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Check out our detailed and in-depth Leadpages Review 2023 that covers everything including its features, pros and cons, pricing, and working…

Leadpages is one excellent way that allows you to design several awesome landing pages that they could provide you with and put on a show for you on a custom domain.

You moreover are given a chance to produce web pages with Leadpages that provides you with an opportunity to display your project online. I have tried Leadpages in various campaigns and trust me, I will never give any wrong information about this product. 

 Bottom Line Upfront:

LeadPages is a powerful landing page builder that ease up the process of building landing pages.

Also, LeadPages has a more user-friendly approach, that’s why it’s the one-stop solution for building landing pages on the go.  The best part is that Leadpages offer 14-day free trial before any subscription.

200+ ready-to-use, beautifully designed modern templates that are optimized for desktop and phone screens. Leadpages is trusted by smaller businesses and entrepreneurs to help them grow. Tips for Real-Time Conversion. Create an Email List, 14-day free trial.

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  • Create high-converting websites & landing pages
  • Make every piece of content count
  • Get the insights you need to guess less & grow more
  • Enjoy unlimited publishing & conversion-optimized templates

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This usually contains hosting your sites and landing pages made by you.    

LeadPages is even easier than Wix Squarespace:

Leadpages reviews and testimonials

Leadpages review

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💥Leadpages Review: Quick Expert Summary

  • Professionally designed landing pages that are optimized for conversion.
  • A/B testing so you can find the best-performing version of your page.
  • Built-in forms and pop-ups so you can collect leads without sending visitors away from your page.
  • Integrations with popular email marketing platforms so you can automatically add new leads to your email list.
  • A wide range of templates so you can create custom pages without having to start from scratch.
  • A drag-and-drop editor so you can easily customize your pages without having to code anything.
  • 24/7 customer support so you can get help when you need it.

Leadpages Review 2023: Is This Landing Page Builder Worth The Hype?

Leadpages is software that will help you in building sale pages and landing pages at ease without much experience in coding and it’s very time-saving. It is a private company founded in 2012. Its explicit works are in the software development industry.

It was founded by Cray Collins, Tracy Simmons, and Simon Payne. Its headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Leadpages is a program whose main motto is to be of utmost assistance in building sale pages and landing pages effortlessly. Around late January 2013, it began with a computer program that was discharged by Leadpages.

Leadpages review landing page builder

It had around two dozen layouts together with a computer program integrative. It also has compatibility with InfusionSoft, MailChimp, etc. It has gotten subsidizing summing to $5 million from the Foundry Gather and Arthur wanders in September 2013. 

It encourages the discharge of numerous adjustments in January 2014, October 2014, and Walk 2015.

A drag-and-drop landing page builder was presented by the company in 2015, which gave it another subsidizing of $27 million from the Foundry Gather, Drive Capital, and Arthur Ventures. 

A promotional conference was held by Leadpages in October 2015 which was implied particularly for little businesses. 

Leadpages partnered with Facebook in November 2017 by announcing a Facebook ad builder. There are more than 45,000 active users of the company to date.

Who Owns Leadpages?

Clay Collins, the founder of Leadpages, founded the company in 2010. It is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Collins and the team sold it to Redbrick, a company that holds and owns a number of digital properties, in 2020.

Leadpages is an independent site that fundamentally makes a difference to its clients by assembling email subscriptions, Utilizing Leadpages, you’ll be sure to make deals and landing pages to develop a trade.

You’ll be able to easily do so outside your site or indeed if you don’t have a website utilizing Leadpages.

It comprises drag-and-drop formats as well as standard layouts for this reason. Leadpages are for the most part utilized by a wide range of individuals for carrying out functions like

  • Setting up sign-up pages for webinars
  • Setting up sales pages
  • Promote free products and gain email subscribers. 

Leadpages Key Features:

Review of Leadpages landing page builder

1. Online Presence:

It’s absurd not to have an internet presence in 2020 when the stay-at-home culture is trending.  Anything your trade, a web presence, an alluring one, is required to draw attention and build your client base.

With Leadpages, you now do not have to be compelled to circle web designers for days to construct engaging landing pages and websites.

Leadpages permit you to effortlessly construct landing pages, as well as websites not as it, were, to draw traffic to your trade but to transform them into potential leads. Its interface is very straightforward to utilize indeed for even a beginner.

It is a code-free stage that has recently been overhauled to an available drag-and-drop builder which soothes you of a larger part of the manual work. You’ll publish web pages that see proficiency and luring.

2. Quality Leads:

Leadpages is planned to be conversion-optimized which proposes that it makes beyond any question that all the content you convey is optimized to change over the activity to your landing pages into leads and after that clients.


For this reason, Leadpages employs pop-ups, caution bars, and AB testing on all dispersed pages encouraged on their stage.

At present, you can grow your email-subscribers list by advertising opt-ins such as e-books or pamphlets and be rest guaranteed instant computerized record conveyance.

With custom-built landing pages, you’ll know for sure that the consideration your item gets is from individuals who are fascinated by what you’re offering i.e. your target gathering of people. You’ll find more target groups and cater to their requirements.

3. Sell Items & Services:

With a high transformation rate of deal pages from convergence to leads and clients, your salary is bound to increase.

Sell Items & Services

With Leadpages, you’ll be able to effectively offer computerized items by luring potential customers to sign up for your email list or join your course.

Offering them incentives like tickets to a webinar or an ebook. It also has an in-built checkout option and payments integrated with Stripe that is secure and available in most countries. Once you have quality leads, it is only a matter of time before they become clients.    

4. Optimized Development:

With Leadpages’ 2019 upgrade, it is fair and simple to form a website with Leadpages as it is with wix.com.

You’ll DIY and customize your site with helpful tools to ease your work and advance it through computerized showcasing.

Optimized Development

It has alternatives to combining mail marketing into your page. You’ll be able indeed to include the Leadpages facilitated landing page in your space title.

With these instruments and following the execution of your page in real-time through effective split testing, your trade will develop in no time.

5. Custom Layouts for you:

One of the foremost enticing features of Leadpages is the assortment of formats it offers while building your pages, both free and paid. The paid formats open up an entire modern world of design freedom.

LeadPages Landing Page

Of course, you’ll continuously select to begin from scratch on a clear canvas. But Leadpages’ custom layouts are an overwhelming portion of what makes it a value-for-money stage.

Their professional plan is utilized by numerous fruitful landing pages all over the world whose deal numbers are over the roof. Be it a creator site or a webinar sign-up page, it has layout plans for all your needs.

6. Analytics Streamlined:

You don’t get to play the speculating game any longer. Leadmeter persistently runs within the background to create beyond any doubt that your page is being optimized for the greatest execution and predicts how it’ll do before you share it with the world. 

LeadPages Leadmeter

Depending on its proposition, you’ll modify your information to drive the first movement to your webpage.

Leadmeter may be a consistent instrument that considers 4 change factors to accurately expect the execution of a page. 

The more unmistakable your Leadmeter score, the more vital the optimization, and the more vital the chance of leads and deals.

It gives you advancing appeal and step-by-step courses so simply fair are guaranteed that each penny you spend is being put to awesome use.

7. Split Testing A/B:

For a better transformation rate, Leadpages licenses you to run boundless part tests on your pages so that you simply can optimize them and drag them within the most extreme movement.

LeadPages Split Testing

On the off chance that you’re befuddled with where to put an exchange box for the most extreme optimization proficiency, you’ll run a part test on your page/s to compare it with different other plans of your site and foresee transformation rate, execution, and optimization levels.

Isn’t that cool? Any questions around the foremost minor things like the arrangement or textual style can be cleared by running an A/B test any time you want.  

8. Pop-Ups

Almost certainly, you’ve seen a Leadpages pop-up (Leadbox). They’re ubiquitous.

Leadboxes are pop-ups that look clean and professional and help you get more leads at just the right time.

Leadpages lets you make a high-converting Leadbox in just a few minutes, and it has automatic settings to pop up when your visitor’s interest is at its highest.

Yes, once a visitor is interested in your landing page, you can force them to look at an offer they can’t refuse.

Leadpages has a simple drag-and-drop editor that you can use to make Leadboxes in just a few minutes.

You can even link your email service provider so that new subscribers are added to your preferred email list as soon as they sign up.

9. Leadlinks

Leadlinks, also called “email trigger links,” are a cool feature that makes it easy for your prospects to sign up for promotions, like a webinar, with just one click.

Say you’re giving a webinar called “How to Make the Perfect Caviar Taco.” Usually, you would send an email to your whole email list with a signup button that takes the reader to a landing page for that webinar (probably made with Leadpages, too).

To sign up for your webinar, they would have to click that link and enter more personal information if they wanted to find out more.

No longer… With Leadlinks, you or one of your affiliates adds the link to the email, and when the prospect clicks on it, they are immediately signed up. Nothing else is needed. They only have to click the link, and they are automatically signed up.

10. Create Conversion Tools

You can use the page builder to construct landing pages, but Leadpages also allows you to develop tools that the company refers to as conversion tools.

These are components that can be added to your website, such as pop-ups, alert bars, optin messages, and trigger links, with the purpose of generating leads or eliciting a certain action from visitors to your site.

Leadpages may be used as a powerful email opt-in form builder because these conversion techniques can be integrated into your existing WordPress website.

Mobile Preview

Every website owner needs to make sure that their pages can be viewed on mobile devices. If you don’t fix this, visitors who use mobile devices won’t have the best time reading.

LeadPages lets you see a preview of any page you make on a mobile screen, but it can’t change your page as you look at it. You can’t, for example, change the layout and widgets on the mobile version but not on the PC version.

This is a problem for people who run websites with a lot of mobile visitors. How can you make the best user experience if you can’t change the mobile version?

How To Create A Leadpage Landing Page With Leadpages

1. Choose Your Landing Page

Leadpages provides users with several dozen different landing page templates, all of which may be sorted according to conversion rate.

The percentage of visitors to your site that either click the button labeled “call to action” or fill out the form located on the landing page is known as the conversion rate.

It also identifies the industry that each landing page is associated with, allowing you to locate a template that is pertinent to the requirements of your company. I used a free landing page template that was designed just for authors.

I’ve also tried out a number of additional templates that have been optimized for things like webinar registrations, sales funnels, and acquiring email subscribers through Facebook advertisements.

2. Employ The Editor That Allows You To Drag And Drops

Using the drag-and-drop editor found within the landing page builder, you are able to make changes to any component of a Leadpage web page. Even dynamic features, such as a countdown timer, are not out of the question to include.

I altered the appearance of the template for my website by changing the colors and fonts used. Without having to muck around with the code, it took me only five minutes to update the appearance and feel of the website so that it was consistent with the branding of my company.

The editor that works with drag-and-drop has a few annoying idiosyncrasies, therefore I strongly suggest that you save your work frequently and as soon as possible.

You can cut down on the amount of time it takes to create a brand style guide by doing it straight within Leadpages using the font and color schemes of your choosing.

3. Upload Your Prospective Client Attractant

Leadpages is able to automate the delivery of ebooks, PDFs, and other types of lead magnets to consumers or subscribers either directly or through the use of your email service provider.

You are able to post them to your landing page and store them in the Lead Magnet library so that you can make use of them in the future. This is the best way to expedite the growth of an email list.

Leadpages provides customers with frequent training and webinars to attend in the event that they are confused about how to construct a sales funnel or the many types of lead magnets that should be created.

4. Make a Page Saying “Thank You”

The second stage, which entails designing a thank you page, is required if you are generating leads for your company through the use of Leadpages.

Leadpages also provides templates for this, so you won’t have to spend too much time on it. After adding a conversion pixel, tracking conversions from sources such as Facebook ads is made possible when a thank you web page is created on your website.

5. Make Your Landing Page Public.

Simply hitting the “publish” button on your Leadpages dashboard will cause it to be made public.

Another option is that it provides users with a premium WordPress plugin that enables them to produce landing pages that are

hosted on their own domain. You have the option to enable SEO for a page before you publish it, giving Google a better chance of finding it in their search results.

How To Create A Leadbox With Leadpages

Leadboxes, as I’ve said a few times, are popups that may be triggered automatically or depending on a specific action (like a visitor clicking a button).

To make a Leadbox, use the same drag-and-drop editor as before, however, the widgets and choices are somewhat different: When you publish the Leadbox, you will be able to choose how it will be activated.

What’s wonderful is that you can quickly embed a Leadbox in material that isn’t a Leadpages landing page using these choices.

You may, for example, utilize the plain text link to add a two-step opt-in in a standard WordPress post or page, giving you a lot of freedom.

Landing Page Publishing Options

As was already said, Leadpages makes it easy to post landing pages and other content that brings in leads on your WordPress site.

But you don’t have to use WordPress or even have your own website or server account to start getting leads with Leadpages. Here’s an overview of the publishing choices to give you a full picture…

Publish Your Landing Pages On A Leadpages Subdomain

After signing up for Leadpages, you can make a free address, or URL, where your landing pages will be hosted and made visible to everyone.

Publish your work on your free Leadpages subdomain if you don’t have a website or your own domain name.

This is helpful if you’re just getting started and haven’t yet set up a website or bought a domain for your project. If you put your landing pages on the Leadpages subdomain and take advantage of the 14-day free trial, you can test your business idea without spending a dime.

How To Use Leadpages?


leadpages webinars

For rookies wanting to host webinars, this is a great option. Is simple and handy to use. Embedding the webinar presentations using Leadpages into webinar templates can be done for this purpose.

Adding a chatbox is also possible so that the participants can communicate and make the webinar more interactive.

Automatic Mailing of Upgrades

The procedure is simple. Either a ‘Leadbox’ or Leadpages are to be created. Then upload your free product. This product will be automatically sent to the subscribers who have opted in.

Opt-In boxes- Call to Action Buttons

For the ease of subscribers to get content, an arrangement is given by Leadpages whereby it provides you with call-to-action buttons that are clickable inside the software and take you to specific pages. 

Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets

To persuade the readers to supply their email and connect to the mailing list, reports, pictures, and recordings can be given to you to draw them into your business. These moral bribes are known as Lead Magnets on Leadpages. 

Sales Pages

If you’re a rookie and can’t manage to pay an online site creator, Leadpages is the perfect choice for you. With a wide assortment of layouts and overwhelming customization choices, you’ll effortlessly make an alluring and professional deals page. 

Use of content messaging

The use of messages can be done to pick up Mail endorsers utilizing the facility given by Leadpages. 

Thank-you pages

You can make Viral ‘thank you for subscribing’ pages on Leadpage. The trick here may be a button that can be included by you that is able to provoke the endorsers to share the page. This simple trap can definitely increment the reach of your webpage.

LeadPages Customer Testimonials: LeadPages Reviews By Users

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Leadpages Pricing | How Much Does LeadPages Cost?

Leadpages Pricing- landing page builder review

 There are some very efficient pricing policies taken up by Leadpages. Customers can pay on a monthly or annual basis. Below listed is the detailed pricing with all the subscription plans.

Standard Pro Advanced
Monthly $37/mo $79/mo $321/mo
Annually $25/mo $48/mo $199/mo
2-year $17/mo $42/mo $159/mo


  1. Standard subscription- For those who opt for the standard subscription have to pay no less than $37 per month. The price is moderate and affordable in return for the services. For the standard subscription, you get to make 1 site, a free hosting facility, landing pages, Pop-ups, unlimited traffic, and a little more. 
  2. Pro Subscription- To render the services of the Leadpage’s pro version one has to pay $79 per month. This version comes with its own perks and provides a wide range of services. Herewith pro subscription, you grab the benefits of standard along with 3 sites,  online payment and sales, and email trigger links. 
  3. Advanced Subscription- Ultimately all the features of the lead page can be experienced in the advanced version for just $321 per month. You can experience all the services and features at a reasonable price in a month. 


  1. Standard Subscription – It comes with all the standard features offered by Leadpages at the cost of $25 per month. If you are a little doubtful and yet are determined to try a website builder, this is the best price you can go for.
  2. Pro Subscription – This is the most popular subscription among the clients of Leadpage. It empties only $48 per month from your pockets and you basically wrench out the best for your business.
  3. Advanced Subscription – For reaping the best long-term benefits you can choose the advanced subscription at the price of $199 per month. In the long run, the sum of money invested is completely extracted through business profits.

Paid yearly, Leadpages Standard costs $37 per month.

  • Unlimited Pages, Traffic, & Leads
  • Unlimited Pop-ups
  • Unlimited Alert Bars
  • Free Hosting
  • Connect 1 Domain
  • 200+ Free Templates(Mobile-Responsive)
  • 40+ Standard Integrations
  • Facebook & Instagram AdBuilder
  • Tech Support (via Email)
  • Weekly Group Coaching

Leadpages Pro ($79/mo, paid yearly)

  • All Standard Features
  • Online Sales and Payments
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing
  • Email Trigger Links
  • 10 Opt-in Text Campaigns
  • Special Discounts with partner companies

Leadpages Advanced ($321/mo, paid yearly)

  • All Standard and Pro features
  • Advanced Integrations
  • 5 Free Sub Accounts
  • 50 Extra Opt-in TextCampaigns
  • 1-on-1 Quick Start Call
  • Leadpages Virtual Workshops

LeadPages Free Trial (Start with a 14-day free trial)

Free trials are the thing we all love! We can check things out and see if we want to pay for it every month. With LeadPages this option is offered for 14 days, after which you will be charged on a monthly or yearly basis.

So the first order of business after reading this article is to at least check out the free trial so you can see how much you are missing out on by not being a part of this amazing new platform!

Website Builder

It was said before that you could also use LeadPages to create websites, and it’s true that you can do both of those things.

When you select the option to construct a website, rather than landing page designs, you will be presented with a selection of different website themes to pick from.

Using the same visual page builder, you are able to make changes to these pre-made templates. The end result is the capacity to produce a fully functional website.

The website builder offers a number of advantages to its users. To start, it makes it easier to rapidly evaluate a variety of company concepts. You will be able to construct a website with a more comprehensive set of features at a later time, provided that the concept is successful.

The fact that you will need to buy a custom domain name is one of the drawbacks of using the website builder. In a similar vein, you are unable to set up the website on WordPress and make use of the additional features that it provides.

Leadpages Pros & Cons:


  • For new joiners, the drag-and-drop option is a user-friendly editor.
  • The new alert bar gives you access to attach “notification” style formats and CTA’s on your site.
  • You get around 200+ free templates that are gorgeously designed I assure you! But the good part is you get more templates if you pay for them. 
  • Oh, another part that has recently been installed provides you with the ingredients to develop your conversion-optimized web pages in just a matter of a few clicks! 
  • The fun part is creating A/B tests.
  • There’s added functionality.
  • The whole system of built-in analytics. 
  • An amazing cluster of widgets.


  • Most features are not included in the affordable tier. 
  • As you must have heard, the only drawback here is that the price is something that makes people’s eyes go wide especially if they are casual users.

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leadpages customer review Leadpages user review

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FAQs Related To Leadpages Reviews

✅ How Much Does LeadPages Cost?

LeadPages offers a free trial but not the free version. Their lowest plan starts at $25/month.

🎉 Do I need Leadpages?

You should use LeadPages if you have a medium business and want to grow your email list faster and convert leads into customers. Also, it will save the time you spend building pages with coding.

💼 When Should I Start Using Leadpages with my Business?

Leadpages Destinations make it speedy and simple to urge online and with their landing pages and conversion apparatuses, developing your commerce is straightforward and direct.

👉 What is the purpose of Leadpage?

Leadpages can be considered the water to a growing plant. Just like the water that helps the plant with its growth and maturation of the flowers, Leadpages provides the methods for you to grow your business with various things like collecting leads, connecting with the audience, etc. Other than this, it also supplies easy-to-build websites, pop-ups, landing pages, alert bars, and beyond.

💥 What do I get with my Free Trial?

You get access to all the tools that are associated with the Leadpages plan that will lead you to successful business development. That incorporates boundless distributing and boundless activity and leads—so go full-speed ahead for your free 14 days!

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Leadpages Review Verdict 2023 | Is This Landing Page Builder Worth It?

According to utility, many find Leadpages incredible. 

They have multiple strikingly beautiful landing pages that make everything on them look captivating. Mostly when it is only within advanced features, A/B testing, and tons of integrations, and Leadpages are something you can count on!

But before, all you have to do is confirm if those features are making a good ROI for you, this means that it can either be about the time saved or revenue earned. 

Though, there’s no purpose to look so confused! Just go ahead and check out the 14-day trial that’ll get that perplexed look off of your face!   

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  1. If you’re ever wanting more control over your customers, Leadpages landing pages are the best tool for you. I found it to be incredibly easy to use and the customer service was even better! Plus they offer a free 14 day trial which is crazy because not many website services do that…so in 14 days an individual gets to know that it is handy for them or not and then decides whether to continue with this further !

  2. If i have to pen down about Some benefits then i will say that You can add text and images to create a fully customized landing page that captures customers’ attention, converts more sales than ever before, and helps you defeat competitors with superior conversion rates….and this is what anyone wants who is running any page .

  3. As an old user of Leadpages i will say that it makes a whole lot of things easy for you. It’s a one-stop shop for your email marketing, landing pages, and more. There are few issues that you might have with the service that the helpful staff can’t handle in moments over the phone.
    The people behind Leadpages will answer any question with just a call away!

  4. I enrolled in Leadpages a while ago and I am really glad that I did! The tutorials helped me get up to speed on the platform, and they have been super responsive for any questions I’ve had. Having customer support available by phone is really reassuring – it’s not something you get from many companies these days….it is so helpful for me !

  5. If you listen to my words then i will say that Leadpages use the perfect software for the modern marketer and business owner. Have you ever wanted to send Automatic Updates to your email list about your New Service, updates about services you offer, occasional freebies? Save time by managing all of it with Leadpages…as it is super easy to use as well as save the time of an individual.

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