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Commenting On Blogs In 2024: 8 Commenting Etiquettes Explained- How Does It Help In SEO?

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Commenting on blogs is a way to add your voice and opinion to the conversation. It’s also a great way for bloggers to get new ideas from their readers, or find out what people think of their blog posts.

Sometimes you might not have anything, in particular, to say about the topic, but want to leave a comment anyway!

In that case, it can be helpful just to tell the blogger thanks for writing this post – it’s really helped me see my options more clearly.

commenting on blog


On most WordPress blogs there exists the comments form – and on that form is a unique opportunity to hear from visitors.

Unfortunately, the percentage of good comments versus spam (the “signal to spam” ratio) is very low – because the more popular a blog gets, the more spam comes in (I won’t mention how much spam I used to clean out daily – it’s just too depressing).

fake comments

Importance of Commenting On Blogs

Blog commenting is important because it allows people to share their thoughts and opinions with blog readers.

Blog commenting is a way to help blogs grow. The more conversations, the better will be your popularity as well as lead to more backlinks and traffic on your website. Blog commenting is a way to help blogs grow.

Bloggers generally approve comments for publication because they want their visitors to agree with them, or see things from the same perspective as that of the blogger.

If you have an opinion that differs from those of other commenters on a blog, it may not be published- so choose your words carefully.

Most blogs offer blog commenting as an option and it is the best way to make a good impression. There is nothing worse than starting out with a completely irrelevant or spam comment, so try to choose your words carefully because you might not get another chance.

The best thing about blog commenting is that you can gain many benefits including establishing yourself as an expert and getting much-needed backlinks and traffic on your website.

8 Commenting Etiquettes To Commenting On Blogs

However, for those of us considering a comment, here or anywhere, it’s time to explain how to comment – with a very few simple tips:

1. Stay on topic

I frequently get comments that have nothing to do with the post they are posting on – a sure sign that a program is ‘writing’ them.

2. Forget “Hi”, “I’m new here”, and other bland comments

Generic comments go – period. This is not rude – it’s a fact of life. Too many spam machines will say something like “great comment, I’ve added your blog to my list” as if we’re going to be moved with gratitude and publish it for all the world to see. If you do the same, expect to look like a machine – which WILL be the case.

3. Don’t ask insane Questions

Further on the machine versus person aspect, don’t ask something that doesn’t fit. I get many comments about how to add my blog to their RSS feed, or how to write. That’s what blog Contact Forms are for – and if they can’t figure that out, perhaps there is NO answer you could give them that would help.

4. Leave links out!

I know comments promote your site – and I know it’s an important part of your link strategy (and I use a ‘DoFollow’ plugin so you’ll get proper credit for it).

dofollow links

But insert a few links into the post and don’t be surprised if it gets dumped. In fact, I actually wrote a WordPress plugin to automatically delete comments with too many links, so I don’t have to wade through so many ‘linky’ ones. You’ll get your one-site link when you enter your comment – so don’t get greedy.

5. Please give up the conversation – eventually

I like threaded comments, and a conversational give and take. But if the person just doesn’t ‘get it, and asks the same questions, slightly rephrased, again and again, then I have to stop accepting them. Sorry, but the blog is for everyone, not just one visit with a particular ax to grind.

6. Keep slander away

blog comment

A company with big pockets can sue over slander and libel – and guess who they’ll sue? The anonymous poster, or me, the blog site owner? It’s a no-brainer, so if your brain wishes to share a tasty comment or two about anyone, don’t, or this brain will be deleting them.

7. Be nice (or, “Do you blog to your mother with that mouth?”)

Profanity is popular – and it’s a clear sign that the writer doesn’t know what a thesaurus is used for. Enjoy the swearing if you must – but if you prefer being SEEN, then express yourself with a larger (and politer) vocabulary.

8. Run cool

There’s something about online writing that brings out aggressiveness. I’ve seen comments (not on my blog, thankfully) that would get people punched in real life.

Don’t go there – arguing a position calmly and logically works better in the long run. And if the other side doesn’t want to play fair, walk away.

That’s just a few points – of course, YOU don’t have to worry about them, but the average commenter does. Remember that comments you make elsewhere can help promote your site, but they are first and foremost opinions destined for the other person’s site.

And just like visiting someone’s house, make sure to wipe your feet, don’t step on the cat, and keep the insults about the mother-in-law to a minimum – and you’ll likely be welcomed back with open arms!

How Does Commenting On Blogs Help In SEO?

1. Backlinks


Create backlinks as a result of commenting on other people’s blogs. There are many reasons why one should do blog commenting to generate backlinks for their website.

It is important to have a sufficient amount of traffic on your website so that you can rank higher for your relevant keywords.

Once you will create a backlink, it would indirectly help you increase the traffic on your site and hence improve your ranking in search engines.

Increase the traffic to your website. It is important for every website owner to have a sufficient amount of traffic on their site so that they can increase their brand value and visibility on the internet.

A large number of visitors to your site will help you in boosting up your online business. You can get more backlinks by posting comments on different blogs.

2. Traffic Generation

Comments are links that go directly back to your blog or website. Google crawls these links and will list your site as a reference for the link’s destination, which means you’re getting traffic from where your comment gets clicked.

Comments help you to generate traffic and develop relationships with other bloggers and website owners.

There are some cases where comments can be avoided like spamming or abusing other bloggers.


But I recommend doing the following:

  • Do not spam links to your site
  • Do not abuse or insult others in your comments

Add value by providing feedback, answering questions, and giving pointers.  This does wonder for search engine optimization!

Also if you are really good at commenting on blogs, then you might end up ranking for competitive keywords.

3. Build Relationships

Blog commenting has helped me build relationships with other people on the internet. For example, I have started to comment on other people’s blogs which allows me to start building a relationship with them.

The more you comment on different websites, the more likely you are to find people who are interested in similar topics as you.

You can read articles that they have written or provide interesting articles that they might want to share.

It also helps your website ranking. You can be noticed by search engines if you constantly comment on different websites. However, there is some point that you need to keep in mind before starting blog commenting.

4. Brand Recognition

“Blog Commenting is a great way to create brand awareness and recognition. If you are commenting in blogs in your niche, not only will you drive traffic from potential users, but over time, visitors will know who you are and what you do.

This may help them when they’re thinking about buying a product and whether they should buy it from you.”

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Conclusion- Commenting on Blogs In 2024

It’s important to make sure that you are commenting on a blog post or article with your own opinion.

If someone asks for your opinion, it is best not to answer their question by repeating what they have written in the text of the post.

Make sure you always ask yourself whether what you are about to write is something unique and interesting before hitting the “Post Comment” button.

This will help build credibility as well as generate more traffic back to your site from those people who enjoyed reading your comment but didn’t know how else to find out more about you!


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