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Top 10 Best SOCKS5 Proxies in 2024: [Paid & Free Socks Proxy List]

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When it comes to navigating the digital landscape and maximizing online activities, having access to reliable and versatile proxies is essential.

Fortunately, there are numerous top-notch proxy service providers available, each offering unique features and benefits to suit a range of needs.

From SmartProxy and Soax to Blazing SEO Proxies and The Social Proxy, these providers ensure unrestricted browsing, efficient web scraping, seamless SEO management, and enhanced social networking experiences.

With massive IP pools, flexible targeting options, reliable performance, and responsive customer support, these proxy services empower individuals and businesses alike.

What Are SOCKS5 Proxies?

SOCKS5 proxies are a type of proxy server protocol widely used for various internet-related activities.

SOCKS, which stands for “Socket Secure,” operates at the transport layer of the OSI model and provides a flexible and secure method for communication between clients and servers.

Unlike other proxy protocols, such as HTTP or HTTPS, which are primarily designed for web browsing, SOCKS5 proxies are versatile and can handle a wide range of internet traffic, including web browsing, email, file transfer, and even online gaming.

This flexibility makes SOCKS5 proxies popular among users who require a proxy solution that can support different applications and protocols.

One of the key advantages of SOCKS5 proxies is their ability to establish a connection with any destination server, regardless of the application or service being used.

This means that SOCKS5 proxies can be used with virtually any software program or device that supports proxy configurations, making them highly compatible across different platforms and operating systems.

Additionally, SOCKS5 proxies offer several features that enhance security and privacy. They support authentication, allowing users to validate their identity before establishing a connection.

This feature ensures that only authorized users can access the proxy server and prevents unauthorized access. Furthermore, SOCKS5 proxies provide a higher level of anonymity compared to other proxy protocols.

They do not modify or alter the data transmitted between the client and the server, preserving the original source IP address of the client.

This makes it more challenging for websites or online services to track or identify the user’s real location.

10 Best SOCKS5 Proxies Providers in 2024

So, if you’re seeking the finest SOCKS5 proxy providers, here are a few good choices.

1. SmartProxy:

If you’re in need of proxies without limitations and want to avoid hefty expenses associated with individual proxy services, SmartProxy is the ideal solution for you.

With a staggering pool of approximately 20 million IP addresses, SmartProxy ensures you still have access to a vast range of IP addresses.

Smartproxy Overview

Unlike Bright Data, where you would have to pay as much as $500 per month, SmartProxy offers its services at a significantly lower cost.

By utilizing SmartProxy, you can conveniently bypass country restrictions and overcome website blocks with ease. This feature proves especially valuable for small businesses.

Additionally, this proxy service is highly beneficial for managing multiple accounts, engaging in online marketing activities, and handling SEO-related tasks.

Another advantage of using SmartProxy is its seamless integration with various software applications, enabling smooth operations.

Moreover, their live chat support ensures you receive prompt assistance whenever needed. A notable aspect of SmartProxy is the majority of its available proxies are residential.

This means you won’t have to worry about being blocked or flagged when utilizing their services. SmartProxy prioritizes reliability, striving to provide a consistent and trustworthy service to its users.

Their servers are strategically located worldwide, ensuring exceptional service quality regardless of your geographical location.

Furthermore, SmartProxy offers its services at affordable rates, making it a cost-effective choice for individuals and businesses seeking top-tier proxy services.

SmartProxy Pros and Cons

SmartProxy Pros SmartProxy Cons
  • Unlimited proxies at an affordable price.
  • Potential challenges in finding specific details on pricing plans.
  • A massive pool of 20 million IP addresses.
  • Convenient bypass of country restrictions and website blocks.
  • Seamless integration with software and live chat assistance.
  • The majority of proxies are residential, minimizing blocks and bans.
  • Reliable service with global server coverage for excellent performance.

2. Soax:

Soax is an exceptional choice for individuals seeking both mobile and residential proxies due to its regularly updated and dedicated proxy pool.

With over 8.5 million IP addresses available worldwide, Soax offers flexible targeting options, allowing you to specify your preferences based on the provider, city, region, and country.

Soax Overview

One of the standout features of Soax is the availability of both residential and mobile proxies. All proxies provided by Soax are whitelisted, ensuring unrestricted usage without any limitations.

Moreover, Soax offers various pricing plans to cater to diverse needs and requirements. Excitingly, Soax will soon introduce data center proxies that come with automatic rotation, guaranteeing zero IP blocks.

By utilizing a single platform, users can enjoy high-speed performance along with detailed geo-targeting using residential IPs and rotating backconnect proxies.

The services offered by Soax cater to a wide range of purposes and internet activities.

Whether it’s monitoring prices, verifying ads, checking website availability, monitoring SEOs, data collection, speed testing, conducting marketing research, or protecting your brand, Soax provides the necessary tools and capabilities.

Soax Pros and Cons

Soax Pros Soax Cons
  • Regularly updated and dedicated proxy pool for reliable service.
  • Slightly costly
  • Over 8.5 million active IP addresses worldwide for extensive coverage.
  • Flexible targeting options based on provider, city, region, and country.
  • Affordable 100MB test for trying out service quality.
  • Wide selection of both residential and mobile proxies available.
  • Proxies are whitelisted with no usage limitations.
  • Soon introducing data center proxies with automatic rotation and zero IP blocks.

3. Rayobyte (Formerly Blazing SEO Proxies):

Blazing SEO Proxies is an excellent platform to purchase SOCKS5 proxies, catering specifically to web scraping, SEO, and social networking needs.

If your company operates in these domains, this service is the ideal choice, boasting numerous servers strategically located worldwide.

Rayobyte Overview

One standout feature offered by Blazing SEO Proxies is unlimited bandwidth and API support, ensuring seamless and efficient usage.

Blazing SEO Proxies provides a diverse range of proxies, including data center and residential IPs, successfully handling billions of web scrapes every month.

With a focus on authenticity and accuracy, they guarantee genuine IPs representing real people. Furthermore, they offer a free trial option, allowing users to assess the overall quality of their service without any cost.

The services provided by Blazing SEO Proxies cater to both individual and corporate users, making them versatile options for various requirements.

These proxies prioritize security and offer the choice between rotating or static proxies based on specific needs. One notable aspect of Blazing SEO Proxies is their highly responsive customer support.

In case of any issues or concerns, users can reach out to them via chat or email, and they ensure prompt resolution within a few hours.

Rayobyte Pros and Cons

Rayobyte Pros Rayobyte Cons
  • Specializes in web scraping, SEO, and social networking.
  • Needs more features
  • Global server presence for enhanced accessibility and performance.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and API support for seamless usage.
  • Offers both data center and residential IPs.
  • Handles billions of web scrapes monthly.
  • Free trial available to test service quality.
  • Trusted by major Fortune 500 companies for web scraping.

4. Proxy Seller:

Proxy Seller is a reputable provider that offers a wide range of proxies, with a notable emphasis on SOCKS5 proxies, although they also offer HTTP/S proxies.

These SOCKS5 proxies are particularly advantageous for social networking, SEO scraping, online gaming, and general internet surfing. They provide high-speed connections, making them ideal for a variety of tasks.

Proxy-Seller Overview

When using Proxy Seller, you have the flexibility to choose between IPv4 and IPv6 proxies, or even both, in your preferred country.

Additionally, they offer customizable rental periods, allowing you to select the duration that suits your needs. If you encounter any issues while using their services, you have the convenience of canceling your subscription at any time.

One of the key strengths of Proxy Seller’s SOCKS5 proxies is their exceptional speed, making them some of the fastest proxies available online.

Furthermore, they offer proxies with different subnets, enhancing the diversity and flexibility of their services. Another significant advantage is their round-the-clock technical support, ensuring prompt resolution of any complaints or concerns.

Their dedicated support team efficiently addresses any issues you may encounter, minimizing downtime and allowing you to resume your activities quickly.

Proxy Seller Pros and Cons

Proxy Seller Pros Proxy Seller Cons
  • Offers both SOCKS5 and HTTP/S proxies.
  • Need better features
  • Ideal for social networking, SEO scraping, and online gaming.
  • High-speed connections and diverse subnet options.
  • Flexible choice of IPv4, IPv6, or both proxies.
  • Customizable rental periods and easy subscription cancellation.
  • 24/7 technical support for quick issue resolution.
  • Global server availability and automatic IP address shifting.

5. ProxyEmpire:

ProxyEmpire stands out as one of the best providers of SOCKS5 proxies due to their compatibility with any website and software program.

Upon visiting their website, you’ll notice a convenient list of affordable proxies categorized by location.

This feature enables you to easily select the desired location for your proxy and know the exact cost upfront, eliminating any hidden fees or surprises in the future.

ProxyEmpire Overview

This transparent pricing approach ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for users. One of the key strengths of ProxyEmpire is its commitment to customer satisfaction, evident from the numerous positive reviews displayed on its website.

Additionally, their chat log feature allows users to directly engage with customer support representatives, addressing any concerns or inquiries they may have.

This prompt and responsive support system ensures that users receive the necessary assistance and guidance throughout their proxy usage journey.

ProxyEmpire Pros and Cons

ProxyEmpire Pros ProxyEmpire Cons
  • Compatible with any website and software program.
  • Needs better features
  • A convenient list of affordable proxies based on location.
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Positive reviews and live chat support for customer satisfaction.
  • Wide range of options for selecting a desired proxy location.
  • Easy communication with customer support representatives.
  • Ensures a seamless and hassle-free proxy usage experience.

6. Bright Data:

Bright Data is a highly recommended premium proxy server provider, offering a massive pool of over 70 million IP addresses that can automatically rotate.

This feature ensures that your IP address remains dynamic, eliminating the risk of being blocked on the internet.

However, it’s important to note that this premium service comes with a higher price tag. Prepare to invest $500 per month for access to their services.

Overview Of Bright Data

Despite the higher cost, the price you pay for Bright Data covers all your needs when it comes to using residential proxies. This makes it an ideal choice for large businesses that heavily rely on proxies for their operations.

The service provides peace of mind, allowing you to use their proxies without hesitation and avoiding the risk of being blocked while performing various online activities.

Bright Data caters primarily to companies and organizations, providing comprehensive proxy solutions tailored to their requirements.

However, even as an individual user, if you have the financial means to afford their service, it will not disappoint. The reliability and performance of Bright Data’s proxies make it a worthy investment.

Bright Data Pros and Cons

Bright Data Pros Bright Data Cons
  • A massive pool of over 70 million IP addresses.
  • Expensive pricing
  • Automatic rotation of IP addresses to prevent blocking.
  • Reliable service for big businesses relying on proxies.
  • Covers all needs associated with residential proxies.
  • Allows worry-free usage without the risk of being blocked.
  • Ideal for companies and organizations.
  • Offers excellent performance and reliability.

7. Oxylabs:

Oxylabs is a highly recommended provider, offering an extensive pool of over 100 million IP addresses, guaranteeing stability and reliability.

With their dedicated account managers and excellent support, using Oxylabs’ services becomes a straightforward and hassle-free experience.

The focus of this service lies in providing reliable data scraping solutions for both businesses and individual users.

Oxylabs Overview

Oxylabs offers a diverse range of proxies to cater to different needs. They provide both residential and datacenter proxies, along with machine learning and artificial intelligence-based residential proxies.

These advanced residential proxies come equipped with auto-retry systems and captcha handling, ensuring seamless and efficient data collection.

Additionally, Oxylabs offers a powerful real-time crawler that allows users to extract data from various e-commerce sites and search engines.

This crawler features ASN and country filtering, providing precise control over data extraction. With high scalability, Oxylabs ensures that users can handle large-scale data scraping projects effectively.

Oxylabs Pros and Cons

Oxylabs Pros

Oxylabs Cons
  • Extensive pool of over 100 million IP addresses.
  • Slightly expensive
  • Stable and reliable service with dedicated account managers.
  • Advanced residential proxies with auto-retry and captcha handling.
  • Real-time crawler for data extraction from e-commerce sites and search engines.
  • Precise filtering options with ASN and country filtering.
  • Self-service dashboard for detailed proxy usage statistics and account management.
  • Extensive coverage with proxies available in every country and city.
  • Save Big on Oxylabs here

8. The Social Proxy:

The Social Proxy is the ultimate choice for SOCKS5 protocol enthusiasts, offering an exceptional service tailored exclusively to this protocol.

With an impressive pool of over 8 million available IPs, it surpasses competitors in terms of quantity and variety. This service seamlessly integrates with more than 32 mobile operators and operates across 68 personal proxy countries.

Additionally, The Social Proxy boasts a database of 10 VPN server countries. To ensure customer satisfaction, The Social Proxy provides a free trial option, allowing users to test their services before committing financially.

Social Proxy- Best SOCKS5 Proxies

It’s important to note that while they offer residential, mobile, data center, personal, shared, VPN, and free proxies, relying solely on free proxies can be limiting.

As these IP addresses become overused, they are more likely to get blocked, hindering smooth operation. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for their paid services for more reliable and consistent performance.

The Social Proxy offers various proxy plans tailored to different needs and requirements. This versatility in plans and package options sets it apart as one of the most flexible proxy services available online.

Whether you’re seeking proxies for personal use, business applications, or specific online activities, The Social Proxy ensures there’s a suitable plan to meet your demands.

The Social Proxy Pros and Cons

The Social Proxy Pros The Social Proxy Cons
  • Exclusively focused on SOCKS5 protocol for specialized service.
  • Only recommended for Social media
  • The impressive pool of over 8 million available IPs.
  • Compatibility with over 32 mobile operators.
  • Presence in 68 personal proxy countries and 10 VPN server countries.
  • A free trial is available to test services before committing.
  • Offers a wide range of proxy types for various needs.
  • Versatile proxy plans and package options for flexible usage.

9. BeeProxy:

BeeProxy is a highly recommended option when it comes to safeguarding your online identity. Whether you’re an individual or a company, these proxies prove to be invaluable.

With private and dedicated proxies available, BeeProxy ensures enhanced security while navigating the internet. Their wide range of plans and packages cater to diverse needs, allowing you to select the most suitable option.

BeeProxy Overview

The versatility of BeeProxy’s proxies enables their use in various online activities. Whether it’s gaming, web scraping, application development, or classified ads, BeeProxy has you covered.

These proxies are particularly well-suited for engaging in social activities online and performing efficient web scraping tasks.

Additionally, users benefit from unlimited bandwidth and traffic, along with the ability to access multiple subnets in different cities across the globe.

Getting started with BeeProxy is hassle-free, as setting up is free of cost and their platform is designed to be user-friendly.

Moreover, they offer fast and reliable customer support, ensuring prompt assistance whenever needed. To ensure customer satisfaction, BeeProxy provides a free trial option, allowing users to test their services before committing.

Once you select a plan and make the payment, your proxies are instantly delivered, enabling you to start using them right away.

BeeProxy Pros and Cons

BeeProxy Pros BeeProxy Cons
  • A reliable option for protecting online identity.
  • Needs better security features
  • Private and dedicated proxies for enhanced security.
  • Wide range of plans and packages to choose from.
  • Versatile proxies are suitable for various online activities.
  • Access to unlimited bandwidth and traffic.
  • Multiple subnets are available in global cities.
  • Easy setup, fast customer support, and free trial option.

10. Private Proxy:

Private Proxy stands out as an excellent choice for proxy services due to its customer-centric approach and commitment to meeting individual needs.

They offer a comprehensive range of proxy options, including rotating and static proxies, with a specific focus on datacenter static proxies and residential static proxies.

Private Proxy- Best SOCKS5 Proxies

For those interested in residential static proxies, Private Proxy offers affordable pricing starting from just $5 per month. They guarantee unlimited bandwidth and unlimited connections, ensuring smooth and seamless proxy usage.

With instant activation, users can quickly get started with their chosen proxies. Additionally, Private Proxy provides one free swap per month, allowing users to change their proxy if needed.

Their proxies can be used for any online activity, catering to a wide range of needs and objectives.

Private Proxy also excels in sourcing proxies from multiple locations, further enhancing its service capabilities. This flexibility enables users to easily achieve their online goals, whatever they may be.

Private Proxy strives to simplify the entire process, providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout.

Private Proxy Pros and Cons

Private Proxy Pros Private Proxy Cons
  • A customer-centric approach, catering to individual needs.
  • Need more features
  • Wide range of proxy options, including rotating and static.
  • Focus on datacenter static and residential static proxies.
  • Affordable pricing starts from just $5 per month.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, connections, and instant activation.
  • One free swap per month for flexibility.
  • Ability to source proxies from multiple locations.

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FAQs About Best SOCKS5 Proxies

What is the benefit of using proxies?

Proxies offer several benefits, such as enhanced online privacy and security, access to geo-restricted content, anonymity, and the ability to bypass censorship or website blocks.

How do proxies work?

Proxies act as intermediaries between your device and the internet. When you request a webpage or access online content through a proxy server, the server retrieves the information on your behalf and relays it back to you, masking your original IP address.

What is the difference between residential and datacenter proxies?

Residential proxies use IP addresses assigned to real residential devices, making them appear more genuine and reliable. On the other hand, datacenter proxies use IP addresses from data centers, providing faster speeds but with less authenticity.

Can I use proxies for web scraping?

Yes, proxies are commonly used for web scraping. They allow you to collect data from websites by sending multiple requests from different IP addresses, avoiding IP blocks or detection.

How do I choose the right proxy service for my needs?

Consider factors such as the type of proxies offered (residential, datacenter, etc.), pricing plans, IP pool size, location coverage, customer support, and additional features. Assess your specific requirements and select a service that aligns with them.

Are there any limitations or restrictions when using proxies?

Some websites may block or restrict access to proxy IP addresses. Additionally, certain activities, such as illegal actions or spamming, are prohibited and should be avoided when using proxies.

How can I test the quality of a proxy service before committing?

Many proxy services offer free trials or limited-time money-back guarantees. Utilize these options to assess the service’s performance, reliability, and compatibility with your specific needs.

Conclusion: Best SOCKS5 Proxies 2024

When it comes to choosing a proxy service, there are several outstanding options available to suit diverse needs.

Whether you require proxies for unrestricted browsing, web scraping, SEO management, social networking, or online gaming, these providers have you covered.

With massive IP pools, flexible targeting options, reliable performance, and responsive customer support, these proxy services ensure seamless and efficient operations.

However, it’s important to consider factors such as pricing, customization options, and specific features to select the service that best fits your requirements.

Whether you’re an individual or a company, these top proxy providers offer the tools and support needed to protect your online identity, access restricted content, and achieve your online goals with ease.

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