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Tai Lopez Digital Social Marketing Consulting Review 2024 | Is It Worth It?

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In this post, we have featured Tai Lopez Digital Social Marketing Consulting Review which includes detailed insights into Tai Lopez Social Marketing consulting. So let’s get started here. 

Who is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, and advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

He came into the online scene in 2015 and quickly rose to become one of the top personal development gurus of the online business world and is quite active on social media to promote his online education company where he sells training courses teaching people how to achieve “health, wealth, love and happiness”.

Tai Lopez through his popular book club which is now one of the largest book clubs and podcasts The Tai Lopez Show shares advice on how to achieve the same with 1.4 million people in over 40 countries with his “Book-Of-the-Day” free email newsletter.

The Tai Lopez Show gets around 800,000 downloads per month. Tai also owns the largest book shipping club in the world, Mentor Box, and was voted the Number 1 Social Media Influencer by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Tai Lopez Digital Social Marketing Consulting Review 2024 In A Nutshell

Tai Lopez SMMA Review

Tai Lopez and his team release a large amount of consistent content on social media and new ads to drive new people back to his site to buy his programs and courses.

All his time is now spent on his new online training business because his social media shows his entire day-to-day is spent creating content and promoting Tai Lopez’s programs.

Tai lopez DSMC

Tai summarized all he has learned from his mentors and compiled them into a series of ‘mentor shortcuts’ he calls, “The 67 Steps.” He also created an alternative to the traditional business school.

This “Business Mentorship” program combines the best of self-learning with the best of a University degree without all the downsides of burdensome costs and inefficient methods.

However, he has also received a lot of flak on social media for his continuous bombardment of ads, and many wonder whether is he another internet scam selling his get-rich-quick schemes through his courses as he shows off his extravagant lifestyle on social media.

Well to learn more about this I have taken a program from his website called Digital Social Marketing Consulting and here is my review about it.

(You can mention wherein his website this program is available and what is the cost of this course.)

This program has been broken down into 22 steps which means there are 22 lesson videos for you to learn from. 

Tai Lopez dsmc review

The first video is approx. 4 minutes long where Tai introduces this program to his viewers from Miami. Digital Social Marketing Consulting is consulting different companies as to how to build their brand on the internet using digital marketing.

He talks about the difference between this program and his SMMA program and how you can navigate between the two professionally.

How will you make revenue from consulting, how to land your first customer, learning how to generate a good quality plan for people, what soft words you can use, what you have to learn to do on your own that the soft word won’t do.

He will further also show in this course how to enter the market with low price entry points and how to upgrade later.

He wraps up the introduction by asking his viewers to write down their goals as to how many days it will take them to bag the first paying customer in the comments section below.

The second video talks about the secret formula for pricing and is approx. 21 mins long. The instructor of this video is Joe Soto.

For all those who don’t know who he is and why is he qualified to be an instructor here is a brief introduction to him. Joe is the Founder and CEO of Revenue Inbound helping clients attract more traffic, leads, and sales online. 

Tai Lopez DSMC reviews

Since 2010, over 500 clients have hailed from 40 US States and 7 countries. Clients such as Pearson Education, Oral B, Action Coach, FT Press, and High Point University have sought out Joe’s company for online marketing help.

Clients range from a broad variety of industries including hospitality, health, fitness, e-commerce, colleges, coaches, consultants, and many others.

Joe’s is also known for helping celebrated New York Times and International bestselling authors and speakers with their online marketing campaigns. 

How Tai Lopez Digital Social Marketing Consulting Helped Businesses? 

Some of his most notable clients include Jeffrey Gitomer, Harvey Mackay, Tom Hopkins, Sally Hogshead, and Mark Sanborn. Joe was an author contributor to Jeffrey Gitomer’s book, Social Boom.

Joe is also the Founder of, The World’s #1 Online Community for Marketing Agency Owners who want faster business growth.

Joe is also the creator of the Marketing Agency Academy, an online training program with hundreds of students from around the world.

So now that you know about his qualifications let’s go ahead with the review of the course.

In this video, Joe talks about how to charge your clients for the services you can provide to them. He talks about why you should not get a price-conscious customer. 

The disadvantages that you can face while dealing with such clients and how it can affect badly your referrals too. He uses the phrase don’t play games on the customer you can’t win.

He first asks the viewers to get to know the marketing budget of their potential clients and then to pitch their services accordingly.

He also goes on to give ideas about some of the price slabs that you can work on for different types of services you provide, whether it is an hour-based consulting fee, consulting fee for a day, or retainer basis for a year. 

Tailopez - New Deal

He emphasizes meeting a client face to face to pitching your ideas and why an email can be a bad option for you.

He also addresses the concerns and mental blocks that the new consulting services agency or a person can have regarding the prices they charge for their services and also shares some tips and books for the same which he advises his viewers to read.

Moving on to the third video is the second lesson by Joe Soto that talks about how to use cold email outreach to appointments.

This lesson is around 26 mins long. In this video, he extensively discusses how to use cold emails and correct techniques to help convert leads for the same. 

He uses the importance of cold emails as a form of marketing to land prospective clients, and how to get them interested in your pitch or proposal.

He lists around seven reasons why most marketers fail to do correct email marketing. He shares his five email templates that you can use for emailing your target clients. 

He also gives a few helpful tips on how to formulate the emails for your potential client. Lastly, he gives you a few insights into how to build your prospective clients list and the email marketing tools that you can use to send them emails without being reported or blocked as spam.

DSMC tai lopez

The fourth video is about how to market your value which is the third lesson by Joe Soto and is around 13 mins long. Here he talks about 16 ways to market your value to your potential customers in a rather haphazard way.

He emphasizes here how the professionals in the service industries need to have a Linkedin account and post something daily or regularly on their account so that they can be seen as an expert in their field. 

He also talks about how it is important to maintain your blog and website content and how to keep your social media updated so that your customers can look at you as someone whom they can find reliable and can do business with.

He also shares some tips on how to market yourself in the offline world. One of the tips he shares is how to join your local business networking group which can also help you land potential clients.

The next lesson which is the fifth video of the course and the fourth lesson by Joe Soto and is around 20 mins long and teaches you how to analyze and assess your prospect’s marketing.

Here he talks about going through your prospect companies on social media, on google, and checking how they are performing. Are they posting daily on social media?

DSMC Reviews of Tai Lopez

How would you grade their online content?

Are they using any video marketing for their company?

What is their engagement ratio?

He gives you tons of different websites and tool options available online that can help you find out the website performance, and SEO optimization of the website and can also provide you the report for the same for you to pitch to your prospect.

 This will help you present to them where they are lacking in their marketing aspects and how they can improve it by opting for apt methods.

In this session, Joe Soto also takes you to live on google to find a company and shares with you different things that are not available on the website and how you pitch to that particular client by pointing out where they are lacking and how they can retarget their audience back to the website and convert them into sales. 


This session is very helpful for all those digital marketers who are looking into how to approach the client with the reports of their online brand presence and how to pitch them a proposal that will be difficult for them to turn down.

There are a lot of insights to take away from this session with the number of different tools and websites that he mentions which will help you assess your prospect’s brand presence online and create marketing strategies for them.

Tai lopez high tickety niches

The next video talks about 17 Untapped High-Ticket Niches that need your help in Online Marketing. This session is around 17 mins long.

Here he gives a list of 17 niches that are yet untapped and can use your skills to establish themselves in the market. Pool builders, anti-aging clinics and medispas, franchise owners, and home remodelers are some of the few that mention in his list.

These are usually looking for differentiation, missing out on retargeting their website customers, and having LTV (Lifetime Value of a Customer).

If you are looking for prospects and clients, then this is a perfect session for you since he goes through each of the 17 untapped niches and also encourages you to think on the same lines of such untapped niches that you can find and approach for your consulting services.

Tai lopez 10 big wins

The next video by Joe Soto talks about 10 Big Wins and is around 25 mins long. Here he talks about 10 things to discuss regarding online marketing to gain the trust of your prospective client.

He advises you not to use technical jargons in online marketing that can make your client lose interest in the conversation but how to use simple words to explain them in a language that they can understand.

As an example, he says instead of Facebook pixel and retargeting customers he simply talks about how to remarket to the customers who have visited your website and he knows how to get it done.

When you use simple language to talk about Facebook marketing or email marketing or SEO your client will easily get interested and engaged in your conversation which will open the doors for you for further strategy and consultation since they see you as their trusted advisor.

Some of the basic topics he advises touch upon are Facebook and Instagram retargeting, video marketing, google and youtube retargeting, SEO marketing, email marketing, and so on.

tai lopez impact sales

The next video is taken by Michael Crouch. He talks about the top two things that impact sales and is almost around 24 mins long.

Here he tells you how digital marketing is going to be a lot in demand going forward and as a digital marketer what are the two things you can concentrate on.

He suggests you focus and perfect your one major social media rather than trying everything but not focusing on any one thing.

He gives his example of launching his t-shirt brand and how he made millions of dollars in the first month itself by only concentrating on Facebook ads. 

Hence instead of focusing on entire digital marketing he first tells you to go for the platform which will have a quick impact on sales.

Next, he talks about High-Level Apps which combines the work of multiple apps like text responder, email responder, CRM, etc, and plugging into one can be a massive value to your clients.

He also goes forwards in giving you the difference between being a digital marketing consultant and having a social media marketing agency and how you can navigate between the two and make the digital marketing consultancy more lucrative by providing specific value to your prospective client.

Tai lopez selling high tickets

The next video is around 15 mins long and talks about how to leverage Apps for your clients.

Michael Crouch follows up with his previous video and goes more into how to use the High-Level App and gives us an inside view of how this software works and how you can have multiple processes executed under one roof like making the voice calls to prospective leads and recording them so you can check how your sales team have handled to sending them text autoresponder or using Facebook messenger to reach out to them to even having email autoresponder that you can use for following up your lead.

He also gives us a glimpse of how the visual CRM looks and how you can use it to create your sales funnel.

Tai Lopez Consulting clients

In the next lesson taken by Michael Crouch, he talks about how to find clients for your consulting business. This lesson is almost 17 mins long.

Here he briefly touches upon the core areas of how to find clients. He gives you 4 major ways to find them like in-person meetings if you are living in a densely populated urban city.

Second by using the cold calling method effectively to leverage it profitably. Thirdly by using Facebook or Instagram ads and lastly, by using automation tools. 

He first talks about setting a goal and that is of getting rid of your 9-5 job and replacing that income before aiming high and shooting for them.

Hence the tools that he essentially discusses in this lesson will help you replace your income of 9-5 jobs by getting some of your first set of clients which will help you get more time flexibility than aiming high and put in more time and energy for deep-pocket clients.

Tai Lopez Client reviews

The next video is around 42 mins long which is by far the longest video in this course.

Here Michael Crouch dives deep into deciding what types of services your clients need.

He first goes on to discuss the right client who will choose the services you offer and whether this client is only looking for consulting services which is doing it yourself or is the client looking for a social media agency that does the work for them.

He then goes on to explain how in digital marketing consulting you can either train the owner or the team and even have a partnership with the social media marketing agency since there will be clients who will require done for your services.

Here like in his previous videos goes on to emphasize the need for concentrating on one thing that can have maximum impact on sales which is Facebook in digital marketing.

He also uses his print-on-demand business as an example to explain why it is important and what results to expect when you focus on only one area for the start. 

Next, he talks about a high-level app which he quotes as a swiss army of apps.

He goes on to explain the obstacles he faced while building an app before and now and how it is easier to make an app work for you using an analogy of lego blocks.

Later he takes you onto his computer screen and explains the inner workings of the software one by one and also the lead generation ads that he is currently running on Facebook. 

He talks about the software Zapier and how it connects to Facebook and a high level together where the lead generation ads collect the data and send it to a high level which is later used for following up and converting them into sales.

You will find this video a little repetitive as the content he talks about overlaps a lot in his previous videos but you will still find it useful the way he takes you through the software and explains the inner workings of it.

Tai lopez clients

In his next lesson which is titled how to use paid ads to find clients Michael Crouch teaches you how to use your Facebook ads manager dashboard to create an ad for lead generation.

He walks you through different steps on how to create an ad and collect the data that will then feed into the High Level using Zapier software which works as an API between the two platforms.

And once the lead comes into the High Level how to categorize them and follow up with them. This video lesson is approx. 38 mins long.

He talks about his consultancy services Dentist Digital and how they generate leads and encourages you to find your niche and approach them as they are viewed as specialists and given more preference by the client in that niche than the normal digital marketing consulting services.

In his next lesson which is titled Leveraging the Power of Software, Michael Crouch teaches you how to use the software High Level for your digital marketing clients which is a kind of super app as it has almost 10 different apps built into one super app which means you can access 10 different features by using just this software instead of using 10 different software or tools for the same.

Tai Lopez software

This lesson is around 34 mins long. He then goes and gives you an in-depth view of how to use this software on this digital screen.

There is also a free trial link for this software with the built-in campaign funnels from them that the students on this course can access.

tai lopez apps

The next lesson is titled an Evolution of Apps and it is around 36 mins long. Here he talks about how the apps which are perfectly coded software came into the picture.

He gives an example of his brother who had founded a company called established way back in 1997.

It was the first platform where the developer can upload their apps and sell and how the apple store is a copy which became an instant sensation around the world followed by android and Shopify.

He also talks about how earlier around a decade back the software had to be coded from scratch which was expensive for the companies and it took around 3 months to 6 months to be developed and ready to use.

In the next phase, some apps had pre-coded software in them and you could easily use them.

Both of the above are very much present in the market still and the companies are well aware of them.

But then he talks about the third phase which the majority of the marketers are not aware of is the presence of super apps which has different apps coded into one which can massively leverage your services against your competition in the market and also help you retain your clients. 

He talks in detail about the evolution and gives an example of his brother and father and how they picked the “right wave” in their businesses which made them successful in their times and how you also do the same to give that advantage to your clients.

After all, if they are successful only then can you share a piece of that pie? He also talks about Kajabi and Zapier and their functionalities before diving into talking about High Level.

His next lesson is about Transitioning a Company to High Levels is about 9 mins long where he appears with his client and talks about changing his client’s Facebook Traffic Ads to Lead Ads and sending them to High Levels for better follow up.

However, this lesson is a repetition of all his previous lessons where he talks about High Level and Facebook Ads. Though in this lesson he talks about how he will screen share and digitally show you the process this part is not recorded or not available and the lesson ends there.

tai lopez businesses

The next lesson is about Setting up your DSMC business where Michael Crouch talks about the difference between selling products and services and is about 17 mins.

How Shopify is known as the go-to e-commerce platform to set up your shop for selling products, for selling services the Shopify equivalent is Kajabi. Kajabi is the software that will help you create your website, merchant, email autoresponder, pipeline, funnel builder, and integration of Zapier software which in itself has around 500 apps inbuilt for your use. 


He also talks about doing a screen sharing where he will walk you through Kajabi Software with a mock account to show you how to set up and work on it but this part of the video is not available in this lesson.

There is also a free trial link on Kajabi Software for class students who attend this lesson that they can access.

However, as in his previous video, this lesson also ends abruptly with the second part of the lesson not shown in this course.

tai lopez scaling business

The next two lessons are about dreaming big and scaling up where Michael Crouch introduces Robb Bailey who presents his case study of how he grew his company from zero to 2.15 million dollars in 22 months.

The first video is the introductory video where Robb Bailey introduces himself and gives a little background info about him which is around 14 mins long in the next video, he goes on to explain in detail how he scaled his business using High-Level Software which is around 42 mins long. 

Most entrepreneurs that he has met have more open the door and prayed for the clients to come in a method which is why most the small entrepreneurs fail in their business.

He used to handle a social media marketing agency that was in debt, he had trouble scaling up the business, and also 3 years into his business he was burnout from the work and had to shut it down. 

For the second one he started, he was far more careful not to repeat the same mistakes and offer consulting services to a particular niche by leveraging high-level software.

He focussed on fitness and gym business for his niche and in 22 months managed to book them in around 525 locations.

He presents the portfolio of the clients he has served and also a few case studies of their sales before he came into the picture versus how their sales were after they hired him. He lists the advantages of his new business model compared to the disadvantages of his old business model. 

He talks about the Flywheel Effect and how to build it. He also talks about three pillars to scale your business. He shows you how he used the software to follow up with his leads which gets cold if you don’t follow up with them immediately.

He talks about nurturing the lead which can convert into sales effectively and different methods to use to follow up with the lead. In the end, he also talks about how to find your niche clients and approach them for consulting services.

The next lesson is taken by Rudy, Tai’s partner in Profit Index and he talks about how to approach clients.

The video is around 8 mins long where he gives three valuable tips for approaching the clients. He talks about personalizing your approach, adding value to them, educating and teaching them about your services, and also doing research on them before you approach your consulting pitch. 

Use different types of approaches whether it is email, in-person meeting, etc, and most importantly approach the right person in the company.

Many people directly approach the CEOS or the senior management in the company who are already busy and have tons of emails and work to go through.

It is more appropriate to find the right gatekeeper and approach them internally can ensure that your message reaches the right person to close the deal. 

The next lesson by Rudy is about how to use case studies and is approx. 3 mins long where he talks about how to use case studies in your client pitch and if you haven’t worked with many brands then how to give the case study about other brands stating that you can achieve similar results like that brand so that the client is more open to listening to your pitch.

He talks about adding value to your client instead of just selling to them for them to trust you.

Tai lopez dream big

The last lesson by Rudy is about handling objections from the clients.

He gives you two major rejections to focus on; firstly price and secondly outsourcing to the agency versus getting it done by the in-house team and gives you various ways of how to tackle these two objections and explain to the client the value of your service. This video is around 9 mins long.

Tai lopez seo audit

The very last lesson in this course is Website Audit Tool which is almost a minute long that shows you how you can enter your website link on Tai’s Site and get a full report of your website like your SEO score, meta tag keywords, page speed, etc.

Tai lopez discount offer on dsmc

Pros for taking this course:

  1. You get an overview of the entire process of how to set up a consulting agency and there are a lot of nitty-gritty details covered which gives you an exceptionally good idea of how to run a consulting agency.
  2. Different instructors help you navigate through different aspects of a marketing agency based on their expertise.

Cons about this course:

  1. Almost every video of Michael Crouch is very repetitive with him talking about High Level in almost all his videos and explaining the importance of Facebook Ads.
  2. A few of his videos are incomplete lessons where the second part of the video is cut off from this course.

Hope you have got a fairly good idea about what is there inside this course and if you like our review then please do share it on your social media handles.

Is Tai Lopez Legit or Scam? 

He rose to fame when his Youtube video went viral around 2015 which he shot in his garage talking about the benefits of Books over Lamborghinis. 

Currently, he has over 2 million followers on Instagram, over 6 million followers on Facebook, 1.3 million subscribers on Youtube, and over 1.2 million followers on Twitter.

He also has interviewed digital marketing stars like Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Cuban, Jordan Belfort, and many others.

His TED talks “Why I read a book a day (and why you should too): the law of 33% has garnered over a million views. He has also appeared on various TV and radio shows and spoke at top global universities like The London Business School and the University of Southern California. 

Growing up, he found six mentors that helped him. One was Joel Salatin, a successful, wealthy farmer known for his involvement in the documentary, Food Inc, and the book, Folks, This Ain’t Normal. 

He also spent two and a half years living with the Amish, a group of traditional Christians living in the U.S who live simple lives and avoid modern technology. 

He then joined the long list of entrepreneur college dropouts and ended up completely broke (sleeping on his mom’s couch). He went through the Yellow Pages and saw a huge insurance ad.

Figuring out that someone who has occupied a substantial space for an ad in the book must be rich, he went in person to the company’s founder and asked to work for free.

Tai went on to post record-breaking sales numbers for that company by being one of the first to leverage Google AdWords. Back then, it was cheap to get in front of thousands of people online.

He then went on to build and run a salsa nightclub and after being burned out from that business he invested in online dating sites.

Currently, he is the CEO of an online education company where he sells training courses and teaches people how to achieve “health, wealth, love and happiness”.  His motto is “Everybody wants a good life, but not everybody gets a good life.”

In 2015, he moved into a new mansion in Beverly Hills, California, which he calls “Knowledge Society Headquarters.” Though some people do speculate that he rents it and does not own it.

Tai Lopez DSMC Reviews By Students

Tai Lopex courses reviews DSMC Tai Lopez Digital Social Marketing Consulting Review online Tai Lopez Digital Social Marketing Consulting Reviews online


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Conclusion: Tai Lopez Digital Social Marketing Consulting Review 2024

There have been thousands of students of Tai Lopez Digital Social marketing consulting course and reviews have been very positive about this course as there are 22+ videos in this course to learn the whole cycle of digital marketing consulting.

I hope you enjoyed this digital social marketing consulting review and do let me know in the comments what do you think about this course?

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