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4 Best Logo Maker Online To Try 2024– Free Logo Generator Online

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Best FREE Logo Maker & Generators To Try 2024

1. Canva  (#1 Best FREE Logo Maker & Generator)

Canva is a beneficial and convenient software that is used for both professionals as well as initiators. This software gives you beautiful ideas and designs which can make your logo look attractive.

Canva- Best Logo Maker Online

Canva is one such software spread in every social media, select the convenient website you want, and also the logo you desire. Now personalize the fonts and colors you wish to use.

2. Tailor Brands (Best Logo Maker in 2024)

Tailor brands is the topmost logo maker software use to design excellent logos. It has one such premium tool which will help you to puzzle out the better style for your organization.

Tailor Brands- Best Logo Maker Online

Add brief detail about your business and enter the name, now select the convenient icons, fonts according to your wish and comfortability. This software also shows you how your logo looks like on social media, websites, and other platforms after the final touch-up. 

3. Hatchful  (Best Logo Maker & Logo Creator – Free Logo Generator Online)

Hatchful can be downloaded through Shopify, It is an excellent connection for the initiators, you can design dozens of templates and layout in a few clicks within a small time limit.


You can initiate by choosing your brand and follow simple steps 

  • Select the niche
  • Choose your design
  • Type the site’s name
  • Split the logo wherever you want to use it. 
  • Select the logo from the list of these templates.

You can re-edit your logo if you wish to, according to your convenience, and get your good quality logo

4. Hipster logo generator 

Hipster logo generator is another excellent logo maker that provides your best design for your logos. As it is named, the software helps us to design a hipster-styled logo.

Hipster logo generator-Overview

Not only the hipster-style logo, if you want you can design the logo according to your choice and selections whether it is a stylish logo or the simple one. Finalize your logo design and then download it for free with a high-quality image.

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Customer Reviews

Customer reviews have always been an important attribute in the appropriation of good important, reflective, and productive feedback. Some of the customer reviews as mentioned for the specific online logo designers are as follows –


  • Hatchfull is an amazing online logo maker that has been rated with 3.5 stars on a scale of 5.  Hatchfull is a stunning logo maker that is too free of cost, offering us good customization options, with an indeed intriguing interface, customers even exclaim that it is very simple and easy to use.

Hatchful-Customer Review

  •  Hatchfull is quite fast and easy in its operation, it generates quick results like with the designing of a logo.
  •  The cons of using Hatchfull as claimed by customers are – it doesn’t offer us interesting and creative logos, they aren’t unique, and neither superior.


  •  Canva is a good online logo designer app occupying a rating of about 3.5stars on a scale of 5. Individuals have enjoyed and claimed it has excellent templates and themes, along with wonderful graphic designs, enhancing our works, and giving us a good and more valuable experience.

Canva-Customer Review

  • Many owners and operators found it worth the money and time.
  •  The cons of using canvas as exclaimed by customers are-it aren’t delivering us the hospitable and friendly services and communication, customer support has not been satisfying. The responses to the problems of customers have not been quick and efficient.

Hipster logo generator

  • Hipster logo generator, an extraordinary online logo maker and has been scored with 4.5stars on a scale of 5, customers have claimed it as extremely affordable and easy in its operation. People have been quite satisfied and even regarded it as a fantastic app for any entrepreneur or business.
  • Customers exclaimed that it has been quite extraordinary in its service offering many effective and resourceful designs as needed. In total it has been quite impressive.
  •  Cons of hipster logo generators are, customers, exclaim that the pricing is much expensive and the customer service isn’t satisfactory.

Tailor brands

  • Tailor brands have been an exquisite online logo maker tool scored with ratings of about 4 out of 5stars. Tailor Brands has been regarded as the easiest and efficient tool to work with. Customers proclaimed it as a tool generating amazing outcomes, great experience, and offering us valuable services.

Tailor Brands-Customer Review

  • Customers are quite happy and satisfied with the tool. It has been extremely creative, innovative, and quite good in its functioning.
  •  Cons of tailor brands incorporate that it isn’t worth the money and even includes additional costs.

Pros and cons


  • Logos can be useful for promoting your brand or company as it’s just a simple design that can be put up on a smaller screen.
  • The company or brand logo is used to represent their identities in the market.   
  • Logos also provide details about the brand or community. It can be really useful as it also signifies what the company can provide to the users.


  • Time Taking:- Yes, it requires a certain amount of time to create a representable logo. The graphic designers or illustrators take a required amount of time in making a worthy logo.
  • Efforts in making the logo:- The graphic designers/ illustrators/doodlers take a lot of effort into making these logos. They give their effort in making worthy logos


The pricing plan involved in the logo making along with the specific details for designing and additional costs associated with it is as follows 

Plan 1

  • Pricing and budget of logo design making incorporate -firstly, the online logo makers, and the ones who are the beginners stimulate the budget, ranging from ₹0-₹1000.
  • Secondly, the pricing behind the logo template-ranges from ₹500-₹6000.
  • The logo designing contests online costs ₹2000-₹10,000.

Plan 2

The second part of the pricing includes the details of the cost involved in freelancing and a more level oriented designing which is as follows-

  •  For beginners who are working as freelance designers: cost varies from ₹500-₹2000 followed by additional details ( helping them to learn 4-6 new concepts and techniques).
  • Secondly, it involves the junior level freelancer designer and Costing details ranging from ₹1000-₹10,000. Followed by additional details ( includes learning of about new 4-6 important concepts of the logo designing and other important attributes associated with the business.
  • The mid-level designers range from about ₹1000-₹50,000 ( with the inclusion of learning two important concepts of logo designing followed by other business-related cards.
  •  The expert level freelancer designers cost about ₹50,000-₹10,000 ( with the inclusion of learning about  1 important logo related to an important strategic concept).

Plan 3

  • The last plan exclaims the pricing involved by agencies and the budget involved in designing a logo.
  • Pricing for the local Branding agency ranges from about ₹80,000-₹20,000 with a business card and 4-6 important points or concepts of the logo along with other guidelines as mentioned by the brand.
  • The middle-level branding agency costs about ₹100,000-₹400,000( providing you with the best strategies adopted by the brand and other important and major guidelines associated with the reputed brand.
  •  Pro-level designing agencies cost about  ₹500,000-₹1,000,000 along with resourceful and productive strategies of a brand and other important guidelines.

Hence, such pricing details are set according to one’s own level and position, followed by some necessary and important details marked by other additional information just as strategic concepts and tricks one can learn and avail to pricing offer us innumerable learning experiences and knowledge to further enhance and promote desired efficacy associated with the designing of a logo.

People would want to avail of maximum profitable concepts from a  pricing plan and intriguing techniques to polish their skills and to work brilliantly in every way possible.

Overview: How To Create Logos Online With Logo Makers

Now, who are these people who make logos? People who make logos can be a graphic designer, illustrator, or a doodler. The logo is made by these people as they are really efficient in making things. They are really creative and they have the idea of how a logo can be really creative.

For example, the logo of the company Amazon, its Amazon with an arrow from A to Z which signifies that the company has all the products to sell from A to Z. You can order anything from this shopping website.

Hence, logos are really useful for promoting the company or brand.

How to Make a Logo?

Here are the steps to be followed to make a logo in any logo maker.

Step 1 

Type the name of your company, brand, or organization and wait for the next step.

Step 2 

Describe in brief your brand then wait for the logo maker to create a suitable logo for your brand. 

Step 3 

Fill in the details about your brand logo and how you wanted it to be customized. Now, Fill in the details about your convenient color, shapes, and contrast. 

Step 4 

Re-edit your logo until your personalized logo looks just like you have imagined.

Step 5 

Get a good high-quality logo and save it on your desktop. Now you can utilize these logos which you have customized anywhere you want.

Step 6

Now build your organization cards and these logos can be used in every brand product you have discovered. 

Ideas For Making A Logo 

You might have questioned yourself about creating your own logo, here are some ideas which can help you design your logos.

Collect Designs And Ideas:

Have an eye on the logos from big brands and companies and the logo designers for more ideas, download the images from the internet of the images and patterns which inspires you the most and have some visual ideas about the logo, and try to pick your favorite elements like straight lines or rounds, overlapping the shapes, colors, contrasts, etc. 

focus more on the latest patterns which are on trending mainly on your field or stream. Logos need to be your company’s identity so choose wisely. 

Select On A Tradition Or Merchandise Designs:

A logo maker can easily help you to provide you ready-made designs, colors, and templates and you can easily design your own logo but the custom designs and logo can help you make your company unique logo. It takes time, effort and you must have patience but you will get your logo in a simplified and unique design.

The merchandise designs for your logo can go with you if you don’t have any interest to personalize your logo from scratch. This tradition or original logo idea can work for the new companies. 

Transfigure A Template

Similar logos can create a hell of confusion between the companies of the same industries. Personalization of a logo can lessen the chance of creating similar logos like other brands. There are some ways to be followed to make your custom logo work 

  • Mounting the words
  • Various color contrast 
  • Altering or positioning different words
  • Building up the words

Selection Of Logo Maker Software:

Clarity of the design is more important than you think, in some of the software like Microsoft paint the quality of the logo will decrease as much as you re-edit or customize your logo. Going with the vector files gives you the best clarity of your logos. You can select good pro software like Adobe and CorelDraw, which gives your logo a transparent and clear background and a tendency to add the mediums to maintain clarity. 

Blueprint On Paper:

Think you have a good and clear idea about your logo and you want to make the exact logo with some unique designs. Without worrying about your art skills, have a rough sketch on paper to get a visualization of your ideas. You will get to know how it looks and can alter the design at your convenience. 

You can find on the internet the sketches of the different logos and can have an idea of how to begin. You might have limited ideas about the shapes and colors so you can take help from the internet to give your ideas more creative symbols and shapes. If you try out the handmade sketches of your logos, it will be easy to design your logo in no time. 

Create Easy Shapes:

Designers usually begin their designs with simple shapes taking care of the symmetry, perfect lines, and many more things which we think. This is the easiest way to start over, the three ways to be considered while design a logo are 

  • Reduction – start with the basic shapes like squares, rounds, and layer it to make it perfect and then erase the unwanted portion which opens up the negative space.
  • Substitution – you might have observed that shapes eat up more space when you want a simple beautiful logo, after designing a logo you can easily switch to your convenient shapes which look more suitable and satisfied to your eyes and mind.
  • Layering ­– try to enhance your creativity you will notice that overlapping some shapes comes with the great ideas and designs outlined more than we expected. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) To Best Logo Maker Online

👉 What are the most important and necessary steps involved in the creation of a logo and what are the steps which concern them?

The creation of a good logo involves one of the most important and desired steps and rules which are exclaimed as follows Step-1 involves the process of great importance called as a design brief, involving discussion and information about the respective product, any logo maker maintains contact with the client and grabs maximum knowledge meant for the creation of a good and a well informative logo. Step 2: one we are brimmed up with knowledge and information about a particular product, we need to delve our mind deeper into the research business, recording the observation in mind and implementing it via designing. Logos and its design vary, providing the valuable storehouse of information about the product for which the designing facilitates. Step3- it is all about the visual representation of the logo after one is prepared with the know-how associated with logo making, and how exactly it would appear to be. Drawing the symbols roughly and enhancing it further. Step 4- creating a well-laid draft, designing the logo digitally via any vector programs such as Adobe illustrator. Step-5 analysis of the prepared designs and deciding if it sticks to the objectives of the company. Step-6 offering the design to the client and waiting for the feedback to amend certain changes if necessary. Step -7 If the client seems satisfied, the final delivery of the logo is remarked and it is sent to the client.

👉 Which is one of the best suited online logo makers?

Free logo design is a spectacular and phenomenal free online logo maker, helping us in designing logos within a few seconds. We can avail of the benefits it has to offer, it is equally amazing and astounding. Such a logo maker is meant specifically for freelancers, beginners, small businessmen, professionals, etc. one can receive free logo designing for the required website, other related business, or invitation cards. Finding the rarest of the rare logo makers is indeed a difficult task and too a free one. Yet, one can dwell on the best prime advantages and features.

👉 How can we make a splendid logo?

We can very easily create a good logo provided, some do's and don'ts to beautify the designing 1: create exquisite and explicit logos that appear attractive, informative, and reliable. 2: use good calligraphic fonts. 3: have a quite sensible tagline, which should be eye catchy and extremely unique generating the true meaning behind your purpose. 4: have a good color combination managing the backgrounds and its designing, ensure the proper alignment. 5: keep in mind the correct size of the logo! Hence, you'll end up making a good logo for yourself.

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Conclusion: Best Logo Maker Online To Try 2024

In this article, you have across the details about logos and logo maker’s creation online. I think this will help you to get a clear view of designing your logo with the help of a logo maker or personalizing your own logo. The logos are usually an image of a company through which the whole industry could identify its respective brands and products.

So, this is the end of an article where you have to choose one logo maker or can try all of these best four logo maker software to make your brand logo look branded and stylish. 2 best options for logo maker online are Tailor Brands & Canva.

One such purpose of this logo maker is to help beginners and professionals to build their logos for their brands and save their time and efforts. The steps have been involved to make sure you create your brand logo under guidance. 

The online logo maker has indeed facilitated and stimulated the operators to choose and adopt viable options offering us remarkable themes and designs, we have spotted one of the best and explicit logo maker tools which are canvas, tailor brands, etc. We have even laid out the necessary and required details needed to mention along with the dos and don’ts.

Such tools have had a cut-throat competition between them, choosing anyone amongst them is one of the toughest and hard parts to look at. In this article, we have summed up the pricing details, customer reviews, and most importantly faqs in case, any operator is stuck with self-interrogation within itself so as to how to undertake the designing of a logo.

Thus, choose the appropriate option wisely and only after knowing the true working Associated with it. Make your designs and creative logos with above mentioned spectacular tools.


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