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How To See Who Viewed Your Youtube Videos 2024

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YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. It can be used for almost anything, from watching funny videos to learning how to play an instrument. If you’re looking for a way to see who’s viewing your YouTube videos, this article shows that it’s possible and simple. 

The author wants people to know that they can check out who has viewed their YouTube videos and if they want them too. They also want people to know that it is easy and quick so anyone could do it.

By using a simple online tool, you can see who viewed your YouTube videos. This is beneficial for personal and professional reasons. First of all, it helps to increase the number of views that you have on your videos.

Second, it allows you to connect with people from around the world who share similar interests as yours. Lastly, this tool shows when individuals are most likely to watch your videos so that you know when to publish them in the future. 

Well, now you can. You can do this by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of YouTube and then clicking “Viewers.” From there, click on “Viewer details” at the bottom of the screen after selecting a video.

The next thing that will happen is that it will take about 10 seconds for all of your viewers to load. When they do, it’ll list out all of their names and if they are subscribed to your channel or not.

“I know it’s not always easy to find out who has been viewing your YouTube videos.

You can use a few different websites that will show you the viewers and the time they spent on the video, but if you’re like me and don’t want to give up all of your information for this purpose, then I have an alternative way for you to track down who is watching your content.

I am a YouTube creator and I want to share my tips on how to see who viewed your youtube videos.

If you are like me, then you probably find yourself asking “who watched my video?” all the time. It can be frustrating when people view your content but don’t interact with it in any other way.

To help out fellow creators, I have compiled some of the best ways that we can use to see who has been watching us live their lives through our cameras and computer screens.

Tricks to Know who Viewed Your Youtube Videos-

There are 2 ways to know who is watching your videos on youtube-

1. Installing a youtube plugin :

Go to the official page of YT Stats and download the script for your website script. If you have WP, you will have to contact them to install it for you (~$15). You can also install an extension for chrome with the same features

2. Seeing your website’s visitors :

You will need to install either W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache plug-ins for this one.

WP Super Cache plug-ins

When you log in to your site, look at the top right of google analytics (GA). There is a button “view full analytics” which will take you to a page where you can see all your website’s traffic.

If you have multiple websites, use the drop-down menu to select yours. Scroll down and find youtube visits.

Now click on “youtube” from the side menu below “visitors.” Now you will see all videos that were hosted on your domain as well as their views.

Check the “pages” tab to see which page(s) they came from. The Youtube viewing stats are shown by day only. You will have to click on days on the left menu in GA to check how many views you got each day for your videos.

You can do the same thing with UV (Unique Visitor). For this, you will need to click on the “filters” tab.

2nd Filter: Click on the checkbox (Activate filter) and select “Non-Search Traffic.” Then click apply. Now only non-search traffic stats for your website will appear. After applying this filter, scroll down below to find youtube visits/views data by day.

How Users can know who is Watching Your Videos on Youtube-

YouTube is one of the biggest video hosting websites on the internet. Since starting their business, they have been hit by a number of criticisms from all ends.

Recently, YouTube has been criticized for not having an option to see who is watching your videos and this criticism is taking a new height. They are under public pressure to implement this feature as soon as possible.

If your video is getting maximum views on YouTube without any apparent reasons, it is an indication that someone has hacked into your account and started watching videos in bulk to get more views on them.

The better way out of this situation is to know who these people are. Knowing this information would help you in taking proper actions like banning suspicious accounts.

This was the case with many small channels that have been losing thousands of views daily, without any reason. Recently Matt from matthew loring channel had been one of those victims.

His video on “funny pranks for kids” went viral as it got more than 1 million views within a month and this has never happened on his channel before. He did notice that most of the viewers are watching random videos on his channel which is making him suspicious.

Advantages to know the Views on Videos of Youtube-

image credit- Pixabay

In this article, I have talked about the benefits of knowing the views on a youtube video. Youtube is a website that hosts lots of videos and allows people to upload their own videos. People can search for a particular video based on the keyword/keyphrase they want.

1. Quality of Uploaded Videos

People who upload videos on Youtube want their videos to be watched by lots of people. This will make them popular especially if they see that they have a lot of views. When the first video is uploaded, they will upload another video because their first one was not successful. The cycle then continues.

This implies that if you want to find quality videos on Youtube, then you should look for those that have more viewings than others. It is based on this concept that marketing people use when they want to promote a product or service.

They will make use of videos that already have high numbers of views and market the product or service through them.

2. More Content on YouTube

The number of views on a video shows how popular it is and therefore whether people like the content of the video. This means, if more people watch a particular video, then it is very likely that a similar video will be uploaded sometime in the future.

This is because the content of the first video was liked by people and they were eager to see more videos with similar content.

3. Money Making Opportunities

When you know how many views a particular YouTube video has, you can get an idea of how much money it has earned. You can then choose to do what the owner did to make that particular video more popular.

This implies that you will also get paid for doing exactly what they did because people will be interested in your content.

yt - How To See Who Viewed Your Youtube Videos
image credit- Pixabay

Disadvantages to Knowing the Views on Videos of Youtube-

The most famous video-sharing website in the world is YouTube. It lets its viewers upload their videos to share with other people all over the world for free.

There are many uses of this website like watching movies online, lectures, tutorials, and news. But there are also some disadvantages of using it such as:

  • Theft: Some users might steal videos from other websites and upload them to YouTube without permission.
  • Pornographic videos: There are some pornographic material on the website that young children might find if they’re allowed to use it. The parents need to keep a close eye on their kids when they watch YouTube because it’s not a safe place for children of any age group for that matter.
  • Privacy: YouTube might record information about its users’ behavior on the website. Some of the most popular videos are high-definition movies that you probably won’t be able to download or access without paying for them.

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Conclusion- How To See Who Viewed Your Youtube Videos 2024

I think it’s important to know who is viewing your videos on Youtube because you want to be able to provide a more personalized experience for viewers. In order to view the people who have viewed your video, go into YouTube and click “Viewers” in the left-hand column of the page.

You will then see all the names of those individuals that watched your video as well as their numbers next to them indicating how many times they’ve watched it.

If there are any particular users whose views you would like information about, simply hover over their name with your mouse cursor and an icon will appear at the bottom right side of their profile picture where you can select “See More.” From this menu, choose either “Details” or “Comments”.

The YouTube video views are a really important metric for measuring the success of your content. It can be difficult to keep track of all the people who have seen your videos, but with this article you will find out how to see who has viewed them on Youtube!

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When you upload a video to YouTube, it’s possible for anyone on the Internet to watch. If you’re curious about who has watched your videos and if they like what they see, then this guide is perfect for you.

I’ll tell you how to find out which of your subscribers actually view your content by doing some simple math with Google Analytics codes that will allow us to reveal our viewers’ true identity.


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