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GoLogin Review 2024: The Best Anti-Detect Browser For Multi-Accounting?

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GoLogin Review


GoLogin is an anti-detect browser that allows you to manage numerous accounts with ease. It has numerous properties that are similar to those of private networks and proxies in terms of concealing your digital footprints or identity.

Out of 10


  • Offers a free version.
  • Provides a 7-day free trial of GoLogin.
  • 24/7 live chat support is available.
  • Their pricing plans are really good
  • The software is safe to use


  • Inconsistent responses from customer service.


Price: $ 24

Hi everyone! Let’s talk about antidetect browser GoLogin, a software that people are discussing.

Although on Trustpilot, it got a score of 4.1 out of 5 from 131 reviews. That makes me wonder, is GoLogin really that good? I’m going to tell you my own thoughts about it.

Is it a great software, or are there some problems with it? If you’re curious like me, stay with me.

I’ll explain everything about GoLogin and share my opinion. Let’s find out if it’s as good as people say on the internet.

What is GoLogin?

GoLogin is a special kind of software. It helps you hide and change your digital fingerprint. What’s a digital fingerprint? It’s like a unique mark you leave online, which websites can see.

GoLogin changes this mark so you can look like a different person on the internet. This is handy because it can trick websites’ security systems.

GoLogin Review

With GoLogin, you can make lots of profiles, and each one will have a different digital fingerprint. It’s like having many disguises online.

The good thing is that these profiles don’t mix up, so websites won’t block you. This is really useful for doing different things on the internet without getting caught or stopped by websites.

Why Trust us for this review?

At GizmoBase, we take extra care when reviewing products like GoLogin. We want to make sure we give you the best information, and here’s how we do it:

We Explored the Software Thoroughly: We looked at every part of GoLogin to understand how it works and what it can do.

We Test the Software: We used GoLogin ourselves to see how well it actually works in the real world.

We Check the Instructions: We read the official instructions for GoLogin to see if they are helpful and easy to understand.

We Listen to Users: We pay attention to what people who use GoLogin are saying. This helps us understand what real users think.

When you read our GoLogin review, you can trust that we did all these things to give you the best advice.

GoLogin at a Glance

Category Details
Country US
Founded 2019
Headquarters New York
Operating Systems Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, cloud
Starting Price $49/month (or $24 if paid yearly)
Payment Methods Debit or credit card, PayPal, cryptocurrencies
Trial 7 days or Forever Free account with 3 profiles
User Base Over 350 thousand users and 2.5 million profiles created
Positioning Affordable service, lower prices than many competitors
Target Audience Individuals to large clients
Social Media Presence Active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, YouTube
Unique Offering Free proxies for safe browsing, step-by-step integration videos
Ethical Concern No know-your-customer procedure raises questions about ethical browsing


With GoLogin, you can make and look after many different browser profiles. Every profile is unique, like having its own online identity.

This browser has lots of features that make it easy to use many accounts together. Let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

1. Free proxies (+ Proxy Service Support)

GoLogin Free Proxy

It lets you use free proxies for safe browsing but not for making or managing accounts. You can pick locations like the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, and India. There’s also a free Tor network option in the US, UK, Germany, France, and Europe.

Now, if you want to make multiple accounts on social media, online shops, or other websites, GoLogin has you covered. You can use your own proxy. This means you can choose where your internet connection looks like it’s coming from.

The tool works with different types of proxy setups, like HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. This is great for you if you need to manage lots of online profiles without getting blocked or noticed.

2. Default Profile Setting (+ Ability to Customize Each Setting)

GoLogin Profiles

GoLogin lets you make a template with the settings you choose. This is really useful if you need to make a lot of profiles that are all similar.

You can set things like the language, the size of the screen you’re using, and what kind of computer system you’re on. Once you set this up, every new profile you make will automatically have these settings.

But, if you need to use a proxy (which changes your internet location), adjust the time zone, or change the user agent (which tells websites what kind of device you’re using), you’ll have to do these things yourself each time.

This feature is great for saving time and effort if you’re managing many profiles that need the same basic setup.

3. Team Collaboration

GoLogin Add Members

GoLogin is great because it lets you share your online profiles with other people. This means you can let others access one or more of your profiles.

You can even decide what they can do with them. For example, you can let them change things, just look at them, or manage them.

Also, if you need to, you can move your profiles to someone else’s account. But keep in mind, once you do this, you won’t be in charge of those profiles anymore.

Let’s say you have a teammate who needs to work with a client’s profile you used to handle. In that case, you would need to ask them for permission to look at the profile.

This sharing feature is really useful if you work in a team. It makes it easier to handle profiles together, especially when different people need to use or see them for their work.

4. Bulk Account Management

It lets you handle many profiles all at once. You can pick one profile or a bunch of them and do things like make copies, delete them, put them into folders, or let other people use them.

Even better, you can change the digital fingerprint for each profile. What does that mean? Well, each profile leaves a unique mark online, like a digital signature.

If you need several profiles that are almost the same, you can just copy them and then give each one a different fingerprint. Doing this can save you a bunch of time, especially if you’re managing lots of profiles and need each one to be a little bit different

5. API Integration

GoLogin has a feature that’s really helpful if you like automating your work. It offers an API, which is a tool that lets GoLogin work together with other software and special libraries.

What does this mean for you? You can set up and change your profiles automatically without having to do everything manually.

For example, you can automate things like posting, following people, and liking posts on social media. This is great if you’re handling lots of social media activity and want to save time.

Also, you can use GoLogin profiles with tools like Selenium and Puppeteer. These tools help automate actions in your browser. So, you can set things up to automatically fill out forms, log in to websites, or even take screenshots.

This is super handy if you have repetitive tasks in your browser and want to make them quicker and easier

6. Mobile Browser Profile

GoLogin Mobile Proxy

GoLogin has a neat trick: you can make it look like you’re using a mobile phone to go online. When you launch a profile, just choose Android as your operating system. This makes websites think you’re visiting them from a mobile device.

Why is this useful? Well, websites are usually careful about blocking mobile users. They worry about accidentally blocking a lot of people. So, if you’re connecting as if you’re on a mobile phone, it’s less likely that your profiles will get blocked.

This can be a really good way to keep your profiles safe, especially if you’re doing things that might get noticed by website security.

7. Cloud and Local Applications

It is really flexible because it comes in two forms: you can use it on the web, like in a cloud, or you can install it as a program on your computer.

The web version works by opening a browser on GoLogin’s server and showing it to you in a tab. It’s still being tested, though. The version you install on your computer opens a browser called Orbita.

No matter which version you use, they both stay updated with each other. This means if you create a profile or change settings in one, you’ll see those changes in the other, too.

If you’re working in a team where everyone has different computers, using an antidetect browser can be tricky. But GoLogin makes it safer by using something called a virtual machine.

This is like having a separate, safe computer inside your computer. Plus, you can use your profiles on different devices.

Another cool thing is that the installed version of GoLogin usually works faster than the web version. This is great if you need to do things that use a lot of your computer’s power, like running many accounts at the same time.

8. Customized Browser

GoLogin uses a special browser called Orbita, which is based on something called Chromium. Chromium is what Google Chrome is made from, so Orbita looks and feels a lot like Chrome. One small difference is that you can see the name of the profile you’re using near the address bar.

Orbita has a cool feature called warp core technology. This technology makes sure that when you run different profiles, they are always using the latest version of Orbita and its browser engine.

Basically, it keeps your virtual browser modern and up-to-date. This is really helpful because it means you’re always using the latest technology, which can make browsing smoother and more secure.

9. Additional Perks

There are even more features that come with GoLogin. It supports Chrome browser extensions and even comes with some pre-installed. This means you can add extra tools or features to your browser, just like you would in Google Chrome.

For added security, GoLogin encrypts your profiles. Encryption is like putting your data in a safe; it keeps your information secure.

You also have the ability to move cookies in and out of the browser using third-party Chrome extensions. Cookies are small bits of data that websites use to remember things about you. GoLogin lets you manage these cookies easily.

Plus, there’s a ‘Cookie robot’. This tool collects cookies from specific websites. It’s useful when you need to gather and use cookies from different sites to maintain your online activities.

How is Customer Support?

When it comes to customer support, GoLogin offers several ways to help you. They have a team ready to answer your questions and solve basic technical problems any time, day or night.

GoLogin Customer Support

You can get help through live chat in all of GoLogin’s apps 24/7. This is convenient because you don’t need to be on their website to talk to someone for help. If you’re too busy for a chat, you can always send them an email with your questions.

GoLogin is also active on social media and has a YouTube channel where they post useful tutorial videos. They have a blog and a knowledge base with easy-to-read articles sorted by topic, including troubleshooting and FAQs.

I tried out GoLogin’s live chat, which is supposed to be available 24/7, with an agent replying within 30 minutes. I contacted them three times to see how it works.

The first time I sent a message, I got a reply in 15 minutes, which was pretty quick. But after that, the conversation slowed down.

It felt a bit slow for a live chat, with the agent taking about 10 minutes, sometimes even longer, to respond each time. I was having trouble running profiles on the web app, but by the time the agent figured out what the issue might be, everything started working again on its own.

GoLogin Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

GoLogin offers different pricing plans with various features suitable for different needs:

GoLogin Pricing

Professional Plan ($49 per month):

  • Best for freelancers needing realistic online identities.
  • You can try it for free.
  • Includes 100 browser profiles, profile sharing 10 times, and 1 team member.

Business Plan ($99 per month):

  • Ideal for businesses needing many member accounts.
  • Free trial available.
  • Comes with 300 browser profiles, 100 times profile sharing, and 10 team members.
  • It also offers 2 simultaneous cloud launches.

Enterprise Plan ($199 per month):

  • Tailored for large corporate teams.
  • Try for free.
  • Provides 1000 browser profiles, unlimited profile sharing, and 20 team members.
  • Includes 3 simultaneous cloud launches.

Custom Plan ($299 per month):

  • Perfect for any task or team size.
  • Includes a free trial.
  • Offers 2000 browser profiles, unlimited profile sharing, and 20 team members.
  • Allows for 4 simultaneous cloud launches.
  • Additionally, GoLogin has a free data plan that includes 3 browser profiles and all benefits except profile sharing and team members.

Comparing the plans:

  • For Individual Freelancers: The Professional plan is a good start. It’s affordable and provides enough profiles for a single user.
  • For Small to Medium Businesses: The Business plan offers more profiles and the ability to add more team members, suitable for collaborative work.
  • For Large Companies: The Enterprise or Custom plans are more appropriate, offering a vast number of profiles and team members, along with more cloud launches for extensive usage.
  • Each plan comes with a 7-day free trial to test all functions, making it easy to choose the right one based on your needs.

How to save 50% on GoLogin?

To save 50% on GoLogin, follow these steps:

Choose an Annual Payment Plan: Instead of paying monthly, select the option to pay for the entire year at once.

Complete the Annual Subscription: When you sign up for an annual subscription, GoLogin will automatically apply the 50% discount.

Enjoy the Savings: By paying annually, you’ll save half the cost compared to the monthly payment plan.

Remember, this 50% discount is specifically for users who choose to pay for a whole year in advance rather than month-by-month.

How to use GoLogin for Free Forever?

The “Forever Free” plan from GoLogin is a no-cost option that gives you certain benefits without having to pay anything. Here’s what it includes:

3 Browser Profiles: You can create and use up to three different browser profiles.

Access to Most GoLogin Features: You get most of the benefits that GoLogin offers, like managing multiple profiles, using different digital fingerprints, and more.

However, there are a couple of things you won’t get with this free plan:

No Profile Sharing: You can’t share your browser profiles with other people.

No Team Members: You won’t be able to add teammates to your account for collaborative work.

This plan is great if you’re an individual user who doesn’t need to share access with others and only needs a few profiles. It’s a good way to try out GoLogin’s basic features without any cost.

User Interface of GoLogin

I found GoLogin’s interface really clean and easy to use. I tried three different products, and they all had a clear layout. They show you only the important stuff, and the less-used options are neatly tucked away in icons.

Downloading the GoLogin browser was a breeze. On my Windows computer, the installer downloaded automatically. However, on my Android phone, I had to install Orbita, which is their browser, separately. Signing up was super easy, too.

All I needed was my email address and a password. After confirming these details, I was all set to start using GoLogin. Plus, they accept disposable email addresses. I use Blur to keep my personal information private, and GoLogin had no problem with that.

Even if you’ve never used any anti-detect software before, like me, you’ll likely find GoLogin simple to get the hang of. It seems like the app does most of the work in masking your browser fingerprinting.

A cool thing about Orbita, their browser, is that the profile name shows up right in the address bar, making it easy to see which profile you’re using.

Pros and Cons Of GoLogin


  • Offers a free version.
  • Provides a seven-day free trial of GoLogin.
  • 24/7 live chat support is available.
  • User-friendly interfaces that are easy to navigate.
  • Successfully passes fingerprint checks in the local app.
  • Offers a free plan with 3 accounts plus a 7-day free trial.


  • Lacks a GoLogin app for iOS devices.
  • Inconsistent responses from customer service.

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Final Verdict: GoLogin Review 2024

GoLogin has quickly become popular because it’s affordable and has lots of good features. It’s a good choice for both beginners and people who know more about tech. The software is easy to use, and if you’re more advanced, you can set it up to do tasks automatically.

Even if you don’t have much money to spend, GoLogin is still useful. It has a free option with three profiles, and all plans include shared proxies from five places. And if you can spend more, you can get up to 10,000 browser profiles.

To sum it up, if you’re okay with the software being a little slow sometimes, GoLogin is a great choice because it offers many features without costing a lot of money.

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