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BuddyPress Register Plugin Review 2024: Is It Worth It? (TRUTH)

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Well, When you want to know someone but are miles and miles apart, how do you communicate?

Yes, using the technology offered today. But which option would be best to communicate with hundreds and thousands of people like that?

Has your wondering time started yet? Well, create an online community! 

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BuddyPress is an online platform where creating communities becomes simple! Hence we talk about BuddyPress Register Plugins

With the updates of the BuddyPress, it now has a structure called the Registration Groups where all the groups are laid out in an organized manner so that it is easier for newcomers to choose a group and take part in the group, in simple words, join it.

Well, Doing this also makes it easier for you to create a profile for every newcomer if you are the admin here. 

Well, are you interested in getting to know more about the BuddyPress register plugin? Oh, what are you waiting for? Let’s go then!



💰  Price

😍  Pros

It is a safe community.

😩  Cons

Some members can avoid filling out the profile details by clicking skip continuously.


BuddyPress is an online community software anyone can use with ease. It contains all of the features one would expect from any online community in today’s world.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

BuddyPress Register Plugin Review 2024: Overview

BuddyPress is an online community software anyone can use with ease. 

It contains all of the features one would expect from any online community in today’s world.

Oh, The impressive thing about this plugin is that it slowly adapts to the features you use the most, updating their menu items from time to time, just for you! 

Buddypress Registration Plugin Review

Integrating with other plugins, with each other and the site is something one should learn from BuddyPress! It has all the amazing components needed to do just that. Wondering how active it would be if it were human? Me too! 

Well, You will be surprised to know how intriguing it’s effect can be. 

Thousands of contributors and believers have put in the effort required and succeeded in producing this open source project that is, by the way, also licensed by GPL. 

Aren’t we all living in a world surrounded by Artificial Intelligence? Yup, we surely are. So, You need to have eagle eyes to differentiate between an AI bot or a genuine user.

The tasks and activities that are done by the users need to be checked and verified that there is no AI intervention. 

BuddyPress comes in handy there. It gives you access to keep a record of your users and manage them.

Features of BuddyPress Register Plugin

I see that you are still here. You must be excited about the plugin then! Well, let’s get to it then!

Buddypress Registration Setting Up Plugin

The BuddyPress Registration Widget Plugin provides us with the power required to bring changes to the profile pages and many other features we could surely put to use!

Let’s take a look at some of them that are present right here-

  • Withdrawing the cover picture from the member’s description- this activity does not require much effort. All you have to do is click on the required buttons from the backend admin panel and the changes will be applied on every profile created by a member. This usually aids in the speed of working on the site. 
  • Withdrawing the cover picture from the grouping’s page- with the availability of the group icon, a cover image isn’t always needed. This saves the time used for the loading of the cover picture and a bit of your patience. 
  • Put the action tab out of action and improve the clarity of the profile page- looking at the same elements every time a user logs in can get boring and somewhat unnecessary. So, to avoid such a situation from occurring, the plugin invented a system where the activity tab is refreshed and deleted from a member’s profile once logged out. 
  • Decreasing the time taken for the loading of the profile- when there is 0 usage of the cover and activity time, the speed at which the web page loads is significantly faster, oh, you are lucky if you aren’t a patient person! 
  • The reinitiation of shortcodes on a different page- sometimes, one’s registration page overtakes another’s page because of the silly problems arising in the installation process of the plugins like your friend bringing a huge box for lunch and taking over your side of the bench too. Well, This is exactly how this feature aids us. It offers a shortcode to the admin who has the option of creating a different page called the registration page.
  • Registration form widget- when the content is engaging, you surf over that site for a little longer which directly makes you stay on the site for a pretty good amount of time which results in the thoughts about registering directly. Well, you can simply add a widget to solve this problem. 
  • The simplicity of accessing the Dashboard option straight from the settings- in the admin region of WordPress, the settings part is something like easy peasy lemon squeezy to access as it makes a sub-post type here!
  • The options present on the settings page are clearly explained- the use of uncomplicated language is really useful and can be used to apply directly to the site which helps in better understanding. 
  • Handling the widget is easy now- you can now use this feature to select a widget simply because it is already mentioned in the Appearance >> Widgets >> BuddyPress Registration form of the Widget. 


The Usual Settings Provided Here

There are some checkbox options under the general settings tab. Let’s take a look at them- 

Buddypress Registration option

  • The new member moderation- the members who are registering for a particular group cannot have access to the bbPress or BuddyPress platforms until they have been verified or approved by the admin of that group. 
  • The access is provided only to the registered ones- the pages provided on BuddyPress can only be viewed by those who have registered to join a particular group. It prevents outsiders from viewing them.  
  • Notifications for the newly joined members- the admin receives a notification saying that a new member has registered to be a part of the site to keep track of the user’s list. 
  • The compliance of GDPR (this option is going to be an update in the future)- this tool will help in withdrawing the seized IP addresses of the users from the arrival page of new members. 

The Custom Notifications 

All the messages created here are usually in ways the admin sees fit for the community he produced, as in, the messages are really interactive and pretty easy to understand. Here are some most common notifications you are likely to get if you are a member of any group or site or are trying to get into them: 

  • The profile alert and activation notification- these kinds of messages appear when the newly registered accounts have not been approved or removed yet but are still present in the activation period.
  • The account verified email- users who registered to join a group or site and have been approved are the ones who will receive this message. They will most likely get the message in the form of an email. 
  • The account denied email- users who registered to join a site or group but were denied verification receive such a message through their mail. 
  • The admin pending email notification- the admin receives this kind of email notification when a user has registered and needs to get verified to join the site.
  • The user pending email notification- if the user is trying to log in without sending in a request for approval, he or she will receive such an email. 

Member Requests 

Under the BuddyPress registration options, a message arrives when a member joins the community. Some of the attributes included are mentioned below: 

  • The photo- the newly registered member can set in a picture of themselves or anything else they like here to get identified and have a unique profile. 
  • The name– the user has to fill in the same name they put in while registering for a site. This will be their display name. 
  • The email address- what are the email IDs used for? Yup, sending messages and here too, it is usually used to send out messages and to contact the user in case any problems have occurred during the time they have been involved with the platform.
  • Created- the user is required to mention the time and the date on which they created the account they are using. 
  • The additional data- the extra information about the fields that are offered in the form for registration and the temporary IP address. 

How can one use the BuddyPress registration plugin? 

  • You can click on any of the BuddyPress pages available and it will automatically redirect you to the home page. This happens when access for registered users is checked. 
  • A message is received by the admin in his or her notification section. Well, The reason behind receiving this message is that adding a new user message to the admin member account in the BuddyPress notification box is checked. 

The activation and Registration Pages

Buddypress Activation Pages

This is one major part of a feature that you may want to consider to tap into more benefits.

This is something unique wherein BuddyPress automatically produces the components pages that you can use to make the tasks simpler and less time-consuming. 

Let us look deeper into the process and learn more about how to activate the benefit which is as follows:

1). The first step is to get access to the Registration

For those users who are using the BuddyPress platform for the first time, you have to get the permit for registration. You could simply do this by visiting the Settings tab>General> Select Membership

However, if you are wondering how to activate multisite or network installations, you could redirect yourself to My Sites page> the Network Admin> Settings tab and then choose any of the settings regarding registrations that are available according to your convenience:

  • Both the sites and the member’s accounts might be registered.
  • Registration is most likely to get disabled (which is a default setting)
  • Logged-in members can register the new groups or sites
  • Member accounts could be registered.

2). The second step is to assign the pages

Buddypress register dashboard

Right after you have ensured that you have gained access to the registration, you could generate, customize, and personalize the selected and the required pages and then take up the job to assign them to the page components regarding activation and registration.

You could also do this by paying a visit to the Settings tab> BuddyPress> Pages Tab.

Buddypress register option page

BuddyPress Register Plugin Pricing 

You must be wondering what fortune it will cost you so get so many features all together in a single plugin. 

Well, there you are, It is free of cost. You don’t need to spend a single penny for this spectacular plugin. 

So, what are you thinking about? Don’t you want to build a great community and climb the ladder of success?

You might be doubtful about its effectiveness now that you know it is free of cost. 

Trust me, that’s the best part of it. Since it does not cost you anything, it is worth a try. 

After all, what have you got to lose then?

Customer Support

After reading all this, you will be left with several doubts. You might face difficulty integrating the plugin with your WordPress site. So What can you do in that case?

BuddyPress provides you with an excellent support system. 

Just go to the official website and drop in all your queries and doubts. Well, You will receive a reply in no less than an hour.  

It already has Pre-created forums where the community member takes the initiative to help you out. You can ask your question publicly and someone will answer your question right away. 

You can even go through the categorized forums or continue your quest among FAQs, to see if your questions are already answered. 

Once you visit their site, you will be amazed to see how many questions they have answered already and are still giving their all to answer more and more questions. 

Oh, and the on-phone support system is really friendly to talk to too!  

Pros and cons


  • Getting access or not is decided by the admin, meaning, it is a safe community.
  • You get total control over the moderation of new members and for others who would like to work in private. 
  • When someone wants to get listed on the member’s list’s front end, they have to get approved beforehand. 
  • You get a class monitor situation here. That is because some things depend on the user role who is assigned by the site admin. 
  • The IP address is stored for as long as the registration period lasts. Well, It is deleted after the user is either removed or approved. 
  • Another good thing is that no other additional data which could be personal is included with the admin.
  • If the admin takes any sort of action, the user receives a direct message through the mail. 


  • Some members can avoid filling out the profile details by clicking skip continuously. 
  • You need to download the BuddyPress platform for this software to work to its fullest. 

Quick Links:

FAQs On BuddyPress Register Plugin

👉 What are the things this plugin does for you?

Well, They try their best to keep away the unmoderated users from contacting you or come anywhere near the social networking areas until they have earned approval just like tribes keeping the civilized people away until the civilized people have gained the tribe's trust!

👉 What are the things this plugin does not do for you?

Oh, There are a lot of things this plugin has nothing to do with but we still don’t want you to be surprised now, do we? So, here are some things it surely doesn’t do- • Preventing activation emails being sent out to users is not something this plugin is invented to do. • When a moderate new member is approved, all they can do is browse around but not get in contact with anyone except the brand. • When it comes to spam messages getting through, it isn’t responsible for that either.

👉 Is this the ideal plugin for the prevention of spam into web pages?

Well, sadly, No. this plugin isn’t exactly responsible for the spam collection on your web page. The reason behind this might be because of how the plugin works in the BuddyPress and the bbPress zone only.

Conclusion: BuddyPress Register Plugin Review 2024

This is an amazing plugin site with a lot of potentials when a new member is using it as well as warding off the spam bots because of the lack of knowledge when it comes to working with various page registrations! 

It is impressive how they break down the login process into little bite-sized chunks which makes the activities like including user avatar photos, adding your friends from all around the world, and joining groups you are interested in super fun! 

The installation is pretty simple and straightforward and so is the activation of plugins. With the plugins, it’s also possible to change your current templates to many different and unique ones! 

Well, The settings set in the plugin are functioning and assist you with receiving some high-quality results on the pages like the profile and alternatives page. 

Also, the modifying of the registration widget is easy peasy lemon squeezy and possible in seconds including changing the templates! 

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