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6 Best Product Description Generators 2024: Which One Is Worth Using?

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This post is dedicated to Best Product Description Generators. Trying to come up with captivating descriptions for your items and want to use the finest product description generators?

How laborious is it to come up with distinct product descriptions for comparable items every time? If you manage an eCommerce shop or sell your products on a well-known eCommerce website like Amazon, you know this.

In addition to creating the descriptions, search engine optimization (SEO) is required to increase traffic from search engines.

However, with the help of AI product description generators, more of this job will be taken off of your hands and given to these sophisticated AI technologies.

Product description generators exist, but picking the proper one might be a challenge for many people. Choosing a product generator may be a daunting undertaking, so we’ve put up a list of our best six picks on the market today.

6 Best Product Description Generators 2024

Here we have concluded the best product description generators:

1. Jasper

In the quest for the finest AI product description generator, Jasper is your best bet for generating captivating product descriptions.

At the moment, it’s one of the most effective product writers on the market. Even though it is the most current tool, it has quickly become popular.

To your surprise, it is already being utilized by tens of thousands of copywriters, business owners, and agencies to create content.

Jasper - Product Description Generators

As a side benefit, it employs proven marketing frameworks like AIDA and PAS (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) to help you produce high-converting copy for your products.


  • This application can produce product descriptions, social media, blog, email, YouTube, Facebook, Google AdWords material, and more.
  • Jasper now supports English, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish, among others. This application lets you create product descriptions in a visitor’s native language.
  • It generates Amazon product descriptions and bullet points for product advantages and important features. You may generate a website, social media, and email product descriptions.
  • AI-powered SEO description generator creates product descriptions for online stores. Conversion AI may create several outputs in one shot, which is amazing. You’ll receive many product descriptions. It adds SEO-friendly keywords to the description to boost search engine traffic.

2. Rytr

Rytr was developed in April 2021, yet hundreds of copywriters, content producers, marketers, and agencies already use it to automatically generate product descriptions, blog and social media posts, Google Ads, and emails.

It’s AI-powered software that creates content using GPT-3 language models (Provided by OpenAI). Each content use case has its own AI. It’s user-friendly and inexpensive. It’s cheaper than costly choices yet has practically all of its features.

Rytr Overview

To utilize Rytr, pick the language, tone of voice, use case product description, or product description bullet points from a drop-down menu, and insert a few essential points in the input box.

Then, click the “Ryte for me” button to begin. You’ll produce duplicates quickly. Rytr lets you choose how many versions to create.


  • Rytr is a tool for writing product descriptions and other material. It covers 24+ use cases and helps create blog entries, essays, and articles. You may build LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google advertising, YouTube channels and videos, marketing and sales emails, and more.
  • Rytr lets you build product descriptions in 13 languages to target customers by region and boost sales. English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Dutch is accessible.
  • The only product description generator with tone control. The program has 20 voice tones, including grateful, forceful, awed, honest, casual, cautionary, compassionate, convincing, serious, formal, amusing, humble, humorous, joyous, thoughtful, urgent, inspiring, worrisome, and enthusiastic.

3. Writesonic

You’ll discover Writesonic to be another low-cost SEO product description generator on the market today. Beginners will like the software’s user-friendly interface.

An additional step is required in order for the software to create multiple lines of text.

Writesonic Main

Using Writesonic, you may make a dozen copies of your product description by simply selecting the copy template as a product description, entering a short description of your product or service, and pressing “Generate.”


  • More than 20 distinct scenarios may be addressed using Writesonic. Product descriptions may be generated for eCommerce sites, but you can also use them to produce advertising for Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, as well as for your own websites and landing pages.
  • To further increase readability and rectify grammatical problems, the program contains grammar-correction functions and a readability checker.
  • It may be used in up to 24 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, and so on. Your eCommerce firm will benefit from being able to describe products to clients in their own language.
  • An extensive list of useful tools is included as well, such as an expander for the substance of sentences and a rephrase for content.

4. Copy AI

The Copy AI description generator is one of the most popular AI-powered tools, with over 100,000 users already.

Product descriptions, Google Adwords, social media material, website text, blog content, and many more may all be generated with this tool.

Copy AI

GPT-3 AI technology is used by Copy AI to brainstorm and generate content for a variety of reasons, much like the other platforms we’ve discussed.


  • Copy AI can create social media ads, posts, website copy, blog content, sales copy, and other copywriting and marketing materials.
  • This eCommerce product description writer tool uses AIDA and Pain Agitated to develop conversion-oriented texts and guarantee your prospects have a good and memorable experience with your firm.
  • Writers who develop product descriptions for Shopify shops may use a Shopify plugin. The plugin may create new descriptions and improve existing ones.

5. Copysmith

Its user-friendly interface and wide feature set make Copysmith a popular AI-powered description tool among e-commerce entrepreneurs, marketers, and advertising agencies.

Copysmith is the best Shopify product description generator out there. Installing AI Product Description Writer is as simple as going to Shopify’s app store, searching for the app, and then clicking on the Add app button.

Copysmith Overview - Product Description Generators

It’s now easier than ever to create a variety of product descriptions for your online business. In addition, Copysmith offers a Chrome plugin that will make your life a lot simpler.


  • Copysmith only supports English, but they hope to add other languages depending on user input.
  • It incorporates Shopify. If you use Shopify, you can generate interesting product copy rapidly.
  • Copysmith is copywriting software with several features. More than 30 templates are available, and more are added often. You can build social media advertising, brand taglines, Amazon product descriptions, Instagram product descriptions, YouTube video descriptions, Shopify product descriptions, and more.

6. Anyword

Anyword is a popular AI-powered copywriting tool. NBC, Red Bull, and Conde Nast are among Anyword’s clientele. Anywords product description generator “sees into the future” to predict performance.

Anyword utilizes AI to correlate advertising text to conversion rates based on its enormous data gathering. It leverages this knowledge to create product descriptions that interest audiences.


Translated: Anyword that gives each piece of copy it (or you) creates a conversion score. Anyword’s increasing capabilities are another plus.

It appears to introduce a new capability every week, such as the ability to write content for a new social media channel or incorporate blogs, AIDA-type writing, or email subject lines. Let’s discuss product descriptions.


  • Anyword builds a product description in minutes with little customer input. Specify your industry, home/product page URL, and “Landing Page” choice. If you don’t have a URL, Anyword will handle the rest.
  • Custom Mode mimics any copy you desire. Anyword will copy a brand’s wording for a product description if you like it.
  • Anyword optimizes your product descriptions. Continuous Optimization tests multiple product descriptions on your app, social media channel, or website to identify the greatest conversion rate.

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Conclusion: Best Product Description Generators 2024

The following 6 product description generators are among the finest. All of the tools we’ve shown you have other applications outside just creating product descriptions.

Depending on your needs and your budget, you may select from any of the following options.

Be sure to test out the free versions of the software to see whether it fulfills your needs before committing to a premium subscription.


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