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List of 5 Best SEO Software For Agencies in 2024

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Best SEO Software For Agencies

1) SEMrush | Best SEO Software

Best SEO Software For Agencies : Semrush

It is the top and the best SEO software tool for your company. You can have access to more than 40 SEO tools. You are starting from traffic analytics to Keyword Magic Tool, backlink analysis, site audit and many more. 

You’ll have the following features with SEMrush. 

  • Backlink analysis 
  • Organic research 
  • Position tracking
  • On-Page SEO checker
  • Traffic analysis
  • Site audit
  • Link building tools

SEMrush has very recently launched a new module for consultants, digital marketers, agencies and freelancers. 

The tool is called ‘Agency Growth Kit’ which costs $100. With this feature, you can have access to: 

  • Agency partner listing 
  • Advanced report branding
  • Organize and monitor all client data 


Semrush Price plan

Their Pro version is free and comes with a 30 day trial period. 

  1. Pro Plan: this one costs you $119.95 per month. 
  2. Guru plan: $199.95 per month 
  3. Business plan: $399.95 per month 


semerush review

semerush review

2) Ahrefs| Best SEO Software

ahref Best SEO Software For Agencies

Ahrefs is a premium tool for SEO. It’s a very robust tool for searching keywords. With over 2000 servers, Ahrefs spreads worldwide and has one of the most significant keyword databases with 10.2 billion keywords. 


  • The Keyword Explorer function helps you choose exact keywords, including search volume, difficulty level, CPC, etc. 
  • Site Audit allows you to perform the screening of your entire website to know your site’s health. 
  • The site explorer for domain and competition analysis. 
  • You can track your blog ranking via Rank Tracker. 
  • Content explore helps you to discover top-performing content in various niches. 
  • You can compare several domains to check which one performs better. 
  • With the content gap, you can find multiple keywords in your competitor’s rank. 
  • Ahrefs notifies you when it finds new and lost backlinks. 
  • Link Intersect Tool helps you to find websites that link to your rivals’ sites. 


  1. A clean and neat interface to work in. 
  2. Accurate results. 
  3. Offers SEO toolbar to show SEO metrics for various web pages. 
  4. Database updates regularly. 
  5. Offers WordPress plugins for monitoring backlinks and content audits etc. 


It offers a paid trial of $7 for seven days, instead of a free trial. It’s relatively expensive. 


ahrefs Pricing

  1. Lite:$99 per month. 
  2. Standard:$179 per month. 
  3. Advanced: $399 per month. 
  4. Agency: $999 per month. 


ahref review

3) Moz Pro| Best SEO Software

Best SEO Software For Agencies - MOZ

This software is there for more than 15 years in the industry. It gives you good tracking of all your links, keyword rankings, site metrics, location-based ranking, and more. 

Here are some features of this software. 

  • Keyword explorer 
  • Site audits
  • Rank tracking 
  • Link explorer 
  • Moz local 
  • SEO insights and reports 

With the Moz local feature, you can easily handle the local pressure of your site and check on your online listings on platforms like Yelp, GMB, and more. 


  1. Standard plan: this plan costs you $99 per month, and with it, you can make up to 3 campaigns, 150 keyword queries and 5000 backlink queries per month, and one user access to their account. 
  2. Medium plan: costs you $149 per month, and makeup to 10 campaigns, track 800 keywords, make 5k keyword research, 20k backlink queries each month, and access to one user. 
  3. Large plan: costs $249 per month and you can make 15k keyword research, 70k backlink queries, track up to 1900 keywords and three users can access this account. 
  4. Premium plan: this plan is right for SEO agencies and costs $599 per month. Create 50 campaigns, track up to 4500 keywords and make 30k keyword research and 100k backlink queries. Five users can access one account. 


Best SEO Software For Agencies - MOZ Review

4) Serpstat| Best SEO Software

Serpstat Best SEO Software For Agencies

Serpstat is also one of the most popular keyword research alternatives, apart from being a perfect SEO software tool. Its features are mentioned below. 


  • It’s excellent keyword research. 
  • Advertising analysis that helps you to run PPC and campaign. 
  • A significant content marketing ideation. 
  • Rank tracking monitoring. 
  • Market intelligence – to learn from your competitors. 
  • On-page audit. 
  • Report and infographics. 
  • Backlink analysis. 
  • Competitor research helps you to have a watch on your competitors. 


  1. It’s a very simple and easy-to-use SEO tool. 
  2. It is low cost-effective. 
  3. It provides you with a free version for tasks like competition analysis, site audit, and keyword research with daily limits. 
  4. Text analysis tool that helps you to optimize your content suitable to your SEO. 
  5. Site audit feature is also available in the free version. 


Serpstat doesn’t offer data from any social media. 


Serpstat Best SEO Software For Agencies Pricing

  1. Lite: $69 per month. Have access to 4k keyword queries per day, 500 backlink queries, access to search analytics API, and more. 
  2. Standard: $149 per month. Have access to 5k keyword queries per day, 1000 backlink queries, access to search analytics API, and more—500k API targets per month. 
  3. Business: $299 per month. Have access to 8k keyword queries per day, 1500 backlink queries, access to search analytics API, 1 million API credits per month, and more.
  4. Agency: $499 per month. Have access to 12k keyword queries per day, 2000 backlink queries, access to search analytics API, 2 million API credits per month, and more.


Serpstat Best SEO Software For Agencies Review Serpstat Best SEO Software For Agencies Review

5) Mangools SEO Tools| Best SEO Software

Mangools SEO Tools| Best SEO Software

You can have a combination of 5 incredible SEO tools. They are KWFinder, SERP watched and SERP checker, LinkMiner, Canirank, and SiteProfiler. 

There are two ways to look for suitable keywords. 

  1. Enter a keyword in the search box, select language, country, and hit the find keywords button. 
  2. Enter the domain of your competitors; click on find keywords. It shows you the best keywords or phrases on which your rivals rank on the Search engine results page. 

Here are a few features that can be checked out. 


  • Allows you to find keywords in almost any language you want. You can choose your suitable language, country and start finding keywords! 
  • You can find question-based keywords to optimize your content for your future snippets. 
  • Allows you to import an excellent and useful list of keywords to see metrics like trends, search volumes, PPC, CPC, etc. Just import the list, and you’re good to go! 


  1. Allows you to navigate the user interface easily. 
  2. Keywords in any language. 
  3. Filed keyword suggestions suitable to your metrics. 
  4. It gives you a precise statistic keyword competition. 


It is a dedicated keyword research tool. You might be needing some other tools to help you with some tasks like domain overview, site audit, competitors analysis, etc. 


  1. Basic: $49 per month. In this, you can look for 100 keywords per day, 200 related keywords per search, 25 competitor keywords per search, 200 keywords tracked daily, 2k backlink rows per day, and 20 site lookups per day. 
  2. Premium: $69 per month. In this, you can look for 500 keywords per day, 700 related keywords per search, unlimited competitor keywords per search, 700 keywords tracked daily, 7k backlink rows per day, and 70 site lookups per day along with three logins into the same account. 
  3. Agency: $129 per month. In this, you can look for 1200 keywords per day, 700 related keywords per search, unlimited competitor keywords per search, 1500 keywords tracked daily, 15k backlink rows per day and 150 site lookups per day along with ten logins into the same account. 


Mangools SEO Tools Review Mangools SEO Tools Review

Quick Links:

FAQs| Best SEO Software

🌹What is Semrush used for?

Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights. Our tools and reports are able to help marketers that work in the following services: SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PR, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, Campaign Management.

👀Is Semrush free?

You can use Semrush for free with limited functionality, or choose one of the three main plans: Pro, Guru, and Business.

✔Is Semrush good?

Semrush is a really solid SEO tool that gives you all the key data you'll need for a successful SEO project. ... But overall, Semrush is a very good solution that provides you with the key information you'll need to improve your search rankings.

😃Which is best SEO tool?

Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool. ... Google Search Console: Top SEO Tool. ... SEMRush: Marketing SEO Tools. ... KWFinder: SEO Keyword Tool. ... Moz Pro: SEO Software. ... Ubersuggest: Keyword Tracking Tool. Answer The Public: Free SEO Tools. ... SpyFu: Free SEO Tools.

Conclusion| Best SEO Software 2024

So those were the top 5 SEO software for you and your agency to choose from. 

We hope we have given you some excellent tools that would prove to be very useful for you in the coming days. 

Do not forget to comment and tell us which of this 5 SEO software was the most useful for your agency! 

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