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Udemy Android Course Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?

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In this post, we have featured Udemy Android Course Review which includes detailed insights into Udemy Android Course. So let’s dive in.

Not long ago mobile phones were considered as distractions for students. But today technology has turned mobile phones and laptops into virtual classrooms. Now the global lifestyle has accelerated the change in the traditional methods of teaching.

As the world realizes the advantages of self-paced learning, the number of people joining the online learning process is going to skyrocket. 

Here let’s look into Udemy Android which is one of the best online learning platforms. It is actively encouraging students to expand their learning horizon by providing pocket-friendly education on almost all of the topics available. 


The concept of the teacher standing in front of the classroom and the students listening to his directions have become the thing of the past. Today the students are becoming the partners or co-creators of their own learning. The dream is to create an anywhere anytime learning platform, where students can learn at their own pace. Udemy android is making the dream a reality.

What is Udemy Android?

Just like Amazon shook the whole publishing world with the invention of Kindle, Udemy Android intends to do the same to the traditional teaching world.

Udemy Anroid - Overview

Udemy Android is an American massive open online course provider. It offers a plethora of courses to the students and adult professionals. The vision  Udemy Android has  “to help anybody learn anything online”.

It has a simple enough design where the instructor provides instructions and the students follow them to learn the courses. Udemy Android allows you to share the knowledge you have with the student community if you meet certain qualifications.

Udemy Android provides a technological platform that lets the teachers/ instructors plan, design, and present instructions on learning a particular course.

As of January 2020, Udemy Android has more than 35 million students from all over the globe. There are about 57,000 instructors and 400 million course enrollments. The courses are taught in over 65 languages. Simply to say Udemy Android produces instructive videos on the largest scale.

Many of the courses will provide you with a certificate upon completion. These certificates have only little academic value as there is no independent verification. Applying the practical knowledge in your professional setting for improved results is the main motto of Udemy Android. It helps you to raise your value and improve your skills in a particular field.

Why Udemy Android?

The ever-increasing library is one of the best features of Udemy Android. Imagine there is an increased need for a particular course. A large number of instructors can take care of this in no time.

And since the students enroll in a course based on the rating the instructor has, the instructors compete with each other, giving us better content every time.

But if you are looking for a worldwide renowned degree certificate Udemy is not the place for you. udemy Android focuses on improving your skills and helping you raise your standards.

One question that is frequently heard about Udemy Android is that is it safe to pay? Well, let’s just simply say if it wasn’t safe or legit there wouldn’t be so many happy customers and so many great reviews.

Now let’s be honest. Not every course available on Udemy Android is not buying, no not even close. Go through the reviews and ratings provided by the prior students to separate the chaff from the grain.

The main alternatives for Udemy Android are Udacity and Coursera. Courser offers pre-recorded lectures from well-known universities. By removing the name of the university they make education less expensive.

Courser requires following a traditional timeline for learning a skill but Udemy Android allows a more relaxed, no deadlines learning. Udemy Android lets you select courses from a large catalog whereas Coursera offers curated courses from an accredited university.

Udacity offers high-quality courses with a good certificate value on technology-related topics. But their courses can be a little bit expensive and will require more time commitment. Udemy Android suits those people with a busy schedule.

How to enroll in a course:

1. How to search for a course

Udemy provides a large variety of courses under multiple categories. You can search the ever-growing library of topics using one of the following tools

  1. a) Marketplace search tool: situated on the top right corner, you can find the desired course by typing the keyword into the search bar.
  2. b) Searching the category: Choose the categories section on the top and find your course.
  3. c) Search tool filters: You can choose filters like popularity, price range, languages, etc. to aid your searching.

 2. How to enroll in a course

After you enroll in a course, you will get an email that contains the link directing you to the class. The course can be taken from a laptop, desktop, or even from your smartphone. There are no deadlines for the completion of the course so you can follow your own pace and master the skill. All the materials for the course can be downloaded, thus giving you lifetime access.

3. Duration and accreditation:

As said earlier there is no deadline for the completion of a course. You can take as much time as you need to master the skill.

And no Udemy Android is not an accredited institution. They offer skill-based courses taught by professionals who have experience in that particular field.

How to become a Udemy Android instructor?

There is a restricted topics list on Udemy Android. Apart from these topics, you are free to select any topic for your classes. It’s better to start with a beginner course as they provide a lot of room for improvement.

When choosing a topic to keep in mind to choose a topic that has longevity (that is, the topic will be valid for a longer period) and has added benefits.

Assess competition by inspecting other instructors providing classes on similar topics. After some basic planning and a good video studio, you are ready to start recording your classes.

There is no fee to start a course on Udemy Android. When a student buys your course, the revenue is shared between Udemy Android and you. use this link to start your course. There is no prior approval for starting the course. The minimum Udemy Android requirements are 5 lectures and 30minutes. And keep in mind, quality, quality, quality. That is the only thing that matters.

Your sign up will require a PayPal account, your photo, and a brief bio. And don’t forget to add a preview.

Don’t expect overnight success. Be ready to fail and learn.

Courses provided:

Taking into account all the courses Udemy provides is a near-impossible task. Udemy provides about 130,000 online courses.


Udemy provides courses under the following main categories

  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Development
  • IT and Software
  • Personal Development
  • Business
  • Photography
  • Music

The best 10 courses offered by Udemy Android as per the 2020 survey are the following

Well, are you curious to learn the dynamics of Web development? Web Developer Bootcamp is the right course for you. Acquire the skills and go on to build amazing websites.

Love coding? If coding has been your unadulterated passion, then try the Complete Python BootCamp course. You can also try Java too. Programming Masterclass for Developers would be the best course for learning Java or if you believe SQL is your priority, do not worry much. Complete SQL Bootcamp is at your service.

Want to learn the art of entrepreneurship and rock in business or sales? Well, there is the Entire MBA in 1 course. Phew, you would not have to regret missing your MBA in college.

Or if you are looking to learn the basics of organization on excel, there goes an extensive and flexible course called Excel for Beginners to Advanced. You do not have to fret, because this course prioritizes all kinds of levels.

If you have been fascinated by Machine learning, you might as well try the Hands-On Python and R in Data science course.

Digital marketing has been the number one strategy to make your businesses successful for quite some time. So here goes the 12 in 1 course that covers all the aspects.

Photography. The dream course of many, the art that captures a living moment and memory into a picture. Want to embrace this skill. There goes the Complete Guide course for photography that introduces you to the world of photography.

Deep Learning allures you? Hands-On Artificial Neural Networks lets you delve deeper into the world of this amazing course.

I have personally tried some of these extraordinary purses and I can confidently say that I have evolved as a different and better person with great finesse making its appearance in my brain. You must try these too!

Udemy Android Course Features 

  1. Offers a wide range of courses:

Under 15 major categories, they offer a plethora of courses. Under each major category, they offer up to 15 subcategories. For example, under the category photography, there are subcategories like filmmaking, Adobe Photoshop, photo editing, mobile photography, video editing, etc. as a whole there are thousands of classes available in the photography section varying in its standards and approaches, from which the student can choose.

  1. No prequalification:

You can choose any course based on your need and interest. There is no need for any prequalification.

  1. Learn from any internet-connected device:

The Udemy Android courses can be viewed on laptops, desktops, tablets, or even smartphones. This makes Udemy Android more approachable and easy to use.

  1. Inexpensive learning:

About 10% of courses featured in Udemy Android are free. Even if the course is not free they are priced under $200. They offer student discounts and offers to bring the cost further down.

  1. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

 If you decide that the particular course doesn’t meet your needs, within 30 days, Udemy Android offers 100% cashback.

  1. Instant access: 

Since the course materials, such as PDFs, guidelines, notes, PPTs, and checklists are electronically recorded and uploaded; a student can get instant access to all these materials upon enrollment. It is easier to download and carry.

  1. Lifetime access:

Once enrolled in a course a student can retake or review the course countless times without any additional costs. This feature ensures that anyone can master any skill regardless of their schedules or other commitments.

  1. Choose your own pace:

The instructor will be providing video lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and other materials. A typical video lecture ranges from 5 to 20 minutes. The student can stop and replay these video lectures as many times as they want. You can choose a particular area of learning and master it. The course also includes quizzes after each video lecture to assess student understanding. This feature helps the student to self-evaluate and improve.

9.Ratings and reviews by students:

As Udemy allows anyone with basic qualifications to become an instructor and share their knowledge, the Udemy Android courses vary in its standards. The potential student can go through all the honest opinions and ratings given by the students who have already used a particular course, to decide whether the course is worth their time and money.

  1. The instructors:

The most attractive feature of Udemy Android is their instructors. These are not some people with textbook knowledge on the subject. These are “been there done that” professionals who have spent lots of time in that particular field. They can provide you with practical knowledge, tips, and tricks, and how to face the real-life kind of advice. And most of the lessons are taken in simple English making it easier to grasp.

  1. Certificate upon Completion of the course:

Almost all of the Udemy Android courses award certificates upon completion of a course. One problem with Udemy Android is that since there is no independent verification of the course, people who are not familiar with Udemy Android may not approve or take these certificates into account. Hence students should verify the credibility of the certificate before enrolment.

Udemy Android Course Pricing| How Much Does Udemy Cost?

Normally the Udemy Android courses range from free to $200. But from the start Udemy Android has been known to offer big discounts, mostly 80-90% offs on the courses. So most of the courses are available at the price of 10- 20%

Udemy Android works on getting more people to enroll in their courses. It works on a crowdsourcing model – the expectation for each instructor has to be that they will earn only a small portion at times. The model works in a certain way, and it needs to be used accordingly. The good news with Udemy, is they have a slightly higher option with Udemy to not be “perfect” as opposed to an organization which whets out the credentials like a certified university. Instructors, who are serious about using this as a lucrative portal, should plan on a longer-term strategy to grow their student base.

Udemy Android Course Pros and Cons

Udemy Android Course Pros

  • By far, Udemy Android provides the widest catalog of topics for learning. Self-paced learning has only increased the love for Udemy Android. Everyone gets a chance to share their wisdom with the world.
  •  I think what attracts students to Udemy Android is their price range. Even the courses which cost $200 will student discounts and others offer which will bring the cost further down. And the 30-day refund policy only adds to its desirability.
  •  You will get lifetime access to the course once you enroll, which means you can review it whenever you want.
  •  Also, the certificate upon completion of a course is an added perk.
  • You can ask your questions to the instructors through the question-answer section.

Udemy Android Course Cons

  • As Udemy Android lets almost anyone with minimum qualifications teach, a lot of their courses don’t meet the required standards. A student will have to go through all the reviews and ratings before choosing a course which will take a lot of time.
  •  Most of the courses require a nominal access fee. Though the prices are comparatively low, buying more than one course will be costly.
  •  Learning from Udemy Android may not be a consistent experience as you will be learning from different instructors. Also, the interaction between the student and the instructor is very limited.
  •  And the major drawback of learning with Udemy Android is the validity of the certificate. As Udemy Android is non-accredited, the certificate they provide cannot be used for credits in universities. People who are not familiar with Udemy Android will not accept the credibility of these certificates.

Udemy Android Course Review: Testimonials

Udemy Android - Testimonials

Quick Links:-

FAQs on Udemy Udemy Android Course

Well, trying new things is daunting. So many questions pop up in our minds. Ah, do not fuss because these FAQs would clear your doubts. So, delve in!

  1. ☞How are courses taught in Udemy Android?

    ☞The instructors are responsible for providing quality content to the students. The lectures may include videos, slides, voice-overs, or animations produced for this particular course. Once enrolled you get lifetime access to these materials.

    ☞How to enroll in a Udemy Android course? And what if I don’t like the course?

    ☞All the courses are entirely on-demand. Your search for the courses on the search bar on the top right corner of the Udemy Android page. Then simply select the enroll now button and proceed to pay if the course is not free. You will get an email that contains the link that will redirect you to the class. You can access this class from your desktop, laptop, or your smartphone. If you decide that a particular course is not for you within 30 days, Udemy Android will provide 100% cashback.

    ☞Are there any deadlines for the completion of a course? Are there any exams?

    ☞No, there is no deadline and there are no exams. After each lecture, there are quizzes that you can take to evaluate your understanding. You can replay the lectures until you have mastered the concept. You will be provided with a completion certificate at the end of the course.

Conclusion:Udemy Android Course Review 2024

Udemy Android is an online learning platform that provides thousands of courses on a wide variety of topics for a relatively low price.

Udemy Android serves as an extraordinary platform for those who are curious to learn more. We all know that there is no limit to learning. Udemy Android broadens the boundaries and provides the scope to learn and grow. Acquire amazing skills and rock in this world with Udemy Android.

It acts as a great platform for those who want to proliferate their knowledge and for those who want to acquire and hone them. Udemy Android reduces the distance between your passion to discover and the instructions.

Now you can become skillful just by sitting at home!

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