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Elementor Affiliate Program Review 2024: Should You Join It?

Elementor Affiliate Program
Cookie period

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

Elementor Affiliate Program encourages you to promote their product and also allows you to earn a passive income by the refer and earn program.

This is a great opportunity for website builders and internet marketers out there looking to make money online. They also offer an open-handed commission on every sale that you generate.

Elementor is one of the best website builders out there, so if you recommend it you will earn a commission.

Are you curious to know what I am going to explain this blog? Here are some questions:

What are the considerations for an Elementor affiliate?

Can I do something in Elementor, but use another plugin to integrate it?

What resources will I get as an Elementor affiliate?

What is the process for being an Elementor affiliate?

What are the benefits of being an Elementor affiliate?


Elementor’s Affiliate program offers affiliates financial incentives to promote the leading WordPress website builder software. The affiliate program is for those wishing to make extra income from a blog, website, or social media channel, simply by referring people to the Elementor website. If the person makes a purchase, then the referrer makes a commission.

Elementor, the leading WordPress website builder, offers affiliates money to promote their software. You won’t be an employee of Elementor, but instead an alliance or partner.

You can sign up as an affiliate and get 50% of the commission for every person you refer to Elementor.

Try Elementor yourself now.


Elementor Affiliate Program Overview

So after giving you an introduction to the Affiliate program, here’s a brief idea of what you can expect. if you are someone who wishes to get a little extra income through websites and blogs.

It’s essential to do some referral work. You refer and when anyone buys, then you get the commission. I think it’s a great way to make some easy money. 

Elementor Affiliate Program

Once you join the Affiliate program, you won’t be an employee of Elementor but more like an alliance or partner. Elementor offers its affiliates some monetary incitement in return for their services to promote their software for website building. 

The work will then involve referring to new customers and influencing them to buy the products and services of Elementor.

Your preferable audience has to be people who already have their own website or blog since then the products and services offered by Elementor will be beneficial to them.  But there is no obligation to be offered on your part, it is merely the position of a partner who is not even exclusive to this work alone.

Your work with the team is supposed to be only yours, which means that there is no scope for delegating tasks or creating a sub-level chain of any sort.

It’s just you and Elementor working for a cause. It involves the promotion of Elementor’s products and services using good marketing strategies and acceptable material of a higher quality. 

This overall defines the scope and overview of the sort of relationship that you will be sharing with Elementor after you sign up for their affiliate program. 

What is an affiliate?

Affiliate is a part of marketing, aiming to reward the affiliates whenever they bring new users and customers through their own strategic and viable marketing ways.

Marketing demands individuals who are quite clever, intelligent, and business-like or market-oriented affiliates.

Affiliate marketing has even involved some of the resourceful and productive advertising techniques, as affiliates are mainly driven to facilitate the following methods which include:- (SEO), content marketing, email marketing, (pay per click).

Affiliate is mainly steering itself in the direction of financial motives. Affiliate marketing even aims at promoting the products of users and simultaneously gaining commissions from it. This will even fetch you humongous profit.

What work does it actually do?

It promotes our Elementor on Social Media. You can create Educational Elementor video tutorials, place the Elementor Logo and Banners on your website, and send your affiliate link to your email subscribers.

These are the main works of this program, and you can easily do what you really need to do to promote your products.

How does it work?

Firstly, you need to approve your application with the program, and then you need to receive a unique affiliate link, and you’ll have access to their marketing kit.

Now, you need to place your link banners in your product reviews on your websites. Every time you refer a new customer to them, and they make their purchase, you’ll earn a commission.

How can you earn in the Elementor Affiliate program?

Learn How To Earn From Elementor Affiliate

One can earn millions if one affiliates themselves in this program. You can earn more than $ 10,000 on a monthly basis.

When you submit your application, they will ask you to fill in your PayPal account, and they will pay you in that account. They also have a 30-day refund policy on their product. After you have a clearance of the purchase, they will pay you within 30 days.

Elementor Features: Why I Recommend It? 

Elementor Features


If you are looking for styling and designing by displaying your WordPress sites with expert editing then Elementor provides the strongest editor for your site by deleting the guesswork which is combined with writing code.

Elementor provides your websites with the best design with easily handled options, live editing is possible by displaying every element when you are designing your site. 

Gives you quick and better results compared to the other websites. Editing is a very important feature Elementor can provide, it also autosaves all the details in editing you do so you can undo it later if you want without any difficulties.

It provides you with a unique published version for editing your site freely in your drafts.

Ultimate designs

If you are confused about using multiple options with a long process, you must know that Elementor doesn’t come with multiple options when you are designing your website.

It simply gives you designer tools of your requirement with some pixel-perfect layouts and templates. The amazing drag and drop editor in your layouts may amaze you with its flexibility as it offers you various designs that you can use. 

The other feature which comes under designs are typography that is choosing your customized font, integrate colors, animations, GIFs, use any alignments left, right or middle, add images and videos to it at any comfortable position you want, the addition of effects, alluring backgrounds with bright and beautiful colors and designs, and many more. 

For Elementor all the features come with mobile responsive and handling options, at any place and at any time. 

Marketing and business 

Elementor is a package of all the solutions of retailing business, it provides you all your business requirements you need to create your website with full access of your own and that drives all the traffic, retails, and transformation. 

Elementor- A Perfect Marketing Solution

It makes content that can boost up your marketing and promotion with Google. Increase your website visitors by liking, sharing, commenting, and promoting through social media help.

It gives you the best popup builders which can help you in your marketing business, by transforming the way you build your sites. 

Elementor also permits you to combine with other social networking sites to boost your audience.

For streaming your efforts and practices in the marketing business it offers you a package of widgets specially customized for marketing that can help you in your website upgrades and these widgets can give you catchy headlines and a good update on social competition in the market. 

An extended platform for development

Business developers from all around the world can get involved in this amazing Elementor site for building their landing pages or WordPress build up pages which provide you with full security by providing strict coding standards. 

You can also be in partnership for the production of WordPress styling solution, and availability of connecting your external tools with your personalized widgets by using Elementor’s API. You can also utilize PHP hooks for changing the defaults on your site and can make it further. 

The development feature is SEO friendly, and the pages which are made for your use come with a faster loading facility. It is best for beginners, intermediates, and also expert developers. 

Theme builder

Theme builder makes your website work smooth and graceful with these excellent features on your websites, users can have control and can boost up the results as per their need.

It guides the management of each and every part of your website without any issues and provides us with facilities like personalizing header and footer place, and making templates for your particular posts. 

Elementor-Theme Builder

You can make your whole page with the help of a theme builder, which provides you Elementor’s WooCommerce creator, offering the excellent search option, and if your audience is lost by using 404 pages they can be guided easily with a better experience of the sites.

The upgrade version of this theme builder offers its users to have access with direct control of any niches of your website for designing the WordPress site.

The whole infrastructure of your site is based on this theme builder. Save your time and money with this easy theme builder option on your site with overall management.

 Experts and professionals

 If you are totally new to this site and can’t follow the guidance of the site too, there is always a solution to your problem in Elementor. You can find and hire any experts to guide you in simple and convenient language about the website and how to build your landing page. 

You can also collaborate in partnership with professionals if you are an intermediate via Elementor. Also, if you are familiar with the work, and you are a user you can also be a professional or expert and get available for hiring by the beginners or the audiences of your page. 

Search for the perfect expert for your website. To become an expert by yourself, you just have to maintain your portfolio by editing your skills and best work to get hired by the other developers.

WordPress Popups

You may wish to style and design the model of your website, and you can even do it by using popup builders, many options are available such as a fly In, full screen, hello bar, classics, slide bar, and many more than you can wonder. 

WordPress Popups

This is not just the usual popups you know basically in every site, it’s unique Elementor style popups used for designing your WordPress site. There’s no such condition for any setup or code required for your website design. 

Just simply choose your content by adding those to your WordPress site. Without any extra money, you can use Elementor Pro Version popups which are unlimited and have much interaction.

 Integration and widgets

Combine your favourite device and CRM devices with no difficulties, in this retailing field you must have full access to the program and must know the facilities of your website and Elementor is providing you what your website needs, you can combine your favorite tools without any hesitation by any email software or from any social networking sites. 

Elementor Widgets

Marketing devices that can be combined are, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConvertKit, Drip, Zapier,  Sendinblue, WooCommerce, HubSpot, MailPoet, and many more. The social networking sites which you can combine here are Discord, Slack, Facebook SDK, Vimeo,  YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.

 Advanced widgets offers are available with every pro-up-gradation of the Elementor site which has the best-customized layouts and style for your websites, you don’t have to upload any extra Plugins of WordPress from the internet for getting excellent results.

Some terms on an Affiliate program

I hope you got an idea about the Elementor Affiliate and how it works. Now, what does this Affiliate program do? Well, every program is meant to start and encourage their audiences to promote their products, come up with fresh users and visitors, and also get awarded at regular intervals for their works and activities.

The taxes must be paid by and in return the program pays you whatever the price they have agreed for on the given date and time, all you need to have is patience. Now let’s learn some other services Elementor Affiliate provides us.

Range of the association

It is always said that before joining any of the programs read the terms and conditions carefully and sign on with it, and after the program’s permission, they will appoint you to a non-exclusive affiliate.

You must know that the program provides an independent contractor, and you are never ever allowed to share your personal account details with any other person.

Next thing is, you must know you can promote our products and do the promotions in good quality. In case the program finds your product and providing material has any default they may terminate or restrict your services in the program.

Restriction and inactivity

If found in any default the program may terminate your association with the program and also your membership plan with Elementor. Restriction or suspension of your personal account is also possible if the program doesn’t provide correct and original proof of the inconvenience of your services.

Inactivity simply means not using your account for a long period of time, your account has been inactivated and directly tells the program that there’s no such money and rewards you have earned in this specific time and even no one has visited your site with the suggested referral link.

In that case, your account can be deleted by the program by providing you with some cash in reward but do not worry, you will be getting notice before 14 days so that you can gather the details and regain your activity in the program.

How is personal data collected by Elementor Affiliate from its audience?

The privacy of their customer should be the first priority of every website owner.

It is very essential because privacy contains overall data given by the website like software, details, services, devices, features, data, and many more. Now, I am going to tell you some detailed privacy policy provided by this platform in detail


It is bilateral providing a personal data program, you are never forced to provide your data at any cost but here’s the deal, you can’t get any services until you provide the data to them as they have some terms and conditions mentioned above.

The data is safe and secured by the program as Elementor provides you with full safety service.


The user has their own legit rights that cannot be taken and are protected in every condition, you will be informed in advance of the data program gathered from you, but you are not allowed to give fake details about the documents and files.

Elementor does ask legit permission for gathering the information and you will be given an exact copy of the document for your own sake and safety.

You can postpone, restrict, or delete your data, you have access to withdraw the agreement as theirs is no such harm in doing so. It is your legal and by law rights, and you are allowed to do so without any hesitation.

You have the right to data portability, that is you can ask the program to send you back your personal data without any problem. You are also given a service through which you can fire a complaint if you think your data has been used for the wrong purpose.

Collection of personal data

Basically, there are three ways to gather your data and those are – utilizing a website, utilizing services, and utilizing the software. These three are the main things Elementor keeps in mind while gathering the information from its users.

The first detail is that they collect in a basic manner when you fill up their registration form, forums, files, with your name, home address, phone number, mail address, and other basic information.

The second detail will be collected when you become a part of the program, this is for checking on your work status.

They gather the whole data on what basis you are utilizing their services like they gather the information like, your offline and online status, your browsing history, statics of usage of the data, tantrums, IP address, hosting surrounding, language you use, and many more.

The third detail is that the program collects is in what conditions you are using the software, like on what basis you are utilizing the Elementor and how is it used, data is tracked by the program from resisting any future issue, version of the software, PHP settings, WordPress site’s usage, and version, updates of your mail and tracking gave IP address.

Processing and sharing of personal data

For being in touch with you and gaining knowledge about your overall experience and usage of the program, this data has been collected and they study the character and social behavior of the user with this personal data.

Your personal data helps the program to know about your daily status and how you are utilizing Elementor and its services, for preventing any threats and issues in the future.

Your private data is given in various countries under some highly updated security options as the program servers are located in many countries. Your data will be safe and secure under the program, and it serves the responsibility to keep it safe and secure at any cost.

Processing and sharing of personal data

How to get affiliation on Elementor

Now that we have a fair idea of what exactly is the Elementor Affiliate program, the big question in your mind right now will be, “but how do I go about it?” So here are the few basic steps of how to get an affiliation on Elementor.

After joining the program, you first need to start promoting Elementor on social media. That is the first step. To do promotions on as many social media platforms as you can such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.

The next step is to write about Elementor on the blogs and articles that you will be posting online. This will allow you to be more descriptive about Elementor and its uses.

You can also go one step ahead and create video tutorials about Elementor. That is an easier way to catch people’s attention and much more efficient than just plain textual articles. What is most important is the Elementor official logo.

Without that, people won’t know you mean business. And then finally it is important to send your affiliate link to your email subscribers. That is the most important step of all to get in touch with your subscribers where all your efforts will be put to use. 

Elementor Pricing 

There are essentially four pricing plans. They are Free, Personal, Plus, and Expert. 

Elementor Pricing

Plan 1

The Free Plan is, as the name suggests, free of cost and is applicable to any number of sites. The features are most likely a little limited such as the Drag-N-Drop editor, basic widgets and basic templates, etc. but still serves the purpose for sure.  

Plan 2

The Personal Plan is available for you at the price of $49/year. This is applicable for one site. This plan has all the features of the Free one along with extras such as more than fifty pro widgets and more than 300 pro templates, a Theme builder, Woocommerce builder, Popup builder. It also offers support and updates for one year. 

Plan 3

The Pro plan is available for you at the price of $99/year. It is applicable for 3 sites. It has all the features of the Personal Plan along with extra features too.

Plan 4

Last but not least, the plan is the Expert Plan which is available for you at the price of $199/year. And it applies to a whopping 1000 sites. It has all the features of the Pro Plan along with extra features. This is the most popular out of all the four plans as there are more benefits and is totally worth the money. 

All the plans come with a refund policy. If you are dissatisfied or wish to discontinue your affiliation, then, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchasing a plan.

Pros and cons 


The pros and cons as mentioned for the Elementor Affiliate mentioned and incorporated are as follows-

  • Elementor Affiliate offers us an explicit feature namely a 30- day cookie period and even enables us to design, maintain, and organize the quality level creatives. It stimulates excellent services and provides us with the feature of automatic updates followed by a great drag and drop option which is worth appreciating and using.
  • The core products are 100% free and the quality offered by them is a game-changer, amidst the competitive features. The review and feedback as gained from free or paid products have been quite excellent and highly resourceful. Elementor Affiliate has been a winner in this desired sense.
  • It renders and consists of a highly active and engaging Facebook group. This proves to promote effective communication and interaction between the users which will eventually facilitate discussions on work-related matters and issues helping them to solve their doubts and queries. 
  • Elementor Affiliate offers amazing and more spectacular, well-defined customizations needed for any affiliate program. These customizations have indeed served their purpose well.
  • The user interface is highly recommended and has been approved by the operators. They have liked the services and features it is brimmed with, and the total user interface is quite productive and helpful.
  • Widgets are one of the most important attributes of any of the affiliate programs, similarly, widgets carry a value and usage worth appreciation. The global widgets as embedded or uniquely carved in Elementor Affiliate are extremely awesome and astonishing at the same time. The functionality is super easy and reliable too.
  • Elementor Affiliate is quite innovative and resourceful, as it even offers an open-source. Such a page builder is already filled with supreme hidden features that have to be unleashed and unveiled to enjoy the maximum services out of them, helping us in shaping our learning experiences as well.
  • Customer support and the services provided by them are indeed beneficial, helpful, and extremely effective. Customers are overjoyed by the kind of services it renders us undoubtedly. Besides, customers have been holding loads of praises specifically for such a hospitable team.


  • Elementor affiliate lacks and loses itself in some of the most minor cases such as it does not promote or support basic market-driven characteristics that should be incorporated and included.
  • Elementor affiliate has even ended up creating loads of confusion regarding one of its features namely static and global templates, eventually making operators highly doubtful and speculative.
  • Elementor Affiliate offers a type of styling which looks extremely forceful as rendered by default.
  • This makes such a page builder look less innovative, creative, and imaginative. Making users a bit skeptical and hesitant in availing of the other features it has to offer.
  • The forced styling doesn’t go and helps the individuals with their required themes. Which makes this feature a little less valuable.
  • The vestibule payment demanded is extremely high and expensive, charging the additional costs and expenses initially, making users a little disappointed and dissatisfied with initial costs and expenses.

User Review 

User review User review User review

Quick Links:

FAQs On Elementor Affiliate Program

☞How much can we earn from the Elementor Affiliate Program?

Any user and an operator can very easily earn truckloads of money and wealth. The earning process has no restrictions, we can learn and earn remarkably well and sufficiently. One of the examples of affiliate records that a user had earned about $10,000 and that too surprisingly on the monthly basis

🙌How to attract any customer and till when and how long will the customer avail to the user’s plan?

Attracting customers will eventually take some extra time or a couple of days so that they may be able to facilitate and make a purchase. The team will make sure that they catch and get the customer or client booked with us for about a period of 30- days maximum.

🙋‍♀️Is an Elementor Affiliate Program one of the most popular page builders?

Yes, the Elementor Affiliate Program is one of the most popular page builders. It is recorded that there are about 2 million installations of the Elementor Affiliate Program by the users and operators. It has one of the explicit and spectacular features like a drag and drops editor which can be found available and that too free of cost, we can very easily customize the editing, preview, and everything within the specified time.

📨Can I use Elementor with any theme?

Yes, you can. With the introduction of Elementor Theme Builder, you can create the header, footer, single posts, and archive page for any theme. If you're a developer or marketer searching for the quickest theme, download Hello Elementor, our totally free barebones theme.

🙌Do I need to know HTML/CSS to use Elementor?

No, you don’t. that is the best part of Elementor.

✅Do you need Elementor Pro?

Totally depends on your requirements. However, we do highly recommend it.

⁉️How Easy is It to Use Elementor / Is Elementor good for beginners

Elementor is the simplest page builder to use, yet it also comes with the most functionality for free. Essentially, it's the ideal do-it-yourself option for anybody looking to generate amazing website designs without any coding, HTML, or CSS expertise

Conclusion: Elementor Affiliate Program 2024

Elementor Affiliate Program is the first on trending program in the entire Content Management System. With a Free and paid version, it has many amazing features that make it stand out from its competitors.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get some side money without too much of a hassle then this might be just what you need! We recommend giving this tool a try if you are a student or homemaker who wants to make extra income on the side—you will not regret your decision.

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