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Udemy Refund 2024: How To Get Money Back For Your Course?

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You tried the whole online education deal and you decided it is not for you. Or you just don’t have the time right now. Whatever the reason, something made you change your mind.

The problem with most digital platforms that serve an educational function is that once you commit, you commit. Udemy Refund allows you some flexibility.

Most platforms demand an online payment at the beginning of the course, or if they’re a generous bunch, after an extremely short free-trial period. This can be frustrating, especially because of how volatile digital learning can feel to some people. 

Udemy is an American online course provider that takes this into account. Their Request Refund facility allows you to back out of a course if you need to. But before we tell you how you can request a refund, there are a few important points from their policy you need to know about and consider. 

First, let’s consider some things about this platform. 

About Udemy

Udemy is a digital course platform targeted towards professional adults and students who wish to learn and enter new fields while taking minimal risks with their careers.

It offers a variety of courses ranging from Business and IT & Software to Photography, Music, and Personal Development. You can thus build a stronger resume while also improving your soft skills. 

By offering courses on Cryptocurrency, to Life Coach Training, to Home Workouts, they act as a bridge between experts who want to share their knowledge, and people passionate to learn. In total, they offer over 1,30,000 courses over a variety of fields and continue to add more every month. 

Udemy Refund - Overview

Courses on Udemy are taught by experienced professionals. This makes each course unique, with meaningful insights and well-tested methods of learning. They can also track user behavior and learning patterns in order to customize courses relevant to you. This optimizes your learning process and ensures your knowledge base has solid groundwork. 

Despite being an online service, this eLearning platform allows students to ask questions to their instructors, so doubts are solved with as much consideration as they would be in a traditional course. 

Udemy for Business

Udemy for the Business option is available to organizations to train their workers in various fields. Udemy for Business can be used for new employees, but also for executives. This is especially advantageous for companies looking to train specialized personnel.

Udemy For Business

For an organization, it becomes a low-cost investment with high returns to use Udemy for quick on-the-job training. Trainees can choose courses based on the duration of videos and the depth at which they want to learn.

It also offers multi-platform screening, so ambitious employees can continue building their skills outside the office. Since they provide a certificate at the end of completion of a course, the learning also acts as an incentive for trainees.  

Trainees will now be eager to complete the course in order to build their resume, and in return, the organization will receive a well-trained employee while avoiding high training costs.  Another plus point is when joining using this option, the organization first requests a demo, which is free. 

If you’re still feeling skeptical about it, considering it is a digital learning site, it might fare well to know that Udemy is trusted by big brands like Adidas, Volkswagen, and SurveyMonkey. 

Udemy Refund Features


Udemy offers courses in the form of videos, with the option of adding subtitles. This not only opens options to access courses in other languages but also provides a form of more holistic learning, coupling audiovisual learning with reading.

Udemy SubTitle


Of course, an effective way to consolidate what you’ve learned is through taking Quizzes on the course. These are added by the instructor to test your learning, involvement, and skill development throughout the course.

Udemy Quizzes

An advantage, if you don’t do very well on online quizzes is that even if you do not pass a quiz or a test, you will still receive a Certificate of Completion for the course.

Coding exercises

This feature enhances courses on programming by providing an interactive method of application of knowledge. Their exercises support multiple programming languages such as C++, C#, HTML & Javascript, Java, Python, Ruby, Swift, and PHP.

Udemy Coding Exercise

These exercises provide feedback as soon as a mistake is made and create an experience of supported learning, despite the barriers of digital education. 

Practice Tests

Practice tests, compared to Quizzes, are more standardized and have a more varied applicability. Although both can be composed of multiple-choice questions, Practice Tests are usually longer and cover larger portions. A practice test can consist of up to 250 questions

.Udemy Practice Test

A unique part of this feature is that instructors can create Udemy courses that are only composed of Practice Tests. Unfortunately, these types of courses cannot offer a Certificate of Completion. 

Udemy Pricing | How Much Does It Cost?

Udemy offers two kinds of courses: free and paid. Of course, there aren’t as many free courses available as there are paid ones, and the free ones are less intense and in-depth than those you have to pay for. 

Udemy Course Pricing

On the other hand, most paid courses start at Rs. 1280, which is incredibly affordable, considering the skills you’re going to build. Since Udemy offers courses on subjects that are considered niche-markets, you’re getting high-quality education at an easy price, and it’s totally worthwhile. 

Other, even more, rigorous courses can go up to Rs. 12,800. But Udemy is known for its whooping discounts, which often makes courses as inexpensive as Rs 499. 

Payment is usually taken through a credit or debit card and is processed through Udemy. However, in some cases cash payments are possible. Payments using a third party are also available, however, these might result in later complications. Third-party handlers keep the transaction files, and Udemy is not responsible for their processing. 

Udemy Pros and cons


  • They offer over 1,30,000 courses to choose from, including any imaginable field of knowledge.
  • It is a one-stop solution for all your eLearning needs.
  • You can learn at your own pace and place.
  • You can learn from experienced professionals.
  • Test your knowledge with practice tests and quizzes.


  • While Udemy can provide plenty of applicable knowledge, they have no academic credit.
  • Anyone can teach on Udemy, which can diminish the quality of some courses. However, most courses are reviewed, are provided by professionals, and provide quality content. 
  • The loading speed of videos is slower compared to some other platforms, such as YouTube.

The 30-Day Policy

Using an eLearning platform can leave you a little hesitant. Especially when there are so many options and you’re not quite sure which course you want to take.

You might start a course but soon realize that it is too detailed or too rigorous for you at that point in time. Or you might have found another course that caters to you better. For this, Udemy has a 30-day policy on refunds. 

The window they offer for requesting a refund is relatively wide. From the day that you purchase a course, you have 30 days to be able to ask for a refund.

This is to protect those that use Udemy as instructors from fraud.

Udemy pays them 30 days after their course is purchased. Once they have been paid, you cannot ask for a refund on their course. 

This gives you a long time to consider, and then reconsider whether or not you want to take a course, and is a striking feature that makes this mode of learning extremely flexible. 

Credit Refunds

Some courses are, unfortunately, unsupportive of refunds through the original payment method. Instead, they can offer a credit transfer to other Udemy courses.

For these courses, credit is transferred immediately. However, keep in mind that the transfer should be requested within the first 30 days of purchase. 

You can check the type of refund available on a course by going to the Request a Refund page.

If your course does allow you to make a refund using your original payment method, you may still choose to receive the refund in the form of Udemy credits, so you can transfer them to another course that interests you more. These credits can be used for any course in any category. 

Credit-Only Refunds

There are some transactions that cannot be refunded through your original payment method, because of the way they are processed. If you have made your purchase through any of the following, you can only avail of a refund in the form of Udemy credits. 

iOs (Apple) Transactions: 

If you used the Udemy app on your iPhone or any other Apple device, the transaction was processed by Apple. Udemy cannot initiate a transaction in this case. The refund can not be made through your original payment method, and can only be returned as Udemy credits.

Bank and cash payments:

Cash payments and some methods of bank transfers cannot be refunded.

Boleto Bencário:

Purchases using this Brazillian payment method are not covered under Udemy’s Refund Policy.

Udemy credits:

If you had purchased a course using Udemy credits in the first place, if you request a refund on the course, the credits will be added to your Udemy account again. You cannot avail a monetary refund in this case. 

Alfamart or Indomaret:

Purchases through these platforms are only eligible for credit refunds.  

When a requested refund might be denied?

Since Udemy connects professionals to students, they reserve the right to use their discretion to deny requests for refunds should they think their refund facilities are being abused by a user. To protect the instructor’s rights, Udemy sets conditions under which a request will not be catered to. 

  1. If excessive requests for refunds have been made by a user for multiple courses. 
  2. If a refund has been requested for the same course multiple times.
  3. If a significant portion has already been consumed by the student before the request for refund. 
  4. If a user has been banned or course access has been disabled for a user for any reason, they are not entitled to a refund. 
  5. Any subscription service cannot be refunded. 

Should I ask for a refund or a purchase reversal?

A purchase reversal is carried out when you request a refund within 24 hours of purchasing a course. This is probably going to be the case if you realize the course you purchased covers different topics than you wanted to study, or if you have found an alternate course on Udemy that you prefer. 

Either way, if you request your money back within the first 24 hours, the money is not taken from you in the first place, and thus will not reflect in the debit/credit card statement. This is a purchase reversal. The original purchase will be removed from the card history within 5 business days. 

However, once 24 hours have passed since your purchase, you only have the option of asking for a refund. 

How long till you receive your refund?

The quickest way to receive your refund is to choose the Udemy credits option. Refund as Udemy credits are received immediately; and in a matter of minutes, you can use them for another course on Udemy. 

If you choose to receive it through your original payment method, and you request a refund within the first 24 hours, it is processed as a reversal. If not, the request is immediately sent to your payment processor or financial institution, but the process may take 5-10 business days to complete. 

Can I request a refund from my phone?

The mobile app is extremely efficient for learning on the go. However, you cannot request a refund through the app itself. Instead, you will need to open Udemy from your browser and log in as you would on a desktop. 

Submitting a request for refund

There are two ways you can request a refund for a course, keeping in mind that other conditions from the Udemy Refund Policy are met. 

Within the first 30 days, you can either request a refund from the course player, or from the Purchase History.

However, this is only possible if you’re using a desktop or laptop. A refund cannot be processed through the Udemy app on your phone, even though it is very handy for mobile learning while traveling or multitasking. 

Using a computer, you can go to the Udemy website, and log in to request a refund.

Requesting a refund from the course player

Step 1: Once you log in, click on My Courses

Step 2: Find the course you want to have refunded and open it

Step 3: Once in the course player, in the top-right corner, find three vertical dots or a vertical ellipses, and click on the icon

Step 4: In the drop-down menu, click on Request a Refund

Step 5: Select a Refund method

This can be through your original payment method, which was probably a debit or credit card. Or, you might request for Udemy Credits in exchange, so that you can easily use them for another course. 

Step 6: Decide whether you want a full or a partial refund

This might depend on the portion of the course you have consumed. Udemy ensures that the experts that teach through their platform are not cheated. If you ask for a full refund after taking half the course, your request may be denied. 

Step 7: Give your reasons, and click Submit 

Requesting a refund from the Purchase History

Step 1: Open your Purchase History

Step 2: Find the course you want a refund on

Step 3: Find the Request Refund option under the course title, and click on it

Can’t find the course?

Perhaps you purchase that course as part of a shopping cart. In that case, your course might be displayed next to a shopping cart symbol. Click on the View All Courses under the X Courses Purchased, and then you can request for a refund.

Step 4: Fill out the refund request form

Choose your refund method, whether you want a full or a partial refund, and give your reasons for wanting a refund. 

Step 5: Click Submit

Checking Your Refund Status

Sometimes a refund may take up to 30 days to be processed. Fortunately, you can keep an eye on your money by checking your Refund Status. To access this;

Step 1: Go to your Purchase History page

Step 2: Go to the Refunds section

Step 3: Find the course refund you want to check up on

The Refund section will let you see all the information regarding your refund, including the amount, method, current status, and credit note. 

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FAQs On Udemy Refund

👉Udemy requested a refund more than 10 days ago, but haven’t received Udemy refund yet. What do I do?

Usually, you would see the refund reflected in your bank statements within 10 business days. If you don’t see Udemy, contact your bank to inquire about the status of the refund. If they do not see it in their records, contact the Udemy support team.

✅ I purchased bundles through a third party. What are my options?

👉If you made your purchase through a third party, you will need to contact them. Udemy cannot initiate a refund in this case since they do not hold the purchase file.

⚡I chose to receive credits for a refund but would now like to receive the udemy refund through my original payment method. Is that possible?

No, Udemy credits are transferred immediately and thus the refund cannot be banked through the original payment method.

Conclusion: Can We Get Udemy Refund 2024 ?

With how quickly information moves in today’s day and age, Udemy has become increasingly important to keep expanding your knowledge. Udemy lets you do that in niche fields that show emerging promise.

They bring you courses from expert professionals that are molded to create a holistic online learning experience. 

What makes Udemy an extremely handy option from the various other platforms out there, is their refund facilities, which encourage learners to optimize their time while protecting instructors from fraud. 

There is always room for learning and what better way than to be able to learn from the comfort of your bed?

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