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25+ Best Mac Apps for Bloggers In 2024: Enhance Your Creativity

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Best Mac Apps for Bloggers

Best Mac Apps: If you had ever written your blog articles with MS Word and asked whether anything would be blogger-friendly?

You’ve got special requirements as a writer. We need greater than just fantastic features and formats:

  • A location to understand all your thoughts
  • A tool for composing that eliminates interruptions
  • A technique to detect and eradicate awful grammar mistakes.

Luckily, there are a number of techniques to write and assist you to achieve all this.

In terms of productivity, the number of apps accessible on a Mac computer, regardless of the sort of blogger or content producer you are, are so adaptable.

Here is my list of the greatest Mac apps to support and enhance your creativity and productivity without delay! Let’s check it out:

  • WordPress App

Best Mac Apps- wordpress

WordPress has issued an updated Mac software that works with blogs as well as soul WordPress sites that use the Jetpack plugin.


  • Concentration– Write and create without being distracted by other browser tabs. Switch between managing your WordPress sites and using your favorite desktop tools with ease.
  • Speed- The desktop app improves on the already speedy by packaging the complete site as a local copy. You receive near-instant page loading and spend less time waiting.
  • Desktop app size- There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the desktop software, which can be scaled to any size. 

Pricing provides paid services starting at $36/year, but is free to start with.

  • Copy’Em

Best Mac apps -Copy'em

Copy’Em allows you to just copy items that you like! Copy’Em may save that many as you like, without limits, unlike normal notepads which can only hold only in a limit.

Almost all formats support: text, photos, links, HTML, code, PDF, files, and more. In one step, copy and star objects using an adjustable shortcut. 


  • One click Paste- Copy ‘Em’ makes it easy for anyone if you just have to copy and paste several things between two documents: First copy and paste the stuff you need! No more retrospective document swapping.
  • Mark favorites, Bring together stuff– In a single click, choose products as favorites. Group favorite stuff, use lists on subjects. Build lists as many as you like.
  • Browse better and faster- You may not only simply find for content, but also filter items with their source apps or their sort of material.
  • For example, just the picture or text components of a certain program can be viewed. All items or the scope of a list can be searched.


You will be charged 14.99 dollars. Worth the cost!

  • Dragon naturally speaking

Dragon naturally speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a service that helps you track the production of documents by capturing words by speech.

Dragon offers a high degree of precision – far more than Google Voice or Siri – as opposed to old voice recognition algorithms.


  • Performs quickly– Talk at regular speeds and nearly instantaneously see words on the screen
  • Easy feedback- Get fast feedback on your statements so you can immediately review them
  • Edit documents and format them all by voice- Format text automatically how you wish – each time.
  • Helpful instructions facilitate production immediately.


Cost you $200, as one time investment.

  • SnagIt

Best Mac Apps-SnagIt

SnagIt allows you catch your screen fast, add extra contexts and effortlessly tell your story with others. A Software for screenshots and recording.

Snap your display, add extra content if required and share it as picture, video or even GIF.


  • All-In-One Capture- Take a screenshot of your whole desktop, a section, a window, or a scrolling screen.
  • Capture of Panoramic Scrolling- Snagit allows you to easily capture vertical and horizontal scrolls, infinitely scrolling sites, extended chat sessions, and anything in between.
  • Grab Text- Copy the text from a screen capture or file and paste it into another document for editing. 


This is a paid tool, but you may try it out for free for 30 days.

  • Alfred powerpack

Alfred power pack

The Alfred Power pack is a collection of extremely strong features that are built on top of the comprehensive core Alfred program.

Use it to customize your Mac and become more productive than ever before! It is very versatile and fully integrated with macOS.


  • Improve Your Search- Customizable filters for file kinds and places you require quick access to.
  • Save Text, Images, and Files Using Clipboard History- Keyboard shortcut, copy text snippets, pictures, and file locations to your clipboard and paste them wherever you’re working.
  • Connect Your Favorite Apps and Websites- Using customized hotkeys and keywords, you may eliminate repeated activities.
  • Workflows are connected with a variety of apps that you use on a regular basis.


Basic functions are free. If you desire extra functionality, you may get the power pack for $49.

  • Scrivener

Best Mac Apps- Scrivener

Scrivener is a project management software that disguised as a writing tool.

Scrivener, which was originally designed to assist authors in authoring difficult projects, has swiftly become the go-to writing tool for professional bloggers.


  • Put it all together– Scrivener’s revolutionary “Scrivenings” mode allows you to assemble the parts as though they were all part of a single manuscript.
  • Text editing- Include bold, italics, and any other formatting you’d expect. Highlight sentences that want improvement. Fill in the blanks with comments and observations.
  • Outliner- Allows you to work with an overview of a chapter, a section, or even your whole manuscript—but it also gives you access to much more information.


From $19.99

  • Bear writer

Best Mac Apps- bear

It includes writing-friendly features including basic text formatting support, distraction-free writing concentration mode and the option to export work to alternate formats, such as PDFs.


  • Advanced Markup Editor supports 150 programming languages and highlights them
  • Encrypt notes and lock them to safeguard important information bear with Face/Touch ID.
  • Multiple themes to provide everyone a style.
  • Intelligent data Recognition of links, emails, addresses, colours and more.


Basic feature free, Paid version $15 a year.

  • ImageOptim

Best Mac Apps- imageopium

ImageOptim is good for publishing online pictures.

In order to post your photographs without revealing your privacy, ImageOptim eliminates EXIF meta-data such as the position of GPS and camera serial number.


  • Image size — It helps in compressing the image size without compromising with its quality.
  • Removes invisible junk: Deletes the garbage that’s no longer required.
  • Best tools with drag’n’drop- Effortlessly pools all the best image optimization tools.


free app, and you can download it.

  • Camtasia

Best Mac Apps- Camtasia

Video blogging is a major blogger currently, and creating clips for your site is vital for anyone. Video program for capturing, editing and publishing video screencast.

Camtasia Mac video program that is best accessible and should be used by any online and blogger.


  • Video templates pre-built decrease editing time. Creates bespoke video templates that you produce often.
  • Recording- Record the whole thing into your computer’s webpages, apps, video calls or presentations using PowerPoint.
  • Editing Simplified- Simply drag and drop editor as it makes the video or audio breezes add, remove, cut, or move pieces.


30 days free trial download.

  •  Integrity

Integrity reviews website links and pictures. Provide Integrity with homepage URL and follow internal links to discover every page, inspect each link and submit the answer code of each of your servers.


  • Scan for broken links your website checks
  • Check photos and links, as well as all links within and outside.
  • Grasp color-related concerns at a glance. For further information, double-click it.
  • In brief, increase the quality and ranking of your website search engines.


Free App

  •  Hazel



Hazel is like a special maid, organizing and cleaning files according to your standards. Hazel can better facilitate your garbage and remove program.


  • Organized– Hazel has the opportunity to enter, store, label, and even upload files. You may instruct Hazel to rename your files or organize them into subfolders depending on their name, date, or any combination of attributes you specify. 
  • Removes Garbage– Keeps an eye on your trash, removing files that are too old or cleaning stuff away when the trash gets too full.
  • Other- Integration with Spotlight. Importing of photos, music, and television shows. 


App is for $32.

  •  Cyberduck

Best Mac Apps- duck

It’s a famous FTP client for Mac and Windows for free and open source. It is designed and widely used by David V. Kocher since 2003.

Cyberduck is not just another knock-off FTP software but employs a very unique (and easy!) file transmission strategy.


  • SFTP and FTP-SSL secure file transfers.
  • Cut and paste, drag and drop easy file management.
  • File previews so that before downloading the files you may view it.
  • Authentication using ssh keys without password.


Starts at $10.00 for one-time payment. Free trail offer is available too.

  •  iMovie

Best Mac Apps- IMovie

iMovie is a software for iOS and macOS to modify video clips. It transforms images and videos into films with a production logo and credits.

Users can get their personal trailer in accordance with layouts and templates.


  • Keyboard shortcuts gives important controls that are essential as you navigate the images.
  • Timeline is quite crucial as all editing is carried out in iMovie- The color balance guarantees that your video clip tones may be adequately adjusted while contrast, brightness and saturation are handled in the color correction.
  • Green-screen control- This tool will be useful if you want to soften your film’s effects.



  •  Day One

Best Mac Apps- dayone

Day One is a solution that allows you concentrate on blogging. It allows you to easily compose any narrative. It’s one of Macbook’s greatest applications for writing films, pictures, drawings or music.


  • It’s among the greatest mac tools for biometrically secure data protection and end-to-end encryption.
  • The software can save your necessary data.
  • Day One provides extensive markdown text formatting.


Free app with Basic features. Premium is $34.99 USD/year.

  •  Dropzone


Dropzone is a productivity mac program for moving, copying, launching and much more files. You can quickly share documents to YouTube, Google Drive and FTP Server through this program.


  • The application offers shortcuts for keyboards.
  • You may transfer data with drop zone.
  • You can download any program instantly.
  • URLs may be shortened through this program.


Free of cost.

Here are some other list of Apps that you may require on your Mac.

  1. Parallel Desktop- Parallels desktop program that provides mac with 30 simple click tools. It allows you to avoid humiliating alerts and saver lockout during submission. You may discover identical files with Parallels Desktop utility. Video from your full screen may be captured.
  2. Todoist- An all-embracing task management application lets you get a comprehensive picture of your work. It allows you to split your everyday duties and overcome them in joint initiatives. It means to show your achievements in color coded graphs daily and weekly.
  3. Amphetamine- It may prevent a single mouse click from loading or sleeping your mac. This application can be easily configured to the UI and also allows shortcuts to be easily accessible. There are no advertisements in the tool.
  4. Hyperdock- It allows you to view a single window by hovering the mouse on dock objects. This enables you to easily manage iTunes tracks. The hassle-free window may be moved or resized.
  5. Slack- Slack is a valuable mac-OS message platform. It is one of the greatest productivity tools for integrated communications and streamlining. This organizational business application provides cross-team openness and natural organizational effectiveness.
  6. Logic Pro- Logic Pro is a program to turn a studio quality platform for your Mac PC. The app includes effects in the DJ approach and track transactions. It is a Mac software that allows you to easily combine your music library.
  7. Unclutter- It’s a tool for saving files, comments and video. You can easily discover the necessary folders. This program offers access to the commonly used documents.
  8. Wavebox- It is a website that enables you to operate through all your preferred tools more quickly. All web tabs may be managed with this software. It features a team panel with a list of those on the list.
  9. Linfei- A tool that allows the user to easily tape your voice. This Mac app lets users to share music with pals.
  10.  TweetDeck- It is a Twitter profile management tool for social networking. The API is provided for sending and receiving tweets and viewing profiles.

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Conclusion | Best Mac Apps 2024–

Even if it’s articles or journals, regardless of what material you write, your performance level needs to be excellent notch to increase traffic.

Fortunately, today’s creators are graced by the all-perfect technological power and legacy of some of the most exciting writing and blogging instruments available in the market.

You ought to have blogging applications for your Mac in the above list.

I’d want to hear about you if you use different blogging programs on your Mac OS that enable you to blog or if you liked any of the above apps. Let me know about the feedback in the comments.


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