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Tai Lopez 12 Foundations Review 2024: Should You Go For It?

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In this post, we have featured Tai Lopez 12 Foundations Review which includes detailed insights into the Tai Lopez 12 Foundations program. So let’s dive in.

Who Is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, and advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

He is currently known as one of the top personal development gurus of the online business world and is quite active on social media to promote his online education company where he sells training courses teaching people how to achieve “health, wealth, love and happiness”.

This is the review of one of his courses namely 12 Foundations where he touches upon the four pillars of living a good life.

Tai Lopez 12 Foundations Review: In a Nutshell

Tai lopez 12 foundations review

The first video is a five-minute introductory video where Tai Lopez introduces this program and how we can learn to find Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness the four pillars of the good life.

He advises watching the series of this program videos at your own pace but within 67 days because it is the ideal timeline for your mind to create a new habit.

Tai lopez 12 foundations reviews online

You can download the audio track for this program too and can listen to it while driving or doing some other chores but for better remembering this course you can watch this video as visualization is more effective.

He talks about 12 videos as 12 Foundations, there are only 6 videos available for you to watch. So, without further ado let’s dive into the topics and see what they talk about.

Tai lopez 12 foundations reviews online

The first video is about How to Pick Your Career which is the first video under the Wealth Section; one of the four pillars to the good life.

In this one-hour-long video, Tai talks about how to pick the right career choice something he thinks should have been taught in school.

He focuses on generating the active income that comes from the work you do before touching upon passive income or other types of income.


He talks about how there are two choices in front of an individual, whether to be an entrepreneur or whether to work for someone in form of a job.

Even in these two categories, there are two subcategories as to what sort of entrepreneur you are looking for to become or what sort of job are you thinking of taking up.

For an entrepreneur are you looking to become a big entrepreneur like the likes of Elon Musk are you looking to become a lifestyle entrepreneur and for a job are you thinking of working at a large established company or a small start-up so even if you are an employee you have some potential in that company like buying company shares etc.

Working Of Tai Lopez 12 Foundation:

Tai Lopez 12 Foundations Review latest

These are the main four choices in your career, and he delves into how you can determine which one to choose that is the right fit for you.

He even gives an example of an industry and touches upon these four main choices that an individual can opt for.

The first and foremost thing he advises his viewers is to pick the industry that they like to work for and for the people of the USA he also mentions a website where viewers can go and check what industries are there for them to work in.

Tai lopez 12 foundations reviews daily routine

He talks about three main things that can help you pick the field in which you would like to work in.

Picking the wrong field of work is the number one mistake that most people end up doing according to him and he goes on to give an example of his stepfather and how his stepfather suffered by going into the wrong job.

He tells his viewers a book to read called “Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and how your time needs to flow when you do what you love rather than looking at your watch now and then when you are working on something you don’t like.

He discusses three ways how to connect with the flow and goes into detail to talk about how to find the right flow in your life. He talks about taking a personality test to help understand what works the best.

There is a personality quiz attached in the link below the video for you to take and understand your personality type and then find the right job that can suit you and where you can excel.

As an example, he says how an extrovert person may not like to do a desk job and how an introverted person will be miserable in sales where you have to meet and connect with new people daily.

He advises not to chase the money as there are many miserable millionaires and billionaires out there who are out of their flow and only do their work because of the money and many entrepreneurs who are happy with their six-figure income.

Can You Make Money With Tai Lopez 12 Foundation Course?

He assures that you can make any amount of money in every field as long as you work hard and smart and are happy with your life be inflow.

He advises not to be delusional about your strengths and there can be a bias among your friends and family so get to know your strengths from your enemies as that will help you understand what you are good at.

The second video is about Social Circle is the longest video of the course and is about 1 hour and 25 mins long.

In this course, he talks about how you are the average of five people you spend your daily time with life and how it is important to have a circle that pushes you up instead of pulling you down.

There are roughly fifteen traits to look out for in the person when considering them to be a part of your inner circle.

He talks in detail about four such traits then you need to watch out for in people and how to avoid them being a part of your daily life namely narcissists, Machiavellianism, psychopaths, and people having high levels of anxiety.

He explains all these four traits in detail and gives examples of people that he has encountered having such traits and how they cause trouble.

There are seven types of narcissists and which type of narcissist is the number one no-no for him versus which narcissist is okay to have an acquaintance with though not to be part of your inner circle.

He gives you ideas of how to look for those behaviors that exhibit narcissism and how you need to choose people who are emotionally more resilient around you.

Tailopez - Master The Key

The second that he explains in great detail is Machiavellianism which in psychology refers to a personality trait that sees a person so focused on their interests that they are cold and manipulative, deceitful, and exploit others to achieve their goals.

He explains the difference between narcissism and Machiavellianism and how it is easy to spot a narcissist personality than the latter and how to avoid the latter at all costs since they never have your best interests in their mind.

The third he talks about is psychopaths and describes them as people who cannot feel emotions or feelings. He explains how you need to be extra careful around them as they won’t flinch a bit after hurting someone.

He makes a lot of people who are either working for him or are part of his circle a personality test and determines whether they have any such traits about a certain limit and then decides whether he should be around them or if they need to seek professional help.

In the fourth, he talks about people having high levels of anxiety and how to spot them. He advises people to listen to their gut feeling.

If their intuition warns them that something is off about a person they are meeting then it is either of these aforementioned traits that someone is having.

The next eleven traits he just runs through but these four traits and how to read them in people form the main base of his social circle video and even though what he talks about is blanket advice and not some professional diagnosis of a person’s personality in general, it will help you determine your social circle.

The third video in this course is Mastering your Daily Routine which is an hour-long program and I am pretty sure everyone would love to know what he teaches here since this is one of the struggles that people face in their daily lives.

It is also the single most important thing to learn according to him that determines your success in life. He wishes these things to be taught in school as it is an essential knowledge that a lot of people are deprived of.

Of the hundred books of his favorite reads; a list that he has shared online the number one book is Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker.

What Makes Tai Lopez 12 Foundation Stands Apart?

tai lopez reviews internet

What separates Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mozart and other great personalities from common people is the way they manage their time.

It’s the same 24 hours everyone is bestowed with but how you manage those 24 hours a day determines your success. He talks about micro-managing your time versus chunking them with blocks and what works for him.

He gives a broad picture of how his day or week looks likes as micro-managing his schedule doesn’t work and he likes to instead chunk his tasks throughout the day.

He also talks about maintenance hours and progress hours and what is the ideal ratio according to him that you should have in your daily routine.

Maintenance hours include the chores and tasks that you need to do to maintain yourself like paying bills, cooking, or doing laundry, and progress hours are the hours where you work on yourself by learning something new.

The ideal ratio he gives is 1:3 which is one hour of maintenance versus three hours of progress. He then explains how to work on this ratio and what happens if this ratio is more tilted towards maintenance than progress.

He also busts the myth of today’s generation that believes in sleeping less to hustle more.

He gives examples of a few people; himself included and how everyone has different sleep schedules or the hours that sleep and how to determine your optimum sleep schedule.

Tailopez - Powerfull Foundations

Sleep is extremely important for your creativity and productivity to be high during your waking hours.

Lastly, he talks about how to be a learning machine and how to experiment with everything before forming an opinion about yourself and what works for you.

This is the core topic he stresses and forms the major part of this course where he goes into detail and gives you examples of people around him and about himself too and how becoming a learning machine helps them in person as well as in professional life.

He talks about reverse engineering your goals as they can help you with what you need to do today to achieve something in the future.

This video is helpful for all those people who look for an answer as to how to master their daily routine without micro-managing their time which like new year resolutions never tend to stick for the long term.

There are also links given below this foundation program to join his mastermind program, the how to make money online program, and the social media marketing agency program that you can join if it is a right fit for you.

The fourth video in this course is Self Selection Bias which is again an hour-long video where Tai Lopez talks about re-engineering your life.

The whole world naturally divides up into self-selected groups. You are an average of the five people you spend your time with daily and that group determines your quality of life.

If your group is filled with people who have mediocre dreams or are not participating in your growth due to their own self-limiting beliefs, then you will be stuck in your life of mediocrity.

Your self-selection of the quality of people around you will determine the quality of your life. He shares three ways to come out of self-selection bias.

Firstly, create the criteria that are required. Determine the quality of life you want to live and create the criteria of the people you need to hang around with who can help you with your growth.

How to Get Most of Tai Lopez 12 Foundation Course?

Tai lopez balanced life

Secondly, make a plan of how to get in touch with those people with whom you want to spend your time. And thirdly, get your ass to work to make it happen and quit procrastination.

Your future relies on the actions you take today and hence he advises you to stop making excuses and create your curated quality people in your life that can help you achieve your goals.

This applies to your love life as well as your social circles.

Tai shares numerous examples of people with self-selection bias, a few of them are Tai’s friends and his personal experiences with them as well as Tai shares his own experience of self-selecting a group of people or mentors that he likes to hang out with.

He doesn’t advise you to cut off the people completely who don’t align with your growth but in general, fade them out or keep in touch a little less than usual to make space and time for those people who align with your vision of the future.

The fifth video is about Persuasion which is one of the videos under the wealth pillar and is almost one hour nine minutes long.

Here Tai talks about Persuasion which acts as a parent to marketing, sales, and branding, and how the power of the right persuasion can help you achieve your professional goals.

He talks about his experience with Elon Musk and how he perceives Apple versus Microsoft in their marketing tactics. He talks about appealing to people’s emotions rather than logic when it comes to sales.

He emphasizes three of the twenty-five cognitive biases that people have namely Liking-Disliking Bias, Reward Bias, and Availability Bias.

Liking Bias is whether people like you as a person or does people like the experience that the brand is providing them gives an example of apple stores and the vibe they give out to the people who enter their stores.

Second, he talks about reward biases and shares practical tips on how to approach your boss or investor, and instead of talking about how you should be rewarded for the work you do, you should explain to them what is the reward they are getting by working with you.

Tai advises people, how the reward that the opposite person is getting by working with them should dominate the forty-five minutes of an hour of conversation.

Lastly, he talks about availability bias which means you should keep your message simple by the information that would be already available to the minds of the people you are conveying to.

He gives out examples of different brands and their marketing messages and what makes them profitable companies.

Tai also shares the reason why his social media marketing course that he launched back in 2016 was so successful because of its simple and effective marketing style.

For anyone who wants to do an advanced sales course can contact his team for the same as they are very selective of the people, they are coaching the course of the advanced sale too.

This is more like a crash course on the subject of sales and how the right amount of persuasion skills can help develop your marketing, branding, and sales.

Is Tai Lopez 12 Foundation Legit Or Scam?

The last video available in this course, for now, is about Balanced Life which is about an hour and four minutes long.

Tai emphasizes the balance of the main three pillars namely health, wealth, and a social life that leads to happiness.

He talks about how this is so much essential to learn in your early life but how no university or parents are teaching this to their kids of living a balanced life.

He says don’t chase happiness instead strive for the balance for the other three areas in your life and you will automatically have happiness in your life.

He shares his experience with the Amish about how they try to achieve balance in life and how there are very low divorce rates or stressed people despite not doing meditation or gratitude.

He speaks in great detail about the three pillars of a balanced life; for health, he talks about the importance of a good night’s sleep and how you should determine the optimum amount of hours you need to sleep to function properly throughout the day.

The second aspect he teaches about is the importance of exercise and having an active lifestyle and the time you need to allot to keep your body vibrant third and the last aspect he talks about is food.

How eating the right foods can help your health and how you need to try various food to get the required nutrients and or need to grow or eat fresh food instead of processed or canned foods.

For the second pillar namely financial he talks about active income, how to create a passive income, your spending, and your investment habits.

How not to put all eggs in one basket and to spread out your income source and wealth portfolio in case that industry is hit you won’t be too stressed or suddenly left with no income source and how to balance your spending versus investing habit.

The third pillar namely love includes your family, friends, and romance he talks about how to achieve a balance in those aspects too and not have an extreme reaction every time something bad happens.

It is impossible to achieve a perpetual state of happiness as that too is seen as a disease and it is important to feel all the emotions like sadness, stress, anger as they too help you but in general your life should be 80% happy and 20% stressed for you to grow as a person.

Sometimes even a balance needs a balance and so it’s okay to have an extreme reaction those times when something hits you the wrong way but in general, you need to have a balanced approach in life.

Tai Lopez 12 Foundations Pricing

Tailopez- Pricing

Pros & Cons Of Tai Lopez 12 Foundations

Pros for this course:

  1. He shares a lot of valuable lessons for you to takeaway.
  2. His lessons are almost an hour-long with a comprehensive approach to the topics he talks about and can be an eye-opener for a lot of people.

Cons for this course:

  1. Even though it says 12 Foundations there are only 6 Foundation videos available for this course and we don’t have an idea when the rest of the videos are coming up.
  2. This course is not fit for you if you are specifically looking for financial freedom or information to make money online.

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Conclusion: Tai Lopez 12 Foundations Review 2024

Even though there are only six foundations available right now the lessons you take from them are of immense value and will help you in personality development.

His talks on a social circle or mastering your daily routine can be an eye-opener for a lot of people as it was certainly an eye-opener for me.

So here is our review of Tai Lopez’s 12 Foundations Course. We hope you like it and do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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