How to Setup a CPA Elementor Landing Page With Elementor?

Who wants to earn ample money in just a few steps? 

Obviously, everyone in this world wishes this. But the question is how to do it?

An easy answer to this question is by building CPA landing pages. But how to set up a CPA Elementor Landing Page with Elementor?

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This technology turns a client’s activities into purchases and paid clicks. It is important to map and then optimize every step of your transitioning gradient.

The most crucial factor is to have a landing web page that has excellent price conversion.

Ultimately, this form of marketing structure demonstrates the substantial value of companies in marketing investment capital.

The individual’s talents and experiences are what aligns with the customers and attract their attention. You definitely want to become imaginative unlike the remaining bunch of people. 

So, here is an awesome way to create impressive and well-maintained landing pages using Elementor.


You’ve obviously heard of Elementor, the most popular page generator on WordPress by now. It facilitates you to easily and effectively construct stunning websites and landing pages. There are several add-ons now to modify the interface and settings further.

Create Landing Page Using Elementor

 By using their convenient-to-use & innovative components to append control to your visual composer and make your next WordPress pages look more attractive than it has ever been. 

Elementor themes are normal WordPress blog themes that are clearly consistent with this designer, allowing all possible and/or impossible templates to be produced that are not restricted by the builder itself’s features.

Multifunctional designs of Elementor are totally user – friendly, mobile sensitive and mainly both unrestricted and premium editions are downloadable.

With the free edition of Elementor, the personalized plugins for the themes are ready for use. Once your modifications go online, you can experiment around with the style and have an immediate overview.

Now, let’s discuss the ways to create a CPA  landing page with the help of the Elementor tool.


I feel that Elementor is unquestionably the preferred WordPress page builder because:

Applying Elementor is really simple and you understand what’s feasible in contemporary digital marketing by using it. On the internet, there are many powerful tools and YouTube guides to support you understand Elementor. 



The free edition gives you an opportunity to test the Elementor drive and has a great collection of resources for several websites that may be sufficient. The Pro edition comes with a plethora of new features, such as the Theme Builder, which allows you to develop and design an entire Elementor portal. 

Elementor is strongly accepted by its customer base as the most common page builder-any concerns you might have are likely to have already been reposted. Innovative techniques are constantly introduced, many responding to consumer suggestions for plugins that make it easy to create different websites. 

Elementor is extremely transparent to portable devices so you can easily monitor your desktop, tablet, and mobile display adjustments. Spacing and content for each system can be personalized. While with Elementor you can get results instantly, it’s helpful to learn as you go forward to know how to use it, and thus get the best for your particular website from it.

 Elementor is an excellent tool, and it can help you understand web development, as I’ve said, particularly if you start with its ready-made prototypes. In order to make a decent site, a website does not need all the alarms and buzzers available in the toolbox of Elementor, but luckily Elementor seems to have plenty of ready-made interface widgets and elements to use if and when you need them. 

I suggest that you try and see for yourself with the free plan.

What is a CPA Landing Page?

CPA advertising or landing page is a popular manner to earn cash online. CPA is short for cost per action, occasionally referred to as pay per action or PPA too. It is an illustration of online advertising and marketing, wherein the advertisers (those promoting a product) pay the publishers (web site owners) for a distinct activity that is performed by the visitors on the web page.

The way it performs is very effective in any business. You simply publicize hyperlinks on your internet site or weblog, and when readers click on those links or make any effort related to that link, you receive a commission.

In simple words it means, the greater actions your site visitors are expected to tackle the seller’s site to reap a conversion, the greater you may be charged.

You are advertising a specific product from the supplier when you put a CPA signup form. The form originally asks the client for his or her name, e-mail, contact number, residence address, and possibly their credit card details. It is very important for the owner or developers of the website to make the site and the offers look attractive for the visitor to submit their records.   When they have done so, the trader will pay you the agreed sum for the further steps.

The rates, however, differ a lot because it depends on how much a prospective customer feels the supplier can gain him over a duration of time. It also relies on the action that must be performed.

CPA branding is no doubt a perfect choice to combine with your existing marketing strategy.

How to build a CPA landing page with Elementor?

Before designing your landing page with the Elementor page builder, you should have a variety of items. 

An active WordPress has to be installed.

Install Free Plugin or Elementor 

Elementor Pro Build 

The thing to remember: Some features are provided only if Elementor Pro is operational. Elementor Pro gives you unlimited design options while you can do limited designs when it comes to free editions.

Follow these steps to build a landing page using Elementor:

Configuring the Landing Page 

  • Click Pages > Add New first, and then click the ‘Edit with Elementor’ button.
  • The next step is to scroll down to the bit of the button and select on the bottom left settings icon and turn to “Elementor Canvas” for the page design to function on a blank landing page.

Attach features to your landing page 

  • To add elements to your landing page, tap on the folder icon, and add templates.
  • You’re going to see a dialog box popping up. Tap on the “Lines” tab from it now. Keep adding the wide range of flavors that will characterize your landing page using the pick dropdown.
  • Each landing page would be unique always, as there are hundreds and a multitude of new items you can easily add to create your landing page using Elementor. 
  • The list of some elements you can use in your landing page:
  1. Social Icons – With this feature, you can display the icons to your social pages like Facebook / Twitter. You can add the link of your social media account so that the customer can be redirected on your social media pages for more information and engagement.
  2. Counter – This feature shows statistics and data in an accelerating manner. This can help to work on your skills and ideas if you do not get the desired results.
  3. Heading- An interesting heading makes a great impact on the reader’s mind which insists the reader spend more time on the website and this results in more action and clicks.
  4. Google Maps- Code or add maps on your page, this can help the client to easily find out your office location.
  5. Alert- This feature just entertains the client. It is a colorful box just to divert the customer’s attention. 
  6. Footer- You want to give them another statement of intent, to inspire them to do what you want them to do, because your users have browsed down the page anyway.

Also, you should add terms and conditions to proliferate awareness to the clients and solve their problems with FAQs.

Elementor Blocks Customizing 

Elementor Blocks

To suit your website, you should go over each block and customize it. Customizing the website makes it look appealing and this is the main key to attract visitors on your site. Some things that you may want to customize include title content, site title, site logo, site tagline, navigation menu, page title, retina image, copyright, colors, background, search and etc.

Mobile configuration 

Mobile Configuration

For digital purposes, remember that you don’t need to think about customizing every block and page separately. The blocks are purely sensitive and are already pre-designed. Even so, for smartphone and tablet devices, you can turn to mobile view and start personalizing margins, spacing, paddings, and other settings.

Your Landing Page Overview 

  • Now, you may be excited to preview and demo it before you release the landing page you created for Elementor. When released, this enables you to see how well it would look. 
  • For doing this, press the ‘eye’ button at the bottom left line.

Release your landing page

Head forth and release your landing page if all is in control. The green button “Publish” appears now as a grey button “Update.” 

Kudos!  you’ve now created and released your WordPress website with an Elementor page builder


Elementor offers 4 different plans. Free, Personal, Expert, and Plus.

The Free plan can be used on any number of sites. They provide an undemanding and painless experience. They offer features that are usually offered by high-end page builders. An amazing number of content widgets are accessible to you, which makes shaping your page an effortless and smooth process. There are widgets available for attaching video logs, images, presentations, documentation, maps, and many more.

The pricing plan of Elementor pro

Responsive editing is another great feature you will find on the free version. These will help you see the preview of your page on different sized devices and edit directly in that device size view. A  whopping 35+ templates are available at your disposal. These templates can be saved. furthermore, options to import or export them is also available.

The front-end visual editor is one of the features of Elementor. This feature helps you control all the pages on your website. You will also be able to use any of the WordPress widgets with Elementor. And all these are non-proprietary and mobile-friendly.

A personal plan will cost you $49 per year. It can only be used for one website. Along with all the features of the free plan will get so many other added benefits. 50+ pro widgets and 300+ templates are available. 10+ full website template kits are one of the main attractions. There is a popup builder which will increase your site traffic. WooCommerce Builder will enable you to build amazing stores without touching one line of code. It provides support for one year and if any updates within this one year you will get it free of cost.

The Plus plan will cost you $99 per year. All the features provided by the personal plan can be found here too. But the added perk is that you can use this for 3 sites.

The features are the same for the Expert plan. But for $199 per year, you can use Elementor for up to 1000 sites.

You can upgrade into a pro account by giving $49 per year. A pro account has so many advantages like 24/7 premium support, live custom CSS, interactive carousels, role manager, and many more.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use- The GUI is simple and user – friendly. The arrangement of blocks is set down In a very conventional way. Because of this, Elementor is pretty easy to understand. There are a number of advanced features that do not take long to be comfortable with, but it is easy to learn the solid basic design. You don’t need to know the coding to use it.
  • Mobile responsive- The Elementor is very eligible for designing rapid sites that are ideally created. It also has extraordinary mobile skills that allow a designer to ensure that the look is as well built as the desktop version on the tablet and phone. 
  • Numerous themes- For essentially every theme available in the market, Elementor operates very well. If we talk about more ideas, however, there are quite a few themes that are explicitly constructed to serve Elementor. 
  • Exclusive designs- Elementor is the best tool or plugin one can use, but it should be noted that there are some Block collections that are exclusively created for Elementor and that extend the functionality of the layout.
  • Affordable- The main thing about which the client worries is the pricing, but Elementor solves this problem too. It is very economic and affordable to buy a pro plan. Also, you can begin using the tool with a free program.
  •  Provide tutorials- If you face any problem using Elementor, then all your queries can be answered by the guides and tutorials. These are very effective and easy to understand.
  • Vast support community on social media- Even after going through the tutorials, you still have doubts, then the Facebook community of Elementor is very helpful and vast to deliver support and guidance.


  • Works on WordPress enabled websites- This is the major drawback of Elementor because it works on WordPress enabled sites only, which makes it selective and a problem for those users whose sites are not enabled on WordPress.
  • Regular updates- Elementor has to be regularly updated for security problems and fresh updates.
  • The deficit of customer service- Although, the Facebook community is very helpful but the customer service and support by the tool can be improved.
  • Third-party interference- The 3rd party interference causes problems in the functioning of the tool and sometimes makes it slow.

Quick Links:

FAQs on Elementor Landing Page

☞1. What is Elementor? Is it compatible with all the themes?

☞It is a page builder plug-in for WordPress that can help you construct attractive and appealing pages for the website. Elementor is compatible with all the themes which comply with WordPress standards.

☞Is editing a Blog page using Elementor possible?

☞Yes, using the Theme Builder available on Elementor you can easily edit your Blog page.

☞3. Can I add Popups on pages that are not developed using Elementor?

☞You can add your popups on any page using Elementor pro. You can add pieces of information about offers and discounts available on your page too.

Conclusion: Elementor Landing Page 2021

In a nutshell, we can say that Elementor is a do it yourself page builder for WordPress that will help you make your website pages very attractive and appealing. This plug-in is particularly helpful if you are on a limited budget and have no desire to approach a professional for this cause. Elementor aids you in creating unique pages even if your coding skills are non-existent. The DIY principle is attracting a lot of people into Elementor and it is said that every 10 seconds a new website is created on its platform!

Elementor services are pretty cheap. You can get a decent plan for about $49 per month.

The templates and widgets that are pre-designed are enough to wing your imaginations. If you need more options just upgrade into the Pro version. It will give you more templates, a popup builder, and many more options.

So why wait, spread your wings and fly with Elementor.

Elementor is a do it yourself page builder for WordPress that will help you make your website pages very attractive and appealing. This plug-in is particularly helpful if you are on a limited budget and have no desire to approach a professional.


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