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#1 Best Hosting For WordPress Convesio: Is this the Best Managed WordPress Hosting? | (Convesio Review)

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If you want to get started with affordable WordPress hosting, here is Best Hosting for WordPress Convesio for you.

WordPress powers 39.6% of the internet in 2021, a growth of nearly 5% from 35% in 2020, and a 4% rise from the year before.

With such a large number of websites hosting on this blogging platform, you can’t merely rely on free web hosting or a shared hosting provider.

It’s hard to find a WordPress hosting company that is reliable and offers the best performance for your site.

There are so many options available, but it can be difficult to know which one will work best for you. With new companies popping up all the time, it can be tough to choose between them.

That’s where the Best Hosting for WordPress Convesio comes in—they’ve taken the best features from a variety of top hosts and combined them into one easy to use package.

Convesio is different because they offer scalable WordPress hosting at an affordable price with all the best-in-class tools needed for your site to succeed—all in one place.

Convesio offers powerful performance without breaking the bank.

They have everything you need from backups and SSL certificates, spam protection, load balancing, and more—so it’s easy for anyone to build their own website on top of this platform.

Plus if any problems do arise they provide 24/7 support so you can get back up and running quickly!

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is an easy way to take care of running the software that powers your website. This type of hosting offers high security and speed for your website, as well as updates to the software, daily backups, uptime for your site, and flexibility so you can do things like change domain names easily.

When it comes to choosing the right WordPress hosting provider, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration.

Taking all these features into consideration, we decided to review the Best hosting for WordPress Convesio.

 About Best WordPress Hosting Convesio 2022

Convesio managed wordpress hosting review

Convesio is the fastest hosting provider for WordPress websites.

Tom Fanelli is the founder/CEO of Convesio, which was founded in 2018. Tom Fanelli, who has 20 years of experience working with 500 companies, has launched Convesio, which he describes as the best WordPress hosting.

Tom Fanelli- best WOrdpress hosting Convesio fonder

Convesio gives you the ability to have a high-performing website. The website will always be ready and can grow as much as you need.

They include a load balancer, database cluster, and an expendable file system with your website.

It uses Docker technology and a network of high-speed servers to send your website content quickly so that it loads quickly for all of your customers no matter where they are. Its hosting services are more secure, reliable, and always available 24/7.

And its robust security features help protect your site from hackers and spammers.

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio Features:

Convesio is an all in one solution for your WordPress needs. It has a clear and easy-to-use interface that will make it possible to create high scale sites without any fuss or muss, with no need for load balancers, Docker containers, or database clusters.

Convesio handles everything so you don’t have to worry about these technical details – they’ll lead the way!

Here are the most intriguing features of Convesio WordPress hosting:

  • Fast Caching: The custom-made layer in the load balancer makes it easier to load website content quickly.
    Auto Scaling: Your website can automatically and quickly adapt to changes in traffic or load.
    Backups: All your data is backed up daily so you never have to worry about losing anything. Git style versioned backups make it easy to recover lost data without losing any data from previous versions.
  • High Availability: Load-balanced containers make it possible for you to run more than one service at the same time. That way, if any single machine fails, there will be another machine that can take over and work without interruption. Load balancing also means less downtime, which means better customer satisfaction.
  • Security Monitoring: Convesio employs cutting-edge security measures to help you monitor and scan for potential security threats. It also allows you to edit the code, configurations, and environment variables in advance so that malware and other threats can be avoided.
  • Application Monitoring: Convesio monitors the activity of your website and makes sure that everything is working without a hitch. If something goes wrong, Convesio will use its technical expertise to help you fix problems before your customers or visitors even notice anything is amiss.
  • Self-Healing: If a machine fails or goes offline for any reason, Convesio’s self-healing capabilities will take over and get your website back up and running as quickly as possible.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: Convesio offers round-the-clock technical support so that you can get certified help whenever you need it. With specialists on-staff 24/7, they are there when you need them most.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Convesio is one of the most dependable and cost-effective web hosting companies available today. You can have a free trial for one month without needing your credit card information.

Convesio Hosting Docker Platform

Server failure is the most common cause of website failure, and it can happen if all of your client’s websites are hosted on the same server.

As said, the best WordPress hosting Convesio uses Docker technology and a network of high-speed servers to send your website content quickly, so that it loads quickly for all of your customers no matter where they are.

Docker allows you to run software on the same operating system as the host but with its own disk space. It is like having a virtual computer.

Containers are created across multiple servers, so you never have to worry about one computer failing. This is better than VPSs because it makes traffic balancing easier and eliminates the risk of website failure.

The WordPress website on Convesio has at least 9 containers that can change the size to meet traffic levels. These containers make it easier for people to find your website and use it.

  • 3 Containers for Load Balancing
  • 5 Containers for Percona Databases (Percona Database Containers)
  • 3 File Replication Nodes
  • 1+ PHP Runtime Containers for WordPress

How To Create a WordPress Managed Website On Convesio?

The very best hosting for WordPress is Convesio. When you choose Convesio for WordPress, you are also choosing top-notch security and performance.

Step 1: Create your WordPress site

Go to Convesio’s homepage. Sign up for free and start a trial. This is a simple process without entering your credit card information.

Here is how to set up your first WordPress site with Covesio:

Log in to the Convesio dashboard and click on ‘Create Your First Site.’

Convesio hosting dashboard- best wordpress hosting convesio

Select “Set advanced options.” From the field, fill in the recent PHP version, location, database type, WordPress version, and web server type.

Setting up wordpress site on Convesio- best wordpress hosting Convesio

  • Next, click on Deploy and the process will start in 5 minutes.
  • Now, your WordPress site is deployed. Click on ‘Manage’ to open your site dashboard.
  • In the Convesio dashboard, you will have four options; “log in to wp-admin, visit the site, set the site name, and delete the site.”

Best hosting for WordPress Convesio dashboard

Step 2: Add your domain, SSL and caching settings

After purchasing a domain name from a domain service provider like Godaddy or a reliable one, you can point the domain to Convesio.

With all the features, you can take care of a lot of the technical work. But if something is not available, you can contact customer service. They will help you with any problems.

How to set-up Auto Scaling with Convesio?

Once you have subscribed to the Convesio paid plan with scalable features and storage, the next thing is to auto-scale the site.

Here is how to set up and scale your WordPress site using Convesio:

Enable Auto Scaling: Auto-scaling is a system that automatically changes the number of containers based on how many people are using it. You can click to turn it on and change the max number of containers for your needs.

Turn Advanced Auto-Scaling: You can trigger events that change the size of your container on a per-container basis. You set up how long it takes for the event to happen from the dashboard.

WordPress Containers Tab: On the WordPress Scale Service dashboard, you can see a list of all containers that are currently running. On the overview page, you can also see a list of both active and terminated containers.

CDN Performance Checker: The CDN Performance Test allows you to know how well your website performs in different areas. It tells you which areas are the best and worst, and gives a global average of all the places.

Page Speed Test: On Desktop and Mobile, you can test any article with a featured image or 140 KB each. The average score of this is 99. This is a great score!

Ease of Setup for WordPress hosting Convesio

There is a reason why we call Convesio the Best WordPress hosting provider.

Some of the web hosts we’ve seen seem like they’re only for advanced users. But Convesio is a beginner-friendly hosting service.

You’ll be able to deploy your website with WordPress and Docker containers in 3 clicks, without typing any code!

The layout of the Convesio control panel is easy to use. It’s easy for beginners to use. You can easily start WordPress through it with just a point and click in most cases.

The dashboard of Convesio WordPress hosting comes with metrics like:

  • Traffic by country
  • WordPress containers status
  • Caching status
  • Disk usage
  • Elements that make your site slow.

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio Performance

Convesio keeps your information safe on very good hardware. The engineers make sure that the information is always available and there is a guarantee that it will be up to 99.99% of the time.

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio- Convesio hosting performance

This way, you can get your important files when you need them.

They use a CDN, which means that your website will load more quickly for customers all across the world. They have nodes in over 200+ cities and are not likely to cease any time soon!

Convesio Pricing Plans:

Convesio offers various hosting pricing plans:

Starter plan costs $50/month. It includes:

Convesio wordpress hosting pricing

  • No Setup Fees
  • 1 Install
  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • 2 vCPU
  • 512 MB Memory
  • 4 Workers
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • Manual Scaling

Business plan has three levels:

Convesio business plans review

  • Level 1 costs $150/month
  • Level 2 costs $300/month
  • Level 3 costs $600/month

Enterprise plan has three levels:

  • Level 1 costs $1,000/month
  • Level 2 costs $1,600/month
  • Level 3 costs $2,400/month

Conversio WordPress Hosting Pros & Cons


  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • They have all the servers around the globe that makes the website faster to load.
  • The Docker Cloud service is helpful to IT operations teams. It lets them run containerized apps in production.
  • You can also host two websites for free in one month.
  • It also offers 30-Day Money-Back guarantee.


  • Convesio has hosting plans that only allow you to host one website at a time.
  • If you do not load all of your fonts into Cloudconvert before converting a document file, the file may change.

How is Convesio different from other hosting providers?

Convesio does not use the same technology as other hosting providers. They have a completely new system that is made just for WordPress.

This means it is very fast and secure. It also means that our servers can grow a lot more because we do not use any of the standard technologies that other providers do.

Here is how Convesio performs as compared to other WordPress web hosts:

Convesio vs Cloudways

Cloudways- best wordpress hosting convesio alternatives

Convesio is the hosting solution for all your WordPress needs. They have everything from shared plans to managed services and they never disappoint!

With more than hundreds of thousands of happy customers, Conveiso’s success rate can’t be beaten as well.

When you’re looking at a company like Cloudways, it might be hard to compare with other companies out there.

However, if your goal is something on the same tier as Convesio then I would recommend checking them out because their growth has been rapid and will continue this way in future years too.

Cloudways offers fantastic support for its clients, regardless of what plan they may end up working with.

Not only do they provide live chat services 24/7 where users can talk to customer care representatives whenever necessary but also have a premium ticketing system that ensures all issues get resolved.

With Cloudways, you will be able to one-click deploy for some of the most popular apps like WordPress and Magento. Plus, you will also get caching and CDN services.

This helps your website load quickly and it can boost your page speed performance score in no time at all!

Convesio vs GoDaddy

GoDaddy WP Hosting- Convesio vs Godaddy

Now when it comes to hosting WordPress sites, Godaddy is definitely an option. But you will pay more for their service and you might not need all the features they offer.

Godaddy doesn’t offer a lot of hosting options. Hence, you might want to look somewhere else if you’re serious about starting a WordPress blog.

Convesio is one of the greatest managed solution providers out there, and they’ve got low prices for starters.

You can get started with them for as little $1 per month when you purchase a shared hosting package from them!

Furthermore, Convesio offers some fast page loading rates that ensure your website isn’t just functional but also attractive too – not to mention free SSL support enabled by Let’s Encrypt or access to WP engine right immediately.

Convesio vs Siteground

Siteground hosting plans

Siteground is a great hosting option for those who want to start their WordPress blog on a budget. They offer shared and cloud hosting options that are perfect for small businesses or bloggers just starting out.

One thing I don’t like about Siteground is that they don’t have a money-back guarantee like some of the other providers out there.

They do offer a great customer support service though, and their uptime rates are very impressive too. They also provide automatic updates for WordPress that help keep your site protected and secure at all times.

Convesio vs Hostgator

Hostgator wordpress hosting

Hostgator is one the most popular hosting companies out there, and it’s also our top pick for a good reason. If you haven’t been living under a rock since last year then chances are that at least some businesses rely on this service.

That being said there’s not all equal so depending on what your needs may be will depend on whether or not HostGator suits them better with different options available like VPS which comes equipped with dual CPUs & up to thirty GB RAM but only if they need more resources than others do.

On the other hand, Convesio have solid uptimes that will satisfy any customer, impressive page loading speeds which is more than enough for anyone nowadays!

Compared to other companies in this market they are all around one of the best so don’t hesitate.

Convesio vs Bluehost

Bluehost is another great option for those looking for a good hosting provider. They offer a wide range of services, including shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting options.

One thing I don’t like about Bluehost is that their customer support isn’t as good as some of the other providers out there.

Bluehost is the best option for people who need high-quality hosting. However, they don’t provide better features than premium providers and may not have as many storage space options available compared to other companies offerings.

This makes it less ideal if you’re looking to host a website on your own server without paying extra costs upfront or receiving quality service at low price points.

Convesio WordPress Hosting Ratings & Reviews

G2 Crowd

Convesio is rated 5 out of 5 on G2 by the users. Out of 28 reviews the users gave 5 ratings out of 5 in different aspects.

Convesio review on G2

Source: G2


Convesio has been rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by 12 reviewers.

Convesio hosting reviews on Trustpilot

Source: Trustpilot

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio FAQs:

Q. Where are the servers of Convesio located geographically?

Ans: Convesio’s servers are spread across North America, Europe, and Australia.

Q. Is it possible to run a website in multiple containers?

Ans: Yes, you can run a website in one or more containers. The number of PHP Workers and virtual CPUs is pre-determined for each container. If your website needs a lot of processing power and has many visitors, you should start with multiple containers.

Q. Does Convesio make use of cPanel?

Ans: No, Convesio does not make use of traditional cPanel.

Q. Where to Convesio login?

Ans: If you have already created a Convesio account, then go to You can enter your personal information there and log in.

Q. Does Convesio have an affiliate program?

Ans: Yes, Convesio has a great affiliate program. They will give you 100% commission for the first month of your referral. After that, they will give you 20% commission as long as your referral is paying for their subscription.

Conclusion: Is The Best WordPress Hosting Convesio?

If you are looking for better-managed WordPress hosting, then look no further than Convesio. This company not only provides the best-managed WordPress hosting service but it also offers a wide range of options so you can find something to suit your budget and needs.

The most important thing about this provider is that their starter plans are affordable which makes them perfect for beginners who may be new to managing websites or don’t have much money to spend on these services.

They also offer 24/7 customer support through skilled staff, unlike other providers where you would need to wait hours before getting help with an issue.


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