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10 Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers 2024: Which #1 Choice & Why?

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Many content creators and website owners strive to increase their revenue. Due to the abundance of options, CPM ad networks have become famous for publishers to monetize their content.

CPM ad networks operate on the Cost Per Mille (CPM) model, where publishers earn money based on ad impressions.

This article profoundly explores CPM ad networks to help publishers find the best money-making methods.

I will talk about the best platforms that can help you earn a handsome amount of money, offer relevant ads for your content, offer different types of ads, and provide fantastic support.

So, let us begin.

What Are CPM Ad Networks?

CPM ad networks work by paying publishers for every thousand times their ad is shown to people. This is called an “impression.” It doesn’t matter if the person clicks on the ad or does anything else ‚Äď just seeing it counts.

This differs from other advertising methods, like CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPA (Cost Per Action), where advertisers only pay when people do something specific, like clicking the ad or buying something.

With CPM ad networks, advertisers decide how much they want to pay for every thousand times their ads appear on websites or platforms.

This is good for advertisers because they know exactly what they’ll pay. It’s great for brand campaigns or when they want their ads to be seen often, even if people don’t click on them.

For publishers, CPM ad networks can be an excellent way to profit from their content. They get paid for every ad shown, no matter what people do with it. This is helpful for websites with many visitors who see the ads many times.

10 Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers 2024

Look at the top CPM ad networks with the most excellent payments.

1. is an extensive advertising network that’s known all around the world for being really good at what it does. They have offices in Dubai, Los Angeles, Bangalore, Mumbai, New York, and Zurich.

One of the most essential things about is its advertising program. It’s the second-largest program of its kind in the world, and it comes from the Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ad network. Overview

To be part of this program, you must have some specific things. Your content must be unique and creative, and keep improving it daily. is all about being honest and respecting other people’s ideas. They don’t let anyone use things that belong to someone else.

In short, is a prominent and respected advertising network that values originality and respects intellectual property. Pros and Cons Pros

  • Global prominence in advertising networks.
  • Offices in major cities worldwide.
  • Second-largest contextual ads from Yahoo! Bing Network.
  • Clients include Forbes, Yahoo, MSN, Kiplinger, and more.
  • Foster’s originality and daily content revisions.
  • Upholds intellectual property integrity.
  • Drives innovation in the dynamic advertising landscape. Cons

  • Strict demand for original material.
  • Continuous daily content revisions are required.

2. Adbuffs

Adbuffs is a flexible ad network that works with CPM and CPC paying. They connect with important ad places to reach more people.

Adbuffs uses its advanced technology to help big websites make more money by getting advertisers. Sometimes, they even offer better rates than AdSense for specific websites.

Adbuffs Ad Networks

When it comes to getting paid, Adbuffs knows how to handle it. They accept payments through Payoneer, PayPal, and Bank Wire, and they usually deliver within 45 days.

Getting approved by Adbuffs is pretty quick, usually in a day or two. They choose the best publishers to work with. They’re good at using real-time bidding to create creative and efficient ways to make money for everyone involved.

Adbuffs Pros and Cons

Adbuffs Pros

  • Dual CPM and CPC capabilities broaden ad options.
  • A solid connection to major ad exchanges enhances reach.
  • Publishers boost sales with competitive bidder engagement.
  • Prominent AdSense alternative with competitive pricing.
  • Flexible payment options, including Payoneer and PayPal.
  • Streamlined approval process within 24-48 hours.
  • Creative real-time bidding for efficient ad placements.

Adbuffs Cons

3. Conversant Media

Before 2014, ValueClick was a well-known ad network called Conversant Media. With more than 15 years of experience, ValueClick has a strong reputation in online advertising.

ValueClick is cautious about who they work with ‚Äď they only choose excellent websites. They offer different types of ads, making their options diverse.

Conversant Media- Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers

They let users have control over the ads shown on their personal blogs. People like their customer service and are known for paying on time. You only need to earn $25 to get spent, which is really low.

Their long history of ensuring high-quality things, allowing people to customize ads, and being reliable has made ValueClick a big name in the industry.

Conversant Media Pros and Cons

Conversant Media Pros

  • Acclaimed pre-2014 as a top-tier ad network.
  • 15+ years of reputable online advertising experience.
  • Selective, high-quality website inclusion.
  • Wide range of customizable ad formats.
  • User-controlled ad display on personal blogs.
  • Outstanding customer service and support.
  • Regular payouts, low $25 minimum threshold.

Conversant Media Cons

  • Pre-2014 recognition status may have changed.

4. Uber CPM

UberCPM has quickly become a growing CPM ad network known for being fast and efficient. They make it easy for websites to join and offer a great deal ‚Äď 80% of the revenue goes to publishers.

UberCPM is thoughtful about where they put ads. They work like an ad network exchange, putting your ads in different places where advertisers can compete to show them.

UberCPM- Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers

They offer many ways to get paid, like using Wire Transfer, PayPal, or Payoneer, so publishers can choose what works best for them.

They’re good at showing you how your ads are doing in real-time and can help whenever needed.

Some cool things about UberCPM include a low $10 payout limit options for payment, and they fairly share 80% of the revenue with publishers.

Uber CPM Pros and Cons

Uber CPM Pros

  • Rapidly emerging CPM network with instant site approvals.
  • Publishers enjoy an impressive 80% profit share.
  • Strategic ad exchange attracts competitive advertiser bids.
  • Flexible Wire Transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer payments.
  • 24/7 customer service and real-time performance data.
  • Low $10 payout threshold with a user-friendly dashboard.
  • There are no minimum traffic requirements suitable for all publishers.

Uber CPM Cons

  • Relatively limited information about subscription fees.

5. PropellerAds

Propeller Ads is an excellent eCPM ad network known for being fast and efficient in terms of eCPM speeds.

It’s straightforward to start with them ‚Äď you can start making money from your website or mobile traffic in just five minutes.

Propellerads Overview

Getting started is simple. You just need to add your website and confirm that it’s yours. Propeller Ads offers different ways to show ads, like OnClick PopUnder Ads, Web Ads, Banner Ads, Layer Ads, and more.

It’s considered one of the best CPM ad networks, showing its strength in this field. They have a payment policy where you get paid after 30 days (Net30), and you only need to earn $100 to get paid. This makes it easy and user-friendly for publishers.

PropellerAds Pros and Cons

PropellerAds Pros

  • Exceptional eCPM speeds and reliable network performance.
  • Swift setup, monetize within five minutes for websites and mobile.
  • User-friendly domain ownership verification process.
  • Wide ad variety: OnClick, PopUnder, Web, Banner, Layer, and more.
  • Strong contender among top CPM ad networks.
  • Net30 payments, $100 minimum threshold for easy access.
  • Real-time reporting enhances performance insights.

PropellerAds Cons

  • Needs better UI

6. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is an excellent choice for people who are just starting out. They’re really welcoming and don’t ask for a certain amount of website visitors before you can join. This is good because it lets you start quickly.

What makes BuySellAds unique is that it lets website owners and advertisers work together directly. This means you can make deals now with them. They also help you make money even if people are using ad blockers.

BuySellAds- Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers

They make it easy to get paid ‚Äď you get paid twice a month. They also review your earnings in just 2-3 days. If you’re using PayPal, you only need to earn $20 to get paid.

But if you prefer cheques or wire transfers, you need to earn at least $50; the most you can get paid is $500 at a time.

BuySellAds Pros and Cons

BuySellAds Pros

  • It is ideal for beginners with no minimum traffic requirements.
  • Facilitates direct publisher-advertiser agreements for tailored deals.
  • Enables monetization for ad-blocked traffic, enhancing revenue streams.
  • Bi-monthly pay cycles with quick 2-3 day reviews.
  • There is a low $20 minimum payment threshold for PayPal transactions.
  • Flexible payment options, including cheques and wire transfers.
  • Emphasis on simplicity and direct connections for publishers.

BuySellAds Cons

  • Potential subscription costs or drawbacks are undisclosed.

7. Exponential

Exponential, previously known as Tribal Fusion, is a well-known player in online ad networks. They’re famous for offering lots of different types of ads.

What sets Exponential apart is that it creates unique plans for the people showing ads (publishers) and those paying for ads (advertisers). They work with each person to ensure they’re making money the best way.

Exponential Ad Networks

Exponential is all about having high-quality and relevant content. They want to ensure the ads they show fit well with what people are looking at.

They’re also really fair ‚Äď they give 55% of the money they make to the people leading the ads, which shows they like working together.

But here’s the thing: Exponential is a bit choosy. They want websites that have at least 500,000 people visiting every month. This makes their club a bit exclusive, as they’re looking for the best websites to work with.

Exponential Pros and Cons

Exponential Pros

  • High-ranking network, diverse ad formats, and tailored plans.
  • Elevated CPM rates and substantial revenue potential via targeted ads.
  • Customized strategies for effective publisher-advertiser collaboration.
  • Allocates 55% of ad revenue to publishers, fostering partnership.
  • Focus on pertinent content enhances engagement and effectiveness.
  • Offers bespoke solutions for effective monetization strategies.
  • Prominent presence for revenue generation and targeted ads.

Exponential Cons

  • Stringent entry threshold: 500,000 unique monthly visitors required.

8. Adcash

Adcash is a big player in advertising, handling billions of dollars in ads every month. They’re huge, with over 200 million people seeing their ads daily.

One thing that makes them stand out is that they’re good at ensuring all website ad spaces are used well. This means websites can quickly turn their visitors into money.

Adcash Overview

They have many ways to make money, and they’re great at balancing how much money you make with how good the ads are for users. They even offer manual ways to do this if you prefer to be more hands-on.

Adcash doesn’t just stop at computers ‚Äď they’re also good at smartphone ads. They have an intelligent system that shows ads to people at the right time. This helps ensure ads are exciting and valuable for those who see them.

Adcash Pros and Cons

Adcash Pros

  • Adcash holds billions in ad spending and 200M daily viewers.
  • Consistently maximizes inventory and effortless web traffic monetization.
  • Dynamic CPM strategies for revenue and user experience optimization.
  • Manual processes are available for tailored engagement.
  • Inclusive smartphone ads with an innovative targeting network.
  • There is no minimum traffic requirement for approval and accessible entry.
  • Diverse payment systems enhance convenience for publishers.

Adcash Cons

  • Needs better UI.

9. Google Adsense

Google AdSense allows publishers to choose between CPM and CPC campaigns, making it flexible for how they want to make money. It has a lot of ads available, so it can earn you good money.

However, getting approved by AdSense can be challenging. When you use AdSense, you get 68% of the money made, while Google keeps 32%.

Google AdSense Overview

It has a wide variety of 450 different types of ads and connects you to 2 million advertisers from around the world. But be aware that getting your account approved can be strict.

Even though it might be hard to start, AdSense is one of the best CPM ad networks globally. It’s trendy because it offers many ways to control your ads, get paid, and more. The fact that AdSense can adapt to your needs and help you make money makes it stand out in the industry.

Google Adsense Pros and Cons

Google Adsense Pros

  • Flexible CPM and CPC options, substantial ad pool.
  • Favorable revenue sharing: 68% to publishers, 32% to Google.
  • Choose from 450 ad categories and reach 2 million advertisers.
  • Broad campaign control, payment choices, and publisher options.
  • Globally recognized as a top-tier CPM ad network.
  • Versatile advertising platform with solid financial potential.
  • Offers a wide array of ad types and campaign management.

Google Adsense Cons

  • The rigorous approval process for account clearance is not straightforward.

10. Publift

Publift is a tech-savvy company that’s really good at programmatic advertising.

They made it to Australia’s Fast Starters 2020 list by The Australian Financial Review and Statista.

Publift Ad Networks

They’re not just in Australia, though ‚Äď they have partnerships with over 250+ publishers and app developers worldwide. These partnerships are so good that their clients often see a big 55% increase in the money they make from ads.

Publift’s primary goal is to help publishers grow their businesses. They’re “obsessed” with it, as they say. They’re a partner of Google, certified for publishing.

This means they’re one of the top choices for publishers who want to make money intelligently, expand their businesses, and show high-quality ads without annoying the users.

Publift Pros and Cons

Publift Pros

  • Innovative programmatic tech provider with global recognition.
  • Acknowledged in Australia’s Fast Starters 2020.
  • Partnerships with 250+ worldwide publishers and app developers.
  • Notable 55% ad revenue increase for clients.
  • Obsession with publishers’ business growth drives mission.
  • Google Certified Publishing Partner for quality and credibility.
  • Simplifies monetization fosters growth, and enhances UX.

Publift Cons

  • Individual preferences or potential challenges may vary.

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Conclusion: Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers 2024

When picking a CPM ad network, make sure it matches what you want to achieve, the topics you cover, and what your audience likes.

When you choose a network that fits well with your ideas and what’s important to you, you can start making money while making your readers happy.

Digital advertising constantly changes, and there are many chances to do well. The best CPM ad networks discussed in this article can help you confidently move forward, show your expertise, and make good money from your work.

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