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Top Ten Trends in 2024: What To Expect ( Best Of Technology)

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Technology has brought such a revolution in society that we are surrounded by tech gadgets. Here is the list of Top Ten Trends in 2012 which are expected to happen.


Digital DIY: The Emergence Of Virtual Creativity

Over the last few years, new technology has encouraged people to passively consume content.

However, there is a pent-up desire and aspiration towards an active type of involvement and getting creative.

As a result, people are getting into digital DIY and this could lead to a rise in creative activities such as people personalizing software.

Small Data – Resisting The Notion Of Big Data

In the business world, there’s a lot of talk about big data.

However, what people are really interested in is the ‘small data’ in their lives. They care about what’s on their Facebook wall; on their Twitter feed and so on.

In the hands of companies, this information is part of big data but in the hands of human beings, it’s small data.

We’re beginning to see people resisting the notion of big data because they don’t want to be part of data analytics.

The Emergence Of Women As Early Adopters Of Technology

Women are emerging as dominant users of technology.

Falling prices and new devices that help women perform multiple roles – parent, worker, caregiver, social organizer, cleaner, cook, and so on – are driving this trend. If technology continues to become more user-friendly, women will become even bigger users.

A Re-Balancing Of Our Relationship With Technology

There are currently two models for people’s relationships with technology.

The first is characterized by technology that is ‘needy’.Devices need us to provide permissions, passwords, and so on. The other template has entailed intelligent machines that go crazy and want to kill us.

But we’re seeing a rebalancing of our relationship with technology and are moving to a third model. Computers are beginning to anticipate our requirements.

This trend is all about devices getting smarter and better able to look after us. With the continued advances in technology, devices are finally growing up.

We Want More: Wireless Connectivity Everywhere

We don’t want any wires to come close to gadgets.

The more wireless connectivity between devices the better, with Samsung’sKIES and Motorola’s MotoCast being a good example of wireless syncing made relatively easy.

Better Battery Life On Smartphones

How is it that smartphones can become wafer-thin with functionality that allows you to do almost anything, but they can’t provide more than a day’s worth of battery life?

Better local Apple App Store

The local Apple App Store is paltry when compared to the US version.

Give us a reason to be legit and not sign up with a false address for the US one.

Oh and while you’re at it, why not drop the ridiculous prices on Apple products here in SA?

Backlit Keyboards

We loved it in the Samsung Series 9, the Dell 15z, and the Lenovo X1.

The convenience a backlit keyboard gives typing in darkened rooms should be a de facto part of the notebook experience.

Hope these Top Ten trends in 2024 will excite you more about technology.

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