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How To Promote Your Blog In 2024 ? – With Contest & Giveaways

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One of the easiest and most convenient ways of increasing traffic to your blog is by running contests and giveaways. Every professional blogger runs contests and giveaways on their blogs to promote them.

If you have been doing particularly well and have associations with brands then you should consider partnering with them and run their products and services on your blogs for better results. Let’s say you are creating great content and your blogs start to get a lot of followers, by working on contests and Giveaways you are able to generate revenue from your blogs and most of your visitors will be organic.

If you focus on the right target audience then the results will be better. If you are able to select the right products and services to market through the contents you will be able to engage with your audience a lot better and at the same time gather data of as many new visitors as possible, this, in turn, will help you get better reach online. 

Let’s Dig into how to Promote Blog Contests and Giveaways. 

The outcome of your giveaways 


Now, you cannot just pick up any product or service and promote it on any of your blogs. You need to really use your head and pick something that will work for the content you are promoting it through. Focus on what you would like to achieve from the contest or giveaway that you are going to promote.

The Blog and the product should be in sync and should attract readers at the same time. Focus on increasing social media followers, the best way to do so is by creating a great contest where you can even put up conditions where you make people share the page via social media to get more benefits.

If you create a pop up where anyone who takes part in one of the contests needs to fill up personal information like emails then you get to create a great database that can be your target audience in the future. The main focus should be to ensure that all that you do here has a positive outcome. 

Market your Contest and Giveaways Before Your Launch 

Since you are in the blogging game I am sure you are quite familiar that the more content you put out there the better your ranking will be in the future. One of the main problems that anyone faces as a blogger is to find fresh topics to write blogs on and this resolves it in some way.

You can write blog posts and push them on social media platforms to promote your next giveaway or contest. It creates hype that will benefit you. Your followers will get eager and wait patiently for your next post. If you want your contests to reach as many people as possible then this is one of the best ways to do so otherwise most of your contests and giveaways might go unnoticed. 

Here are some of the tips for you to create hype over your next blog contest. 

  1. Run promotions on social media platforms of your blog posts that put out a message on the upcoming contest. The costs of running such promotions are barely minimal but the number of people you can reach will be very beneficial for your launch day. 
  2. Create a date of launch. Once you have decided your date you need to focus on promoting it. Hype up your launch date as much as you can so that it gets registered into the minds of the readers and more of them are likely to have a look at the launch on the launch date. Make sure you include all the important information on your blog posts that you share on social media platforms. It is important that you create a spark in all your followers so that there is excitement. 
  3. You can work on preparing a newsletter or an advert that can be promoted via bulk emails. The data that you have acquired from your previous endeavors will now come useful to get people excited about your next launch. Email the newsletters and adverts and make sure you add hyperlinks that can direct them to your blogs and website so that the traffic is increased. 
  4. One of the best ways to create hype is by making intuitive HD videos and promoting them on social media platforms. People love videos and if you are able to create great videos then your contest or giveaway will get all the hype that you can desire. Make sure your videos are not too tacky or boring. Stick to the basics where you give as much information as possible but ensure that the content in the video along with the music used is catchy and interesting. 
  5. Work on offering something additional to people who post about the contest once they have shown interest to participate. By creating events on social media you can ensure that your followers invite more people to be a part of the contest. This mode of engagement is best for you to see great results in your contests or Giveaways. 

Almost No Advertising Cost

Advertising Cost   

If you are able to pull off a contest that has a turn out of many participants then you automatically are able to drive a lot of followers to your blogs. This is one of the best ways to get free advertisement.

Even if you run Social Media campaigns, the cost of getting the content out to the people will still be lower than the turn up to the contest hence you will get an almost free advertisement to your blog. The kind of exposure you can get by this will scale up your blog and you will be able to generate good revenue in the long run.

If you are able to find sponsors for your contest then you will be able to build a really successful brand.  

Keep A Lookout On What Your Competition Is Up To

It is important that you are always on your toes when it comes to what the competition is up to. Regularly check how big time bloggers are promoting and running their contests. If you have a good eye then you can learn a lot of tricks to become successful at this.

By regularly following bloggers who do great contests and giveaways you can get some great ideas. Try to implement these ideas but make sure you do not copy them. Keep your blogs original and your giveaways interesting. 

Make The Best Of Your Famous Blogs 


If you have been writing a lot of blogs and are moving towards getting a lot of followers then make sure you pick out the blogs that have done fairly well for you and use them to run your contests and giveaways.

By going into google analytics you should be able to find your most viewed blogs. You do not need to run the same contest or giveaway on those blogs, all you need to do is ensure that there are links that showcase these events. The links will direct the viewers to the blog post or blogs where you are actually running these contests and then by using this tool you can reach out to a larger audience. 

Connect With Your Fellow Bloggers 

The Blogging community is big and you will always find people who will be ready to team up with you so that everyone can benefit mutually. Once you have identified bloggers who have a large number of followers you can reach out to them via various social media platforms.

You will not always be successful in getting associated with them but with time you will see your network getting larger. Connect with fellow bloggers and try to promote your contests on their blogs. You can also do the same for them, hence making sure that you can reach as many people as possible. Mutually you have a better chance of being successful in these contests and giveaways. 

Buy Advertisement Space on Websites 


If you have a good budget and would like to throw a contest that is going to be really big then you can always consider purchasing ad space in multiple famous websites. Now you need to be sure that you are using the right websites to run your ads. The websites you choose to run ads on should be similar or connected to the product that you would like to run the contest on.

Let’s say you are going to have an online gaming season pass as your giveaway, if you choose to promote it on a website that focuses on healthcare than you will be wasting your time and money. If you choose the right page for your ad then you will be able to increase the traffic to your blogs way better. 

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Conclusion | How To Promote Your Blog 2024

Running Contests and Giveaways is one of the best ways to increase followers on your blogs. You will be able to reach more people, create great interactive content and generate revenue by doing this the right way. Make sure you set up targets when it comes to running such events so that you can be sure of what you want from it.

Select the right products to giveaway, use social media platforms to the fullest, team up with other bloggers to promote your events and follow every step in the book to make this a success for yourself. I have given you some of the best tips to promote your contests and now I hope you are confident enough to start. 


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