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BionicWP Review 2024– Is It Best WordPress Managed Hosting For You?

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

This review is about BionicWP WordPress managed to host and how it offers a truly managed WordPress hosting solution.

When I search for managed hosting solutions on Google search, I find a plethora of them. But are they all worth it? If I am looking for a managed solution that offers a performance guarantee, how many are there on the market? Not many. 

The problem with Managed Hosting

Recently, The term ‘managed’ has become so overused. Every hosting solution is now offering a managed hosting package with its current offerings. The problem is that these are not managed hostings at all. They are just hosting solutions offering server-level management. 

If you observe some of these hosting solutions, the premium managed offering in their package is nothing more than what you get with a cPanel based hosting solution.

So, what is the need to pay a premium amount for managed hosting that is not even managed in the first place?

I was in the same conundrum when searching for a hosting solution. While searching for a truly managed hosting solution discounts, I landed upon BionicWP hosting. 

What is BionicWP? And, Why Should You Know About It?

For starters, BionicWP is a managed hosting solution that allows its users to let go of all their hosting worries and focus on their core objectives i.e. growing their business.

And, BionicWP team takes care of all their hosting worries including server and site-level management and administration.

BionicWP review

BionicWP offers some really exciting features for someone who is hooked to their business and doesn’t have the time to worry about server administration or even daily maintenance tasks. 

BionicWP WordPress Managed Hosting offer features such as:

  1. 90+ Google Page Speed Score guarantee for each user on the platform
  2. Hack-promise so that users can stay at ease.
  3. White label hosting so that users can resell the solution under their own brand name
  4. Daily malware and site health monitoring to ensure the site is secure and in tip-top shape.
  5. A high-performance CDN so that the website can run at peak speed all the time
  6. A staging environment that can be used for testing before the feature is launched to the public
  7. A try before you buy feature so that users can test BionicWP without spending a single dime
  8. And finally, WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates with a single click

In short, BionicWP offers everything that a user would want from their hosting solution for just $27.5 per site. 

Let’s learn in detail about the price of the BionicWP hosting solution.

Pricing of BionicWP Managed Hosting Explained

BionicWP doesn’t believe in the PAYG model (pay as you go model) because in that the user will have to pay a lot more in hidden costs and additional addons. That’s why they have put a monthly flat fee for each website hosted on their server. 

The interesting thing is that if the number of websites hosted by a single account increases, the pricing for each website decreases. Consider it similar to the progressive taxing model but inverted.

So the price for a single website on BionicWP is $27.5 as I had earlier mentioned. However, if you add two websites instead of one, the cost decreases for each website to $22.5.

The price will further decrease if you have multiple websites hosted on the server. In short, BionicWP managed hosting solution is a perfect match for agencies that resell hosting to hundreds of clients. 

They can get managed services from BionicWP and sell them at a premium cost to each of their users.

BionicWP Dashboard Overview

Let’s see how the BionicWP dashboard works. But before that, you need to create an account on the BionicWP platform.

Once you have sign-up on the platform, you will have a free trial available. 

You will be taken to the dashboard page. In the above image, you can see my BionicWP dashboard page. As you can see, the dashboard offers website info, performance management, BionicWP changelog (news updates), and speed insights.

You can see the number of websites hosted on BionicWP, total site backups, and any performance issues that your site may have directly on the dashboard page.

BionicWP review

You can click on the websites available to open them. This is the application-level interface. You can click the ‘W’ icon to directly open the WordPress admin panel. Or, you can click on the title of the application to open the BionicWP application dashboard. 

The application interface also offers a whole host of features ranging from Site details, SSH and SFTP, site management, to a staging area, site performance, and access sharing details.

Just like the server-level application dashboard, you get everything in a single place. 

See the number of plugins, themes, and core WordPress updates available. Update your website with just a single click by clicking on the ‘Update-all’ button.

You can also add domains by clicking on the ‘Domain Setting’. Moreover, you can also change the SSL settings from the same menu. By default, BionicWP offers a ‘Domain-level’ SSL certificate for all websites on it. You can also get a wildcard SSL if you have multiple subdomains available with the same domain name.

You can also check the number of backups available for your website and who created them. As you can see, I created one backup of the website and the rest were created by the system.

You can also reset PHP permissions, clear the site, and the server cache, and restart the PHP framework with the click of a button.

You can also add ‘Addons’ to the website with a click. Simply enable each addon, and it will become part of your plan. BionicWP offers multiple addons that can help you better manage your websites.

Let’s discuss all of them in detail below.

BionicWP Add Ons – How Can They Help Managed Hosting?

BionicWP pricing

  • Unlimited Site Edits: Unlimited Site edits is a one-time charge of $25. For this price, you will get as many edits as you want on your website. The unlimited site edit plugin is perfect for all those who don’t have time to make minor changes to their websites. They can simply get the addon instead of spending hundreds of dollars on virtual assistants.
  • BionicWP CDN: Speed is a top priority for anyone looking to improve their site performance. BionicWP offers its own CDN to help users better their site performance and decrease site downtime.
  • Form Checks: Most lead generation websites have too many forms on them. What if any one of those forms stops working? That’s where the form check addon comes in handy. If you buy this addon, the Bionic support team will test your forms regularly to ensure they are functioning properly.
  • BionicWP Speed: BionicWP speed plugin adds Nitropack to the website to double its performance. Nitropack ensures that users get 90+ scores on GTMetrix and Google page speed tools.

Features of BionicWP Covered in Detail

You must be amazed by how many features BionicWP has offered to its users. Well, we have only scratched the surface. Here is a detailed overview of the number of features BionicWP offers.

1. A Truly Managed Experience

The market is already saturated with managed hosting solutions and no one would believe if you label a hosting solution as a ‘truly’ managed-to-host solution. What exactly is a truly managed hosting solution? That’s what many will ask.

So, a truly managed hosting solution is basically a solution that ensures that the host manages the server and applications hosted on those servers. This would include updating the server, updating application features and plugins.

Making sure that the site works properly by monitoring its speed, performance, and health. 

That is exactly what BionicWP offers to its users. 

BionicWP vs The Old Way

Unlimited Site Edits 

You want to change a banner or a heading on your website but you don’t have time to do it yourself. What will you do? Probably hire a virtual assistant to do it for you and give it $10, right?

Now, what if there are similar changes on a regular basis? You will be paying a lot more to the virtual assistant then, right? 

BionicWP is changing that with the help of its unlimited site edit functionality. The unlimited site edit feature offers 30-minute free edits to the users. Now, updating content, changing images or text, and keeping the website up-to-date at all times is not difficult at all.

Fully white-label Hosting Solution

BionicWP hosting solution has offered fully white-label hosting as an add-on to its users. With the white label hosting package, users can easily get BionicWP and resell it under their own brand name. 

BionicWP will manage the support as well. So, if there are any issues with the BionicWP hosting solution, the client can get in touch with the team.

The best part? The end-user will never know BionicWP. He/she will think that they are communicating with the support team of the agency.

 BionicWP an Ideal Solution for Business Owners

BionicWP site hosting is a perfect hosting solution for anyone who wants to take their business to new heights without worrying about their hosting infrastructure. With BionicWP, users can stay at ease and focus on what matters the most to their business.

There are multiple options available to these users such as unlimited site edits, performance guarantee, and hacking promise that we will discuss below.

2. Performance Guarantee

Have you seen any hosting solution provider that offers a performance guarantee to its users? That’s something BionicWP has introduced to the market. With the BionicWP performance guarantee, websites and store owners can rest assured that they are getting the best service for their business.


Here is how BionicWP can increase the score of any WordPress website to 90+ on GTMetrix and Google page speed insights.

Google C2 High Compute Instances with Premium Tier Bandwidth 

For starters, Google’s high compute servers are those where Google itself hosts its websites. Imagine how fast these cloud servers are. Now, fortunately, thanks to BionicWP, these compute servers are available to you. You can host your websites on these servers to easily get a spike in site traffic.

These servers are one of the world’s fastest cloud servers and they have specifications up to 128GB RAM and 32 core CPUs.

Nginx + FCGI + PHP 7.4 + MariaDB/MYSQL with LXD Containers

What do you get when you have a nitro booster and a rocket engine on the same car? A super-powered sports car? That’s what BionicWP hosting offers.

It has a server-level cache Nginx with FCGI + PHP’s latest version, MariaDB database with Linux Containers. These combined make the website perform a lot faster than it would with just cloud servers. This customized hosting stack is not offered by any other hosting solution at this time.

3. Ironclad Security

BionicWP Security

BionicWP already knows that security is the biggest problem in the WordPress industry.

Millions of dollars worth of websites were hacked alone last year and not securing websites available on its servers will defeat the purpose of its existence i.e. ‘truly managed hosting’. So, it decided to do something about it. 

Complete Site Monitoring

BionicWP support team constantly monitors your website for performance loopholes so that you can get the best hosting infrastructure with a security guarantee.

If there are any issues with the hosting solution, the BionicWP support team will take care of it. The routine site checkup involves, monitoring for:

  • Hacking attempts
  • DDoS attacks
  • SQL injection attempts
  • Bot traffic
  • Malware and viruses

WAF Firewall 

BionicWP also offers the Website Application Firewall (WAF) to provide an extra layer of protection for your website. This way users can easily protect their data and keep intruders at bay. The WAF protection is available within the hosting package.

Hack Promise

Even with all the security precautions, there is no guarantee that a website won’t get hacked. So, BionicWP offers a hacking promise. It is BonicWP’s guarantee that if a website is hacked, their team will recover and restore the website back to its original position without any loss of data. It does that through the site-wide backups it takes every day.

The user won’t have to do anything because all the granular details are managed by the BionicWP team.

4. Site Management


BionicWP also offers many site management features that can help its users easily manage their day-to-day tasks. It offers site management features including a single button for updates of WordPress core, plugins, and themes, to a staging area for new features. 

Core, Theme, & Plugins Updates

With core, theme, and plugins updated in one place, users will know how many of their assets require updates. They won’t have to check their website dashboard on a regular basis to make these changes as that can take most of their time.

Moreover, if the website updates cause any trouble, the website breaks, the website’s last version would automatically be restored. To further save webmasters from this problem, BionicWP tests all new updates before providing them to their users.

Even then, there are chances of errors. So, the team has provided a staging area where users can test these updates to ensure that they work properly.

How Fast is BionicWP Hosting Solution?

I have created a website with BionicWP for this test particularly. See how it shows up on GTMetrix and other speed plugins.

Speed Testing on Pingdom

Pingdom is considered the speed testing hub for all types of websites. Here are our tests of how BionicWP WordPress managed hosting performs on the Pingdom speed testing tool.

Server: Iowa

Not bad right?

Now let’s enable Nitropack and CDN to see how the website will perform. 

As you can see, there is a stark difference between both tests. In the first test, the website was fast but in the second one, it even broke its own record.

The performance increases straight away by 6 points. How amazing this is. 

Speed Testing on GTMetrix

Now let’s look at how BionicWP performs on the GTMetrix site performance test.

As you can see, it was a sweet 100 percent on the GTMetrix test. The performance was without the Bionic Speed add-on. Now we will test by enabling the speed add-on.

The performance shown below is after Nitropack & CDN were turned on. 

LCP has reduced by 0.1s and the rest remains the same. This is even better.

However, do remember that the speed metrics will perform a lot differently when you have too much data on each page of the website.

Security Testing on Quttera


BionicWP has left no stone unturned while creating the best WordPress managed hosting solution for the market. To ensure it does what it says, we will now test the hosting solution with Quttera, a security testing tool.

The tool will check for site issues such as Malware, viruses, and other harmful suites.

The results are available. The site is clean and the domain doesn’t have any site-specific issues.

Want to Earn Affiliate Commission with BionicWP?

Do you know that you can join the BionicWP’s Affiliate program as well? They are currently offering $75+12.5% recurring commissions per referral. If you know how to bring consistent leads to them, you will have a lifetime income stream coming your way.

Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Think about it:

1 lead has a commission of $75 and then 12.5% recurring for 2 years. If you can just bring 10 leads per month, you will be earning north of $750 + 12.5% of your referred clients’ invoice for 2 years.

The BionicWP affiliate program is equipped with the best-in-class features that offer everything an affiliate would need to get started.

  1. BionicWP offers a 60-day cookie because users don’t always convert in a day
  2. You will be paid once the earnings are above $0.01. Yes! There is no time frame or dollar limit for payout. You are paid as soon as you cross the mark.
  3. BionicWP offers a perfect opportunity to writers, marketers, CPA and Performance marketers, YouTubers, and even Instagrammers to start earning more with their current income streams by adding BionicWP to their affiliate marketing portfolio.

Are BionicWP Hosting Customers Happy? You Bet!

BionicWP hosting customers are happier than ever. They usually come to BionicWP because of the speed guarantee it offers but they decide to stay because of the support they get. 

Screengrab from YouTube video

Here is a video of a customer of BionicWP hosting a solution praising it. See the screenshot of the image. The site score was below average at a straight F. After using BionicWP Try Before You Buy service, the score of the website went up to A and a sweet 100 percent. 

If you look closely, the website was taking over 30 seconds to fully load the page. After the website was moved to BionicWP servers, the site load time decreased to just 2 seconds!

Customer Proof of BionicWP Speed & Performance 

More proof of how BionicWP has revamped the hosting industry through its performance guarantee. All the websites in this image are now hosted on BionicWP because of the speed boost it offered them.

Check out the BionicWP speed results page for detailed analysis

Should You Move to BionicWP?

Yes! If you are looking for a hosting solution that can 

  • take care of all your hosting worries
  • Offers you detailed site reporting
  • Provides hacking promise
  • Doesn’t have any hidden charges
  • Offers unlimited site edits
  • Doubles site performance with better optimizations
  • Provides white label hosting solution (perfect for agencies)

No! If you:

  • Don’t want a boost in site speed
  • Want an unsecured website that is vulnerable to hacking
  • Don’t want unlimited site edits and can pay $500 to your virtual assistants
  • Don’t want a white label hosting solution
  • Don’t want servers powered by Google itself

Change of mind?!

Try BionicWP WordPress managed hosting solution today for FREE!

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