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5 Best Australian Proxies 2024: Our #1 Pick (99.3% Success Rate)

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If you’re searching for a way to access Australian data from anywhere in the world, using an Australian proxy is a great solution.

An Australian proxy gives you a unique Australian IP address, allowing you to browse websites, gather data, and view content as if you were in Australia.

To help you with this, here’s a list of top Australia proxy providers available today. These providers offer services that make it easy for you to connect to the internet as if you’re in Australia, giving you access to all the information and content you need.

How Do I test the various Australian Proxies?

I went on a big hunt to find the best Australian proxy providers. It’s like searching for hidden treasures. When you buy these proxies, you don’t know if they’ll work well until you try. So, I became a detective to test them out.

Imagine me as an explorer, testing different proxy providers to see which ones are fast and work well in Australia. I also pretended to be lots of people using the proxies all at once, like a big online party!

After all my tests, I chose only the very best providers. These are the ones that did really well in my tests. I picked them out so you can easily use them to get Aussie stuff anywhere. It’s like I found the best tools for you to use!

Smartproxy is my absolute favorite choice. I’m super excited to share why I think it’s the best, so let’s begin.!

5 Best Australian Proxies 2024

Let’s look at the list of top Australian proxy servers provided below.

1. Smartproxy

With Smartproxy, you can access both residential and data center proxies. What’s remarkable is that they’ve got over 40 million dynamic residential IP addresses, with more than 500,000 coming straight from Australia.

Here’s the thing: Sometimes, you might run into flagged IP addresses. There’s no need to worry, though! There’s a clever trick Smartproxy has up its sleeve called the “rapid rotation mechanism,” which keeps those proxies unblocked.

Smartproxy- Best Australian Proxies

Smartproxy isn’t just about numbers – it’s about performance, too. These Aussie proxies are the real deal, with an average response time of just 0.61 seconds. Plus, they’ve got a success rate of 99.47% and an incredible uptime of 99.99%. That means you’re in for a smooth ride!

And guess what? Smartproxy knows how you roll. They offer this cool feature called “sticky sessions,” which helps you stick with the same IP for as long as you need. No surprises there!

Now, if you’re all about flexibility, Smartproxy’s got your back with a “Pay As You Go” option. And whenever you need a hand, their 24/7 live chat support is there to rescue you from any tricky situation.

So there you have it – my number one pick, Smartproxy. It’s like having a trusty sidekick for all your Australian proxy needs. Happy browsing! 🚀

Pros of Smartproxy:

  • Wide range of proxy locations for global coverage.
  • High-speed connection for fast and seamless browsing.
  • Unlimited bandwidth for unrestricted data usage.
  • User-friendly interface for easy setup and navigation.
  • Multiple authentication methods for enhanced security.

Cons of Smartproxy:

  • Pricing can be relatively higher compared to other providers.
  • There is a limited number of concurrent connections for some plans.
  • No free trial is available for testing the service.

2. Storm Proxies

This could be your go-to option if you’re looking for reliable proxies without breaking the bank.

Storm Proxies caters to individuals and smaller users who want good, reasonably priced proxy services. It might not have all the bells and whistles of the big players in the proxy industry, but it offers solid choices.

Storm Proxies Overview

They offer rotating dedicated private proxies, dedicated proxies for residential use, dedicated proxies for data centers, and backconnect proxies.

Now, the best part? All their proxies come with unlimited bandwidth. That means you don’t have to worry about running out of data while exploring the online world.

However, there are some specific features to note. The private dedicated proxies have a limit on the number of IPs you can use per account.

Rotating backconnect proxies are priced according to the number of connections while rotating residential proxies are priced according to the number of ports. There is a maximum of 50 connections per port.

Storm Proxies is refreshingly upfront about its proxy limitations. They tell you exactly what you’re getting with each proxy type they offer.

They use 70,000 IP addresses as rotating proxies on their backconnect. You can pick between three major regions: the United States, the European Union, and the rest of the world. Plus, they rotate automatically every so often.

If interested, the 5-minute rotating residential proxies come from around 40,000 IP addresses. But there’s a limitation – they’re limited to the United States and the European Union. You won’t be able to target specific countries or areas.

I like that Storm Proxies gives you a variety of plans for each type of proxy, and they’re affordable compared to many other services out there.

Pros of Storm Proxies:

  • The large pool of residential IP addresses for better anonymity.
  • High-speed connections for faster browsing and data scraping.
  • Compatible with various platforms and devices.
  • Offers multiple pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets.
  • Provides 24/7 customer support for assistance and troubleshooting.

Cons of Storm Proxies:

  • Relatively higher pricing compared to some other proxy providers.
  • Limited geographical coverage may restrict access to specific regions.
  • Occasional connection issues or downtime affecting the browsing experience.

3. Oxylabs

Let me tell you why Oxylabs is the best for Australian proxy providers. They’ve got a vast network of proxies from all over the world, including Australia. It’s like having a super powerful tool to access the internet like a local Aussie.

You can choose proxies from Australia, making the information you need accessible. These proxies are like special keys that open the doors to Australian websites and content.

Oxylabs Overview

Oxylabs knows how to keep things running smoothly. Their proxies change their secret code each time you use them, so you won’t get blocked or slowed down. It’s like having a personal way to sneak around the internet without hassles.

But wait, there’s more! They have unique proxies that stay the same, like reliable buddies who are always there for you. These proxies come from internet companies, so you know they’re trustworthy.

And guess what? Oxylabs has this super cool tool that automatically switches between secret codes. It’s like having a superpower that keeps you connected without any interruptions.

What’s really amazing is their super-smart proxies. These proxies act like real people using the internet, so you can avoid anything that might slow you down.

Oxylabs even has a tool that can grab information from websites, like having a helpful robot that collects data for you.

And if you stick with them, it becomes even more affordable. So, if you’re looking for the best way to access Australian stuff online, Oxylabs is your ultimate choice. It’s like having a unique key that unlocks all the online treasures Down Under! 🇦🇺🔑

Pros of Oxylabs:

  • A wide range of residential proxies are available
  • High speed and reliability of proxies
  • Advanced features and tools for proxy management
  • Great customer support
  • User-friendly interface

Cons of Oxylabs:

  • Pricing can be pretty expensive for small businesses
  • A limited number of locations for some proxy types
  • Bandwidth limitations on specific plans

4. Bright Data

Bright Data is one of the top choices for Australian proxy providers. And I have more than 1 reason to justify my statement. Imagine they have a vast collection of over 72 million special codes for the internet. These codes help you access online stuff like a local.

The cool part is that Bright Data offers different kinds of codes. They have some that keep changing, like doors that open to other places.

Overview Of Bright Data

Others stay the same, just for you. And if you need extra strong ones, they’ve got those too – they’re like super-durable codes that can handle tough challenges.

If you want to go to specific places online, Bright Data helps you do that, too. It’s like telling your code exactly where to go. And getting these codes is easy with their tool called Proxy Manager. It’s like a unique tool on your computer that helps you set things up.

These codes can do everything you need online – regular, safe, and even particular websites. And guess what? Bright Data doesn’t just have regulations; they’re also great teachers. They show you videos and lessons to help you understand everything.

But here’s the thing – all this power comes with a cost. Their prices might be a bit higher, but they’re worth it if you do a lot of stuff or need to be specific. Think of it like getting the best tools for a big adventure.

So, if you want the best way to explore Australian things online, Bright Data is like having a super-smart guide with you. It’s like having a magic key that opens all the online doors you want, no matter where they are! 🌏🔑


  • Bright Data offers a vast pool of residential, mobile, and data center IP addresses, providing extensive web scraping and data collection coverage.
  • The platform provides easy integration with popular programming languages and frameworks, ensuring flexibility and convenience for developers.
  • Bright Data offers advanced proxy management, allowing users to rotate IPs, manage sessions, and avoid detection, ensuring reliable and efficient data extraction.
  • The platform provides comprehensive customer support, including live chat, email support, and detailed documentation, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Bright Data offers various pricing plans, including pay-as-you-go and subscription options, catering to different needs and budgets.


  • The pricing of Bright Data can be relatively high compared to other web scraping solutions, making it less accessible for small-scale projects or individuals with limited budgets.
  • The learning curve for using Bright Data’s advanced features and functionalities can be steep, requiring users to invest time and effort in understanding the platform.

5. ProxyEmpire

Let me tell you about ProxyEmpire – a standout choice for Australian proxies. A while back, when everyone had to stay home because of a virus, I got curious about proxy services. Even though there were some well-known options, ProxyEmpire caught my attention.

I’m someone who values privacy and staying anonymous online. What really got me interested was their knowledge, which they shared on their “about us” page. It’s like they know their stuff!

ProxyEmpire Overview

But here’s what impressed me: They have a whopping 3 million secret codes (IP addresses) from 150 countries.

Even more remarkable is that ProxyEmpire offers home and mobile secret codes. This is perfect for people like me who want to stay private online but have different needs.

ProxyEmpire is a name that says a lot, and they’re gaining more and more customers, especially folks like me who care about staying private online.

Watching them grow and improve over time is both inspiring and reassuring. I fully support ProxyEmpire’s mission to make the internet safer and more private.

So, if you’re after the best way to explore Australian online stuff while staying safe and private, ProxyEmpire is worth checking out. It’s like having a special cloak that shields you while you roam the online world! 🌐🛡️

Pros of Proxyempire:

  • Provides secure and anonymous browsing.
  • Offers a wide range of proxy server locations.
  • Helps bypass internet censorship and access blocked websites.
  • Encrypts internet traffic, ensuring privacy and protection.
  • Supports multiple devices and platforms.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Offers fast and reliable connection speeds.

Cons of Proxyempire:

  • Limited free proxy server options.
  • Paid plans can be expensive for long-term use.
  • Some websites may detect and block proxy server IPs.

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Conclusion: Best Australian Proxies 2024

In summary, using Australian IP addresses can help you appear to be browsing from Australia, which is handy for accessing region-specific content.

The mentioned providers are just a sample of the choices available for acquiring Australian proxies.

However, it’s important to note that the free proxies haven’t been tested. Because free proxy servers are unpredictable, slow, and unreliable, it’s uncertain whether they will work well.

So, when looking for the best Australian proxies, it’s advisable to consider the tested and reliable options listed above.

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