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How to Become Professional Blogger? – Start Full Time Blogging 2024

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The online world is going berserk with internet surfers spending hours over the web looking for almost everything you could dream of. With the ever-evolving advancement taking place in the digital marketing and technology sector, you have all the tools ready to become a professional blogger.

With just a click of a button and in just seconds anyone can have access to whatever type of information that they would like to get their hands on.

I and other bloggers around the world are directly responsible for putting out so much content on the web for people to access. Writers and bloggers play a major role in crafting and creating content for the world of the web.

I can understand that you are one of the people who would like to dedicate your life to becoming a full-time professional blogger. With this in mind, I have prepared a small yet detailed review for you so that my experience can be of some help to you. 

Now, let’s not confuse ourselves between bloggers and writers as there is a big difference between both. You can be a writer and work as a freelancer or a professional, writing multiple articles for multiple organizations and brands.

The ideas would not be yours and the content would be as per the brand that hires you. Being a blogger is different. It’s about what you are passionate about, what content do you want to put forward for the world to see.

You will be directly responsible for coming up with exciting ideas where you carefully craft them into words and give the readers something to look forward to through your Blogs. 

Can You Write Blogs? 

The first and foremost thing about becoming a blogger is to be a skilled writer. You need not only be skilled at writing but also in gathering information, research and knowledge on the topics that you would like to blog about.

How to Become Professional Blogger : Can You Write? 

To be good at being a writer you can never stop learning, work on your vocabulary, read other famous professional blogs to attain good skills, and always be on your toes for constructive criticism. With the right attitude, you will only always see yourself grow each day as a skilled writer.

Make sure you always have access to writing equipment whether it is a laptop or your notepad and pen. Your skills will enhance if you keep jotting down everything important that comes to your mind. 

Become A Good Researcher 

Once you are decided on what your focus will be for your blogs you have to keep learning about it. My best advice is that you work more towards gathering information and researching with dedication. Read as much as possible on the subjects and make notes.

In your free time, you should also get into the habit of reading other blogs, short stories, novels, and research papers to strengthen your game. 

Think Outside the Box 

You need to look at writing as an art form. Not everyone is good at it. However, just blandly writing won’t take you very far. You need to bring out the creative genius in you. Start thinking differently.

Try to gather so much information on your topics that you can focus on creative ways to make your content stand out and interesting. You need to be smart enough to understand that there is a lot of content in the market and you will have to work really hard to make yours reach the first page of any search engine.

I will recommend that you start following some of the greatest writers and bloggers to get the right motivation and experience for your blogs. 

How to Monetize Your Blogs?

Remember, just 1 percent of everyone who tries to be a blogger will succeed in making money out of it. That’s not because it’s rocket science, it’s because this trade has been a little hush-hush in the blogger communities.

Make Money

Nonetheless, never doubt the fact that there isn’t heavy competition in the market. There is always a better chance of being successful as a blogger if you are able to have a large number of followers. I will always recommend you to first work towards this goal. 

Steps to Monetise Your Blogs 

  1. Increase followers 
  2. The business mindset 
  3. Online Marketing Tools 

Increasing Followers 

The most important part of your success in becoming a professional blogger is the number of people following your website. Getting acquainted with a company like MailChimp to send out automated responses to your potential followers is one of the best ways to get this done.  

Using an autoresponder on your blogs

  • The client list feature on a platform like MailChimp would help you generate subscription forms. 
  • Once you have the forms, be ready to publish them by placing them on your navigation bars. 
  • Make sure that the forms are visible on every page of all your blogs. 
  • Create a pop-up to gather contact details and email addresses from visitors. 
  • If you can offer a free product to the site visitors then use that to get them to share their contact information and their email addresses. 
  • Once you have the list of emails, you can keep engaging with the visitors to ensure that there is always traffic coming to your blogs. 

The Business Mindset

As the heading of this article suggests, the content that you are reading is for someone who is looking to become a professional blogger. It will practically be your full-time job and your entire dedication needs to be towards growing.

Having said that, you will have to work on making a great business model for your website. Professional Blogging cannot just be about writing beautiful and informative blogs, it is about ensuring that there is engagement happening between your website and the website visitors and then generating revenue.

How to Become Professional Blogger

By a business model I mean, having the right target audience, working on the niche that you would like to cater to and goals to generate revenue via your website. You need to work on building a brand from scratch with a catchy brand name and a pleasing company logo. 

Online Marketing Tools

Internet marketing tools have now become quite user-friendly. These tools can help you scale your website to heights you cannot imagine. Some of the main tools and features that you need to be looking into are: 

  1. Accessing free gifts to offer views coming to read your blogs 
  2. Use of Autoresponders 
  3. Promoting your blogs through various means online 
  4. Getting used to software like Google Analytics to track your progress and know your website visitors better 
  5. Social Media Marketing tools 
  6. Basic SEO knowledge 
  7. Learn how to create professional videos 
  8. Good writing skills 

 After you have a complete understanding of the above-mentioned points, you will have to look into the next step. Initially, Adsense can be your best tool to start generating revenue out of your blogs.

If you have written great content and you are able to push your blogs high in rank on various search engines then you are on the right track. You have two options here, either promote and sell your own services and products or you can do the same for others.

If you are on the right track and are able to promote and sell products and services online then you need to acquaint yourself with more tools.  

  • You can start selling advertisement spaces on your blog once your traffic has increased. 
  • Work hard and you can start making good business relations with multiple brands to promote their products and services through your blogs to generate revenue. 
  • Get into writing reviews for brands who are willing to pay you for your content. 
  • If you have many followers on your blogs and you are able to see insane customer engagement then you can make some features and content paid. 

Some of the Free Blog Writing Sites To Help You Start With:

  1. Tumbler
  2. Medium
  3. Wix
  4. WordPress
  5. Weebly
  6. Mix

Quick Links 

Conclusion | How to Become Professional Blogger 2024?

In the end, I can understand that if you are looking to be a professional blogger then you might not be someone who would be happy with a 9 to 5 job or doing something that would be highly monotonous.

So you should always remember that this is work that requires passion and dedication but that should not stop you from getting creative and having some fun. To start off you should focus on getting creative with what you write and work on topics and products that are really unique. 

The more time you give to this as a profession, the more you will see it grow. Let’s assume that you are very much looking forward to growing your blogs and are ready to give a lot of time to this, then there are very high chances that you will start generating revenue. If you are a beginner then dedicate your free time to reading the works of some of the great writers.

The knowledge base for such articles, short stories, anecdotes, novels, and reviews will give you great writing skills. If you can create wonderful and detailed articles then you will see how close you can get to your goals.

Professional Blogging is not just about making money but also making a name for yourself and eventually your hard work and creative writing skills will be what takes you there. 


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