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The Case Against Online Education: 78% Of Students Found Online Classes To Be ‘Burdensome’; 24% Did Not Have Access To a Computer or Mobile Device.

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According to the National Achievement Survey 2021, girls and boys begin high school on an equal footing in mathematics, but a discrepancy has since developed. In this post, I discuss “The Case Against Online Education.”

By tenth grade, boys significantly outperform girls in terms of academic performance.

This is a strange finding, given that research suggests that girls are superior or comparable learners in other subjects throughout their educational careers.

The Case Against Online Education

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In class III, the national mean for girls in mathematics (301) does not differ considerably from the mean for boys (300).

Then, in class V, the girls scored 280 while the guys scored 281.

In class eight, the national average score for boys and girls is identical, but the performance of females appears to be declining in several areas.

In class X, this disparity becomes more pronounced, with females scoring 216 and boys scoring 219.


Girls continue to outperform boys at all grade levels in this subject.

In eighth grade, girls scored 312 while boys only scored 302.’


In eighth grade, girls (211) and boys (210) performed equally well, however girls (211) outperformed boys (210) in ninth grade.

In high school social science, girls outpaced boys by a margin of 3 to 2.

In general, females perform as well as or better than boys in all disciplines, with the exception of mathematics, where the gender gap grew as students advanced in grade level.



There is also a discrepancy in learning outcomes.

In class III, rural schools begin with a higher score (302) than urban schools (299), but in class V, they trail by one point.

Even in physics and social science, rural high school students underperform their urban counterparts.

Covid Impact

Although the rural-urban gap is not new, the epidemic has worsened the issue, particularly for children.

Due to the lockdowns, everyone was compelled to take their classes online.

Rural Indian pupils were significantly disadvantaged because they lacked access to technology and reliable internet.

One-fourth of the students surveyed did not have access to a digital device at home.

Those that participated in online learning felt it was a burden since they were swamped with assignments.

Eighty percent of kids reported that they learned more in school when they had the assistance of their peers.

The Survey

The report, which included 34 lakh pupils from 1,18,274 schools, will shape future state and UT government education efforts.

The goal is to determine the levels of progress and learning competencies of children in order to assess the educational system’s efficiency.

The most disturbing finding, according to UNICEF India research, is that the pandemic resulted in an alarming dropout rate among pupils, particularly girls.

The administration has a lot of work ahead of them.


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