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Top 5 iPhone Apps For Bloggers To Check Blog At Any Time 2024

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You cannot just expect to sit in front of your computer for an hour a day to get a unique idea for a blog post. In fact, you need to be working on different ideas all the time. Best ideas come to your mind when you are travelling, talking with someone or attending a family or friends event.

The more you explore, the more ideas you get in your mind. These are the same ideas that you can write down, blog about and share with your friends.


So, without wasting any more time, let us get down to the business. I’m a blogger myself and I understand that how important it is to keep myself updated about new ideas, share those ideas with my friends and also keep an eye on the performance of my blog.

1.       WordPress for iPhone

The first application on our list is WordPress. If you are a blogger who uses WordPress as the platform then you can install the WordPress app for iPhone too. It will help you manage your blog on the go.

Let’s say that you have multiple writers who submit their posts on your blog but those posts need your approval before getting published then this app can be really helpful for you. You can access your WordPress dashboard with the help of this app, review the posts and publish them on the go.Wordpress-iOS app

2.       Evernote

It is very important to stay organized and keep noting new ideas that come to your mind. Evernote is one of the most famous note-taking apps available for the iPhone. It is simple and easy to use. Whenever you get a new idea in your mind, simply note it down in Evernote so you can write about it later in your free time.evernote

3.       HootSuite

Blogging is nothing without social networking. You need to be connected with your friends on social media all the time. Though Hootsuite will not help you chat with your social media friends it can help you share a single post on all your social media profiles with just one tap.hootsuite

4.       Google Analytics

Publishing a blog is not enough to become a successful blogger. It is important to analyze the performance of your blog. Google Analytics is a free tool that can be used to keep an eye on the performance and traffic flow of your analytics

5.       Quick AdSense

If you are using the Google AdSense program on your blog then you will definitely want to know how much revenue you have been able to earn from your latest blog post. With the Quick AdSense app for iPhone, you can check your earnings on the go.quick adsense


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