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Top 5+ Best Real Estate Elementor Themes In 2024

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When I say I have used WordPress for the last 3 years, then I mean I have tried all plugins of WordPress and all themes of all plugins. Today, we are going to discuss the best real estate Elementor themes.

Elementor is a well-known WordPress plugin, and it is a widely used platform because it is very easy to build your site quickly on this platform. You can easily edit your websites on WordPress by the drag and drop technique. Currently, more than 3.5 million websites are made on Elementor. Elementor is a plugin that can be integrated into WordPress as an add-on to its features. 

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Elementor can work with all themes of WordPress and the most popular themes are GeneratePress and OceanWP.

If you want to know about the Real Estate themes of Elementor, then you must go through the write-up thoroughly. 

I have all these questions covered for you in the blog:

  • How does a real estate Elementor work?
  • How do I find the best real estate Elementor?
  • What is the best real estate Elementor?
  • Do all real estate Elementors work the same way?
  • What is the process for using a real estate Elementor?


Elementor is a plugin that can be integrated into WordPress to add more features and create new pages. The plugin was built for bloggers, designers, developers, marketers, photographers or anyone else who wants an easy way to design their website without having to write code.

The Elementor real estate themes provide you with a powerful and easy to use theme that will help you build your site.

Try Elementor yourself now.

Features and Benefits of Using Elementor

You are not forced to use all the features of Elementor, you can use just as much as you want to design your pages on a website. It simply adjusted with all your needs and requirements. 

Elementor Benefits

Let’s discuss a few unique features of Elementor. Well, let me inform you that you no need to learn to code for using Elementor features.

  • Templates Design

Elementor provides 200+ innovative templates for designing websites that can fit every industry’s needs. 

  • Copy Paste an element

This is one of the amazing features provided by Elementor to page builders. You can copy any element and paste it to different places where you need it. 

  • Create Secure and Fastest Website

Elementor can help you to increase your productivity because it works quickly and smoothly, which can increase your sales and ultimately increase your revenue. It has excellent security measures to make customers satisfied with it. 

Elementor Features

  • Add Videos in Background

Website owners can add live videos in the background to make their page more attractive and interesting.

Let’s discuss a few benefits that website owners get from the Elementor plugin of WordPress.

Listed below are benefits of the Elementor:

  • Customer Support

The Elementor help desk is 27/7/365 active and they are amazingly providing all solutions and resolving real-time queries. They have a dedicated customer support team. It’s customer care team is always available to aid its customers with insightful solutions.

  • More Layouts

The layout of a page is most important to attract your website visitors. The Pro version of the Elementor plugin provides additional layouts to display your products and resources in an interesting manner on the website. 

  • Designing Header and Footer is no more difficult

Yes, you read it right. Designing header and footer is no more complex for you. Elementor Pro updates its features with the customized header and footer designs. 

  • Additional Email Marketing Tools

Elementor Pro provides additional marketing tools like ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Hubspot and many more. 

Pricing Plans Of Elementor

Elementor provides 4 different pricing plans and different features and benefits as expected.

The pricing plan of Elementor pro


  • Free Plan:

    This plan costs nothing. It is entirely a free plan as its name suggests. You don’t have to spend a single penny for using this plan’s features.

Well, I suggest newbies in website development must go with this plan, and later on, you can upgrade your plans after having experience with all features of the free package.

 The following are the features included in the free plan:

  1. Drag and Drop technique.
  2. Editing is quite responsive.
  3. Customer Support
  4. Only 30+ Basic Templates with more effects are provided in this plan. 
  5. 40+ Basic Widgets.
  • Personal Plan:

    It can be used for only 1 site. To use advanced features of this plan, you have to pay $49 per year. It is a very economical plan for individual website builders. 

Following are some additional benefits included in this plan which are not included in free plan are:

  1. Theme Builder
  2. All updated features for one year.
  3. WooCommerce Builder.
  4. More Pro templates, i.e. 300+ with additional effects.
  5. More 50+ Pro Widgets.
  6. Drag and Drop technique
  • Plus Plan:

    This is the most popular pricing plan offered by Elementor. It only costs $99 per year. It provides drag and drop features along with some advanced templates and widgets. This plan is valid only for 3 sites.

  • Following are some additional benefits included in this plan which are not included in earlier plans are:
  1. WooCommerce Builder
  2. Email Integration tools
  3. Now you can avail benefits from 10+ full website template kits.
  4. Customer Support and updated features benefit for 1 year.
  5. 300+ advanced templates and 50+ pro widgets.
  • Expert Plan:

    This is the most expensive pricing plan among all and this plan is valid for 1000 sites. If your team is working on high web development projects, then you can go for this plan. To subscribe to this plan, you have to pay $199 per year.

  • You can avail of the benefits of all advanced features in this plan. It offers the following benefits:
  1. Popup Builder
  2. WooCommerce Builder
  3. Theme Builder
  4. 300+ pro templates along with 50+ pro widgets.
  5. Updates and Customer Support for 1 year.

I have discussed all the pricing plans of Elementor. You can choose any one plan which can meet your requirements and suits your financial budget.

What is Theme?

Themes are also called templates, which are mainly used when you create a website, you need to install a theme. There are some customized themes and you have full freedom to customize its layout, design, color to meet your specific needs.

Responsive is the most popular and free WordPress theme which has almost 1,00,000+ active installations.

Elementor Theme Builder Overview

With the Elementor, you can work on any themes without coding and design any content for header, footer, or single page for websites. You can download one free theme for all your business and market needs, i.e, Hello Elementor.

You can even use Multiple themes on WordPress. Choosing the right theme is very important because your website will load in just a few seconds and can create the best content, which will give the best graphical presentation.

Before selecting a theme, you must make a list of all specific features which it provides. WordPress provides a lot of free themes with some specific features to make your website more presentable. Don’t choose a theme which has a lot of advanced features, because it will create a mess for you. 

Keep in mind the color of the theme. Online marketing is all about visual presentation, visual appearance. Don’t use too many dark colors, because visitors usually prefer light colors and dark color combinations.

Use a combination of attractive and simple colors. Make sure your Colour schemes match your logo because that will increase brand recognition. You can, later on, alter your visual appearance with custom CSS. 

Best Real Estate Themes

  • Houze

It is the most popular WordPress real estate theme which is used by professionals for creating high-quality designs. With this theme, you can create a search panel wherever you want on your website design.

Give you the best property results via an advanced search engine. Easily track the devices of your visitors who are coming on your website. 

Best Real Estate Elementor Themes-Houzez Theme

You have unlimited options to change the styles of your widgets displayed on your website. It is the first choice for all real estate agents and agencies and is equipped with your mobile devices.

It works for both small screens and TV monitors.  It costs $59. You can even customize your background color, text color, font style to match your color scheme. It is the easiest platform for visitors to find the right property place.

  • Real Property

It is worth $59. It is a very special WordPress theme, it offers customers with super amazing features to customize your layout, graphic designs, font styles, and enhance your background.

Real Property real estate theme is used by real estate agencies for buying and selling properties. Create real estate websites for agency services and property owners. It is compatible with great WordPress plugins including the amazing plugin Elementor.

Real Property Theme

All these excellent features of the Real Property theme can be easily used with Elementor. The best part about this theme is it is compatible with all the devices and browsers.

It’s user friendly interface and 24/7 customer support along with customized features with fast performances makes it one of the favorites. It gives unlimited colors, font styles to make your website as colorful as possible. 

  • Homeo

Homeo is cheaper than the above two themes. It costs $55. This theme can be used in large agencies as well as in small property listings. It provides various customization options to change background, styles, patterns, layout and many more.

It doesn’t matter what kind of web page you require, it’s flexible and customization features enable you to design according to your needs and requirements. 

Homeo Theme

They have a dedicated support team who can help you out with documentation problems and can answer your all queries. It offers different price formatting options. You can set your currency sign for your country and purchase the Homeo real estate theme.

And you can change the functionality feature any time any day. You can design header and footer too with Homeo. It is a great choice for direct listings. 

  • Reveal

Reveal costs only $33. It is more feasible and efficient in its functions. If you want to focus on local business, local listing, then you must consider this theme for your website. It offers you unlimited color choices to enhance your background along with a responsive layout.

It has not compromised in any of its visual features. It is very easy to use and customize, no coding knowledge is required. It offers various top-notch features like header and footer designs, SEO optimization.

Reveal Theme

It offers you an amazing benefit of importing demo data after installing the Reveal – Real Estate theme. It has a drag and drop technique along with several customization features.

It is best compatible with small businesses and enables you to create your own online store for buying and selling properties. It is compatible with all devices and browsers.

It is one of the easiest platforms for visitors to find the right property place, and can easily get regular updates by just subscribing one time. 

  • Rehomes

It is one of the best seller Elementor real estate themes, with the best quality templates, and numerous customization options along with remarkable features. It has wonderful and easy functionality. It has the best customer support team that always serves its customers best and provides insightful solutions on time. 

Rehomes Theme

It has all customized templates with add-on effects and provides you drag and drop features. It enables you to design different functional pages to change the layout pattern of the website.

You can anytime upgrade your plans for more advanced features. Rehomes costs only $59. It has 5-star ratings and amazing customer reviews. 

  • SkyTower

SkyTower worth $54. With unlimited color choices and competitive features for property and directory listings, SkyTower is one of its favorites. It is an intuitive solution for all estate and brokerage requirements with 500+ customized templates and pro widgets.

It is user-friendly and can help you to create your website in just a few minutes. No coding knowledge required, No need to give much of the time.

SkyTower Theme

It is flexible and has a 24/7 technical support team who can provide exceptional customer support to all its clients. It has popular pro widgets and drag and drop features. It is SEO optimized and gives you free updates from time to time.

With its interface, you can build any kind of website with a variety of elements and templates. You can customize designs based on your requirements and choose from various features to work.  

SkyTower is compatible with your mobile devices, it is a great choice for real estate website owners. It helps you to create aesthetic and classy websites. It offers more than 700 Google fonts with unlimited color choices to make your website alluring.

We have discussed all the popular real estate themes of Elementor. You can choose any theme based on your requirements and budget. All themes have different pricing options and offer different features.

Pros & Cons Of Elementor


  • It offers different templates with innovative designs.
  • The customer support team provides insightful solutions to all the problems of customers.
  • Provide 50+ pro widgets and 300+ pro templates in all its premium pricing plans. 
  • Elementor always works with all the themes of WordPress. 
  • It always updates you with its new features, and provides various customization options. 
  • It is compatible with all mobile devices and browsers. 
  • It has a user-friendly and impactful interface.
  • The website offers one to one interactive session in which all users can ask any questions related to setting up the website, what applications and themes to use, in 30 minutes. Their professional support team can help you to understand all the challenges and issues that come on your way.


  • Sometimes users face issues with drag and drop features.
  • Pricing details are not clearly defined, and beginners face difficulty to use Elementor due to its complex interface.
  • Sometimes adding hyperlinks become difficult due to outdated templates and blocks.
  • All resources which provide for learning and basic understanding are outdated. It lacks new updates. 
  • It offers a lot of customization features which leads to confusion in users, which feature to use at what time. 
  • Sometimes Elementor slows down your website and reduces your google ranking. 
  • It does not offer all customers equally. They give priority to pro plan users.

User Review 

User review User review User review

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FAQs on Best Real Estate Elementor Themes

🤷‍♀️How many pricing plans are offered by Elementor?

Elementor offers 4 different pricing plans with different features. Following are the 4 plans listed below: Free Plan, Personal Plan, Plus Plan, Expert Plan

🙋‍♂️Does Elementor work with all themes of WordPress?

Yes, the Elementor is compatible with all the themes of WordPress

☞Is Elementor a good platform for designing a website?

Elementor is the best and reliable platform to create and design an aesthetic website on WordPress.

☑️Elementor Review (Hands-On in 2021): Is it the Best WordPress Page Builder?

Yes, it is. Elementor is famous for a reason - it is unquestionably one of the finest page builders for WordPress. If you wish to try it out, you may do so by downloading the free version from Then, upgrade to Elementor Pro to unlock all of Elementor's features.

⁉️Do I need a WordPress theme if I use Elementor Theme Builder?

Yes. If you choose the Elementor Hello theme as a starting point for your theme builder, your site will be completely bloated-free. Elementor Hello is just the minimal essentials for powering a WordPress site. From there, you may utilize your theme builder to add just the features you want, without adding any unnecessary baggage.

⏳What's the difference between Elementor (free) and Elementor Pro?

The free edition of Elementor provides an infinite number of design options. However, Elementor Pro equips you with additional professional tools that streamline your process and increase conversions and revenues.

📂Pricing: How Much Does Elementor Cost?

$ 49 per year is an attractive amount to pay to upgrade to Elementor's pro edition. It costs just $ 99 for a three-site license and $ 199 for a 1,000-site license. All WordPress users may install the free version of Elementor to get acquainted with the plugin's capabilities and limitations.

Conclusion: Best Real Estate Elementor Themes 2024

All the Elementor themes have their pros and cons. All the themes provide different features, different user interfaces, and different pricing plans. All themes have customization options for changing the background color and every user can make it more attractive and alluring with different templates. All themes are exquisite in their dealings. 

On the other side, Elementor also has some advantages and limitations. The working of Elementor is transparent and gets an option to enable your settings. It offers a lot of customization features, along with a professional support team.

You can easily create and content for your website in all the pricing plans. It includes all the essential features which are used while creating a website for new users. Pro users can avail of pro plans and use advanced features.

It is an effective platform for designing a website and can work with all themes of WordPress. Do share your valuable insights in the comment section below!

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Top 5+ Best Real Estate Elementor Themes


Elementor themes have their pros and cons. All the themes provide different features, different user interfaces and different pricing plans. All themes have customization options for changing background colour and every user can make it more attractive and alluring with different templates. All themes are exquisite in their dealings. 

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