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7 Must-Have Blog Elements for a Successful Start

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Today I’d like to discuss the subject of blog elements and what a blog should contain in general.

We all know how important it is to interest a user at first glance; that’s why there are some particular rules to obey when creating and running a blog.

7 Must-Have Blog Elements for a Successful Start

The seven essential components of a successful business blog are covered in this article.

Must-Have Blog Elements for a Successful Start

1. Homepage

It’s the main thing in any blog. When a user enters your blog, he needs to see what it’s about.

It’s one of the most significant things on the website because at the point a user sees your homepage, he decides whether he needs your services or not. Make a decent page with a good design and understandable interface and you’ll catch the eye. 

2. About Us

The next thing in the website elements list should contain the “About us” page. People want to know who made the site and what’s the story behind it. Don’t write too much information, a short story or a video for about 3 to 5 minutes will be enough.

3. Services 

If you provide any services, you should make them a separate element of your website. People want to clearly see what you offer and see all the prices from the beginning.

If the prices are not fixed, you should leave a number where people can call to ask all the questions. This element is essential because that’s where people see the main information about your business.

4. Products and catalog

Before asking yourself how to build a website, you must decide whether you want to sell something or just provide some services.

If you have something to sell, then you have to make a page with all the things from the catalog and make a filter for a more comfortable search.

Don’t forget to name the price of every single product because no one will ask the consultant about all the items and their prices.

5. Terms of Service and Privacy

Before using your website, a person should read and accept the terms of service of your website. You have to make it visible but not annoying. Once a person accepts, the message shouldn’t appear any longer.

6. Contact us

Don’t forget about the contact us page because it’s the only way your users will be able to contact you and ask anything they want.

Be sure you make pages on different socials like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on because you never know where your audience wants to find you. The more socials you use, the more customers you’ll have.

7. Reviews

Reviews can help people start trusting your blog and see that there are people who used your services and were satisfied with everything.

Don’t forget to reply to the reviews, it’s a great thing to let people feel that they are special and want to come back.

Many great suggestions on how to create testimonial website pages you can find here. It’s a great article on this topic, with numerous ideas on blog elements.

Blog Design

Blog design is the key to success as no one wants to use a site with terrible color matching or awful pictures that don’t reflect the idea of your blog.

All the elements should be in one style, the text in one font, and the pictures in great quality. If you want to use videos for your website page, be sure that they are edited in one style.

Furthermore, if your video size is too large, it won’t be properly displayed on your website. There are many ways you can reduce the file size but the most effective way is to use a free video compressor.

Another great thing to have when running a blog is your logo and slogan. People like something simple and memorable, so it has to be something from your heart.

Blog Design

Think of a symbol that would represent you and your site and make a logo of it. 

After reading the blog design suggestions, you may think that you need a specialist in design to make all the elements look great, but I assure you that you can do it by yourself.

There are many website builders that can help you in making all the designs. Those sites are easy to use, and you don’t need any particular knowledge to make a stylish and good-looking blog. 

Another variant is not to create a website in general and start running your blog at one of the most popular blogging platforms. It’s all up to you, the possibilities in this area are wonderful now.

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Wrap Up

All these things may help you start and run your blog, and if you use them, you’ll succeed. The main thing is making everything with passion and with your heart.

Such projects always look spectacular and are in great demand among users. We wish you good luck and hope we’ll see your blog in the near future.

Diksha Dutt

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