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10 Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers 2024: [Don’t Miss Out]

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If you have videos on your website, you may be wondering how to monetize them. Luckily, there are networks specifically designed for video ads. In this article, we will discuss the top options available for publishers.

I promise to provide you with a list of great choices for your website in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Isn’t that exciting?

Let’s dive in and learn together!

10 Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers 2024

I have compiled some of the best video ad networks for publishers.

1. Yahoo Ad-tech

Yahoo Ad-tech represents a great ad-tech solution that offers a range of features to optimize revenue generation for video publishers. Its multifaceted suite of tools and capabilities is designed to empower publishers in the dynamic landscape of ad monetization.

One of the standout features of Yahoo Ad-tech is its advanced deal capabilities. This feature allows video publishers to structure and customize deals according to their specific needs and preferences.

Yahoo Ad-tech- Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers

This level of flexibility enables publishers to create tailor-made supply options that align seamlessly with the demands of advertisers.

By offering such customization, Yahoo Ad-tech enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the advertising ecosystem, promoting better collaboration between publishers and advertisers.

In an industry where targeting and personalization are crucial, the ability to create precise and adaptable deals can lead to more successful and impactful advertising campaigns.

Yahoo Ad-tech’s approach highlights the importance of flexibility and innovation in driving successful ad monetization strategies for video publishers.

Why Do I Recommend Yahoo Ad-tech?

  • Customize deals for optimum revenue alignment.
  • Maximize earnings with server-to-server and client-side bids.
  • Premium advertisers, and diversified competition for enhanced revenue.
  • 700M+ monthly transactions across the web, in-app, and CTV.
  • Stay current, and optimize earnings with advanced ad-tech innovations.
  • Comprehensive features for holistic ad revenue optimization.

2. Xandr

Xandr has positioned itself as a prominent and data-driven technology platform that plays a crucial role in the modern advertising landscape.

Its focus on premium advertisements and its commitment to leveraging data and technology make it a significant player in the industry.

Xandr’s offering of diverse video ad formats is indicative of its dedication to providing advertisers and publishers with a variety of options to engage their target audiences.

Xandr- Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers

From immersive instream experiences to dynamic out-stream presentations, Xandr’s array of formats allows for creative flexibility that aligns with different campaign goals.

The introduction of video header bidding is a noteworthy advancement that addresses the evolving needs of publishers.

Video header bidding enables publishers to have better control over their ad space and maximize their revenue potential by allowing multiple demand sources to compete simultaneously for ad impressions.

Xandr’s role as a data-enabled technology platform underscores its commitment to innovation and its ability to harness data to drive meaningful advertising experiences.

This combination of technology, data, and a global premium advertising marketplace showcases Xandr’s influence and impact in shaping the future of modern advertising.

Using data-driven insights with cutting-edge technology, Xandr creates an ecosystem that benefits advertisers and publishers alike.

Why Do I Recommend Xandr?

  • Xandr powers a worldwide platform for top-tier advertising.
  • Engaging instream and versatile out-stream options for advertisers.
  • Video header bidding fosters control and revenue maximization.
  • Xandr’s technology platform integrates data for effective solutions.
  • Simultaneous demand source competition ensures fair market valuation.
  • Xandr leads with innovation, driving modern advertising excellence.

3. Chocolate Platform

The Chocolate Platform offers a tailored solution for monetizing mobile ad, catering to the unique challenges and opportunities that mobile devices present in the digital advertising landscape.

Emphasizing seamlessly integrated mobile ads is crucial, as user experience is paramount in today’s mobile-centric world.

Ads that blend harmoniously with the content and platform contribute to a positive user experience and are more likely to resonate with audiences.

Chocolate Platform Overview

By setting specific criteria for publishers to join the platform, such as minimum page views and unique visitors, Chocolate Ads ensures that it partners with publishers with a certain audience engagement level.

This selective approach helps maintain the quality of the network and aligns with their commitment to excellence.

The fact that the Chocolate Platform focuses exclusively on mobile ads speaks to the growing importance of mobile in the advertising realm.

As mobile usage continues to increase, catering to this platform’s specific needs is essential for publishers looking to monetize their mobile traffic effectively while prioritizing user satisfaction.

Recommend Chocolate Platform?

  • Chocolate offers non-disruptive, mobile-optimized ads for publishers.
  • Reach diverse audiences with Chocolate’s worldwide reach.
  • Unobtrusive mobile ads preserve viewer engagement.
  • Selective entry ensures high-standard partnerships.
  • Over 7700 websites and apps amplify ad visibility.
  • 20 billion monthly impressions ensure effective monetization.

4. Propeller Ads

When you want to make money quickly from ads, Propeller Ads is an excellent choice. It works exceptionally well for websites that get a lot of visitors because it fills up your ad spaces a lot and pays you more money for each ad.

Propeller Ads is great because it offers different types of ads, so you can choose the ones that work best for you. Compared to other similar ad networks, it pays you better.

Propellerads Overview

If you want to make money fast, Propeller Ads is a good option. If your website needs to make money quickly, this is a trustworthy and helpful choice.

When website owners use Propeller Ads, they can make much more money from their ads.

Why Do I Recommend Propeller Ads?

  • Propeller Ads excels in rapid revenue elevation.
  • Ideal for heavy-traffic sites seeking exceptional fill rates.
  • Tailor your approach with diverse format options.
  • Elevate earnings with Propeller Ads’ high CPM rates.
  • Enjoy superior remuneration compared to other networks.
  • The optimal choice for quick revenue growth and impact.

5. AdPlayer.Pro

AdPlayer.Pro has a special way for ads to show up that’s really good, especially if you have a website with things like articles or pictures instead of videos. This helps you make money from your website.

One great thing about this platform is that it has a team that can help you with technical problems every day. They also help you manage your account really well.

AdPlayer.Pro Overview

The ads they use don’t bother people a lot, and they help ensure more people see and like the video ads.

AdPlayer.Pro is a strong choice if you have a website with articles or pictures and want to make money from it.

In a world where videos are often the main thing, this platform helps people who don’t have videos still make money.

The particular ads they use fit nicely with things like articles or pictures. This makes it possible for you to make money from your website.

Why Do I Recommend AdPlayer.Pro?

  • AdPlayer.Pro empowers non-video content publishers with effective monetization.
  • Benefit from 24-hour tech assistance and comprehensive account management.
  • Non-intrusive ad format enhances video ad viewability and engagement.
  • Ideal for diversifying revenue streams beyond video content.
  • Harmonious ads blend seamlessly into content, enriching engagement.
  • Choose AdPlayer.Pro for viewer-friendly ads and optimized revenue.

6. Primis

At the top of really good video advertising platforms is Primis. They’re known for using smart computer technology to show ads that are just right for a website.

Primis gives website owners a lot of power. They can pick the best categories, channels, and keywords that match their website. People all around the world like their Video Discovery tool. It’s used by many websites to show ads on videos, making them money from 3.2 billion video views.

Primis Overview

One cool thing about Primis is how its ads work. They’re made to skip over content that people don’t find interesting.

Primis is famous for being a great platform to show native video ads. They do this by using smart computer technology.

This computer technology makes sure that ads fit in perfectly and are just what people want to see on that website.

Why Do I Recommend Primis?

  • Primis excels with AI-driven targeting for relevant ads.
  • Publishers choose categories, channels, and keywords strategically.
  • Primis’ Video Discovery is trusted by publishers worldwide.
  • Monetizing 3.2B video impressions showcases Primis’ expertise.
  • Automatic skipping enhances user experience and content relevance.
  • Choose Primis for tailored, effective native video advertising solutions.

7. OpenX

OpenX is a top choice for website owners who have lots of their own videos. What’s special about OpenX is that it doesn’t share videos on other websites.

But still, OpenX is really powerful because it works with more than 50 big companies that want to show ads, like LinkedIn, HP, and P&G. OpenX offers a bunch of services like the OpenX Ad Exchange, helping apps make money, and setting up deals for ads that show automatically.

OpenX Overview

One thing to know is that OpenX is a bit picky. They only let in website owners who get more than ten million people looking at their pages every month.

For websites with a lot of their own videos, OpenX is a top option. Unlike other places, OpenX doesn’t spread your videos around on other websites.

This means they focus on helping you make money from your own videos instead of sharing them everywhere else.

Why Do I Recommend OpenX?

  • OpenX maximizes revenue from publishers’ original videos.
  • Partners with 50+ esteemed brands like LinkedIn, and HP.
  • Offers Ad Exchange, Mobile App Monetization, and Direct Deals.
  • Programmatic Direct Deals empower direct publisher-advertiser connections.
  • Accepts publishers with ten million+ monthly page views.
  • Optimal for original video content publishers seeking growth.

8. Unruly

Unruly is a special option for people who want to make money from their website, even if they don’t have videos already.

Unlike many other places, Unruly doesn’t need you to already have videos to make money. This platform helps you make more money from what you already have on your website.

Unruly- Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers

Unruly has lots of good things. They have ads that people like, a big network of companies that want ads, and a team that helps you when you need it.

It’s also good to know that Unruly lets you get paid in different ways, like using Paypal or getting a wire transfer.

For people who want to make money from their website but don’t have videos, Unruly is a great choice. It’s different from other places because you don’t need videos already. Instead, Unruly helps you make more money from what’s already on your website.

Why Do I Recommend Unruly?

  • Unruly optimizes inventory for revenue without video content.
  • Seamless ads enhance user experience and revenue.
  • Extensive partners boost revenue potential across markets.
  • A responsive team ensures seamless integration and publisher satisfaction.
  • Paypal and Wire Transfer options cater to diverse preferences.
  • In-stream, out-stream, and mobile options for engagement diversity.

9. Select Media

Select Media is a leader when it comes to networks that show video ads. It’s a great chance for people who own websites to make money from their videos and things on mobile.

The reason it works so well is because it has really strong technology for videos. They have a special system that helps videos show up in different ways, and they have a special place where the best videos go. This is especially good for people from Asia.

SelectMedia Overview

One cool thing is that it’s flexible. People who own websites can control their ad campaigns in detail, and there are different ways the ads can show up, like in a list, inside content, at the bottom, or on top.

Select Media is a top choice for video ads. It helps website owners make the most from their videos and mobile stuff.

What makes it so good is its super advanced technology for videos, making it a complete and innovative solution.

Why Do I Recommend Select Media?

  • Optimal video ad network for Asian continent publishers.
  • Full-stack and out-stream SSP tech for efficient monetization.
  • Exclusive entry to lucrative premium marketplace opportunities.
  • Micro-direct campaigns for precise targeting and results.
  • Engage with slider playlist, in-content, sticky, and overlay ads.
  • Select Media delivers tailored regional monetization solutions for success.

10. SpotX

SpotX started back in 2007 as a pioneer in online video ads, and it’s still a big name in video ad networks.

They show around three billion video ads every month, which is really impressive. So, if you’re a website owner who wants to make money from ads, SpotX is a great choice.

They offer lots of important things like making sure you get the best prices, giving you detailed reports on bids, and showing earnings in different currencies.

SpotX Overview

SpotX works with more than 1,000 website owners, showing that they’re well-known and trustworthy in the industry.

They offer different ways to show ads, like during videos, outside of videos, in between, on OTT platforms, and short videos. This shows that SpotX is a flexible and effective network for video ads.

Back in 2007, SpotX was a pioneer by creating the first online video ad marketplace. They’ve come a long way since then.

Why Do I Recommend SpotX?

  • SpotX, the first online video ad marketplace since 2007.
  • Nearly three billion monthly video ads for impactful monetization.
  • Price floor optimization and detailed bid reporting enhance revenue.
  • Trusted by over 1,000 publishers for successful results.
  • Engage audiences with in-stream, out-stream, OTT, and more.
  • Choose SpotX for innovation, reach, and effective monetization.

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Conclusion: Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers 2024

In the changing world of online content, video ad networks are essential for website owners who want to profit from their work.

We’ve looked at different video ad networks, and they each have unique things that make them great.

Some use innovative technology to show suitable ads, while others have easy-to-use ad formats. They also work with big companies from all over the world and offer different ways to get paid.

For website owners, picking a video ad network is a significant choice. It can affect how much money they make.

Some networks are made for specific places and work with different ad styles. Every website owner can find a network that matches their goals and what they make.

Even though each network is different, they all want to help website owners make lots of money and ensure people like their websites.

When website owners choose a video ad network, they should consider their content, who comes to their website, and how much money they want to make.

By thinking about these things and comparing networks, website owners can make intelligent choices to earn money from their work.


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