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Top 5 Best eBay Proxies 2024: Buy And Sell Without Being Banned

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As a primary tool in its fight against spam, eBay heavily relies on a user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address. Each Internet-connected device has its own unique IP address, which is transmitted along with every request.

Because of its one-of-a-kind characteristics, eBay uses it to permanently remove individuals who violate their TOS and ensure that everyone follows the rules.

By using proxies to bypass eBay’s anti-spam mechanisms, you may not only get unrestricted access to the marketplace but also this proxy increase sales and revenue.

While using proxies for eBay may seem like a great idea at first, you should know that it is not completely risk-free.

eBay has a long list of prohibited behaviors that might result in a ban, making it one of the strictest websites in terms of user banning. The use of proxies is prohibited and will result in the immediate suspension of your account.

That’s why you need premium proxies that can’t be traced back to their actual owners and provide maximum anonymity. These proxies are, thankfully, offered by a plethora of proxy providers.

You’ll need proxies that can bypass eBay’s anti-spam system without sacrificing speed, security, or reliability to successfully administer eBay accounts and scrape data from eBay.

In light of this, we have developed a directory of firms offering premium eBay proxies. Here is a selection of service providers from which you may choose one that best suits your needs, budget, and preferences.

Top 5 Best eBay Proxies 2024

Here is the list of the best eBay Proxies:

1. Bright Data

Bright Data has about 72 million household IPs on its network. Their proxy network is never blacklisted, and they harvest web data.

Bright is a top home proxy supplier with millions of household IP addresses. Bright Data offers Datacenter and Mobile IP proxies.

Bright Data provides a seven-day free trial to test their proxy speed; residential proxies are only available to registered enterprises, whereas data center proxies are available to both people and businesses.

Their home proxy network is unrestricted; the website won’t know you’re using a proxy; you’ll get access to 72 million IP addresses; nonetheless, it’s a monthly membership plan.

Bright Data Overview

Datacenter IPs are static, easily recognizable, and cheaper than proxy IPs. Show me their home and data center IP proxies. Due to its extensive geographic reach, the Bright Data proxy network may be used globally.

Bright Data’s load-balancing servers make it faster than competing proxy solutions. The built-in IP rotation manager allows customization. Bright Data’s API works with several languages.

Here’s how Bright’s Residential Proxy Networks function. Support is friendly and available 24/7 through Skype.

It’s great for Ad-Tech companies since it simulates browsers, operating systems, and gadgets and gives advanced users mobile IPs.


2. Microleaves

Microleaves have been at the forefront of the proxy service industry since 2012. All three types of proxies—backconnect, dedicated, and shared—are made available.

They are among the best-known residential proxy service providers available. Microleaves claims that its network, which includes 26 million residential IP addresses, is the “biggest peer-to-peer proxy network in the world.”

This network reaches every city on the earth. It’s a bold claim, to put it kindly. The idea that a single company would need to host 26 million IP addresses is ridiculous.

Microleaves’ primary service is residential proxies that rotate IP addresses at regular intervals, keeping you anonymous online while also helping you escape bans.

Changing IP addresses every five minutes makes backconnect proxies particularly useful for crawling and data mining.

Overview Of Microleaves

To top it all off, the system is compatible with both HTTP and SOCKS, making it suitable for the requirements of any ordinary service provider.

In addition, they provide authentic broadband. Traditional broadband is typically replaced by digital cables. PayPal and Bitcoin are both accepted methods of payment.

But note that Bitcoin is only allowed for one-time transactions, whereas recurring payments may be made via PayPal. Therefore, PayPal is the most convenient and flexible option.

Worldwide residential DSL numbers are being used as IP addresses. That they have over 26 million IP addresses is a claim I find hard to believe.

There is nothing simple about this control panel; it is cutting-edge in every way. The software might be sold as a bundle for enterprise and consumer usage.

Integration with other prominent services like Ticketmaster, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Skype is seamless.

The bulk of the most popular sites that proxy users need access to is covered by this, which is a huge plus. Proxy servers are also widely used in popular games like Pokémon Go.

Proxy servers allow sneaker websites like Adidas, Nike, OVO, and Supreme to access the network.


3. ProxyRack

2012 Australian startup ProxyRack. ProxyRack offers rotating home, the USA, and mixed datacenter proxies. They process 50 million page requests daily.

They power some of the world’s leading data mining companies. Their major service is Residential Backconnnect Proxies. Customer service is available by phone.

No other way to contact customer service seems problematic. Email or tickets are more reliable systems. Back connection Proxies work with SOCKS or HTTPS proxy software.

HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 are automatically accepted. These are the best data-mining and web-surfing applications.

Proxyrack Overview - Best eBay Proxies

The speeds are normal for a basic proxy service, thus they should be sufficient for simple tasks. By accessing their system, you’ll acquire more than 108,000 private residential IP addresses.

ProxyRack maintains an ever-growing IP address base with a library of 108,000+ IP addresses. Their proxy network is the biggest on the market and continually growing.

Your internet usage will be hard to track, and you won’t mistakenly connect to a banned or misused server. PayPal and Bitcoin are the most frequent proxy payment options.

Payment should be easy. Their IP addresses are routed via a cloud server, so you may access IP addresses from over 40 countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Russia, and the Middle East.

The package gives you minimal control over your IP address’s location. These plans are for clients who care less about proxy server location.

If you require your IPs to ping from a certain location, consider purchasing another service. This proxy system is unique.

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4. Hydraproxy

Hydraproxy is one of the few proxy services available that allows for fine-grained customization, requires no upfront purchase, and provides a large pool of public IP addresses from users’ homes and mobile devices.

As a smaller business, you benefit from the lower prices offered by this supplier, even though they vary depending on the amount of bandwidth used.

You may be certain that the proxies you buy from the Hydraproxy service are highly anonymous, and untraceable, and will effectively mask your real IP address from the rest of the Internet.

This evaluation will focus on the residential proxies offered by this business, however, they also provide mobile proxies.

HydraProxy Overview - Best eBay Proxies

The IP addresses used by this service are not within the company’s control, as is the case with the vast majority of providers on the market.

This is not a dealbreaker, however, so long as the service provides the promised levels of speed, reliability, security, and affordability. Our proxy service is one of the best since it is so easy to use.

The user interface is intuitive, and they provide a tool called HydaHeader for managing several accounts in one place without leaving a digital footprint in the form of a web browser.

When compared to competing services, Hydraproxy’s 1GB minimum purchase requirement is far more affordable. They can effectively serve a large portion of the world and do so at a very high standard.

They’re flexible since they come with both fixed and dynamic IPs, or IP addresses. Hydraproxy is great for SEO, price tracking, price aggregation, and market research, as well as web scraping and crawling.


5. Smartproxy

Smartproxy offers IP proxies. Residential proxy services are available. Each membership includes the whole proxy pool; the cost depends on traffic. offers affordable proxy servers. It’s a reliable proxy service for network testing. They have proxies in every country (195+).

Smartproxy Overview - Best eBay Proxies

All network proxies are anonymous, and their servers use sophisticated rotation to ensure you get a live, tested proxy or random IP address.

It automates proxy maintenance, making it easy to use. Smartproxy’s technology lets you establish social media profiles, purchase limited-edition shoes or tickets, and scrape data.

Social media and sneaker bots are used. They use hard-to-block home IP addresses. Smaller plans start at $ 75, while enterprise-level plans are $ 3/GB. Single-address service.

Connects to any network pool. Dashboard simplifies endpoint management. The pool and session decide the destination. Enter the proxy’s domain: port.

Complex rotation algorithms evaluate proxies before allowing users to use them, ensuring the network contains few dead proxies at any moment.

Certain ports (available on the dashboard) may be utilized to gain a sticky IP address for ten or thirty minutes. IP-change? Change domain: port to set a proxy.

Premium proxy server They support sneaker bots, SMM tools, and scrapers. Fast and accurate. If you’re serious about proxy usage, utilize Smartproxy.

This network may be overkill for casual proxy users.


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Conclusion: Best eBay Proxies 2024

I have already provided some information on the most reliable eBay proxies. You have options to pick from based on your preferences and available funds.

Every single proxy that was described up there is wonderful and provides the absolute finest results. I really hope that the information I provided helped make your choice.

Choose appropriately, and don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.


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