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Brandon McMillan Dog Training Masterclass Review 2024: Should You Join It?

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Brandon McMillan Dog Training Masterclass


I recently checked out Brandon McMillan's Dog Training Masterclass and found it super helpful. It's perfect for any dog owner, whether you have a big breed like a Husky or a smaller one. The class tackles common issues like excessive barking or destructive behavior. What I loved most is how simple and effective Brandon's techniques are. This masterclass really made training my dog much easier and more understandable. It's an ideal choice for anyone looking to improve their dog training skills.

Out of 10


  • Effective for all dog breeds.
  • Simple, easy-to-follow methods.
  • Quick, noticeable results.
  • Teaches essential commands.
  • Addresses various behavioral issues.


  • Some problem behaviors are not addressed
  • Early training is more geared


Price: $ 180

In this post, we have featured Brandon McMillan’s Dog Training Masterclass Review, which includes detailed insight into Brandon McMillan. Rollover: Check this post?

Are you worried about your lovely dog? Sometimes, your pet can be a bit irritating to you. Your dog sometimes acts differently and unusually than how he acts in general.

Well, you definitely need to check Brandon McMillan’s Dog Training Masterclass. Not only would he train your dog, but he will also train you on how to treat your dog.

As a trainer, his techniques are very effective while being easy to understand at the same time. He just needs a short amount of time to work wonders on both you and your dog.

Upon the completion of this masterclass, you will have learned the seven most basic commands for dogs, such as sit, stay, down, come, stop, heel, and no.

Apart from that, Brandon also teaches you how to understand what your dog wants to say to you by understanding your dog’s body language.

He will teach you how to rectify common issues such as unusual barking, potty training, tendency to fight, etc.

You cannot find a better course than this to train your dog.

brandon mcmillan masterclass review

Bottom Line Upfront:

I highly recommend Brandon McMillan Dog Training Masterclass. If you’re struggling with your dog’s behavior, like unusual barking or other issues, this class is a game-changer.

Testimonials Brandon McMillan

Brandon McMillan makes it simple, so it works for any dog, from Labradors to Huskies. His methods aren’t complicated, just straightforward and effective.

If you want to train your dog and see real changes, this is the class to join. So, go ahead and enroll in the Brandon McMillan Dog Training Masterclass. You won’t regret it!

Try Out Brandon McMillan Dog Training Masterclass Now.

About The Trainer: Brandon McMillan

Are you hearing about Brandon for the first time?

Well, soon, you will recognize him for his marvelous work. It has been decades now that Brandon is helping different dog owners who are worried about their dog’s behavior and issues. 

No matter what dog you have, from Labrador to Husky, or whatever trouble you are having with your dogs, such as unusual barking or damaging items in the house, Brandon will surely help you out and answer your dilemma.

There is no secret formula or any rocket science related to his methods.

Brandon McMillan Dog Training Masterclass Review

It just works out as simple as drinking coke. You may be thinking that your personality will also affect the training, but guess what?

It does not. Just follow along with Brandon during the course, and you will experience that you have already overcome your problem, and you will be thanking Brandon for all that.

The relationship between your dog and yourself will improve significantly after taking this masterclass.

Brandon’s main motive behind training dogs and their owners is because he wants to rescue them.

It all started when he trained a service dog, a pet of an injured war veteran whose legs were amputated due to a war injury.

About The Trainer- Brandon McMillan

This was the moment when he realized that he could help numerous dogs in the dog shelters to get a better life with an owner. He trained various dogs so that they could find a home.

Brandon was also invited to host a dog-training show airing on CBS Daytime.

The show was named “Lucky Dog,” and it became so famous that it received a Daytime Emmy Award.

He is well-recognized in Hollywood. He trained the tiger in the bathroom scene in the iconic “The Hangover.”

So, who would be better than Brandon McMillan to train your dog?

The Phases Of Training Brandon McMillan

The masterclass pans out in various phases. I took this course because my husky was having some problems.

He took up fights with street dogs and dogs of other owners as well.

I was perplexed and stressed about this situation when a friend of mine recommended Brandon to me.

I took his masterclass and immediately saw the results, which, in fact, turned out to be good. So, I’ll be explaining the whole masterclass to you as I experienced it.

The First Step

The first step Brandon wants you to take is understanding your dog.

You might be thinking, oh, it’s my dog. I know what my dog is. However, you may not actually understand your dog and his feelings.

Brandon McMillan Dog Training Masterclass Review- Seating Teach

Your dog has many natural tendencies and choices that you may not know about.

Brandon helps you clear this misconception and lines out the following factors that control your pet’s personality and attitude. 

This factor is as follows:

  • Age
  • History
  • Breed
  • Any previous training is taken or not.
  • Gender of the dog.
  • Imprinted DNA and genes.

This may seem like a very long list to follow.

However, Brandon will guide you in understanding these factors in just 8 minutes!

It will just take him 8 mins to explain all these factors and what influence these hold for your dog and his personality.

Before using the methods and techniques available in this course, you should build up your dog’s trust in you. Your dog must trust the actions you are doing.

It seems like a challenging task; after all, dogs cannot speak. However, Brandon showed me, as well as all the other users who took this course, an efficient way of enjoying the day with your dog and methods to socialize with your dog so that your dog’s trust in you increases.

MasterClass Brandon McMillan Teach

This part of the masterclass helps you understand how you can lead your dog and make your dog do it rather than forcing them or dominating them.

Brandon also explains that exercise plays an important role in making your dog fit for the training you are going to give, both mentally and physically.

Prepare Yourself Too

Brandon teaches a significant thing in this part of the course.

Initially, I was about to give up on this course as my dog was not responding well to the initial part of the course.

This was the time when this part explained what was happening.

Brandon McMillan Dog Training Masterclass Review- Prepare To Self

Brandon explains in this part that you should be mentally prepared, too, before trying up the course on your dog. Brandon explained how I would face various ups and downs during the length of this course.

Brandon explains that your dog will try to force you out of the training at the start by trying many things.

However, the owner needs to hold himself together and wait for Brandon’s magic to happen to their dog.

According to Brandon, there are three main mechanisms in this training, and he explains how to ace them all. These factors are Control, Train, and Treat.

Commands And Leashing Techniques

Brandon has a unique method of teaching about the commands.

He uses a hand signal in addition to a verbal command while teaching. I personally feel that this is the best method of training and is very easy to learn and execute.

However, you have to particularly take care of the hand signals you are making.

In an instance I recall, I used the signal I used to make my dog come to eat food accidentally while playing a video game.

You may guess what happened next. So, be particularly careful of the hand signal you are making intentionally or unintentionally. Brandon particularly asks you to take care of this thing.

MasterClass Brandon McMillan listning Training

Do you care about the way you are holding your dog’s leash?

Well, before taking this course, I didn’t either. It was after taking this masterclass that I realized that the way I am holding the leash makes it easy for my dog to break free from my hand and the leash.

However, mine was a little husky, so it was quite impossible to back then.

However, for owners with bigger dogs, it is fairly easy for their dogs to tug on their owners’ hands, and this may invite potential danger.

There are certain situations where your dog may feel heavy on you, and try very hard to break free from the leash and run away.

However, Brandon will give you a very nice, effective, and simple way to subdue a big dog without hurting the dog or yourself. Brandon’s techniques are definitely the best.

Many of my friends have taken such courses from various other trainers.

However, none of them teaches this basic thing about leashes. Moreover, these commands, as I personally feel, are a must-know when you have a pet.

The Seven Main Dog Commands Brandon McMillan 

This part of the masterclass is one of the longest parts, ranging at a total of 1hr and 41mins.

During this 1hr 41mins, Brandon will show you the seven most important and must-know commands for your dog. I will explain these commands and will show what I learned from this part point-by-point.

Brandon effortlessly portrays and explains the meaning and working of each and every technique in this part.

It makes far more sense and logical when Brandon teaches you all these techniques compared to anyone else on this planet.

Brandon McMillan Dog Training Masterclass

Brandon does not use any crazy rocket science, any magic trick, or anything like that. Brandon uses the laws of physics and a dog’s natural body language to approximate and evaluate your dog’s current position.

Gradually, Brandon will show you all the required verbal commands and hand signals that you’ll be using to call your dog around, make him do stuff, and scout him out.

Of course, I cannot explain this part as nicely as Brandon explains it in his video.

He literally is the best dog trainer out there, at least for me.

  • Teaching Your Dog To Sit

Teaching Your Dog To Sit

As for the first command, this is a very good command. This command teaches you how to make your dog sit, making them get up, go down, or stay in a sitting position.

Brandon’s technique will make your dog not only get up but also hold its head in a backward, attentive position. This will automatically make your dog assume a sitting position.

Are they not getting what I mean? Well, the steps in the video are very clear and are one of the best ways I encountered to make my dog sit.

  • The Down Command

Even though this command may sound unnecessary or not one to train, I thought this command was no good, but Brandon explains in the video how this technique can actually provide you with better control over your dog.

He also advises you to train this technique to your dog on a picnic table or a table like that.

My dog was resisting the training at first; still, eventually, he was following the training. As Brandon taught me to be mentally confident, I was able to follow through with the training with my dog.

  • The Stay Command

The Stay Command

The stay command is one of the most important commands of them all.

Not only will the dog learn here, but you also will too. Brandon says that using a corner of your garden or your backyard will be the best option to train your dog on how to stay.

I hadn’t thought of the position before, and neither did I think that it would have any effect on the training until Brandon pointed it out. This position will make you take control of the dog very easily.

Brandon will also teach you how to make sure your dog does not wander off during the training. Generally, my dog would run off or not pay attention to the training.

Brandon told me how to rectify this thing and make sure that my dog wouldn’t run off from the training.

This tip of his is called the inflection tip. There were many situations where my dog just wanted to run away, but using this tip, I was able to make him stay and learn this training.

The equipment and the setup you may need for the exercise are all given in the video, and Brandon clearly shows what to use and what not to use during this course.

He pays certain attention to detail, which makes him stand out from the others.

  • Responding To The No Command

Responding To The No Command

This may sound ethically wrong and incorrect that you are stopping your dog from doing something.

However, it is a very useful command to learn. Just like we stop our kids from doing something wrong, dogs can also be restricted from doing something wrong. My dog had a habit of digging a hole in my backyard.

This command helped me stop him from doing so and destroy my backyard.

Dogs can do various things that you won’t like, such as getting on your sofa and scratching it or barking at some stranger or delivery man. 

Brandon, in this section, will teach you how to say no to a dog and stop him from doing what he is doing. Generally, the command works well in almost every situation. Still, there are some instances where it does not work.

However, these instances are very low. This command is more of a firm assertion over your dog.

  • The Off Command

The Off Command

This command is a bit different than the other commands.

Imagine a situation where a sick person comes to visit you, and your dog jumps on him with affection.

Or maybe your dog jumps over a toddler. This may not be a problem with a small dog, but if you have a big dog, the situation can get serious. Here’s why Brandon teaches you the off-command.

This part of the masterclass will teach you to train your dog to get off someone and will prevent him from jumping over someone.

With Brandon’s training, I was able to teach my dog the off-command in just a matter of weeks.

Brandon uses a penny-bottle technique, which was very effective in teaching my dog the off-command without wasting months on it.

  • The Call Command

The Call Command

This is a very, very useful command.

Previously, my dog never came to me when I called him. It was his mood, whether he wanted to come or not. Some of my friends had dogs who would come to them with just one call, no matter if they were catching a ball or digging a hole.

I always wanted my dog to be more like that and listen to my calls.

Brandon taught me how to achieve this dream of mine.

The process is slow and has various stages in itself. But in the end, the rewards are very sweet. The various stages Brandon uses are :

  • On a short leash.
  • At 6 feet distance.
  • At 10 feet distance.
  • With some distractions.
  • Without the leash.
  • Using an assistant to use the call command.

Get your dog to walk on your heels.

This may seem insignificant, especially if you have a large dog. I had a small pup before, and walking was very difficult sometimes.

He walked right beside me, and I was constantly scared of accidentally hurting him at my step.

Get your dog to walk on your heels

Making the dog walk on your heels is definitely better. You don’t have to worry about hurting the dog when you are using this technique.

This also makes sure that the dog does not trip over the lease. The whole video is 20 minutes long and is among the longest videos in this course.

However, it is worth skipping. A few of the things I gathered after watching the video are things that I never thought of or even heard from someone else. 

Some of these are :

  • How to fix the dog collar so your dog can walk on your heel.
  • Why use a Martingale collar.
  • Why walking on heels should be taught gradually.
  • How training differs according to the size of the dog.

How To Housetrain Your Dog?

Housetraining your dog is a very important part of this masterclass.

Housetraining is one of the things that is easily misunderstood by dog owners and done wrong. That is why Brandon is here to help you understand housetraining for both small puppies as well as mature dogs.

How To Housetrain Your Dog

Training for both types of dogs differs significantly. Brandon tells you to use a crate to house-train your puppy.

This method is not cruel to the dog and is completely effective for housetraining your puppy. The faster you get through this process, the better it is for the dog.

Brandon will also tell you the way to deal with accidents, incorporating your dog without being cruel to them. Accidents are surely going to happen.

However, it is you who determines how to deal with them without being cruel to your dog. In this lesson, Brandon works on many other pet animal species, such as cats.

Stop Your Dog’s Bad Habits Without Being Heartless To The Dog.

Just like humans getting influenced by others and starting bad habits, dogs can pick it up, too.

Dogs have a tendency to pick up bad habits at any walk of their lifespan. So it is very important to know about this, recognize such behavior, and start working on rectifying it.

Brandon, in this part of the course, will easily explain how to achieve this thing.

He will also tell you how to deal with such behavior if it resurfaces again. These irritating bad habits may include:

  • Digging up the ground.
  • Chewing anything they see.
  • Barking without any reason.
  • Peeing in the house.

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🤔 Why should I trust Brandon MacMillan?

Brandon has a long list of satisfied dog owners, and he has helped thousands of homeless dogs by training them and helping them get an owner. Who better to trust than Brandon when his resume also includes training even a tiger.

🤷‍♂️ Will this Course really help my dog and me?

This course surely will help you and your dog. The claims are all my personal experiences combined with the various other owners. This course is definitely one to look for when you want to help establish a relationship with your dog

🙋‍♀️ What if I don’t get the expected results from the course?

Unexpectedly, you won’t be satisfied with the course, but even if you are, you can claim a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to get your money back.


For me, the course was totally worth it. I can now enjoy a very simple and loving relationship with my dog.

I love the way this course changes my perspective towards pets and how the course trains the dogs without hurting them or without being cruel to them dogs.

The course is not like a money-grabbing scheme. It is to the point, compact, and instantly effective.

The course also provides a dog-training workbook in digital format so that you can quickly skim through the PDF and find something you need to find.

My advice to other dog owners just like me is that this course is a must-buy course if you want to train your dog and establish a happy, cheerful relationship with your dog. 

You can also consider giving this course to a family member or friend who owns a dog and wants to establish a better relationship with their dog.

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