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List Of Top 5 Best Websites to Earn Money By Sharing Videos 2024

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You may make money online by posting videos. You may make money online from home through forum posting, freelancing, creating a blog, logo designing, and more.

These tasks demand specialized abilities, and some require your Social Network base and money. This article discusses making money by sharing videos. The simplest option is to post movies to websites.

Today, I’ll discuss video-sharing sites that pay. Movies and photos go viral quickly, so if you have original ideas and great video-producing skills, posting videos to revenue-sharing platforms can improve your income.

These revenue-sharing video platforms are popular. This video-sharing service uses PPV or revenue-sharing. They host your films in exchange for ads. Your video views determine your income.

If you know how to handle a camera and have unique video ideas, you may earn money using video-sharing services.

If you’re a video creator or corporation, you may use these services to make money. I’ll mention places where you can get money by sharing videos.

5 Best Websites to Earn Money by Sharing Videos 2024

Below we are going to elaborate on the various platforms which will help you earn money by sharing videos with one another only.


Just like YouTube, it’s a popular platform for uploading and sharing videos online. In a month, this site easily attracts over 200 million viewers.

Ad money generated from videos you post to Dailymotion will be shared with you 70% of the time. Once exclusive to users in the US and France, the company has now made its partner program accessible to users everywhere.

Dailymotion Overview

If you meet the quarterly minimum of $100 in your Dailymotion publisher account, you will be paid. The preferred method of payment is a bank wire.


One of the numerous video-sharing platforms out there, it offers a way to monetize your content. There are more than 50 million monthly unique users.

According to metrics like unique visitors, total pageviews, and average time spent on the site, MetaCafe easily takes the title of “world’s biggest independent video site.”

MetaCafe is the ideal location to view and share high-quality and interesting video material since it is the only site that uses its audience’s collective intelligence to filter and expose the most entertaining films.

A program for rewarding producers is used by MetaCafé (PRP). Users of MetaCafe have the opportunity to earn up to $5 for every 1,000 views they get.


If you publish movies to The Vault, a firm owned by Break, they may gain greater exposure than if you uploaded them anyplace else since they will sell your films and then distribute them via their network and on YouTube.

In light of the work you put in, receiving payment by cheque or PayPal is not a terrible alternative.

If you have any particular questions or concerns about selling your film for money, you may read up on them in the site’s Frequently Asked Questions section.


YouTube is widely recognized as a top video-sharing platform, and many internet users have probably even used it at least once.

If you have films you want to share with the world and earn a lot of money off of, YouTube is the place to do it. Making money off of YouTube videos is a major source of income for the vast majority of users.

Earn Money From Youtube - Best Websites to Earn Money By Sharing Videos

Some are even generating a comfortable income off their videos; these people are, in essence, running businesses on video-sharing websites. Make money with your videos by linking your Google AdSense account to your YouTube channel.

And making a YouTube account is simple; all you need is a Google Account, and then you can make a YouTube account and launch your own channel. Publish footage of it and monetary gains immediately.


In addition to YouTube and Dailymotion, we recommend as the greatest alternative video-sharing service.

Like other video sharing services, members of may post videos, as well as images and flash games. So now you can sell your games, share your photos, and submit short movies.

Because there is no commercial space on, you cannot earn money by posting videos on other video-sharing sites like YouTube.

When your videos, photos, or games are featured on’s home page, you get paid. For example, if one of your movies is featured on the homepage, you may expect to earn anywhere in the neighborhood of $2000.

If your photographs are selected for the website’s Gallery, you’ll get a monetary reward of around $25.

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Conclusion: Best Websites to Earn Money By Sharing Videos 2024

This essay is aimed mostly at beginners who want to get their feet wet in the world of online jobs and earn a decent living by posting videos on the offered platform.

It’s clear that YouTube stands head and shoulders above the rest of the following platforms.

If your material is compelling enough, you’ll attract a large audience and a lot of subscribers to this platform.

Please share your experience if you are making money with this method. Please circulate this article on every popular social network.


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