’s the address of your website so choose wisely. Once you have chosen the domain name, register it. There are numerous free services available online.

To come up with a unique and interesting blog name, try using Google Blog search or post in your favorite blog directories. The easiest way is to use Blogger because you just need to choose a template and write your own content within minutes, for free.

You can pick a free web hosting service to publish your blog for free. It is extremely important to link the domain name so people can find you easily by typing that into their browser. You must choose a host that offers subdomains because it’s much easier than using directories or URL forwarding services.

Hiring a professional web designer is another way to create your blog. If you are no good at it, then it’s not recommended that you do this because everything must be balanced.

You should let them know your needs and discuss all the possibilities with each other before signing any contracts. After design, you will need to find out what software you want to use.

You can also create a blog using WordPress. It’s an open source platform and it’s available for anyone who wants to download or build their own web hosting service, or theme.

You have to pay for this service if you are not able to do it yourself. Since there are so many blogging services online, you should do some research first, to see which one fits your needs the best.

What is Blog Niche- 

What is a blog niche? This question seems to be asked in almost every beginners’ forum on the web. Most of the time, people are looking for an answer because they want to start their own website and don’t know what direction they should take.

Whether that’s your case or not, I’m here with some tips on what you should do to find out your niche.

Before you do that, it’s important to understand the difference between blog content and blogging niche. They both are very different things. The first one is what will be published on your blog (posts, articles, news…). Once you’re done creating this content, people will visit your website to read it.

The niche, on the other hand, includes everything that site is about. It’s like a theme you choose for your website. You can choose any topic (or multiple topics), but it has to be something that makes sense together.

Accepting Blogs And Articles For - Submit A Guest Post Technology News

Two Important Questions:

1- Why do you want to start, probably blogging isn’t for you. Everyone wants to be the next millionaire blogger , but only a few will succeed.

When people ask me what I do online, I usually say that I’m a writer.

I’ve been blogging for more than 5 years now, and I can tell you it’s definitely not about the money. It takes time, effort, patience…and you will have to sacrifice some hours of your day to create great content regularly. You also need to understand how SEO works and optimize each post accordingly to rank higher.

2- Do you have the time for this?

If you want to blog, you need to know it’s not about making quick money. It can happen, but it takes time. But if blogging is something you really want to do, nothing should stop you from achieving your goal! You have to be patient and work hard if you want to succeed.

If blogging isn’t something you think you can do for the long term, then it’s probably not the best idea to jump into it without any preparation. On the other hand, if it is something that attracts your attention and passion, then go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose (except some time, but that’s about it).

Blog niches can be divided into these main categories:

1. General Blog Niche

General blog niches are general interest subjects that everyone has the potential to be interested in. These types of blog niches can attract a wide variety of readers and traffic, but they generally require more content than other niche topics. Examples include: Beauty, Money or Career.

2. Specific Blog Niche

Subjects that are more specific will attract a smaller audience, but the content on your blog should be able to generate more income. For example, if you have a blog about making money from affiliate marketing, then there probably aren’t many other blogs in this particular niche and your blog will stand out.

3. Expert Blog Niche

If you are an expert in a certain subject, then you can also start a blog about it and become an ‘expert blogger’. This is what many people who run online courses as their main source of income do as well (e.g., Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income).

By picking a blog niche that you’re interested in and passionate about, then blogging becomes more fun. And the better you get at something, the easier it is to share your knowledge with other people.

How to Pick a Blog Niche in 2021 (+21 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas)

Why does your blog niche matter?

When a blogger starts a new blog, he/she has the choice of selecting any niche for their blog.

Some choose to write about their hobbies or interests and some choose topics that they feel will be profitable. While the two may overlap at times, there is a clear distinction between these options. One can clearly see that if one’s hobby is makeup, then blogging about makeup will be an obvious choice.

However, if one’s hobby is not blogging, then it may be a good idea to write on a more profitable topic that he/she has the potential of becoming an expert in through blogging.

A blog niche is crucial to gaining readership and making money from your blog.

The right niche will bring you readers and the wrong one can cut your readership by half. A blog niche also determines how much money a blogger can make from their blog.

The Five Most Popular Blog Niches-


There are lots of popular blog niches that many bloggers choose to write about.

1. Make Money Online

Make Money
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Making money online is one of the most popular blog niches; it’s also one that many bloggers choose to write about. This could be because people are interested in blogging as a way to make money, or it could be because they want to learn how other people are making money from their blogs.

2. Beauty and Fashion

People also like to read blogs about fashion and beauty. If you have a blog on a specific product, then this would be a good choice as well. For example, if you have a blog on ballet shoes, then your blog niche will be “Ballet Shoe Blog” or “Ballet News” etc.

3. Lifestyle

 A lifestyle blog can also be a popular niche for blogging. This includes topics such as fashion, beauty, cars, dating and relationships etc. People want to read about things that they can relate to in their daily lives or may be interested in making a change in.

4. Self-Improvement & Self-Help

 People like to read about things that can help them improve as individuals. They want to learn new ways to be better, and it’s human nature to always search for something better than what we already have.

So blogs that provide solutions and advice on life problems and success are popular among readers who may or may not be struggling with these problems themselves.

5. Technology & Science

 People like to read about technology and science news because this is something that affects their lives on a daily basis, whether they realize it or not. Some people may have an interest in blogging about technical topics such as programming or designing, while others may have a passion for learning about scientific advancements.

Difference Between Science and Technology : Best Evergreen Niche to Start Blogging

The Top 5 Level Evergreen Niches-Best Evergreen Niche to Start Blogging

1. Health

Health is a broad subject but it’s still extremely popular, that’s why it’s considered an evergreen niche.

People want to feel good, enjoy life and be physically active. The problem is that doing all these things can be challenging when you don’t know how to start or if you’ve never done it at all. It seems like there are always obstacles in your way no matter what path you try to take.

Everyone has some issues with their health and fitness, so no matter where your website/blog focuses on, there will always be people who find what you write about useful and share it.

Health - Best Evergreen Niche to Start Blogging

2. Wealth

People operate with the philosophy of “more is better”, so it’s not surprising at all that most sites related to wealth are extremely popular. Most people want to be rich and successful; they want to live the life of their dreams.

Fortunately for you, this topic isn’t as competitive as it used to be a few years ago, which means that there’s lots of space for new websites/blogs to grow.

3. Relationships

Whether people are already married or they’re looking for a significant other, they want to be happy and make the other person happy. The problem is that finding someone, dating them and having a long term relationship can be quite challenging especially if you’ve never done it before (which includes me, by the way).

 – How to keep your partner interested in you? [the grass is always greener on the other side and people want tips on keeping their significant other happy and not attracted to someone else]

4. Self-help

Other than the fact that I’ve watched the entire series of Dr. Phil, I wasn’t really interested in this topic until recently. When I realized how much the self-help niche has to offer, I started reading a couple of books and now, it’s one of my favorite niches.

Because people are always looking for ways to be better versions of themselves, this topic is quite popular. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t write about it if it’s not your thing though.

5. Technology

A few years ago, I would’ve said “computers” as an example for this topic but since the Internet is everywhere now, technology has grown to incorporate smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles etc.

Even though you can find lots of articles about technology online, this is still a popular topic that people like to read about.

They’re generally interested in new gadgets, how they work, what’s new etc.

Best Evergreen Niche to Start Blogging - technology

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Conclusion-5 Best Evergreen Niche to Start Blogging

All in all, if you’re looking for a niche for your new website but you can’t find one, think about writing articles related to health, wealth, relationships or self-help. These topics are searched for every day by millions of people around the world and chances are that you’re one of them.

If this isn’t enough, please feel free to check out our Complete Wealthy Affiliate Review. We show you pretty much everything there is to know about it before deciding whether or not it’s legit. Thanks for reading!


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