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7 Best SERP Tracking Tools 2024: The Ultimate Guide [Free Trial]

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Looking for Best SERP Tracking Tools? If so, you’re at the correct spot.

When you first started blogging or SEO, you may have been instructed to add keywords and check blog placements to check SERPs.

Yeah, I’ve been there, and you’d agree that rank verification is tedious and error-prone. You need a simple yet effective technique to do this. SERP monitoring tools.

After SEO experts and bloggers complained, various tools were developed, each claiming to be the best. Choosing the best choice is tricky. In this posting, I’ll offer 7 reliable SERP monitoring apps for rank checking.

What Is SERP?

The term “search engine results page” (SERP) is an acronym. When you search for anything on Google, the results page that appears is known as the SERP.

SERP currently displays ten results on a single page. As a result, if your blog appears first on the first page of search results, it is considered to be in the top place. Let’s have a look at a few tools now.

7 Best SERP Tracking Tools 2024

Let’s dive into each tool to know better:

1. SEMrush

For my own blog, I’d want to put SEMrush at the top of the list since I’ve been using it myself. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the greatest tools for monitoring search engine results.

In addition, SEMrush is one of the most sought-after SEO tools, offering specific SEO or PPC capabilities. Large corporations such as Quora, eBay, and HP have all begun utilizing it as a result.

SEMrush Main - Best SERP Tracking Tools


  • On a daily basis, SEMrush enables you to monitor your website’s search engine rankings for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • To gain a more complete picture of your keywords and blog’s success, you may also track its rank in other nations, cities, and regions.
  • In addition, you’ll be able to see who your main rivals are and keep tabs on their SERP positions.

2. SE Ranking

When it comes to SEO monitoring tools, SE Ranking is a must. That’s how excellent and effective this online program is.

If you haven’t heard, SE Ranking is a comprehensive SEO toolbox with a variety of SEO tools, such as SERP monitoring and rank tracking.

SE Ranking Overview - Best SERP Tracking Tools

You may be surprised to learn that SE Ranking has already served more than 300,000 consumers while being a relatively new product on the market.


  • Additionally, SE Ranking can watch your Google Maps and Google Ads placements, making it a one-stop-shop for all your SEO needs.
  • It also comes with the greatest SERP tracking tool, which lets you go through the top 100 results. As a result, you’ll be able to identify your most direct rivals.
  • In addition, SE Ranking has a solid track record of delivering 100 percent accurate desktop and mobile ranking information. Tracking rankings by city, state, or zip code is another option you have.

3. Mangools

With Mangools, you may use five distinct SEO techniques in one program. Mangools has been able to deliver services to significant clients such as Alexa, Airbnb, Adidas, Deloitte, and others as a consequence of this SERP tools merger.

Mangools Overview

In addition to KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler, Mangools includes five more useful tools. Among these five tools, SERPChecker and SERPWatcher would be the ones you’d use for SERP analysis and rank tracking.


  • Using the SERPChecker tool, you can analyze SERPs in any nation or location to increase your local reach and growth. It has 45+ SEO metrics.
  • One of the few SERP monitoring programs that provide you with daily updates on your rank status is Mangools’ SERPWatcher.
  • Because it enables you to share information with your customers in the form of links, it is a great tool for SEO businesses and freelancers.

4. Sitechecker

Sitechecker is an easy-to-use application for keeping track of your website’s keyword rankings. Data about ranking and indexing changes are dynamically provided by this tool.

The guide also offers recommendations on how to enhance one’s standing. It keeps tabs on how your website ranks in the world’s most popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Bing).

Sitechecker Overview

Individual tracking parameters may be entered and appropriate data can be received while utilizing the service.


  • Keywords may be filtered by the number of times they appear in search results, the number of landing pages they appear on, or the position they appear in the search results.
  • Sorting by the number of position changes (between one to 90 days) will help you identify keywords that are most effective.
  • All of these options are available to you when working with a big number of requests.
  • Just choose a date period on a calendar and you’ll be able to compare positions.
  • Table with unique columns for easy viewing of monitoring data. A variety of options exist for manipulating their visibility and significance.

5. Wincher

With Wincher, you can keep track of your SERPs in the best way possible. Try Wincher if you’re fed up with cumbersome and imprecise tools. SEO data may be easily accessed with this method.

Wincher, in contrast to other tools, is very user-friendly. In addition to having all the capabilities you’ll need to keep tabs on your internet activity, Wincher offers a fantastic user interface and is quite reasonably priced.


There is no better price-to-quality ratio than this.


  • Without exclusions, daily updates on your online positions. Using Wincher, you can refresh the data every 24 hours, and you can even manually update your locations.
  • Clustering is more advanced. To obtain a clear picture of your performance, you may group your terms in any way you choose.
  • SEO checker for free. Optimize each page for a single keyword and obtain a list of detailed advice on how to increase your rankings.
  • Using the GSC, Google Data Studio, and APIs is simple and quick.

6. Pro Rank Tracker

One of the most underappreciated tools for monitoring SERPs is Pro Rank Tracker. Since its launch a few years ago, it has quietly been delivering a top-notch SERP rank monitoring service.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, it boasts a client base of more than 60,000 SEO experts and companies. Due to the inclusion of a cutting-edge algorithm, this software is well-known for its ability to accurately analyze and monitor SERPs.

Pro Rank Tracker

In addition, despite the fact that it makes use of some sophisticated technologies, Pro Rank Tracker is really simple to use.


  • Additionally, Pro Rank Tracker can follow your site’s SERP performance on desktop and mobile devices, as well as across different countries and regions.
  • Every day, Pro Rank Tracker will notify you of any changes to your SERP ranks. Additionally, you may request real-time SERP monitoring using this tool.
  • Additionally, this application includes a Rankings Discovery tool that reveals terms your site ranks for that you weren’t aware of.

7. Advanced Web Ranking

It is impossible to compare Advanced Web Ranking’s SERP and rank monitoring to any other service. For the last 18 years, our website has provided the greatest SERP monitoring services available.

Advanced Web Ranking

Many multinational agencies and corporations have chosen Advanced Web Ranking as a result of this experience. Even more so, a number of blogs and websites have devoted a significant portion of their content to it.


  • When it comes to SERP monitoring software, this is one of the rarities that doesn’t inform you every 24 hours.
  • As an SEO agency, you can use Advanced Web Ranking to develop meaningful SERP monitoring reports and share them with your customers without any difficulty.
  • Using this tool, you can see where you stand on more than 3000 search engines. Additionally, if your preferred search engine isn’t included, the Advanced Web Ranking team will make it happen.

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Conclusion: Best SERP Tracking Tools 2024

The moment has come to choose one of the seven finest SERP monitoring tools for rank checking and SERP analysis. For those of you who are still undecided, I strongly recommend signing up for their free trials.

You’d be able to make a choice at the conclusion of your free trial time.

Any questions about the SERP monitoring tools are always welcome in the comments section. I’ll get right on them as soon as I can.


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